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WE cant design a working paper bag in ALDI/ Woolworths but we are getting nuclear submarines. What could go wrong ?

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For I the Lord am paving the way to your victories your enemies are being silenced they and all their plans are being annihilated before me my children I’m the lion of the tribe of Judah and in my roar it will level anything in its path I am the king of kings and you are my children and you are with me beware of the deception that is about to be poured out like never before. You are in a great battle for this nation a great battle for freedom a great battle for truth a great battle for life but remember this battle has already been predetermined on who wins and that’s the children of the Most High God because the battle has been conquered in and with the name of Jesus have faith in that name like never before use that name against your enemies like never before my children stand and fight the good fight of faith because it’s one that you win Remember a child of mine always wins when they stand in faith and they refuse to quit don’t quit now because drastic changes are about to be made for your good sayeth the Lord your Redeemer. Cataclysmic this word I say again will be in your news for shocking reason Cornell University will be in your news for a surprising reason a roller coaster ride of ups and downs politically is about to take place My children I have said many times before people are stepping down people are walking away I have said that people could not stay in those positions that didn’t belong to them a major stir-up is taking place in your government that people can’t see yet but soon a great shock is about to take place in this land sayeth the Lord. I say again Adam Schiff is about to be exposed for everything

Electric Universe

Lay Gnosis 85 How to create a Galaxy

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Posted on: Thursday, June 4th 2020 at 9:45 am Written By: Sayer Ji, Founder

Below you will find two of the videos I discovered in the process of writing my book REGENERATE: Unlocking Your Body’s Radical Resilience Through the New Biology, which opened my mind to an entire new world of exciting if not revolutionary possibilities. 

While REGENERATE may appear to be a conventional “health book,” chapter 3 is titled, “The New Biophysics: A Deep Dive into the Quantum Rabbit Hole of Esoteric Physiology,” and touches on topics most relevant to the epochal transitions we are presently in the midst of undergoing, such as moving away from fossil fuels.

First, is the video by Mark LeClair, CEO of Nanospire, LLC, wherein he describes the incredible implications of water cavitation, including the induction of a micro-stellar nucleosynthesis event, preceded by a micro-black hole formation.  

To fully grasp the importance of his findings, view his powerpoint presentation titled, “DISCOVERY OF MACROCATIONIC CRYSTALLINE H2O CAVITATION REENTRANT JETS & THEIR ROLE IN CAVITATION ZERO POINT ENERGY, FUSION & THE ORIGIN OF LIFE,” which he presented at The Seventh Annual Conference on the Physics, Chemistry & Biology of Water, October 18-21, 2012.

Next is the work of electrical engineer and theorist Eric Dollard, known by his followers as “Tesla 2.0,” who describes his accidental discovery of a miniature galaxy through (skip to minute 10:00 to jump to the heart of it): 

For those who would like to get a better sense of this man’s expertise, watch his astoundingly in depth, 3 hour long History and Theory of Electricity here.

Why am I sharing this information? It is beyond belief, is it not? But what if it happened, and what if it is happening all the time? Everything we thought we knew about the origin of matter, life, and this universe as taught within conventional institutions may be wrong — or, at least partially incorrect — as these anomalous events demand explanation if they are indeed real as described. 

I’d love to hear your response to this information! 

Electric Universe Lay Gnosis

Lay Gnosis 80 Seeing Double in the Electric Universe is a constant on all scales

Cant improve on Wall Thornhill’s word perfect explanation that he continues to perfect in every video. His emphasis in this video is on the electric law of TWO which is observable at many different scales in our universe. That so many things seem explicable via the 2 twisted filaments of Birkeland currents forming the bipolar shape of asteroids right up to Galaxies that seem to be positionally maintained/ moved by unimaginable vast twisted Birkeland currents. One is humorously tempted to suggest the universe consists of everything hanging off two twisted Birkeland currents. right down to planet and asteroid level.

The other thing Wall Thornhill does is to decry the learning disability of western science for the last hundred years since Einstein was deified by Zionist literature. Wal’s descriptions of this situation just gets more refined at his every video. He is my science hero.

Electric Universe Lay Gnosis

Lay Gnosis 77 Electric Explanation of Dragons

Transcript here people. Drink it in.

All of this Electric Universe stuff is wonderfully stimulating while being the bread and butter of an electrical engineer like myself. Its not so clear to non electrical people. I spent years learning and being examined on the complex relationships og alternating electric currents, resonance and tuned Resistor Inductor (L) Capacitor circuits. Its actually a philosophy and a complex way of thought that baffles most people yet makes all things electronic work. Phones Computers to Satellites. people doing this trade/profession are well versed in Operator J notation which are renamed Imaginary numbers based on the square root of Minus One. Just that is a 12 month course in itself. So electric people readily gravitate to Andy Halls rewriting of modern Geology where he shows us established Electric Patterns in landmarks that no one else has ever noticed. This is a thrilling sleigh ride. Compellingly his theories work on other planets and moons providing simple electrical explanations for such things as hexagonal shaped craters caused by lightning and the masive Valles Marineris on Mars the 4000km Valley. His challenge to conventional Geology is very energetic and direct as geology based on Charles Lyell ,who inspired Darwin to believe that things only change over vast periods of time and Biblical cataclysms never really happened. Charles Lyell hated the bible. Andy Hall says OH YES they did and points out much evidence for this. Exciting writer/ narrator he is, as well as a professional Engineer designing Power Transmission lines.

Electric Universe Lay Gnosis Theme park Universe Distraction

Lay Gnosis 69 The dark horse- the Electric Universe proven medium temperature fusion upscaling to commercial size

Some comments excerpted below
Z Cubed Music

Z Cubed Music1 week ago I think you guys need a better title for this video & some more hashtags, please promote yourselves better because this work needs to get headlines and more attention. REPLY

Steve Trueblue

Steve Trueblue11 hours ago Maybe less attention is better. More chance of survival to commercial status. Wonder if the Pentagon is across this? They can disappear patents. Weapons could get a whole lot worse. LOL. Electric Aeroplanes? Electric Cruise missiles ? Faster ways to Mars ? REPLY

Z Cubed Music

Highlighted replyZ Cubed Music7 hours ago@Steve Trueblue They already said years ago they are working directly with the DOD and Pentagon, and I think all parties want to see this technology upgrade to the next level, before any patents get buried. As you noted, this is more a proof of concept rather than a commercially viable product, and we need as many scientists as possible experimenting and discussing these principles to advance the tech and expand on the theories behind it so we can edge EU into mainstream. That means we need as much attention as humanly possible on this tech. Like you say it could have huge implications on the battery market and while all these companies are investing billions into R&D for that, what better time to revolutionize the whole game? 1 REPLY

Steve Trueblue

Steve Trueblue4 minutes ago (edited)@Z Cubed Music Am praying you are right, though, I fear as the fossil fuel industry sees these developments as a threat they will do their usual snuff job. There seems to be a needed delicate balance and timing, between shouting it from the rooftops after its finally “born” commercially, in multiple places, and keeping it quiet while it slowly grows thru nascency to the point where a cargo container can produce a megawatt at an affordable price and they can be ordered on Amazon. And its no big deal. Fossil fuel money would try to own and control this. It’s their only chance of coexisting with the new idea. But reading down the comments here people point out these things have all been promised since the 60s but never materialised. 2014 Lockheed Martin had an electric jet flying. The container producing a megawatt was promised in the 60s by a few companies. Disclosure Man Dr Steven Greer says innovation’s greatest enemy is the fossil fuel status quo. I wonder if this technology could be gifted to a rogue state to ensure that other nations would adopt it to retain parity. Say Iran or north Korea. These states seem very hard to control. Which may be what’s needed. REPLY

Icrewhelos O
1 week agoI just want to know if this can be used to create Rocket Engine thrust.5REPLYHide 4 replies

Kevin T

Kevin T1 week agoshort answer is yes4REPLY


Guillermo1 week ago REPLY

Electric rocket engine using a 1000 Watt microwave oven magnetron

Notably it was done in China.

1 week ago (edited) You’ve done what projects around the globe for decades have tried to do and are still failing. Self containing plasma! 90% of the world has no idea what this achievement means and the other 10% can only imagine. Please don’t let this idea die. You guys are treading on the territory of some very powerful people. Namely the power companies of the world. They’ll come in and buy you out and stash your idea on a shelf for 40 years so they can still make a buck or manipulate the events in your lives till you go out of business like they did to Preston Tucker. Show less (Preston Tucker produced a luxury affordable car in 1948 with disc brakes, power steering, air-conditioning an internal heater standard, auto transmission and he was destroyed financially by Detroit. He was prevented from buying steel sheet metal and vital parts) Alternatively the other manufacturers could have competed with better cars. But they didn’t. They vigorously defended their monopoly Status quo by destroying the industry newcomer)

David Socha

David Socha1 week ago Men in Black are Coming! ?????????REPLY

Joe Deglman

Joe Deglman1 week agoLockheed-Martin filed a patent in 2014 for a similar device, “hydrogen reactor,” and also to be used to propel aircraft. It seems they may have had a proto-type aircraft capable of flight in 2014. They claimed they would have a turnkey product capable of powering cities of 50,000, that could fit into a dump truck sized vehicle by 2019, capable of using regular hydrogen. So far it seems there has been no product on the market. REPLY

1 week agoFrom their website: “the SAFIRE team does not endorse or support any particular theory or model for what is happening inside the chamber, or inside other group’s chambers. We focus on refining our process to achieve predictable results.” i.e. they have no idea of what they’re doing, but are playing with the nobs and the valves to see if something interesting happens. Maybe don’t invest all of your money just yet.REPLYHide reply

Steve Trueblue

Steve Trueblue11 hours ago They are NOT educating business rivals ! You get it ? Second rule of business. Don’t educate other people.

Paul Morgant6 days ago At last count, there are more than a dozen patented nuclear waste remediation methods. Most are based on ZIPP fusion. This is MIT showcasing KNOWN, OLD technology. REPLY



Tsidqenu1 week agoThis is a well-known criticism of the project. Aureon do themselves no favours by having only 2 papers on SAFIRE. Even digging in their released publications exposes little in the way of solid data. I guess they want to keep it under wraps because there’s a potential $1,000,000,000,000 riding on it.4 REPLY

Marshall Deasy
1 week ago They are claiming to generate energy from this reactor. The way it is presented in the video implies nuclear energy generation. It seems disingenuous to me.

The SAFIRE Project

The SAFIRE Project 1 week ago Hi Marshall, Thanks for posting your concerns. We have no evidence there is any “over unity” – the term would imply “something for nothing”. Personally, I don’t have any evidence there is any “over unity” occurring anywhere in nature. I could be wrong… it wouldn’t be the first time. However, energy transformation of one state to another is well documented. Elemental Transmutation occurs in fission and fusion reactors all the time. It is the binding energies that ultimately result in a thermal response. You need a fuel – a general term. The fuel in this case is not molecular like gasoline, it’s nuclear. The difference – SAFIRE produces its own powerful stable electromagnetic containment fields. It may be analogous to – harvesting the potential energy during elemental transmutation. It is important to note transmutation responses can be endothermic and exothermic it all depends on where you are in the periodic table. We work very hard to be as accurate in our narrative so no one gains an impression that we are claiming something we are not. Show less 14 likes REPLY


SHOCKWAVE1 week ago

Electric Universe Lay Gnosis

Lay Gnosis 68 Electric Universe challenges understanding of Precession

Stunning Challenge to our modern understanding of the Earth’s Precession. As usual we all tend to go along with what we learned at school. We are not astronomers, and we only learn basic high school physics by revering Isaac Newton. Instead he should be seen only as a starting point. Only as a metaphor perhaps. And his ideas should only be rated as “theories”. Not “settled science”. Certainly Newton was wrong about gravity as he omitted to factor in, time, that was glossed over in High School. Its not possible for gravity to function as depicted at slow light speed. It needs to propagate about 20 billion times faster than light. Still, we have to start somewhere don’t we !

Our huge group assumption is that the earth precesses like a gyroscope in a gravity field when its perturbed as per the video demo. Gareth Samuel aggressively challenges this by saying precession doesn’t occur in Zero G. So what agency really makes the earth precess? He also notes a known anomaly that the precession cycle is not accurately fixed and as scientists keep fudging the precession calculations to follow empirical observations. Forever recalculating a constant. Rather like the speed of light was declared a constant because it kept damned well changing. See Rupert Sheldrake.

So Gareth Samuel proposes an Electric Universe explanation of our apparent precession against stars and notes 1 star doesn’t move. Sirius. That it’s our stars binary twin and both stars are riding thru space on a massive helical birkeland current locked in a distant dance. This is hard to get one’s head around. Its hard to imagine electric currents that big. But he supplies evidence for it with some animations. And we are told in this wonderful video that we have forgotten this knowledge today. It was KNOWN to ancient astronomers and recorded in myths and legends by the usual personnifications of oddly behaving stars.

Gareth Samuel suggests Electric Universe can well explain disasters and cataclysms that repeat at very long fixed intervals. 27 million year cycles for example. The reason you didn’t figure this out yourself, is that its quite difficult just to train a backyard telescope on say, Mars, and get a useful picture. Even when its bright Red in the sky. Even with a smartphone adaptor. This kind of work, requires an obsessive daily dedication that turns into a way of life. So it gives us a clue how priesthoods came into being. It seems to be an intellectually athletic devotion to mystery which is likely just another way home. And source has rightly pointed out to Adam in the UK, that its not just theme park Earth that distracts us from our true selves, but Theme Park Universe as we watch these entrancing videos, that transport Electric Universe fans to heights of intellectual ecstasy.

That manifests in the video comments. Though a few retain some philosophy in their comments

Commenter Five

Commenter Five1 week ago It is evident the Creator set the cosmos so man is continually realizing his presumptions are in error. And man cannot escape the situation, so he’s regularly being shown great wonders while being shown his place.

NGC 6543

NGC 65431 week ago We have calcium in our bones, iron in our veins, carbon in our souls, and nitrogen in our brains. 93% stardust, with souls made of flames, we are all just stars that have peoples names. ?22REPLYHide 4 replies


EW1 week agoi like that3REPLY

last man out

last man out1 week agoVery nice, I like it too.1REPLY

M R A Scott

M R A Scott6 days ago This is more-or-less the conclusion I came to a few years back (as I suspect quite a few others have), that Sirius (Sothis) is Sol’s immediate partner in a waltz which marks the most conspicuous astronomical period of c.26000 years, but it is within a waltz within a waltz, of ever larger scales and cycles … Fantastic to see it laid out by someone with the knowledge skills to explain it so clearly.Show less10 REPLY

Doom Father TM
6 days ago This explains the journey of proto Saturn. We know through ancient accounts that proto Saturn went through a period of consistent flaring and it was proposed by Wal Thornhill that the only explanation was that proto Saturn must of had a cork screw type trajectory and each time it circled around it would come into contact with the suns heliosphere, until it eventually was pulled in. So Wal actually unkowingly predicted this star motion. I wonder if he’s seen this.


Kitsune6 days ago‘Just give me this one thing’ asks main stream, hence the BigBang. So, I am asking for ‘just one thing’. Mr.Samuel theorizes there is no procession, and that we are all riding a ‘Birkeland’ current twisting like a helical roller-coaster through space. Then that coaster is twisting itself upon another Birkeland coaster. These currents are composed of magnetic fields which can only be formed in the presence of electrical charges. Positive and negative. Ying n Yang. Is DNA not a helix? Show less


JVB6 days ago I’m getting accustomed to having my mind blown on a weekly basis by revelations from the EU scientists. Wow! 2 REPLY

Gman 49

Gman 493 days agoI always thought it made more sense that we were flowing down a drain. Heading to a black hole. Now, I’m surfing the galactic current inside Berkiland filliment that’s part of an intertwined helix of plasma filaments, and heading where the magnetism and the plasma, and the energy, takes you. The universe is ancient beyond measure and can’t be measured. Probably a taurus it’s self. It folds into itself. No beginning No end. Could be a trillion years old. It’s an asinine question that has no bearing on anything. We’ve seen far but it’s bigger. We are to be seeing back in time until what, a flash? Bright space, sparks fizz eling backwards…. And then…. Blackness. Until they do another long exposure. And more galaxies …. We found the limit of light. For our tech. It wasn’t empty or retarded. It wasn’t Without structure. Were smart enough to notice the sky is spinning and find meaning there. And it serves us well. But right now they say A gravity wave and an ultra mini black hole are about to collide and destroy earth. They’re accused of colluding with the Russians and it’s all Trump’s fault. Show less

Finally. IN 1930 Edgar Cayce gave a Reading in which he stated that THIS SYSTEM REVOLVES AROUND THE CENTER, THAT CENTER BEING ARCTURUS, The Bear Hunter. Cayce is also the origin of much New Age lore about Egypt. The Great Pyramid was the only Pyramid made by those escaping the Atlantic Islands- the other two pyramids built much later and this Pyramid marked Arcturus at its Highest Point and lowest point.4 REPLY

Electric Universe Lay Gnosis Lay Gnosis Feedback Theme park Universe Distraction

Lay Gnosis Feedback 26 Adam UK -Update on my k rise and a thank you and growing up

Print allIn new window Update on my k rise and a thank you from Adam 8:51 AM (5 hours ago)
Steve you really have done a great job  in reminding me of my higher purpose in this world and the reason why I have come here that I have come here to make the world a better place for instance when I taught my mother how to read and write(?) it is now during k rise that I am being reminded by source of just how much value lies in service to others. 
Just like yourself I too would be fascinated by woodworking I would think to myself wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if I created furniture and structures and donated it to people who need it etc source would always show me one creative idea after another. 

Steve when you said we are here to suffer and discern contrast and overcome adversity it is now during k rise that I understand this so much better we are unable to understand things at s single glance in school we are taught that there is something wrong with us if we don’t absorb information in a single hour our thought processes are muddied and muffled we are not taught anything about the value of mindfulness. 
A naturally born gnostic like me I have always felt heartbroken when I would see the world in the state that it’s in just like you said Steve because our attunement is so low we are seen as a planet of the apes by E.T.s Once again Steve I can never thank you enough you have done a great job in inspiring me and uplifting me it’s impossible for me to thank you enough. 
When I as a child would watch movies about wars etc source would scold me in the most loving way and tell me no definitely don’t do that again, and it’s now during my k rise that I understand this better than ever that source was right the entire time. A ton of damage has been done to my personal growth and personal development.
 I have had some of the most wonderful dreams and when I would wake up from the dream I would feel very determined to make the world a better place and Layman’s Gnosis does a perfect job of neatly illustrating all of this for us. 
Just like you said Steve our physical brain doesn’t mature until we are about 26 so any problems that seem insurmountable will just fade with time. Once again Steve, I can never thank you enough. 
Deepak Chopra hit the nail on the head when he said the universe is an activity in consciousness ,that’s exactly what it is. We are here to play. We are here to experience ourselves. The universe is just one big playground just one big theme park.

 Steve Trueblue:(2 minutes ago)to AdamLove it!  Blogging this its instructive for others

The universe is just one big playground just one big theme park” That is so true Adam. One infuriating outcome of Hubble photos and SpaceX videos is that most young people today are obsessed with going to Mars and staring at magnificent hypnotic Hubble galaxy photos. They completely ignore themselves and living day to day as a natural self attunement pathway. I once made the mistake of leaving a comment under what turned out to b,e a childrens Going to Mars Video. I thought mistakenly that some kids might be interested in a method that produces a side benefit. I mnetioned that it was too expensive to actually go to Mars Trillions, and WE pay for it, and it was just so much easier to Remote View Mars for free. Which anyone can learn. Scorn was heaped upon me. Desperate fears were bared. We have destroyed this planet so we need another planet to save our species. Terrified by Greta Thunberg most of them. It never occurs to children that we will take ourselves to Mars with all our defects that injured the earth and produce yet another planet of the apes.

One comment was It will be a military run paradise the Mars thing. Oh, what naivete.

Why would I wanna Remote Views Mars ? one youngster said, Its just a rock. To be mined for minerals and brought back to earth. He has no concept of the cost versus benefits ratio. He said when Mars is empty we go to the next planet and strip mine that. I told him he had read too much science fiction. But he went on saying we will consume every planet in the Galaxy.

There are numerous videos saying human astronauts cant survive longterm in s space. Twin studies already reveal permanent brain damage occurs. Permanent DNA damage. And our bones, needing gravity to produce inline interlocked crystalline calcium formations simply stop growing and replacing themselves so astronauts suffer osteoporsis very rapidly. This happens in Zero G, and on the moon and Mars. And there a are bout 25 other serious diseases in astronauts from Zero G.. Including impaired vision as eyeballs fill up with fluid and they grow 2-3 inches taller.

The children think these are just technical things and Big pharma will fix everything with magic Tablets. Mars soil contains perchlorite a poisonous mineral that has to be removed to grow food. Huge diffculty. But these are seen as just technical problems to overcome. Can-do left brain stuff. Just problem solving..Which is how we screwed the earth in the first place. LOL. The video was about how to convert Mars CO2 to Oxygen by just wearing a spacesuit that conains a 900 degree C oven to produce breathable oxygen. Good luck carrying a 900 degree oven in a plastic suit was the comment I left. With my practical experience I said you practice for your Mars mission by putting a lit oxy-acetylen torch into your pocket. Being children none of them understood my sarcasm.

Young people obsessing over ancient civilisations are similarly distracted.

So Mr G is quite correct saying the Universe is a much too distracting theme park, that causes us to forget ourselves to our great detriment.

I do it myself LOL, I am not immune. The great attraction for many of the Electric Universe seems to be magnificent Hi Res Hubble images and planetary animations etc and the importance of investigating deep time and ancient civilisation’s artefacts.

Electric Universe Lay Gnosis Lay Gnosis Feedback

Lay Gnosis on Charles Lyell “Father of modern Geology”

Steve when you said Charles Lyell the father of modern geology was an atheist and that he proposed that rock formations were not created by biblical cataclysms and that things like Noah’s flood never happened please do elaborate on this and let me know more about this. I have had people led to me and they have hugged me and thanked me for interacting with them which reminded me of that free hugs campaign on your YouTube channel. 
Very interesting!  A wonderful subject Adam. Charles Lyell is revered as the father of modern scientific geology. He invented the phrase uniformitarianism where he fell into the trap of going down to the beach and saying Well, there is nothing happening here, I don’t see any geological violence here at all,  two days in a row it’s the same, so quiet, so changes can only be so slow, so gradual that they are much slower than we can perceive. So it must have always been like that. For millions of years. So  Deep Time was invented as a subversion of the biblical 6,000 yr  age of the earth. 

 His writings heavily influenced Charles Darwin. Evolutionists  falsely purport to explain away many theory defects by calling upon the magic of  Deep Time.  
The problem with Chartles Lyell I have read, is that he was a fervent supporter of Islam ! Others call him a  militant atheist. Either way he was working hard to discredit the bible by any means possible by trying to  prove the earth was much older than the biblical 6000 years. Which was foolishly generated by a  single Bishop adding up all the begats specified in bible stories. LOL.  How could anyone take that seriously? But it’s all they had  as a starting point. 

So Lyell was ardently anti bible and thus not a real scientist at all, as his motivation was to subvert the bible. Never mind following the evidence. So he produced lots of slow geology models that are still used today that say only wind and rain really change anything over a long time period. His terminologies are  still widely used today. 

Also because there was nothing else but the bible available to 19th Century archaeologists, Egyptology was constructed using bible calculated dates as a starting point. What else could they do?

Lyell’s major mistake was assuming what we see today has been like that for billions of years. A beginners  naive scientific mistake. A big fail.The same mistake is made by astrophysicists cosmologists today, who think the solar system has always been the way it appears today.  Newton’s clockwork model. A massive tenuous beginners assumption.
Immanuel Velikovsky had his book banned in the 1950s because he detected evidence from ancient records for planetary collisions and brown dwarf star Saturn wandering into our solar system and massive electric discharges took place, and Comet Venus being burped out of Saturn, whizzing past the earth twice, killing nearly everything, and transferring billions of tons of rubble into space and some of it dropping on Earth.  The rubble is vacuumed up the lightning bolt and goes to the bolts source. That’s US. Earth. 

Creating our deep fears of the vengeful Gods in the sky. Oh, those were the days !  What else could ancients call them ? Once again we fall victim to a lack of vocabulary and our own modern naivety and hubris.
Electric Universe is wonderful revelation for most people as it explains many anomalies glossed over by the modern day religion of secular science.

Origin of Vengeful God religions explained by real  extreme catastrophes

” We were spared rocks falling on our heads because WE were righteous” Thus we must be “chosen”

 So   anti religious militant  fake “Geologist”  Lyell did tremendous damage to our thought processes and lumbered us with anti catastrophe  ultra-slow-motion uniformitarianism which led to discredited Darwinist Evolution and contaged clockwork uniformitarianism even to astronomy and cosmology and astrophysics.  Adam, I’ll do this on a blog page and you could show it to anybody on a smart phone. Link coming soon.

Aboriginal story book cover gives us a clue
Interplanetary lightning bolts in ancient times

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