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Morning everybody. As you can see, it is Tuesday, November 15 of 2022. As you can see, I am back home. Now, I do have another powerful prophetic word to give to you today called All That You See is Coming to an End. They will no longer hold my nation in hostage. I heard this prophetic word back on November 3. Now, I heard many prophetic words while I was gone during those twelve days. A couple you have heard that have already been released and the ones that haven’t, I will release them. Now before I get to this prophetic word today, I will be, at the end of this prophetic word instead of doing two separate videos, I’m gonna do one because God is putting them together. I had back on August, we may check the date, it was August, hold on, 12th of 2022. I had a prophetic word, it was called Your Midterm elections are not the answer to save you, I am.

Now, I’m going to read a little bit of that prophetic word that goes along with this one. Many people are discouraged right now because of what they saw last week. But God is the one who always has the final say. So again, I will read this one. Then I’ll read a little bit of that one, not the whole thing. There’s a couple of parts of it that God really wants you to hear today. And also I will leave this in the description box for you, that link, so you can click on it and go right to our website, to this prophetic word to encourage you today.


Those of you who are down and discouraged and disgusted because of what’s happening in our nation, God warned us and said what was going to happen, but he also gives what he says is actually going to take place. So again, God always has the final say. So do not be discouraged today. God always wins. All right. Now the ones I have given out already, I will make sure that I have that on our Prophetic Prophecy Fulfill page, I will get that right. And when it comes, I’m going to try to do them in order here, because a couple of them I’ve already given out on the Reawaken in America tour on that Saturday, November 4, there was one the Lord gave on stage and then there was one the Lord gave on Saturday that I’ve already given out. So give us time for the team. We always got back to get those posted on our website, but we do want to do them in order and date first. So that’s why you will have to wait for those because I have many others to give to you before that. Also today, I’ll be doing a live show with General Michael Flynn and Clay Clark at 430 central time on this channel. Julie Graham, Ministries, Rumble Channel. And if you can join us, I hope you’re chatting because it’s going to be a great show. So if anything changes with that, I will make sure that I let everyone know. So before I get to this prophetic word, if you do have any prayer requests or praise reports, please go to our website@jgmnternational.org under our contact page. Or you can write us at JulieGreen Ministries, PWAs. 1252, betnerfyla 52722. Again, please join our live show today at 430 Central time. Tuesday, November 15. All right, well, that’s all the announcements to make. I know it’s a little bit longer than normal, but it’s important. All right, now, this is from November 3.

All that you see is coming to an end. They will no longer hold my nation hostage

For I the Lord this day. I’m telling my children, all that you see is coming to an end. Now. Soon you will see the Dragon fall. Who is the dragon? The serpent, the snake, the liars, the thieves, the deceivers. The ones that have held you, enslaved you. The ones who have stolen your freedoms, your nations, your finances, your businesses, your children and their education. The Dragon is Satan, and he uses many to do his bidding. To build his nations, his one world government. To steal from my church. To deceive them into taking their voices, their power and authority who deceived them into a deep sleep. Well, my church is no longer sleeping. My children are no longer taking and believing this exception any longer. No ! Truth has come to set them totally free from all this tyranny. Let my people go. I have said these words. I told you, my children, am working right now to set you free. Those words are destroying your enemy’s power over you. Those words are destroying their plans. Those words are destroying their hold, their governments, and stripping their fraud. Yes, fraud will no longer succeed. It will no longer work. It will no longer hold my nation hostage. Know what you see. It’s time for it all to come to an end. Lord, it’s just too hard to believe. Things are just getting worse. Nothing is changing my children. Is that what you actually believe? I will get that right. Do not believe what you see. I am changing it all. Their expiration date is coming due. This is their due season to reap a great harvest of destruction and of judgment. My children now stand for my words. It’s all about to end suddenly. Can you hear their cries? Their screams of defeat? My children, they are shouting louder by the day. What is going on? We are losing. We can’t afford to lose. No, we can’t lose the midterms. If the Republicans win, the House and the Senate’s all over for us and our plans on our next stage of taking over their freedoms for good. What do we do now? What can we do? We take as much as we can and path as much as we can before January. Let’s cause as much damage as we possibly can. That way no one can get out of it, no matter how hard they try. No, we can’t lose. They are shouting. We have to stop this red wave at all costs. But do we pull the trigger? Do we stop the nation and bring it to a hold? If we do this, there’s no turning back. And the people might fight back more. This time we don’t have a choice but to pull the trigger. He is coming for us and those and they will choose his side. How do we stop his army from coming for us? We have to try. They are shouting do it now. Pull the cord. It may stop him. They are saying my children enemies are desperate to stop Trump’s next move and to stop their landslide of a loss in that election. In this election, the nation is turning on them in all their policies. They have to stop the bleeding, but they can’t. No matter how hard they try, it’s too late. It’s too big for them to change the outcome without getting caught. Yes, they will all be caught in the act. People are watching this time, Obama. What do we do? They are shouting and crying and throwing tantrums. We believed you when you said it would work. It’s not working. So what do we do? My children? This is what’s going on behind the scenes. They are panicking because they can’t stop the sinking ship they are on. So what they do next will be their final acts against this nation and against you. Remember, my children, it only takes one shot to bring down giants. It only takes one day, and one day is all I need. Your enemies will try something to stop your freedoms one last time. This will bring fear to many. But you, my children, stand and shout them down. A shot is coming and that shot will bring them all down at once. They are failing, my children. And again you will see them fall. In the season of the fall, saith the Lord, your Redeemer.

Nova Scotia will be in your news for a surprising reason. I say the same again.

Amsterdam will be in your news for a significant reason. And look who it’s tied to.

A dam will be in your news for a significant reason

Canada. Watch the US and remember the leaders you see today and you will not see anymore. Your government will fall. And a new one is coming. Believe in your freedoms that are yours. Then of all you see, it’s not just the United States.

Your government will fall too, Australia. The same goes for you. Watch your government. Your leaders will too be removed. Something significant is about to come out of your government. How? They helped the Biden steal my nation and your leaders will fall to my judgment. Declare your freedoms today and watch me free your land.

China, your government will fall, too. They help steal my nation for the Biden, but they have also infiltrated my nation in more ways than one. Judgment is hitting your leaders. You will not stay under their communist control. So stay on my words and pray for your rightful leaders. I have not forsaken you, my children who live in China. I have not left you or punished you because of what your leaders are doing. I am moving my hand and taking them all down at once. Say eth The Lord of Hosts. My children, in this time get ready for a great silence. Get ready for rolling blackouts. Get ready for my lock in (?) Get ready for the Great Exodus. It is not coming. It’s here. So get prepared for things you are about to see and hear you never thought possible. These are the days for your freedoms, saith the Lord, your Redeemer.

And before I get to this next word that I want to read that I told you it was from August 12. Now, I have shared this on several different media outlets while we were on our twelve day trip because it was important. God always warns us before something happens. That’s the reason why he has prophets and the reason why he has prophecies. For those who say God doesn’t speak to prophets anymore, God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. There are prophets in the Old Testament. There’s prophets in the New Testament. God doesn’t change. If something is going on on the earth. He’s always going to warn before something happens. Now, God has warned us over and over and he said, do not go by how things appear because it’s not what it appears like. We can’t go by sight. We can’t go by what we’re hearing. We can’t go by what we’re seeing. We can’t go by how we feel. Why? Because God says things are not how they appear to be. That’s why it’s so important for us right now to cling on and hold and fast to the word of Almighty God to stay focused on Him, to pray, to get in our prayer closets, to get in his written word. Because faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word. Now, from this August 12 prophecy Your midterm elections are not the answer to save you, I am.

Now, I’m not going to read this whole thing, but I do want to give you part of it. Now, listen to this first part —

— For I, the Lord, this day, am telling my children to fight the good fight of faith. It is always a fight you will win. It doesn’t matter how things appear. It doesn’t matter what your feelings are telling you. It only matters what my word says. My word says that I always cause you to triumph. My word says you have been redeemed from the curse. You have been saved, delivered, and set free from all your adverse adversity. Excuse me, your adversary. All he has is deception and lies. He tries to make you feel certain ways, or you won’t believe and receive what is already yours. My children, I am asking you this. Who do you believe? What do you believe? Do you believe your enemies actually outsmarted me this time? Do you believe that this time I’m letting all hell break loose and making you deal with it was no way of escape? Do you believe your enemy’s power is more than mine? What do you actually believe today? My written words or your feelings? My words or your enemies words? What things look like around the world today, or what my prophets are saying? Can you see now why I have to speak every day? Do you see now why I put my prophets upon this Earth? My remnant would not have woken up and would have accepted defeat. If my children who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven. I will forgive their sin and heal their land. Do you believe my words? I said I would heal your lands, and that is what I’m about to do. I am the God that restores, heals, forgives, delivers, avenges. Your enemies are in for a rude awakening. You would say. My judgment upon them is not just coming, it is here, and you’ll continue to see it intensify again. I say, hold on, my children, things are changing everywhere, sayeth the Lord of Hosts.

Now, that’s just the first part of it. Now I’ll go through all the things that he said were going to be in the news because he really wants me to say this one and this part of it. Your enemies are moving into positions and they have no idea there are traps waiting for them. Many things are moving, and your enemies can’t see these moves. You would say things are about to hit the fan. It’s all coming to an explosive place. Then down a little bit further in another paragraph.

I promised you that I would expose all of them, and that is what I’m doing, my children. I never do things on man’s timetable, and you never know exactly what I’m about to do. Just know that I am doing more than you know. And you can trust me that your delivery has come and you are about to experience a deliverance never known to mankind. You are a special generation, and this is definitely a time to be alive, a special time to be alive right now, whether you understand this or not, but you soon will. Now, he said, says Lord, of course. And he goes on, he’s talking more now. Listen to this part. I’m always saying this. Parts that are about the midterms and about what’s going on in the United States right now because people are very discouraged. Okay, this should encourage you that God says on August 12. Watch your Senate. A United States. A shaking is about to occur. Evidence is about to be seen and tell the world what they have been hiding. Not just McConnell, Schumer, or Romney. Oh, there are many snakes and rats in the midst of them. A snake pit is about to be revealed to the world. Cameras have been in their midst. They had no idea that they were being recorded in their chambers and buildings, plotting and planning and scheming against the American people of the United States to help themselves and China. Oh, yes, my children, regarding your House of Representatives and the Senate, I’m cleaning house. All the ones who are against you will be removed by me Sayeth The Lord of Hosts. This is the part he wanted me to emphasize today. Don’t look to your midterm elections to save you. I say this again. Man cannot fix this. Only I can. And elections will not be the way. They have manipulated and cheated even more than has been known to the public. The truth has been hidden, and it will be revealed.

Someone is about to release a nuclear bomb of truth in the United States, and it will rock the country to its core, along with the rest of the world. It’s all coming down. The system that you see, along with the fake governments all over the world. Traitors and infiltrators have been everywhere to take over this world. But my takedown has just begun and will intensify in this time. The world’s about to know who has been in control all along, sayeth the Lord of Hosts. Now he goes down to mention more names. Here’s another part. It’s all coming to an end, an explosive place. So hold on. Things are about to drastically change for your good. My children, this is your time to live as children of the Most High God and should live. No more being enslaved and held captive. And you will enjoy your redemption rights. You will know what they are, and you will not let Satan deceive you out of them. Again, a shaking has to be done. It will end with your victory, saith the Lord, your Redeemer. Now, if you want to read that entire prophecy again, it’s from August 12. Your midterm elections are not the answer to save you. I am. That is in the description box below. There’s a link to that. Again, like I said earlier in the video to our website, to this exact prophecy. Now, it’s important for me to read that because so many people right now, because of what happened on Tuesday, you said, Julie, you’ve been declaring victory. And you said, Declare victory? Yes. It’s what God said. I didn’t say it. I mean, he used my voice to say it, but God said to say it. Julie God gives me a red tsunami in a red wave. There was just like in 2020. Trump won. He did. No matter what the enemies have tried to do to COVID it up, no matter what they’ve tried to do to steal this one. I watched them steal stuff on live TV. They did it. Yes, they did it again the same way as they did before. And yes, they’ve been caught red handed. God’s been warning them and us about them being entrapped. They were going to fall for these traps. They were going to go walk right into it. They were going to try to do whatever they did last time. But God said, the fraud will not hold this nation hostage. We’ve been held hostage by fraud in 2020 and now the try to do it again in 2022. You said, Julie, nothing happened from 2020 to 2022. So it’s not going to happen from 2022 to 2024. Who said? Man. Who said? The people on the news. God is the one in control. He said he’s not going to go by man’s timetable. Now he’s talking about in this war he gave me on November 3, all that you see is coming to an end. They will no longer hold my nation hostage. Now, I’m not going to go over all that prophetic word like I usually do, because the Lord has me do something else this time. I always go by what he tells me to do. Now in Numbers, chapter 13, in verse 30, remember, in God’s word it says there’s nothing new under the sun. Okay? There’s nothing new under the sun. Look what happened. Number chapter 1330. Caleb quieted the people before Moses and said, let us go up at once and possess it. We are able to conquer it. Now this is when the children of Israel walked through the wilderness and finally got to the promised Land. Now. God promised it to him. He said, it’s yours, I’ve given it to you. He led them by cloud by day and fire by night right to the land that he promised. I think it’s supposed to take eleven days for them originally to get to it. They went in to the land to spy on it. And guess what? God said this is your land. But they saw something. They saw something that brought great fear to many. There was ten of them that came out with a bad report, evil report, or a lie, or the wrong perception of the situation. Then you had two of them, Joshua and Caleb. They came out with the right one through the eyes of victory to what God had told them. This is your land and this is what Joshua and Caleb said. And look at this, we are well able to conquer it. So they weren’t moved by the giants in the land, verse 31, but the fellow scouts. So two people out of twelve said, we are more than able to go and possess it. They knew that God said, this is yours. They were taking God at his word, and they were saying, you know what, God defeated the Egyptians for us, God did it right in front of our face with all his mighty works. So God will do this again for us. In the myth of these giants, they’re just mere men. God can do it. He did it. We just saw it. God killed all of our enemies in the Red Sea. So God, if he had to do that again with a giant, however, he had to do it with a move of his hand. He’d do it. So they trusted and believed God because they earnestly remembered what God did for them. And then you had ten people that came out and said the exact opposite and this is what they said. But as fellow scouts said, we are not able to go up against the people of Canaan for they are stronger than we are. There are churches, there are pastors, there are people right now that are saying it is all over. They’re believing the midterm results. Instead of believing God Almighty and what God has said, he said, I will always cause you to triumph. It’s not the midterm elections that were going to save us, but it would have been nice that we would have actually got the results that were actually due to us at the particular time. But God, that’s what we always have to say. But God, it looks impossible. It looks too big. It looks like here we go again. Nothing’s going to be done. Which report do you believe? Listen to this people of Canaan, we are not able to go up against people of Canaan. So they are stronger than we are. As we said, they think they forgot who was with them. They’re bigger and stronger than we are. Whereas they are maybe bigger than us, but they are not as big as the God who is with us. Where are the Joshua’s and Caleb’s today? You know what? They might be bigger. It looks like they might have more resources than we do right now. It might look like in the natural that all hope is lost. But God, he goes before us and who can be against us and God’s on our side? Whom shall we fear? We are going to take this nation back with our words, with our prayer, and we’re going to believe God because God is the one who is more able. It’s an impossible looking situation. But God is a God and nothing is impossible. So the God of the impossible is on the scene today. He is on the scene. It is not done. It is not over. It is not finished. Who cares what happened? You fight the good fight of faith and say those things that we see today are not going to stay the same. Those results are not the results that will stand. God’s results will stand. God’s word will stand. He doesn’t change what comes out of his mouth. He said, I will deliver you out of it all. That’s what he means. No matter what they did, no matter how they tried to change things, no matter how much they cheated, how much they stole, God’s word will stand forever. He even said in many different prophecies I know it was a couple anyway. He said their victories are short lived. But he has said in many, don’t go by how things appear. Like right now, God is encouraging you today to get back up. Get up. Now look, verse 32. Now, there are people that are going to believe that the evil report today, they’re gonna believe the enemies won. They’re gonna believe their results. They’re going to believe in the enemy’s control. So he brought the Israelites an evil report. An evil report is a lie. It’s contrary to what God said. That’s what an evil report is. The in evil report of the land which they had scouted out saying the land through which we had went to spite out as a land that devoured us as inhabitants. And all the people that we saw in it are men of great stature. They saw an impossible situation. We saw the nephilim. The nephilim were giants. Goliath was a giant. He was a Nephilim and the sons of Anak, and who comes in the giants. And we were in our own sight grasshoppers. So we were in their sight. The whole point, they took their focus, their focus off what God had just done for them. When God said in Exodus chapter 13 exodus chapter 13 and he said, earnestly, remember what I have done for you this day. So in Deuteronomy or keep saying Deuteronomy, exodus Chapter 13, he says, earnestly, remember. And by Numbers 13, they forgot. Not all of them. Joshua and Caleb didn’t, but the rest of them believed the evil report. Exodus chapter 13. Read it. What God said in verse 13, the enemy had or the Israelites had already forgotten. They thought the enemy was too big to defeat. When they just saw in Exodus God defeat every single one of those people that were against them. They were more. They had chariots, they looked like they had all this armor. They looked like they had all that they were going to pursue and they were going to lose. And then God, how did they forget? How are so many people right now seeing these prophetic words coming to pass every day and then forgetting what God said? This is the time, children of Almighty God, all of us, we are in the army of the Lord and we have to earnestly remember the words of Almighty God. We have to earnestly remember who God is. And God is bigger. We have our victory. We did win on election night, remember? Fraud will not hold this nation hostage. That’s what God is saying. So if you want to go back and read that word about the Midterms, go back and read it. But God has been saying all along don’t go about how things appear to be. Now, if you read on number chapter 14, they kept complaining we’re just gonna die in the wilderness. We’re just gonna die in the wilderness, because they forgot who was with them and who fought for them. And they ended up dying in the wilderness and they didn’t see their victory. Let’s learn from our ancestors and not make the same mistake. We have the victory. Jesus is his name. Jovan is. He is our banner or our victory. So do not be discouraged today.

And I want to pray over each and every one of you who are discouraged, who are overwhelmed and burdened down with the reports of man. Remember, don’t believe in an evil report. God is bringing our nation back. He’s bringing our rightful president back. So Julie God said, this is happening, nothing is going on. Who do you believe? I choose to believe God. There are too many things that he has said that’s come to pass. And I will not keep my eyes on something else. I’m going to keep my eyes focused on Almighty God. So, Heavenly Father, right now, in the name of Jesus, I lift up every person at the sound of my voice, no matter where they are, Father God, no matter what they’re going through, no matter what they see. I thank You, Father God, that your light shines upon them. Your glory fills their room, that fills their car, fills wherever they’re at right now. And I command that spirit of Heaviness, discouragement, frustrating, fear, doubt, worry, unbelief anything that is holding them down. I break the chains. I command you, Satan, and get your foul hands off the chart of the Most High God. They are in the army of the Lord and they will not be defeated. And I thank you, Father God. It’s like in Michael, chapter seven, verse eight. Rejoice on against me all my enemies, for when I fall, I shall arise. So I thank You, Father God, that your children are rising up in you, rising up in Your strength, rising up in your truth, because your Word is truth and your Word is setting them free. I thank You, Father God, that they will not quit, they will not lay down, they will not wave that white flag that’s our enemies, they have to. And I thank You, Father God, right now, by the blood of Jesus Christ of Nagger, that setting each and every one of them free. I thank You, Father God, that fraud will not hold this land. It will not hold our freedoms, it will not steal from us. I thank You, Father God, they cannot have what they so desire, which is our nation and our freedoms. I thank You, Father God, that your hand is moving, that we do not forget what you have done. We will earnestly remember, Father God, that you are the great. I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You. Are the God who delivered the nation of Israel from the hand of the wicked of the Egyptians. And I thank you, Father God, that you are delivering this nation. You are delivering the nations all around the world. Now, thank you, Father God is this one world government will not stand and it will not win because you are on our side. And the impossible that we are facing today, you are the one who is destroying the impossible and we thank you for it. In Jesus name, amen. And amen. Will, I hope this encourages you today. Please like, subscribe and share and give this to everyone who knows, who needs to hear an encouraging word, who needs to hear the truth. Because the truth is that you’re, god loves you. I love you, god bless you and have a wonderful day.


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Your midterm elections are not the answer to save you, I am.

Cock-eyed optimists many of us were, including the many pundits like Dr Steve Turely and Red Eagle politics and HA Goodman channel who swallowed the fake polls and analyzed the election results as if they were genuine ! As if they had forgotten the stolen election of 2020 ! Why would it change ?

To no avail I sprinkled this comment under a few pundits

Stroke damaged Fetterman was gifted 117,000 votes at the Begin. Oz performed well. But keyboard adjustments were made against him. One democrat received 1 million gifted votes. Some candidates lost votes YES their totals went backwards.
This is an election steal just like the last one. All on Infowars.com Mike Lindell Garland Favourito explain the visible crimes in progress as the days go by. Its completely wrong to infer voter sentiment from the publicly posted results.

This comment was ignored by the optimistic sleepwalkers. The pundits followings. Not even contested. So I begin to ask can anyone else see my youtube comments ? Is it just me ? I wonder why nobody tells me off. Nobody disputes my entry.

Just confirmed on a mobile phone using anonymous browser my comments are invisible. Been that way for years.

 Maricopa. Same old same old. LOL

90pc rejection rate of Republican votes on election day.

Maricopa County Election Judge Believes the Machines Were Programmed to Reject Ballots on Election Day


And God warned us about elections being no saviour back in August 12 So its beyond us as individuals or groups. We have to wait for Gods timeline.

PROPHECY: https://www.jgminternational.org/prophecies/your-midterm-elections-are-not-the-answer-to-save-you-i-am?rq=mid-term

Mistake Ha Ha Colorado with 30k “accidental” vote mailings to Non citizens

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