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Good morning everybody. Today is November 17 of 2022 and I have another powerful prophetic word to give to you today. I am bringing a correction to your 2020 election. I heard this prophecy. This is the second one from November, November 6. That was a Sunday and I heard one early in the morning hours. And then the second one I heard in prayer with my entire team. So this is the second one from that day that I did refer to yesterday. Now, before I get to that, I was on with Pastor Dave with his glory, with Take Five. There is part of this prophetic word that I will go over. It’s over seven pages long, so I will not be able to go over the whole thing and the time that I have allotted. So I do the best that I can to go over the parts that I know that people will probably have a little bit more questions on. So I was on Take Five yesterday and so I will leave that link in the description box for you. Also, because of what happened with the live show the other day with General Michael Flynn and he was not able to attend, we are doing a special live broadcast with General Flynn and Clay Clark. We’re going to do that on Saturday. This Saturday is November 19 at 03:00 Central Time, right here on this Rumble channel. And yes, he will be able to make it. And if there is something that comes up, I didn’t have enough time to give you guys before that other one and we still want to do the live show anyway, but if something comes up, we’ll let you know. But we are planning on doing that live show on November 19, this Saturday at 03:00 Central Time. Now, I did make an announcement yesterday because of so many falsified channels that are stealing from people. And people really think that it’s this ministry’s channel and it’s really not because they still are Nanos or Picture. They’re using our videos and they’re pirating them. I forced our hand to get on Facebook and so I did not want to get on because again, my stance with them is still the same. I just don’t like that platform. So I did not want to get on the ministry, but we had to. So we had to protect these people and let them know these are falsified channels and we are taking further legal action against these people who are portraying to be us. And then they are taking people’s money. So we are getting lawyers involved in that. We already have some. So I just want you guys to know, those who are on Facebook that were watching that channel or following that channel originally, that’s been on there for a long time, that is not us. We just did make an official Facebook channel and I will have that link in the description box for you. Again, our hand was forced because we really want to protect the people of God. We never ask for money. We are never going to ask you for anything like that. We don’t do that. That’s not what this ministry is about. And we do not sell anything. So we do not ask for money and we do not sell anything. Okay? So if anybody says they’re us and they’re asking you for money and they’re trying to sell you something, that’s not us, okay? We don’t do that here at Julie Green Ministries International. So do not fall for those fake people and fake channels. And of course, there’s two or three or four or five, whatever it is on YouTube, those are not us. I was kicked off YouTube four times. I have not got on back on because Lord hasn’t told me to get back on. Those are not our channels and I know that they look like us. I mean, it’s me because they pirate these videos. They take them from Rumble and they put them over there. It is not our official channels. And again, they’re doing the same thing. They’re stealing from people. They’re trying to get people giving to charities. They’re trying to keep up. Listen, we don’t ask for money if God wants us to give in to a charity, we just give the money to these charities. We don’t ask you to give us money to give into a charity. That’s not how this industry works. So again, on YouTube, and I know they’re going to pirate these videos and put them on YouTube, they’ll probably take us out. We don’t have any official channels on YouTube because we were taken off and I haven’t gotten the permission by God to get back on. So that’s all the announcements. Besides, if you do have any prayer requests or praise reports, please go to our website@jgmnternational.org under our contact page. Or you can write us JulieGreenMinistries, 1252, Bettendorf 52722. Now, we are going to have an address change, so I would let you know. I know about that. We do have an official building, so an official address, and I will get that out to you. But as of right now, you can still do the P o. Box because we’ll probably just forward all that information or all that stuff to our building now. So again, we’ve rented something, so we will have an actual building address. Okay, that’s all the announcements. I’m sorry they had to be a little bit longer today. We are trying to get people corrected from watching other platforms because that’s not us on there. All right, now this is a prophetic word called, I am bringing a correction to the 2020 election. This prophecy, again, it was a second prophecy from Sunday, November 6. All right, so here it is again. It’s seven pages long, so it’s a longer one.

My children, I have told you, I am bringing back my David and my David has the stone. I have told you to pray and stand in agreement with me. Stand in agreement with these prophetic words and what I’m speaking today. Agree with me. Stand and pray. And as you stand and pray, call them down. Name them down. Call every House of Representative that doesn’t belong with me or stands against me. You call them out of those seats. Every senator that has stolen yes. Every senator that is not of me, you call them down and call in the rightful victory. I told you, my children, time and time again that you have been given the authority upon this earth. You have been given authority. So I’ve told you as my David is drawing near, this is a time for the stone to be thrown. This is a time for the giants to be coming down. This is AM and some will die. To the Tech Giants. Oh, you’re coming down, as you’ll see with Twitter, google, YouTube, and every social media platform that has stolen the voice of my children. They’re all being removed. My children. Take back your White House in presidential seat. You take it back to the rightful president death of the Biden. My David. How you take it back is you speak him back. You call him back. You call him back now. Call him to fully be awakened. Call him to be fully humbled. Call him into his seat, because it is his seat. You will soon see the death of the Biden. You will see the death of Kamala. You will see the death of those who stood in those seats, those who mocked me and those who sat in those seats of power. The ones who knew they stole them. The ones who were stealing all of your freedoms. The ones who stole your laws and made them their own. The ones who are shredding my constitution. Because, Yes, it is mine. And the ones who are stealing your taxes and giving that money away while blackmailing other states and countries. They were using that money to do their bidding. They used that money to kill and to steal. Oh, I’m exposing and bringing down China. China will come down with the Egyptians of old. Oh, yes, they are coming down. You will see that government all fall. You will see my hand move on them and remove them all, especially the ones that sit in power and mock me, the ones that mock and say I will steal the United States of America. I will bring them down to their knees and they will bother me. Oh, yes, I will shut his mouth, and he will soon take his last breath. Oh, yes. You will see many leaders in the coming days either be removed or you will see them take their last breath, for these are the days for the giants to fall. These are the days for all of those nations that stole my nation, for all those nations that were stealing my children’s voices. Oh, yes. All those nations would be brought down to kneel before me. You saw how I brought back my son, Benjamin Netanyahu. Now you will see me bring back my son, Donald Trump back in a greater way than even that. Greater celebrations and greater victories. Oh, yes. Your enemies will try to do one last thing. They will try to silence and bring much fear. They will try to bring a war. But it will be stopped by me and my hand. That war will fall flat. All the attacks they have had planned and tried so desperately on this land, the soil before your midterms have failed. Your enemies are screaming, what is going on? We paid them to do that, but it didn’t go forward. They didn’t see me. They didn’t see my hand. Nor did they see my army. My army has been strategically placed all throughout the world. My army has stopped many attacks. My army has stopped many deaths from taking place. My army has stopped assassinations of your rightful president, his family, and many with him. I have generals in this mix. I put them there. But there is one that is soon to be removed. There is one that snuck in there, and thought he could be sly and devious. That he could say the right things and tickle the ears of a rightful president. Oh, I am bringing him down. I am bringing down every person that is right next to your rightful president that has been whispering over and over the exact opposite. The devil had their tongues. They were so sly in their words that he did not catch them at first. They are close in his midst. So it will hurt because he will have to remove them. But I will give him the strength. I will give him the courage. I’ll encourage him. This is a humbling time for your president. But this is a great time because my David is coming. All he needs is me. He has the stones in his hands. He knows exactly what to throw, and I will tell him when to throw it. You are coming to that day when the stone will be thrown but only 1 st is needed to take them all down because that 1 stone is ME. So, my children, you will see your victory. You will see an entire government, administration, House and Senate be cleansed by me. You will see removals in your Supreme Court. It will shake and rock this nation because the highest court in the land is not high at all. No. They were brought down low because they were paid and some were blackmailed. Some were even threatened with the lives of their family members. I have cut those cords. In those chains, I’ve cut the elites of their power over the rightful Supreme Court justices. They’re the rightful ones. And then the ones who are not, they’re all those who refuse to repent and obey and were sent there by the devil himself. I am removing them. So in the coming days, brace for this impact. Because a great impact it will be. A great impact, a great shaking and a great quaking in my nation. Oh, yes, a great quaking, a great shaking, because my feet are moving. It will shake the ground beneath your enemy’s feet and they will fall or stumble, and some will never get back up. There have been some that have made some deals. Yes, they have. But those deals will be shortlived because they will go back on their word. They thought they could just connive and use the rightful president. But I am sending them judgment. And judgment will be their final day.

My children, you will see things happening in Guantanamo Bay. Many, many things have already taken place. Tribunals, yes. I will show you what has been going on. I will show you. There have already been trials and they have already been found guilty. But remember, I am the judge. And I judge, and I am the one who has a final say. So, my children, on this day, shout and then shout again. Don’t ever speak defeat. Stop playing. Because what I have is great. What I have is your victory. What I have is a triumph for my nations. I am bringing it with my nation, Israel. I am bringing it with my nation, the United States of America. They will be united as a front for the rest of the world.

I am bringing down Canada’s government. And I am bringing down Australia’s government. I am bringing down China’s government. You have already seen what I am doing with Brazil.

I told you I was overthrowing that fraudulent election. And as you’ve seen me overthrow that election, just wait until you see what I am doing to the 2020 election. It’ll be much greater than that. So, my children, this day rejoice in these victories I have given you my remnant. I have set you apart. Great is your reward. Great is your reward. Because you didn’t fall. Great is your reward. Because you didn’t quit. Great is your reward. Because you weren’t deceived. Great is your reward. Because you stood and stood. I told you that I am bringing great rewards for those who have chosen the right side. Great is the reward of those who believed in faith and trusted in me. Even when everything was saying the opposite, you still trusted in me. Great is your reward. So, my children, be gleeful because this economy is about to come to an end or about to come to a place where no one thought it would. I told you I was bringing back my gold because it’s mine. And my silver because it’s mine. And as I have stated in Haggi, chapter two, I said, the gold and silver are mine. And I’m shaking the desires of all nations and they shall come in this is that time, my children. You are seeing the desires of all nations. Come in. You will see the gold and silver come in. You will see the money come in. I’m ripping it out of the hand of the ones who stole it and I’m giving it to the ones that I can trust with it. The ones who will not fall to the love of money. Because I said the love of money is a root of all evil, not the fact that I want to give you the money to be a distribution center, to be a blessing to the nations. It’s unlimited blessings. No matter where I tell you to go, you will go. And money will never be an object, it will never be a concern, because the ones I call, the ones I trust, I will give you more than enough. There will be some that will choke on this word. They will not be able to accept it because it’s money. And you can’t talk about money. Lord, Jesus became poor. They will say no, he became poor because he became sin. You missed it. He had more than he needed. He was wealthy because I made him wealthy. He was wealthy because he blessed. He had unlimited amount of resources to bless with, to show everyone what he needed, to show them in his ministry. So to these children who are listening, the religious and the legalistic, this is your final warning. There will be no more. You accept and receive my words because they are mine. They are my words. They are spoken to the ones who are chosen to obey and will speak the words without fear. But I want them to say there are some I have given words to, but they refuse to speak them because of the fear of losing their flock or the fear of losing their churches, because it might ruffle their feathers. Those who give more money to the congregations. You saw me overturn the tables. I am doing the same thing now. I’m overturning the tables in those congregations. The shaking is not just for your government. The shaking is for my body that chose money over me. You chose money and you wouldn’t let me in. You chose bigger, bigger, bigger congregations. You wanted mega. You wanted it for yourselves and not for me. It’s not wrong to have a megachurch. You just wanted it for yourself. You wanted to be in the spotlight. You wanted for money and fame. And as you rose in that, you turned your back on me. I will show all the ones who deceived me, who deceived against me, who turned their back on me, who deceived my body. Yes, I said, deceived me, because my body is me, because we are one. They’ve stolen from me. Some even took from the government and purposely were preaching the wrong things. From my pulpits you will see many fall in the coming days. You will see many be exposed. There will be a cry, a shout from my body, because many were led in the wrong direction and they were on the wrong side when I moved my hand. So my remnant, get prepared, because these are the days of the harvest of souls. Get prepared because you need to live holy, for I am holy. I am pouring out my glory. But some people will not be able to receive it because they refuse to believe anything out of their religious traditions or what makes them feel good. But my children, it is time. It is time. It is a season. You are in this hour. You are in the hour for this new phase to begin and the old phase to end. So, my children, get ready, for there will be things that will be hard to hear, and there will be things that will bring great shock. But with that shock, I am bringing you my awe. The awe of my glory, the awe because of my power, the awe because of my love. So get ready. Get ready. Get ready for me, my children. Get ready because you are about to see a great victory. You are about to see all the pharaohs of old and all the giants fall. You will also see Pastors fall. So get ready for change. Get ready for great, unexpected shifts you didn’t know about. My children, this is the time and this is the hour for change. So receive me and receive it all. Sayeth. The Lord your Redeemer.

Julie Commentary Now, I know that word was long, and I know there was a lot to that word. But as I was in prayer this morning and again, I’m going to go over part of this prophetic word, I won’t be able to go over all of it, because as you can see how long it took to read the prophetic word, listen to this. This is in Psalm 81 for those who can’t get over what happened to the midterms. Okay, this is what God is saying. Psalm 81, verse seven. You called in distressed and I delivered you. I answered you in the secret place of thunder. I tended you at the walls. And then it goes on and on and on. But listen to this. Verse eight. Hear all my people and I will admonish you, o Israel, if you would listen to me. God is saying, if you listen to me. He’s been saying over and over again in these prophetic words, listen to my words. These are God’s words, just like this word, the Holy Bible. This is God’s words to you. And he said, listen to this in verse 13. Oh, that my people would listen to me, that Israel would walk in my ways. This is not just Israel. He’s talking about us. Verse 14, listen, if they would walk in his ways, verse 13. Now look what happens if they walk in his ways and they obey him. Now look what happens speedily then I would subdue their enemies and turn my hand against their adversaries. Israel had to do a part first. They had verse 13 oh, that my people would listen to me and that Israel would walk in my ways. So God has been saying listen to Him say what he wants us to say. And he’s saying if we do those things, then speedily then I would subdue their enemies and turn my hand against their adversaries. He promises us in his word so many times to earnestly remember what he’s already done. Then he’s saying that we need to say and declare what he wants us to say and declare why we need to be in agreement with God. So many people don’t realize that all throughout your day you will say cursings instead of blessings as God said in Deuteronomy. I said before you life and death, blessing and cursing, you choose. That’s why so many times when I have been praying for people, the Lord has had me tell them you say this, you declare this because there’s so many times and I’ve been the same thing myself, I have this the doctor gave you a report. Your symptoms in your body say that this is true and then you say I have well, that’s an agreement with your enemy. Just like these elections, just like what’s been going on in 2000 and 22,022. They gave their results, not the real results, they gave their results in so many states and then people say well look, it’s stolen again, there’s nothing we can do about it. You’re believing in agreeing with an evil report. Now, guys have been saying, just like I gave you a couple of days ago about numbers chapter 13, verses 33 on or 30 through 33. Numbers chapter 1330 through 33. There was two reports. There was a good report or the truth that God was showing and gave the perspective, the right perspective I’ll say it right. to Joshua. Kayla they received it. Everyone had that perspective, but some chose not to believe and receive it. They saw the giants and automatically felt defeated. Yes, I said felt and then they took it. When you say we have yes, you are in agreement with the enemy or you agree with Almighty God, God says you have the victory. God says you have health and healing because Jesus has already borrowed for you. You have your finances if you need it, to have your bills, provider, whatever it is doing. How is that? Because Jehovah Jarrah is your provider and it says in flipping 419 that God will liberally supply your overflowing, your every need. That’s the amplified version of that scripture. But there’s an evil report out there that we have a fraudulent government. Yes we do. And then they try to do all these things. We have inflation, we have a project economy, we have this, we have that stop agreement with the enemy. God is giving us all these prophetic words all the time so we can come in agreement with Him. He wants us to have these marching orders so we can declare and decree and agree with God, so we can have that agreement, use our authority that God has given to us, so we stop being defeated because our enemy wants us to feel deflated. They want us to feel defeated. Now. It would have been great. Yes, there was a red wave. No matter what it looks like, we don’t not going to believe their results. Why would you believe their results, their lie? There was a red wave. But even if it would have shown the truth that day, the whole truth of what this country truly, truly looks like, it wouldn’t have been the full answer to this country. Yes, it’s hard to say that, but it’s true. It was not going to be the full answer. Why? Because God is the answer. Man’s ways are not the answer. God’s ways are. Now. Just like with Cain and Abel. When Abel was killed by Cain, God heard the blood cried out to him, and that’s when he asked Cain, where is your brother? He said, I’m not my brother’s keeper. That blood cried out to him. The voices were heard when they voted by Almighty God. God is a God of justice. Remember, he’s a God over all of this earth. So no matter what man in their port or their results say, you don’t go by those things, you go by what God has done. He said I’ve always caused you to triumph. We either believe always in every situation that if we believe God, we trust God. If we stay on his word and we stay on Him and what he is saying, we believe Him no matter what it feels like, no matter what I’m telling you, my body is treating at me, my father’s dreaming at me, or my situations have screamed at me over and over. Impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible. There’s no way out. There’s no way out. There’s no way out. God brought a way out of it all. It was my choice to get in to an agreement with God in this world and what this Bible says, or to get an agreement with my enemy, because of how I felt. God said he would deliver us. I want to go over a couple of things. Let me go back up here because I know there are some things that people are going to have questions on.

Of course, I know probably a lot about the finances. Remember God said and recognize chapter two, six through verse nine about the wealth. And he says a couple of different times in the scripture that wealth of centers laid up for the just. And that’s not for people who are greedy. People saying because of religion and legalism, it’s money, you can’t talk about it, that’s not right. God even said this word don’t look at it like that. It’s a love and a greed of money, because they’ll put money remember, you can’t serve Mana and you can’t serve God. You can’t serve both. But if you serve God, he will use you to be a blessing. And I know a lot of people won’t even agree with that, but that’s okay. All right, now he’s saying, I am bringing down listen to this. He’s bringing down his governments, and we know he’s bringing down this one here in the United States. I am bringing down Canada. So if you live in Canada, start rejoicing, because God is bringing down we already know he’s bringing down tradeoffs. He’s already called them out several different times. I’m bringing down Canada’s government. I’m bringing down Australia’s government. So if you live in Australia, shout, because God’s bringing down your government. I’m bringing down China’s government, and you have already seen what I’m doing with Brazil. I told him, Overthrowing that fraudulent government, and you will see me overthrow the fraudulent election. Just watch and see what I am going to do with the 2020 election. It will be much greater than that. So we’ve already seen what he’s done with Israel, because, yes, there was a fraudulent election last year. I think it was last year was right after the 2020 election. And then they went back and they stole the election from Benjamin and Yahoo. And then God’s having to bring him back. And that’s exactly what he did. God spoke that several different times, like, four different times. Said he didn’t bring him back, and he watched it. We brought him back. Then, my children, you will see things happening in Guantanamo Bay. That is not a conspiracy theory. There are things going on in Guantanamo Bay right now. Many, many, many things have already taken place. Tribunal is, yes, I will show you what you have been going on. I will show you. There have already been trials, and they already been found guilty. But remember, I’m the judge. And I’m a judge. I’m the one who has the final say. Now, this is what I heard from God. So the reason why I know how shadow of a doubt things are going on Guantanamo Bay is because the Lord said, now, it has been confirmed after that. But this is what I heard from God. Things are going on. There’s a lot of things going on that we can’t see right now. And that’s why we can’t give up on God and what he’s saying to us. We have to be single minded. We have to be focused on Him and what he’s doing. And of course, he’s saying so in the coming days, brace for impact, because there’s a great impact, a great impact, a great shaking, a great quaking. Their stakes are going to get worse. They’re going to look like it, but they’re not getting worse. They’re actually getting better. Because God is saying, this is our freedom. All. Right now. Then he says, My children, you will see your victory. You will see an entire government administration, House and Senate, be cleansed by me. We don’t need an election to have people removed. Not when you have God say, Julie, how is that possible? That it’s impossible? We have because of laws in the land. You have to says who? Remember, God is a judge over all the earth. He’s a god of justice. You could say the same thing with Pharaoh in Egypt. How would he have overthrown and destroyed that entire government body? You would say it was Pharaoh in his army. It would have taken a death of a pharaoh to bring in another one, right? Well, there was and God had took it there Red Sea and closed it on all the ones who were against his people. Just like that. It’s God, it’s his will, it’s his plan. If they keep pursuing, they don’t let go. They refuse to repent. They don’t repent. Then god, there’s justice. There’s judgment because there’s justice. God’s. The God of justice. Now, listen to this. But I will give him strength. We need to talk about he talked about all right for president. We need to keep praying for him every day. I will give him the courage. I will encourage him. This is humbling time for your president. This is a great time because my David is coming. He says more once. All he needs is me. He has the stones in his hand. He knows exactly what to throw, and I will tell him when to throw it. So he has things, but he can’t do it until God says you are coming to that day when the stones will be thrown. But only 1 st is needed to take them all down because that 1 st is me. Look, all David needed was one. The original David in the Bible. All I needed was one because it was God and God was with him. Now he’s talking about there’s generals in his mix. I put them there. Now, he put good generals in the mix with our rightful president. But there was one. Remember, God says he’s infiltrated the infiltrators, so one did. He probably allowed that person. I don’t know. He didn’t say that. But he said there was one that snuck in there. He said he thought he could be flying devious. So there’s things that happened that we don’t understand. So I don’t exactly know how that person got in. Again, I’m only going by what the Lord is saying. He said, but this one person snuck in there and thought that he could be flying devious. And he thought that he could see the right things and tickle the ears. The rightful president. Oh, yes, I am bringing him down. This whole entire paragraph. I was reading this with Pastor David. Look at that part. A text message came in from someone to confirm what this paragraph said. And of course, it goes on about, I’m bringing every person down that’s right next to your rightful president that has been whispering over and over the exact opposite, so exact opposite. What is God is saying? The devil had their tongues, and they were so slow in their words, and they did not catch them at first. They are closing his mids, and so it will hurt because he will have to remove them. So something happened in the middle of that paragraph. So go back and watch. Take five, because it was awesome. All right. Now, of course, you saw how I brought back my son, Benjamin Netanyahu. Now you will see me bring back my son Donald Trump back in a greater way than even that, greater celebrations and greater victories. Now, this is, of course, a really long prophetic word, and there’s lots that are in here. Now, he’s bringing down the Chinese government along with the Chinese president. That’s what the Lord said. That’s what he was doing. And of course, and he talks about the Constitution is God’s. It was inspired by the Holy Spirit, was inspired by God. That’s why the Constitution is legit. And that’s why I think the only constitution in the world that stayed as long as it has, other countries change their constitution. The United States hasn’t. Okay? Now, of course, he says he’s bringing down the tech giants, and that, of course, means Facebook. And we’ve already seen what’s happened with Twitter. A lot of things are going on with Twitter now with Elon. I’m still on the fence. I don’t know if he’s good. I don’t know if he’s bad. I don’t know. But God did say, he did give me a prophetic word regarding Elon Musk. And he just said, you’ll be surprised at what side he’s on. So I don’t know exactly. But we have seen a lot of people from Twitter coming down. God has been talking about Twitter for over like a year and a half on Prophecies regarding Twitter. And you see that the CEO was like, shortly after that, the CEO had stepped down. And then all of a sudden now when Elon takes over, all the ones who were there, that sounded silent. So many people’s voices have all been removed. Now you’re going to start seeing things like that happen with Google and things like that with YouTube. Watch things happen. Like with Facebook. There’s already been a connection between Facebook and the FBI. So watch. See what happens with more with that. See, all these things are starting to come, but it didn’t come when we wanted them to come. We wanted to come a long time ago. I would say it would have been a lot more comfortable coming back in 2020. But it’s all in the perfect timing of God, and God is never late. All right, so I have to go because I’ve been going on longer than I wanted or I needed to, so I could go on. You guys know I could go on for a long time. And once this prophetic word gets out, I will have the team get all this updated for you. So you can have these prophetic words, but go back and read them over and over and over again because this one is so long. I can’t go over all of it like I told you before, but go back, listen to the video again and listen closely to God’s words and I promise you we’ll get these up and when we can and you guys can read them for yourself.

So I just want to pray for each and every one of you.

Heavenly Father, right now, in the name of Jesus, I just want to praise and thank you that this is a day that you have made and we will rejoice me glad and I thank you Father God, no matter what is going on right now in the world today. Father God, we thank you that you have given us the ability to trust you. And I thank you Father God, that we have the willingness that those people have, the willingness to stand up and get up despite what they are feeling, despite what all the circumstances are going on in their life, I thank you Father God, the spirit of Heaviness cannot overwhelm your people anymore. I thank you that sickness and disease cannot be the final say in their life anymore. I thank you Father God, no matter what, no matter how much hurt, no matter how much pain, no matter how much struggle, no matter what is going on, I thank you that you are the God that meant. You are the God that makes whole, you are the God that heals, you are the guy that delivers. And I thank you Father God forbid, special touch in the Master’s hand. I thank you for your glory. I thank you for your joy. I thank you for your peace that is touching them right now, no matter where they are. I’m commanding that pain to go. I command that depression that we release off of you right now in Jesus name. I command that spirit of fear. You will not have that many people, you will not take them out, you will not take them down. I command a spirit of suicide. I bind you right now in Jesus name and I command life into your mortal body and I thank you Father God, that they are free in their minds in Jesus name and I thank you Father God, for all these healings and silence and hosts and restorations right now, this day, in Jesus name, amen. Amen. If that was you, you take those words, no matter if it was depression, no matter if it was spiritual anxiety, no matter if it was suicide, no matter where it was, if you’re struggling with pain every day, no matter what it is you take, say, I have my healing, I have strength of almighty God. I am free of my mind. In the name of Jesus, I do choose life. You have the right to choose. You choose. You choose life. Satan can’t choose it for you. You choose it. He could try to give you something. Stop saying, I have. That what he says you have. You say what God says you have. Say what the Bible says that you have. The Bible says that by Jesus Christ you are healed. You are healed. You are freed. You are redeemed. You made the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus. So receive what the Lord has for you today. Well, I hope this encouraged you today. Please, like, subscribe and share and give this everyone you know who needs to hear an encouraging word, who needs to hear the truth. We have the truth. We’ll set you free. God loves you. I love you. God bless you and have a wonderful day.


Listen to this QAnon stuff

My children, you will see things happening in Guantanamo Bay. Many, many things have already taken place. Tribunals, yes. I will show you what has been going on. I will show you. There have already been trials and they have already been found guilty. But remember, I am the judge. And I judge, and I am the one who has a final say.

Julie adds That is not a conspiracy theory.

Its looking like QAnon has been right all along.

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