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Steve when you said now do you see the value of standardised 20 minute tour and standardised truebluehealer once again now I understand perfectly well just how much value truebluehealer holds. Truebluehealer has really changed my life for the better I simply can’t think of a way to thank you Steve. This U.S. summer when trump breaks up the tech giants it will be much easier to monetise on platforms like YouTube and Google play etc. Steve when you said you can only look around at all the sleepwalkers and weep for them they are just having s bad dream again Steve I couldn’t agree more i have tears of sadness but also tears of joy at the hope and the insightfulness that truebluehealer brings I have had many many wonderful dreams all throughout my life and I am trying to think of a way to tie our dreams with our connection to source I am currently working on a sort of of splash screen thingy similar to the soul music of astral boo baby’s YouTube channel where people are reminded of how we are able to recall dreams even dreams from childhood just like that dream of me as a baby and the woman giving me a bath I still remember that dream even today and I can just go on and on I have had many many dreams. Steve tell me more about the weather patterns that we are seeing recently here in Britain it is very very warm it’s almost overwhelming just how warm it has gotten recently. I have found that it is much easier to recall our dreams when we practice meditation consistently it’s a very wonderful feeling recalling our dreams so yes mantras and nature music for instance works wonders in helping us remember our dreams I have found that I am able to write down my dreams word for word. In school we are taught ridiculous things like the earth is billions of years old this couldn’t be further from the truth it’s amazing just how good source is at leading us to information I have had many many keywords types into my mind’s eye and source has given me so many YouTube video ideas and blog ideas etc. So just like you said Steve you will find that you can ask a question a day for a dream a night. I would have these wonderful dreams where I would remember myself as a child playing a Nintendo ds or myself watching cartoons and I would find myself in the cartoon as one of the cartoon characters so just like you said Steve source really does do an excellent job of entertaining us through our minds eye and also through our dreams it really is a wonderful thing remembering your dreams we can indeed keep a dream diary and ask others to be given dreams without telling them beforehand. 

Wow!  The dreams don’t repeat, you can only be reborn once. And in just a few months the question will occur What was I ? Its useful to keep a dream diary for  a while  but the sheer  volume of experiences accumulates and you sort of taper off.. You could become an author like Carlos CastanedaWhitely Streiber. Am uncertain how many readers you might get.  
There is  a fellow who relates dream travel – astral travel experiences, astral travel, Uwe Something or other.  Jurgen  Ziewe. But during the day he is a graphic artist and thus can produce beautiful images of what he has seen. He writes Kindle books. Does interviews. Is a teacher. Makes videos.

if you can remember dreams in great detail that is powerful.
There is an English Psychic called Robinson. He continually dreamed of major events in newspaper headlines. Was so good at recall he was able to predict Newspaper headline subjects once a week, for an entire year. He wanted to prove this simple psychic phenomenon to shut the skeptics up. They are very powerful anti-psychic anti-religious, anti-god movement given full access to UK newspapers. Seriously maligned he was in the Press. If memory serves he was trying to win a prize. That part was a bad move.
You could ask questions or take questions from viewers /readers. I don.t know if source will always help with any question to get a dream answer. You may find your self glass walled off from certain subjects.
Even the most adept OBE travelers find themselves “glasswalled” Places they are NOT allowed to go. Certain parts of the Moon are off limits. I have seen this reported a few times. At certain places on the Moon astral travellers get grabbed by the scruff of the neck and hurled back into their bodies quite violently. By beings who can “see” them. A good free book on that is Penetration by Ingo Swann.

So you may find yourself glasswalled restricted to a certain run of questions-a certain run of subjects, you can get dream answers to questions. Source is most interested in our personal lives. Its a ROMANCE. Which mostly excludes astral travel and arcane questions that won’t improve your love life with source.

BUT as a natural born Gnostic, Adam, the rules might be different for you.
Can you read things in a dream ? That’s a big ask. Most people cant.

Can you change the narrative of a dream ? Maybe its too early yet.

Can you ask a question about Fridays headlines for example ? And get a useful answer ?
It’s still a bit early on for you. Much pure affection to be poured all over you. You are still a babe in arms.

Remote Viewers do this future prediction stuff at Courtney Browns channel Farsight news where he effectively left youtube and now charges people for his RV program outputs. He does next months main news subjects. He is dead scared of having his channel closed like most people. So certain subjects are off-youtube.

2 yrs before it happened they ” saw” a deliberately caused “accident” at Wuhan. It was provoked by an intruder. They saw his personality.

What people lack today is positive news. Good news.

A good example of positive news is Dr Steve Turely he provides scientifically based news from electoral statistics that reveal an inexorable triumph by average conservative people over the communist globalists. This is a worldwide phenomenon. A great social movement never reported in the MSM. All the globalist’s city burning and car flipping and statue pulling and screams of racism actually causes left wing parties like Democrats and the English Labour Party to lose votes. Who would vote for more of that? So the left is destroying itself. Dr Steve Turely does commentary videos daily about this.

Some other Good news is that people can be connected to God with immediate physical evidence in 20 minutes now. Thanks to a change in Natural Law. That’s revolutionary.
A dream worth pursuing is that we could sell Lay Gnosis T shirts. Like all the other youtubers selling merch. Caps ? Need a logo. What else? Just to spread the word.

And you mention how to recall dreams from infancy ?
from ABB. How does one do that ? I must have missed that.
As a sideline our brain memory doesn’t work till we are about 3 yrs old according to memory experts.Psychologists. So you would appear to be getting help.
So then, what about previous lives ?
Experiences between lives ?
We incarnate from soul groups. Can you recall any of that?
So you could write books about that, maybe

No need to rush into this stuff. After Krise is finished you will come down to earth a bit.

You need TWO youtube channels. Youtube viciously and capriciously deletes channels. It can be done by Bots. Am hoping Trump regulates the tech giants very soon. It also pays to upload your material to other platforms like Bitchute London Real etc

That’s where David Icke is now posting regularly.
He is gnostic and an engaging story teller/analyst. But only that. He always tells people to NOT do anything. Because that what “they” want you to do to crack down on everybody. He never tells anybody how to become gnostic.

Don’t expect all gnostics to be automatically good people.

Oprah Winfrey is a natural Gnostic and is a hard core globalist. Which means she is devoted to turning the world into a prison camp. She provided hundreds of starlet girls for Harvey Weinstein in Hollywood and he’s facing 30 yrs in jail for that.

She is currently bashing white Americans wholesale for their “evil” racist traits and “white supremacist habits” , after white audiences made her a double billionaire and elected a black president twice.

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