Lay Gnosis 90 Question about pineal meditation/mantras and your experience with it

Steve you mentioned in a video that you have been doing mantra meditation for about thirty years and that it has had a very big effect on you and that you would highly recommend it. 
The Sat Nam mantra which is the mantra for awareness is the one I use I have been doing pineal meditation for a short while and I can say with full sincerity that it does dramatically raise ones attunement. The frequency for  superconsciousness/gnosis is 1000 hertz if I am not mistaken. I would like to ask do you know what your own frequency is? Please do share I would love to know. 
When I experienced a glimpse of gnosis after doing the 20 minute tour. I would have to say yes its a life changing experience it’s an unforgettable experience, for me it was very short maybe for 2 or 3 mins is what it lasted for but it was just shear ecstasy that I was experiencing it was just pure bliss nothing but bliss. The message that source told me was “the more we believe in the illusion that we are all separate the less conscious we will become”.
So Steve I would like to ask how pineal meditation has impacted you and how it’s changed your attunement, you are a veteran gnostic, you mentioned how you are required to play a story and source speaks through you and brings people to you just like that woman from Barcelona that keeps finding you. I think you mentioned in one video a gnostic woman that can seemingly call another intelligence to speak through her directly. I have not yet contacted the other gnostics on truebluehealer I will do so after my k rise finishes you have to bear with me it’s a very overwhelming experience. 
I would have to say yes 100% k rise and gnosis will definitely make you much more caring about others and that it is good to interact with others as much as possible just like you said interacting with each other produces much adversity and much contrast it’s no easy task but it’s good it’s spiritually healthy interacting with others is food for the soul just like you said Steve if only the sleepwalkers knew what a world we could have. As a natural gnostic I have always felt like I’m an alien on this planet just like I said when I look at others it’s like I’m looking into a mirror it’s very easy for me to forget that others are not gnostic their internal wiring is seemingly different they are sleepwalkers so they still believe in the illusion of separateness. 
  Just like source told me the way Jesus felt and the way the rest of humanity felt on a day to day basis is completely different. We hear about Christ consciousness and how when the Christ returns humanity will be saved it will mean the end of suffering. The divine revelation is “treat others the way you want to be treated, treat others literally as if you yourself are inside their shoes literally as if you yourself are right behind their eyes” that’s what source told when I experienced my divine spark after doing the 20 minute tour. 
There is no separateness there is only oneness” superconsciousness is called that for a reason because that’s what it is it’s pure consciousness/awakeness, just like the gnostic gospel on truebluehealer “God is within and to enter the kingdom one must be as innocent as a child” children are natural gnostics it’s only when they grow up that they lose the connection with their higher self and their native nature. 
Introspection causes one to remember what they are even the word “re-member” you have never left you’ve never went anywhere you are simply remembering what you are you are coming home, gnosis is often called mindfulness, introspection produces mindfulness, introspection produces gnostics. 
I would have to say that truebluehealer and layman’s gnosis does indeed produce non compliars at a very fast speed like a machine, just like the invention of the car revolutionised transport truebluehealer has revolutionised the consciousness of planet earth gnosis is today physically contagious meaning millions are now able to have their divine spark activation and become plugged into god. Layman’s gnosis has the potential to change the world and make the world a better place. Just like you said Steve because of our exceptionally low attunement ETs see us as a planet of the apes. And gnosis/superconsciousness is completely natural and many historical figures were natural gnostics long before any of the world’s major religions were created just like you said. 
Gnosis is not something new at all gnosis is completely natural just like you said gnosis simply means “to know” to be aware of one’s true self kundalini rise is often called “self realization” just like I said if people still lived naturally in tribal hunter gatherer societies like they did before civilisation there would be a lot more gnostics because there wouldn’t be any materialistic distractions and people would be practicing nothing but  introspection almost all the time. 
It seems that if people are left to their own devices they will create a gnostic society by default completely out of their own accord just like you said there has never been an atheist society in the history of man. Just like you said we are all designed to know God directly via internal experience internal signalling and minds eye input, religions are completely unnecessary and they act as a pacifier, religions take advantage of our natural religious tendencies and this is something that people realise upon reaching spiritual maturity and experiencing kundalini rise. Religions blind people from their internal potential which is unlimited and larger than life itself, just like source said in cwg you would have to be truly out of your mind in order to see the sheer of what we are in our true form, gnosis is simply an acknowledgement of human nature, gnosis is based on evidence of God via internal experience, gnosis requires absolutely no belief and is 100% reliant on immediate physical evidence, gnosis is knowing via internal experience and does not rely on an external persons account..
And just like you said everyone is intended to experience their own awakening and k rise but our deeply materialistic atheistic society stops that from happening in most. People really don’t understand that they are in a state of trance they don’t understand just how incredibly easy it is to become entranced on theme park earth it’s two great successes mutually reinforced causing much unnecessary grief just like you said. 
When you said we are locked out from God and only made known to the soul upon spiritual maturity now during k rise I understand this much better it does feel like I was completely asleep all the years leading up to this point I’m 20 years old, when I see video clips of myself from 10 years ago for me it feels like it was yesterday. You mentioned how k rise is often called rebirth I think this is a very apt description of k rise rebirth is a very good name for k rise. 
The almost complete lack of introspection is very damaging as it delays people’s personal growth and prevents self realization it prevents people’s naturally intended flowering and spiritual and mental maturation. Sources communications are much more clear during k rise and it does give you an internal mentoring voice which will make itself known to you gradually during k rise. Introspection and absolute minimal materialism will make one understand the fluid nature of reality and just how layered reality is that we live in this world but are not of this world our dreams show us all the time and illustrate for us very clearly that reality is nowhere near are fixed and solid and linear as it seems it is all a question of attunement our perception of time is based on attunement just like source said in cwg the shorter the gap between your experience and your thoughts the closer you are getting to mastery.
 You mentioned how in the astral still happen in sequences I would have to say Steve that I believe in the astral thinks happen much more instantaneously than they do locally for instance one might be in a very unbalanced state of mind when that individual goes to sleep they might experience a lot of nightmares etc ABB talked about how there entities in the astral that can trick souls into going through portals and can play mind games with them in their holographic realities .
ABB said if one’s attunement is very high if they are vibrating high on the electromagnetic spectrum they are very much immune to these tricksters and Trancers that exist in the astral and that in order to go to the astral one must be vibrating high up on the electromagnetic spectrum their level of consciousness their attunement has to be high and their state of mind has to be balanced. ABB mentioned that fear acts as a blockage stopping people from consciously going to the astral and that we all go to the astral during sleep but most do it unconsciously. 
It seems to me that the overwhelming majority of people have all sorts of fears and phobias and that the almost complete lack of introspection prevents mindfulness and that practicing mindfulness puts people in a much better position to go to the astral. It seems that entities that exist in the astral are able to see our fears and phobias clear as a day and they are able to take advantage of this and this is what people would call nightmares or bad dreams. 
We are able to see memories from our previous years in our minds eye in the full wake state it seems to me that in our dreams we are able to see memories and experiences from past lives often unconsciously. As a natural gnostic I would always be very deeply entrenched in the videos playing in my mind’s eye so understanding the true and fluid nature of reality has always been very easy for me, I would always be gazing into the distance watching source entertaining me, mentoring me by showing me one video after another in my mind’s eye. 
I think there is a book called “journeying between the worlds” which is a book about the native American culture and their beliefs about dreams and the nature of reality. Just like source said in cwg a huge part of our existence here is to remind others of what they are that’s exactly what laymans gnosis is all about truebluehealer is there to remind others of what they are. 
We know that their way of life is one that has almost zero materialism and that our exceptionally low attunement is what makes us think that reality is solid and fixed. The native Americans had a level of attunement that was very high their culture and attunement was miles higher than anything that exists today. On the spectrum of consciousness the native  American culture was really high up, it seems that our exceptionally low attunement is what creates the illusion of solidity we are not solid beings and the nature of reality is much more fluid than meets the eye. Just like you said Steve gnosis simply means to know and k rise is simply one awakening to what one really is, one realising one’s true self, gnosis and k rise is part of the human lifecycle just like you said.

YEP Sat Nam meditation its all over youtube. I’ll give it a few sessions thanks for that. On frequencies I used a lot of different meditations when using a light glasses and headphone binaural  tones meditation machine. Some were a novelty. Some had effects that lasted 2 days. Most had virtually not much effect on me. I used the deepest meditation program 60 mins long,  because it had distinct hardening stabilising effect on my being, promoting great calmness and reducing racing random thoughts to almost zero. I spent some time and effort using natural medicines to stop all thoughts and repeated this a few times and found I could completely turn off my left brain chatter which normally titles names and explains everything for you. By turning that off  the end result is I found I could then see everything as if it was for the first time ever. Wonderfully strange. Something like being a baby. That was a profound experience for me. It lasted for days.  I experimented with frequencies without much useful result. Found 7.8 Hz Schumann frequency was much ado about nothing.  My TM mantra was a meaningless sound chosen from a list of Hindu Gods names .Being meaningless to this Anglo worked and I found I could repeatedly turn my mental activity off Typically for a few seconds, rhythmically. And natural meds enabled me to remain utterly thoughtless for minutes at a time. Which raised the question What am I ? again  No great  intuitive information flow came out of this, But it had a great hardening effect on my nervous system that accumulated in my daily life. Greatly improved my resistance to stress which I was prone to. So for those  early years I was still looking outward in my daily life noting  beneficial results of regular meditation. And because The TM people had warned us not to become professional meditators but to do it regularly to get benefits in our daily lives. Perhaps wrongly they encouraged us to ignore the content of thoughts in meditation. Despite firm persistent questioning from some meditators. Dismissing them as mere stress release. Insisting they were meaningless. So TM has been criticised for teaching only mindlessness.   They even dismissed Kundalini rise. And people who reported major internal experiences were counselled privately by TM teachers. If they had openly discussed it in front of an audience it would have layed them open to damaging criticisms that they were a religious cult. That was in the days before the NET. And in my part of Sydney, books on that subject were expensive and hard to get, One couldn’t quickly look it up to see if they were right. As a sign of the times when I went to learn TM at 26 in 1968 quite seriously, my parents thought I had been kidnapped by a fanatical religious sect. Such was their ignorance toward the simple word “meditation” Today source joins in my meditations often playfully messing them up. Sometimes I get whisked out of body and taken somewhere. Frequently I get my favourite dog dropped on me, which ruins the whole meditation in a most enjoyable way.  

I tried that Sat Nam meditation it turned me to jelly in record time, just a few repetitions. Thanks for that. Testing it on the wife now. LOL.

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