Adam Natural Gnostic opines on the Great Religions.

Adam writes

Thanks for the reply Steve it’s a very heartwarming and insightful reply and it’s greatly appreciated. Yes, you are right about American Christians in particular being some of the most hard headed and most fanatical type of Christians. 

They genuinely believe that if if it’s not already in the Bible a 2 thousand year old text, than it simply cannot be god’s doing at all in any way shape or form. God can do nothing at all in the world that isn’t already outlined in the Bible. 

If that’s not irrational, I don’t know what is, lol🤣😦. 

You mentioned spiritually minded people are the ideal target audience for Lay Gnosis as they are either natural gnostics or semi gnostics. And a lot of them are open minded people that are already relatively clever and reasonable folk of good character and of good spirit. 

Just like that woman from Ethiopia that was brought into TBH all the way from Ethiopia, a truly remarkable happening indeed. 

I like to call organised religion the most sophisticated organised crime syndicate ever concocted. The historical track record of the great religions makes them lack the slightest amount of credibility. 

Mr G has said time and time again that he cannot put into words just how much he is at polar opposites with the countless misquotes and flat out lies about him in the great books. 

The Comms upgrade is desperately needed at this crucial time. Just like slow internet download speeds are horribly inefficient. Several Millennia year old books are also horribly inefficient and tedious and tiresome. 

 If source did Lay Gnosis marketing stunts that funneled hordes of promising people into TBH that would be really really helpful. 

We would need to make it as easy as possible for source to do that, we would need to get creative and think out of the box. 

It is great to hear from you Steve. I will definitely keep you posted and updated. My own journey has been nothing short of incredible. 

I would love to write a novel one day what a thrilling and deeply satisfying experience that would be. 

I would have to meditate a lot prior to writing the novel to ensure I’m in the write frame of mind to make the novel the best it can be. Just like you said Steve source loves service to others. 

Even as I’ve written this I can see that source has momentarily taken control and written “write frame of mind” in the above paragraph instead of “right frame of mind” as a joke about me “writing” a novel. Lol!🤣😂

Yours Sincerely,


Steve Trueblue 2:49 PM (3 minutes ago)
to Adam

Be careful there is a journalist inside you. You are obviously made of the “write stuff “ This note could end up in the blog as a supplementary pleasant diversion.

 Sense of humour from the chief, little puns. I picked up on his repetitive use of the phrase “unruly rulers” a number of times.  My reaction surely he can’t be serious !!!!


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