On Christian Gnostic Julie Green

Gnostic being the opposite to Agnostic. meaning Julie knows the Holy spirt which speaks to her in dreams ( night and day type) and an internal mentoring voice. She receives “downloads” frequently before attending Church.



Christian Gnostics seem to receive NO physical signals. And we notice they are never Corporate CEOs or politicians, but generally very average people chosen to relay messages from the Big Chief. Julie is a good example. She is a preacher and thus often uses 16th century ornate biblical English. And Mr G speaks to her internally in that lexicon mixed with modernisms.

Good morning everybody today is May 31st of 2021 and Happy Memorial day and this is a great day to share this word that I heard yesterday yes about President Trump and about this nation awakening out of its sleep, and rising to a new nation. So here it is, in the midst of great adversity I am now, we know “I am” when you hear “I am” being referred to is in the book of Exodus, when he says I am that I am so that’s when  you heard in this prophetic word –

“I am”  that’s what it’s referring to for the ones who do not know, in the midst of great adversity

 “I am” raising up a people that will awaken out of sleep, to slap your adversary in the face, to use my words forcefully against him, because my words in the spirit, are a double-edged sword against your enemy, that he can’t run far away, and that far enough away from.  Awake out of your sleep, arise like boldness, like never before, arise with the authority Jesus has paid for, receive revival on the inside of you, declare wholeness, deliverance, revival restoration, for these are the days to receive “I am” am about to do a mighty work in my body the church, this nation to start and to cover this earth, with my glory that no eye has ever seen before.

Cancer viruses and other diseases that have run unchecked and rampant in this earth, to kill to steal and destroy are coming to their kneesfor my church is coming to a place now,  hell, where hell cannot prevail against what you see now, how the church is now is going to um is not going to last, for my church is that sleeping giant that is awakening my church and my children, remember when your adversary is fighting so hard and everything looks so dark and so impossible, NO this is all capitalized I am showing up what he meant for harm, I am turning it into something good

Remember I showed up in that fiery furnace, (?) and I am doing that again, I am here not only to bring out, but to completely restore what the enemy has destroyed, just like in this nation, a brand new nation is arising a new and stronger nation where more miracles and glory and morality will be seen throughout the world. Your enemies time is coming to the end.

You are seeing signs of it now – cracking and crumbling of their plans. They are coming down to a great fall and a great destruction of all their plans. For you will soon see the money trail and see who really was in control, or thought they were in control of this nation for I allow this to happen to awaken my church, in this nation for the hearts of the enemy have grown severely cold they have hardened their hearts toward me

and now “I will” and “I am” will show them who has been in control the entire time, the great “I am” the most high god for I say once again , You cannot curse what I have blessed. This is my nation and so is Israel I am bringing these two nations together, stronger than ever before, for your enemies wanted to completely destroy your nation. But I am is going to show them this nation, these nations are coming to a place they can’t break or destroy them, And the one who never sleeps nor slumbers watches over these nations. Watch Iran, for they are about to put their plan into place in this nation for another attack that was funded by the people who are hidden right now behind those closed doors      I am about to open those doors, to expose these plans, the people who were behind it, were also the same people behind  the 911 attack, ( Neocons?)  same reason behind both these plans and will not succeed. Do not fear I will smack down on them in this plan, Yes my children again    I say the one who is in the rightful President this is the part I know everybody wants

to hear, I say the one who is the rightful president is going to take back fully his rightful place in the white house soon you will see him fly back to washington and step his feet back down where he has been destined for this time but the one who will step off the plane is a different person now than he was who was seen  He’s a different person now, than whom you saw when he left for his short season, for you will see he has been chosen by me, humbled by me, groomed by me, not only is he a strong spiritual leader in me, he’s strong spiritually excuse me, (correction) In me you will see the nations will fear you, will see the nations will fear —

this nation, the glory will be seen on your President, and this nation, for hell will not know

what hit them once again, for they will say if we would have only known we never

would have done, what we have done this time hell (the loony left) will not succeed this time Hell will be shaken to its core, and the church will arise to a new knowledge of my blood of authority. Hell will not regain its grip over my church there are many shocking revelations coming to the surface the pressure is building to a new level um these eruptions cannot be held back. Nothing your adversary has tried will prevail in this nation against you.  You will see the complete destruction of the plans against your nation You will see um the heat arise in the nation, and  that the heat is going to bring this to a destructive place, by destructive place my children, the more you praise me right now, the more strongholds are releasing you in this nation. Look to me and not the world, for the world and its markets and its inflation, how you see it now, I say it will not last,   (Biden economics?) and you will see a market in an economy, a nation medically everything will be different. A way you could never dream of my children it is your time on this earth to arise again.

I say arise to a new life in me, saith the Lord watch a miracle about to happen in the

land of Israel against its enemies, for the lord of hosts is in control , nothing, or any of its

other enemies and anything  our enemies try,  it will not win, and the coup against the –

one I have chosen for that land which is Benjamin Netanyahu will not be removed. The plans will be exposed and I will bring him and Trump together and this nation to a greater way your enemies cannot stand against. Continue to watch this, these exposures, and I will show it all , how china was involved and all the plot to steal and to destroy this nation along with Israel watch the um weather, and this ground will continue to shake and the earthquakes will intensify for their plans and destructions they were involved in for they will know and see that I am the great “I am” and I love this land. For the plans also for the plans Russia has against my land Israel will also be exposed for these are the days of exposures, the shift has already taken place. You will see exposures come to an explosive place where news outlets will have to report

on all of these findings Yes, the courts will not only listen, but justice will be served. Justice is sweeping through this land again and I say justice will also be in your highest court in this land you will see  people removed and the rightful people will be put in their place remember my children all seats all positions will have the rightful person sitting in those seats I am restoring

everything in this land YES Roe versus Wade will be overturnedMorality will be brought back to this nation Godly men and women will be in your government who wants to serve me

and to do my will, prices will come down to a new low. What you see now, do not fear again

I have dealt with these plans of your adversary. I have destroyed these plans against my people I have not forsaken this nation I have not forsaken my people, saith the lord. I am coming down to deliver my people once again saith the lord of hosts. Victory is at hand  Victory is yours Victory is now, saith the lord, your redeemer, this is one hallelujah amen.  Julie adds This  is one of the longest “words” and most detailed words that I have heard from the lord.

He is speaking to each and every one of us There are signs that he’s been showing us more and more prophets are speaking out like never before God is giving us these words to hold fast and hold on. What did he say about Trump that he is going to be – YES his feet are going to step down in Washington he is going to be a different person, because in that short season, that he has been away, god has humbled him, God has restored him, and changed him. What  he is saying, not only has he done that for him, but he’s also doing that for us. He’s awakening a nation out of its sleep YES if you see what has happened in the last three to four to five months there is more people uniting more people fighting peacefully and patriotically for the truth and for the word of god to be more real in people, than ever before, this nation is one nation under God. He is delivering his people he’s delivering a nation he’s delivering. He even said he talked about Israel’s delivering.

Israel, he’s bringing trump and Netanyahu together like never before and the nations around

this world cannot destroy what God has already blessed this is something that we should all be

excited about and what an awesome and powerful word that he’s given to us on the weekend that we are celebrating the men and women who have fought and died for our country and along with

our savior, who  fought and died for us, as well this is something we should be celebrating God is moving and working on our behalf. Before I go I want to pray for this nation I want to pray for each and every one of you as well, so heavenly father in the name of Jesus, we want to thank you for these powerful words that you have given to us for this very day, in this very hour,

We lift up this wonderful nation Father God, that you have given to us to be able to freely serve you .This land that you have given to us, to freely live, we thank you Father God, for your hand in your hand that is protecting and delivering a nation delivering a people. We thank you Father God that justice will prevail we thank you father god in the name of Jesus, that knowledge  and justice would prevail, that freedoms are restored in this land that have already been taken, we thank you for sweeping from one side of this nation to the next from the top to the bottom.

 Father  God for your glory, for revival for setting people free for miracles for signs and for wonders that this country will be brighter, than ever before, that there is a rebirthing in this nation that is stronger, and that we are the United States and we are united like never before. Father God we thank you, that it could not be done without you, we thank you that the greater one the most high God. The God whom nothing is impossible, is on our side and moving on our behalf, for freedom for restoration, to be restored in this nation, and I’m lifting up every person Father God that there is a great awakening on the inside of them, that there is revival in them, that there is revival in their cities there will be bible in their states, that there is revival Father God in your churches, that sprints throughout this land to go throughout the rest of the world, we’re thanking you Father God for your mighty move for placing judgment on our adversaries and placing blessing on us and we’re thanking you father god for restoration of what you had paid for us.  Restoration what those men and women have fought and died and paid for, Father God for this nation, we thank you, we thank you Father God, for what you have given to us it is such a blessing we thank you father god for giving us the strength –

to keep going on every single day, and this nation is completely restored. Thank you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth amen and amen I hope this encouraged you, today this is a powerful word from the lord and I would please like it, if you guys would like subscribe and share, and give this to everybody you know who has lost hope that has lost it, then has given up on this nation, or has given up on God that is just so hopeless and full of despair, give this work to them to give them hope –

to give them that restoration that they need in their hope in God so God bless each and every one of you. It is such a blessing to be able to share these words with you, to be able to see what God is about to do and be able to share it and be a part of it together this day we should all be excited for what god is about to do in this nation and around the world god bless each and every one of you and have a wonderful day.

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