Lay Gnosis 111 The Neuroscience of Why Liberals Love Ugly Buildings: An Answer for Paul Joseph Watson

Forgive the well meaning Professor Dutton for being unable to organise a decent camera and microphone. He is a technophobe. He is a wonderful source of keywords to insult liberals LOL. Also keywords to aid ones thinking. Twin studies reveal 80pc of our behaviour is genetic. Far more than you might think. So twins living oblivious to each other, 3000 miles apart can both twirl their necklace while they talk. Can drive the same car. And can even be married to a woman of the same name. It makes one realise we don’t have anywhere near the freewill we think we do. And our personalities are physically inherited from Parents and ultimately came from animals. We can see most of our own personality traits in animals. On Youtube are many surprises of wild animals showing people gratitude kindness and affection and humour. Huge sharks that love being petted. Whales and manta rays, dolphins that ask divers to remove nets and fish hooks from mouths and faces. So Professor Dutton sees many of our societal problems as being the excessive numbers of bad gened people and he teaches us how to recognise them. It explains why we dont have beautiful Feminists and SJWs. He essentially says our modern society health system has eliminated childhood death which overloads us with genetically defective people in vast numbers. The perpetually angry Lefties that hate everything and prefer to live in a fantasy world.

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