Lay Gnosis

How is Lay Gnosis separate from religions ?

It’s markedly different. Religion generally depends on faith and hope that third party accounts are correct. Which is only a pacifier at best. A poor substitute.
Gnosis is a direct connection to the divine experienced by the individual.
Being entirely natural it can occur in any person regardless of their beliefs.
LG even provides physical evidence to augment and clarify communications. Which religions can’t do.
So an implication is that knowing God directly (Gnosis) is NOT a religious experience, technically speaking.
Because there are no third religious parties involved such as priests from pointed buildings.
So this Gnostic awakening is mildly  similar to awakened christians who “know the holy spirit” but includes physical signals and much more. In the case of LG the mentoring voice corrects misunderstandings of holy books And LG can be triggered in secular or religious people. Whatever your journey is, religious or self improvement via meditation etc, continue your devotions, for LG will  refine/augment them.

Will add one proviso here, to commence Layman’s Gnosis- one must  be calmly curious. Angry people such as militant atheists are often learning disabled. Anger derails their forebrains. There is also an IQ requirement, one must be able to join evidence dots to produce conclusions.


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Lay Gnosis

Laymans Gnosis — What is it ?

Laymans Gnosis is not something you read about in ancient books. Its activating your divine spark, which in these modern days makes itself physically known to you. It’s something you do, now, that triggers an immediate novel learning process that drip feeds into your awareness daily, in such a gentle way, so as not to disrupt your busy daily life.
You simply go to and you do the 20 mins BEGINNERS TOUR
Its a formal lesson to put us all on the same page using the same terminology. Finally.
The lesson is as easy as falling off a log.
You will be given a little bit of daily homework.
You can then expect
Within 1 week Vivid messaging night dreams
~2 weeks Vivid messaging day dreams mixed with physical signals to prove its not your imagination.
Expect keywords even website names to be typed into your mindseye. Stuff that YOU need to know. Only you.
Expect internal music to morph into an internal mentoring voice over months as you do your homework.


All questions answered. Email link provided on the website.
You can also put questions into this blog.

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Lay Gnosis

Hello world! Welcome to Laymans Gnosis

Steve Trueblue

In our secular globalist society over reliance on “Logic”and the “scientific method” (scientism) can lead us up the garden path far way from our neglected natural inclinations. Much “logical analysis” is based on wobbly assumptions like what WE ARE, doing the analysis. But what if that understanding is just too fuzzy, or even completely wrong?

Well, there is a new modern way to find out, what you really are. Backed up by physical repeatability and an entertaining evidence trail to follow.

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