Julie Green transcript THEIR DARKNESS IS YOUR DELIVERANCE April 7 22

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And here is the prophetic word Their Darkness is your Deliverance

I heard this word again on April 7th of 2022

For I the Lord this day am calling my children to brace for what is about to hit this earth. The shaking is like nothing that you have ever seen or experienced before I the Lord am speaking these words to tell you, what is to come, so do not fear this great shaking, this will set you free from the world and its demonic system that has held you bound along with the world leaders who have manipulated and controlled this earth without most of the world knowing what they were doing against you. During this time of great shaking, truth shall be poured out all over to break through all the lies, that have held this world to believe what they see, and experiencing is just life and it’s just normal.

Another deception of this time is that,what they are telling you, is the truth, when that is a far cry from the real truth. They are liars the father of lies is controlling each and every one of them.

My children have been enslaved to this world system and its leaders, and this is a time for all of what you see of their rule to come to an end.

My children you are about to experience freedom and celebrations that you have never known before, a joy never experienced to this degree.

Enemies of Almighty God will all fall from their places of power never to rule over you.

Again my children, watch and listen for a Great Earthquake a big one they will announce on the news in the Netherlands do not fear my children this is not for you. I will protect you. This is to shake the ground beneath the feet of the wicked ones who planted things in your nation.

Netherlands I am your protector so I will destroy their plans and save and protect you at the same time.  ? I am for you so you so who can be against you Sayeth the Lord of Hosts

New Zealand you will experience bigger earthquakes than normal YES earthquakes are to shake and awaken those who are still asleep in your land these earthquakes are bigger, Yes, but do not fear them I am protecting you and I am shielding you from the damage they will cause these are directed at the enemies of Almighty God and it will shake the ground like government officials who are against you and against me

My children I am showing the world and every government official I am in control, and all their plans are being destroyed. As I speak these words, darkness, you will hear shakings, economies crashing, things will appear to get worse, but do not fear and do not be moved by appearances for this Great Darkness is for the enemies of Almighty God.

Their darkness is your deliverance.

YES a sudden shutdown of the world it will seem like. I am shutting down your enemies all their power, and all their plans will be completely annihilated.

I am destroying their hold over you and this earth their economy will crash, and be decimated by me Saith the Lord.

Remember my children that’s their system and I am putting a new financial system into this world, where there is more than enough, and no one will suppress and hold my people and their finances back again. There’s a great shaking coming to the banking system all over this world, like no one has ever seen or experienced before.

The banks that have been holding you hostage will hold you no more. Every elite that was manipulating the system will not only be exposed, but will be judged for their financial hold over you, for I the Lord have seen and heard their plans, their dirty deals they set up against not only my children, to keep them captive, but every person in this world.

And again I say the banking system of this world will be completely destroyed and a new one will be reborn.

I’ll put the financial system that was always meant to be in this world, that your enemies cheated you out of for centuries.

Yes, they put a system in this world without me in it, just like Nimrod, so they could control the masses.

This beast system controls your every walk of life and I the great I AM am ripping it apart, destroying all that is left of this system, never to have its hold over my body to this degree again.

They will try another one in the Tribulation but my children you will not have to take part in that, because I am delivering you from their control. The great tribulation is not yet. It’s not for you children of Almighty God..

Argentina will be in the news watch and listen to why my children. There is more to the story than you are being told. It’s not how it appears to be but I the Lord will reveal the truth.

Watergate YESs this word will be used in the news, to compare this breaking news to what has happened in the past, to what is going on right now. But my children this new Watergate is like no other, the doors have been ripped off their hinges, and they can’t hide behind those doors with all their secrets and dirty dealings anymore.

Know that I the Lord will blow the lid off of their plans and I am exposing everyone rapid fire yes, like never before, the enemies of Almighty God will never regain their foothold again to fight back with what is hitting them right now.

There was a war they wanted. Well they are getting a war like no other, in a war they didn’t want, this will destroy them all !

World War Three Lord ?

NO a war in the heavens that has destroyed their power in all their demonic walls, and for all their protection they thought they had, there has been a war in the spirit and they have lost.

Yes my Angel Armies have destroyed the power of the ones that propped them up and the world leaders will have nothing left to fight with.

They are helpless against my power and authority my children, and the power and authority lives in you. Speak their defeat and watch how fast they fall.

The timing had to be perfect and all the dominoes are about to fall to the ground.

A great show and a spectacle will be seen YES my show has begun, and my show of truth that will take away all the power of the enemy, their influence, their finances, with some even their life will be taken from them.

The news media is about to take a hit, one after another, proving to the world how fake and false they are.

I am not just destroying their financial system over you I’m destroying their mountain of media and its demonic hold over you, for I the Lord have destroyed its power control and its hold over this world. Truth is annihilating their lies that held this world captive.

A Snake pit will be discovered and reported in your news this will be a sign that I am uncovering the snakes in your media but also the snakes that have represented you in this nation, that were there for themselves These snakes are being silenced and their mouths are being shut by me  Saith the Lord of Hosts

Many leaders will walk away, step down retire or die.

YES watch as shock waves will hit this earth when one world leader after another will walk away from their places of power.

A war, they will continue to try and start more wars around this world. They think by causing chaos everywhere it will stop their ultimate demise but my children no matter what they say or do their plans will never work.

I have people all over this world to catch them in the act and to stop them in their tracks. Their wars will come to nothing and they will all be removed by me Saith the Lord

Sentenced and judged for their crimes and sins they have committed in this world that are so demonic it will be hard for my children to hear, but I will raise you up higher than anything they use to keep you down the enemies of Almighty God are all being destroyed at the same time.

I am delivering all my children out of their control. Watch my children my hand is moving now and you will see what I the Lord have done for you behind the scenes.

I am bringing all this to center stage for the world to see, that I do exist, I do love people. I love freedom and justice and I avenge my  children and there is nothing your enemies can do about it.

Rapids will be in your news. Watch and see what is being reported and remember that I’m in control of this earth and there is nothing your enemies can do about that Sayeth the Lord of Hosts.

My children listen and really hear these new reports against the Biden and look to see what they do and say next. They are giving their plans away subtly in front of your eyes.

I warned you about Obama and what he wants to do. Oh Yes he wants the Biden out of the way. See what they try to do to remove him and free themselves from the Biden’s mouth. Their desperation it will lead to more mistakes on live TV.

Greater gaffes are coming my children listen carefully to their words, truth will keep slipping from their lips with no way to stop it, for I the Lord have said these are the days of truth coming like a flood, and it will destroy all their lives in all of their plans.

These are the days of their judgement. And their defeat.

Hold on children of Almighty God the great I AM is here to deliver you from their control.

YES this is true and the whole world will see that I have given you the real news, in the midst of their lives, to free you from their deception and their captivity.

News is about to break out about Nancy Pelosi and January 6th. The truth can no longer be suppressed. I am freeing this nation from their blight and freeing the ones who have been wrongfully imprisoned.

Hold on my children embrace for truth that will shake this world like never before and break their hold over you. So rejoice and keep speaking their defeat and the destruction of their system that once held this world captive for I the Lord am moving in freeing and moving, and the freedom I will bring to this earth a system to live in, that I have designed for my children so get ready for the great Exodus that will lead you into a promised land, a way of life never known by this world before to this degree.

This is your time, this is your time children of Almighty God, so shout and rejoice this is the year to set the captives free, and you will see it sooner than you think. All will change suddenly in the world, and will know this could only have been done by the one true God.

My church get ready for the flood of people pouring into your doors, wanting to know your Lord and Savior on a personal level. They want to know the great I AM the Creator of Heaven and Earth that just saved the world from tyranny.

YES this is a year like no other, so get ready my children for an outpouring of truth glory miracles signs and wonders Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

The banking system to be corrected after centuries of debt slavery

Just the banking system being upended and replaced is a dream come true.

Fractional lending, creation of fake money that magically becomes real enslaving nations. LOL. What Presidents Kennedy and Lincoln were killed for. End of the Rothschilds, Blackrock, Vanguard ?

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