Harari the globalist “prophet” is a shallow sloganiser- wants to out- do Hitler and Stalin

He is only a gay jewish history teacher.

Yuval Noah Harari | “God Is Dead It Just Takes Awhile to Get Rid of the Body.” Says WEF Advisor “



Like the oh so shallow Randi skeptics, like the New Atheists of the 90s they think if something can be copied then its debunked !

Yuval Noah Harari | “Hitler & Stalin Would Be Nothing Compared to the Combination of AI & Bio-Tech”


Yuval Noah Harari | “What to Do With Useless People? My Recommendation Is Drugs & Computer Games.”


The usual problem of these militant atheists is that they have no idea what they are. So their “logical” conclusions are often woefully wrong. Because one’s thinking can be heavily dependent on self image. (I am just a bag of robotic meat) Angry sleepwalkers are they. Much aggression and depression they can have often due to father deficiency in childhood. Or being molested by older gays in childhood. Father deficiency can range from complete absence to hardly ever being home, domestic violence, drunkeness. to molesting the child. There is also the likelyhood of Asperger Syndrome.

Plenty other videos like this at Banned Video (infowars.com)

My only comment about these angry atheist people is that they are a death cult and don’t stand a chance against the power of God.

Their death cult has been going for maybe 100 yrs.

The Serial Killers Of The Great Reset video

Communism in the US is NOT from Russia but from US Billionaires.

They formed a powerful fantasy death cult explained in this video. The story starts with the Phoenix program in Vietnam. An assassination program to incite maximum terror in “enemies” .That program is now in wide use in the US against the whole peaceful  population. With Food processing factories burning down, even in Russia, as well as the US,  fears of further bioweapons, Ukraine Nuclear War fear,  Multi layers of fear being added. Like Global warning, gas prices, covid terror, smallpox terror, rising crime the list keeps growing.

Jay Dyer of https://jaysanalysis.com/ guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to break down the globalist buildup to the Great Reset takeover of humanity for their orderly disposal.

Video opens in another tab


Jay Dyer often on Infowars.com studies and explains the death cult of the billionaire “communists” who only want to kill everybody starting with the English mathematician Betrand Russell. Utterly beyond his comprehension why average IQ people exist. Useless eaters. The answer is so simple. Planet Earth is a Godling hatchery. WE are how Gods reproduce themselves. Hence the value of a large population. One of the rrequirements of incarnation is contacting God directly in a state of Gnosis. This just doesn’t occurr to scientism practitioners. They are too busy practising self worship.


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