Lay Gnosis 57 Mind is not the brain -Debate between materialists and dualists

Watching these videos in the comments are two classes of people locked in combat. That’s about all they are interested in. Endless acrimonious debate testing their arguing skills against strangers and both sides lack any interest in learning anything. NO CURIOSITY. So I leave among them dozens of instances of the footprint message for Laymans Gnosis 20 mins instant physical evidence etc answering many questions that they love to argue about forever with virtually NO interest in obtaining answers to their Holy Grail questions. Most of this combat with strangers takes in the US Bible belt which is 60 million bible bashing evangelical Christians who in their excessive fervour produce as a societal byproduct Militant Atheists. They meet online do the atheists to headkick the Christians they detest under the cover of anonymity. Christians generally win the arguments because they are smarter more complete people. Their general knowledge is much wider than atheists. An Atheist can be produced in a variety of ways. One way is simple contrarianism. A person can be just irritated being surrounded by enthusiastic Christians and contrarianism is one response. Demanding proof evidence etc For which there is little proof because most religions are just metaphors that take advantage of our natural religious tendencies. Now religious people do something very adult, they think very metaphorically (its still legal) and their thought processes consist of evaluating incoming information and saving the information in a great archipelago of Metaphorical Islands. An endless filing cabinet. And they can, and do successfully, usefully connect dots between these metaphorical islands and their memory archipelago grows bigger and bigger as they follow life’s path forward with more and more connections being made in their natural comprehension of what’s going on. And many of the connections are tentative and can be altered improved or deleted anytime as new information comes to hand. So we are all quite happy doing this.

Atheists are distinctly different their brains never fully develop and they are stuck in the Materialism of believing all things are physical. And things exist only because they can be touched felt, eaten weighed etc. That’s where the atheist understanding stops. Its a distinct brain defect. Another attribute we notice is they cant join dots infinitely like we can. They can only join a few dots and that’s that. So their outlook is very tunnelled and a lot narrower because of their inability to assemble an average persons general knowledge. YES its a learning disability they acknowledge by showing their anger toward religious people who can endlessly connect metaphors while talking. Militant atheists demand constant spoon fed “truth” backed up by peer reviewed science as a crutch to their learning disability. To which theists have a don’t care attitude buoyed by confidence.. Having religious beliefs makes them feel better and happier and fulfilled. Its their natural religious tendencies working for them. Militant Atheists want to do damage to people smarter than themselves. Many of them have Aspergers. Many scientists join science to prove that God doesn’t exist and spend their whole career bent out of shape because of their bias. and doing bad science

Similarly there are people who enter the legal profession not to practice law but to subvert the constitution of their country. In mind here , we have activist Judges in the US who seriously undermine the civilising rule of law. Lotsa closet rebels around.

I dropped a foot print Lay Gnosis message about twenty times under this video addressing commenters directly. I have already been abused by asperger people, militant materialists, people who are learning disabled. They get angry being unable to learn a new idea. Say by reading a page of text. Its beyond them. So they are living a life of anger and frustration.

And the religious people will likely accuse me of being duped by Satan, false prophet, biblical warnings I’m going to burn in hell if I don’t surrender to Jesus who loves me…….. Those are the religious fundamentalists. LMAO. This video is a 3 or 4 part series. Its about the materialist dualist argument. This is part 3

These videos come out of a fundamentalist Christian channel thus they explain as much they can from a religious point of view using scientific support when they can.

Christians are essentially good people. More successful. They are happier and have more kids than atheists. And the fastest growing ethnic group in the US is not Islam but Amish people.

And in the collapsing globalist secular European Union most of the leaders of the EU, it has been noticed, are childless and atheist. So they have the wrong people in charge.

Pasting in a variety of replies with explanatory commentaries on the status of those individuals and how difficult it can be to get a simple message to them

This fellow is referring to a book 20 yrs ago that combines quantum physics and chinese metaphors to produce enlightenment somehow. Dancing Wu Ling masters was part of the title I recall. I might put a test question. What do you do for others ?
This fellow Saint Christopher is feeble minded and repeats this line over and over. Its all he can do. We encounter this a lot among skeptics and fundamentalists. They are often illiterate, school dropouts, learning disabled. Unable to read a paragraph and grasp it. So they they communicate using short sentences. Anger and fear greatly ruin their lives. Sorry I cant do anything for them.
This boasting “classical pianist” smb12321 apparently is unaware that vocals can accompany music and carry instructive messaging. It tests my patience when she starts lecturing me on how many gnostics there are. 5 in the world. Have supplied a lecturette with a blog link. I’m challenging him/her about hearing internal music and ignoring it.

This next one. The Merciless Eye is a pseudoskeptic who demands to be spoon fed everything suggesting intellectual feebleness. Its one of their outstanding markers. I advise him to get evidence to answer his question by visiting a few seances. he reals an inability to read English. Expected.

Next snapshot I chide TheMercilessEye for being unable to read plain English but he doesnt get any better. Actual evidence scientific he doesnt want to read he just wants videos. I reply that I just supplied him with a video and resupplied the video link. He has poor reading skills or cant recognise a video link when he sees one. What sort of yobbo could be so ungrateful and be spitting out the evidence he is asking for like an angry child in a high chair. Low IQ pskeps do this is a big marker. because they have no interest in evidence, only disputatiousness. A smarter person a duallist explains that he is dumb spacemanjupiter provides a discussion way over his head and MercilessEye spits it back in his face calling his argument “beyond stupid” Huge difference in IQs here.

I explain here below that there there is physical evidence of afterlife of deceased people. In the form of Physical Mediumship. That deceased can physically appear in seances.
So having been supplied with a huge unexpected pile of evidence MercilessEye ignores it and says he doesn’t read scientific papers (requires reading skills) he just wants videos. So he didn’t even read my entry and see the video link. So we can see here.,that both religious fundamentalists and pseudoskeptics are broadly feeble minded angry people with serious defIcIts in their reading skills. By word count alone. More intelligent energetic people make much larger fact filled entries which the skeptic dismisses in 6 words. There is always a signature meagre intellectual output from Pseudoskeptics by sheer word count.
So pseudoskeptics have no interest in the evidence they continually demand to be spoon fed with. Its only ammunition to spit back in peoples faces. Their sole interest is disputatiousness. Is he so feeble that he cant click on a video link ? Will he have some off point dismissal almost certainly. That’s his pattern so far

Six Recent Seances with Physical Medium David Thompson Sent to the pseudoskeptic MercillessEye I even arrowed the video link. for him. Expect some shallow offpoint dismissal.

Physical evidence of afterlife Need to know stuff, Adam Only 6 or 7 in the whole world

And here is his avoidance reply

Spitting out the evidence demanding to be spoon fed more spitting ammunition So predictable. And what video would he believe or consider, knowing his spit-out patterned behaviour ? Skeptics cant be convinced of anything

Here is another one A standoff argumental tirade to avoid personal experience ( Real True Life) their sole interest is second hand experience somebody else’s third party report, declaring it all safe via a much prayed -for dismissal.

Al Garnier Foul mouthed angry tirades are all a shield to keep scary real life at bay. Don’t come near me !

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