Julie Green relaying The Judgement

Christian prophet Julie Green explains the judgment of God against the evil perpetrators of the covid hoax.

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Key phrases/ words Angel of death, visiting the elite’s homes

1min 34 Now I want to give you guys a Word

Its gonna come and its gonna seem harshifer (?)

It comes very strong and you will see why I am saying that

But I have seen something in here and I was hearing this word

And I went back to read, it before I read it to you

The compassion of the Lord had come upon me and I started bawling

I had to compose myself before I did this video

What is coming in this nation was coming against our enemies is harsh

We should not rejoice in whats happening

God loves people WE do not (indistinct)

Principalities and powers, rulers over the darkness of this world

Our enemies have been controlled by our adversaries

for they are still people

God Loves the person, he hates the sin

I’ll explain more after I read this word from the Lord

The body of Christ needs to pray

I know what they have done against each and every one of us

has been horrifying though God has given them time to repent

Though the Heavenly father is full of mercy and full of grace

He wants them to repent and they have refused

if God can give them that kind of grace and mercy

We should not be rejoicing

Rejoice in our freedom rejoice in our deliverance

Don’t rejoice for the wrong thing

Here’s the word of the Lord

The coming darkness Deaths they wanted innumerable they shouted

across this earth, Depopulation they cried as soon as possible

the enemies, they pretended to be on your side, protecting you

and your freedoms are the ones who were selling you out

for their own financial gains and more power further up the ladder

in the enemies camps.

I the Lord, have listened to all the enemies plans against you in darkness and behind closed doors

Even out in the open they are doing those bidding against you

and so many are dumb and blind to it.

The deaths you have seen recently are nothing compared to the devastation they originally planned for you My children your prayers and standing on my words insisting a deliverer would show up My consistently righteous remanent kept this from being more deadly

The angel army, my host of angels were put on assignment to disperse the plan of the enemies

to stop, to hold back

My children. What they wanted these last few years to look like, is nothing like you see now

NO. Total devastation, more deaths and not only deaths to the population but death to America.

Death to Freedom

Death to the majority against them

Death to anything that would stand up against them and anyone who would fight back

Death to liberty

Death to justice

Death Unspeakable death

NO sayeth the Lord. They don’t have that power !

They will never get what they desire when my body is to live on this earth

Death they wanted? Death they shall receive

The Death Angel has been put on assignment

And will be released against your enemies once again

In the days of Egypt this was small, compared to the coming deaths and judgements

of the enemies of my children today.

I have given them time to repent

I am a God full of mercy and grace but they kept making plans against you

Death they keep trying to bring, now in different ways can make up for their failed attempts

at the number that they wanted until you expired (?)

Then paid your enemies in foreign lands once again to attack you from your , to attack you from within, to attack you from inside your government, to attack you from the East and attack you from the West ; Attack you financially and attack you thru supply

Attack your freedoms, Attack your minds, with fear and anxiety for you wont be able to fight them back

My children I have seen I have seen every angle of their attack and I hold their blueprints of death

and chaos and every plan of attack imaginable

But don’t you know nothing they can ever plan or ever desire to do to my people it will so far and not go any further

And they would do the opposite of what your enemies wanted They wanted total devastation

And in that time my church and my body is growing by the day in strength and knowledge of the power of the authority you have, more of my children are waking up to the truth.

And in this time my body is arising and taking their place in this earth

YES my body has awakened. A mighty army has arisen out of the ashes stronger than before

Your enemies are terrified.

This was the last chance to break you, to destroy you once and for all

They tried to weaken you but instead the very thing they thought wasn’t possible, happened

They see you awakening they see you fighting back and winning

They are getting weaker by the day

Confusion and anger is flooding their camp and flooding their souls

In this season of Fall, great judgement will fall upon your enemies’ camp

YES the judgement will be great against the ones who are against you

YES the Death Angel. The Death Angel will come and visit their homes and their businesses and total devastation to them and NO ONE will be left standing against you. The ones who not repent.

The ones who repent shall have judgements against them, and they shall pay a high price but death will not come to them now

For I, the Lord has said, enough is enough

Let my people go !

And just like Pharaoh they refused and hardened their hearts

I showed Pharaoh I was the One and only, the true and most high God

And that is what your enemies are experiencing

They realise they are not in control and nothing is working anymore

They keep saying in their meetings against you

We have removed HIM

We broke them down to a place we never thought and to recover from

They thought they had destroyed everything imaginable– (?) for fire I thought they would take you out (?) for the very last time (hard to distinguish)

Yet still you arose and still you fight back

You wont quit like others

You don’t believe them now

A mighty army has arisen in this day

And my children you are the ones I picked for this very day and hour

Yes handpicked each and every one of you !

We are special

I made you that way

To be this body right now and to arise in me and with me and to take this earth back from the enemies plans against the world

Your light will shine brighter in these days my children. My spirit I am pouring out like never before

What you see now is nothing compared to what is coming

As you see your enemies fall, as you see them come out of their places of power, don’t rejoice in their deaths

Only rejoice in the victory I have given to you.

Focus on the lost. Focus on rebuilding and planting and getting this earth back to where it should have been with my body in control of it

YES your enemies, the devil, have left, will work in the background,

the ones that were spared to devise more plans after you reave leave (?)

But my children its not that now, so don’t fear any longer what the enemy wants

NO, receive my glory and receive my joy, receive my wealth, receive my businesses, and receive the rent, receive the price that has been paid for you to receive and enjoy your inheritance

My Children these are days for the church to live richly,

You will now see far greater than this mess on the earth that you were in

Exposures you will see now are nothing, compared to what I have coming. The military is on the move YES

United states you are being delivered as I speak to you now

So SHOUT ! Shout and Rejoice Your days of revival and growing are here

NOW and are here to stay, sayeth the Lord.

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