Amazing promises from God of the end of Tyranny and virtually full spectrum corrections amounting to heaven on earth

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Good morning everybody today is November 2nd of 2021 I have another word of the lord to give to you this morning, and it is called the Time of the End

Now it is a good one it is an encouraging one, and it gives you hope about our future. Do not think this is doom and gloom because that’s not what god has for each and every one of us and before I get to that I have a couple of announcements to make— there are comments in the comments section below, in some of my videos where now there are people portraying themselves as me, asking for money and saying and starting out with the word beloved if you see that in the comment section below just know I never ask for money I don’t do that for that reason I do it to give you hope and encouragement every day and not to give up and quit on our heavenly father and I also am here to give you the words that he has spoken to me, to give to you, so do not think that I ever write in a comment section to give to take money from you, to give to some type of orphanages it says and what not. I do not ask for money I will be saying that in many of my videos going forward because this has happened to me before so do not think i’m ever asking for money because I am not.

God bless each and every one of you who have given to this ministry but i do not ever ask in videos and I do not ever ask in comment section so do not think that’s me and report them immediately as spam so thank you for that I just want to warn each and every one of you not to give to the one who’s asking in comments for money because that’s not me also if you have any prayer requests or praise reports please email us here at ggm for prayers @gmail.com and if you would like to have some of the prophetic words that the lord has given to me um we will also send them to you we’ve had a little uh delay in getting them out and we do apologize except for some unforeseen circumstances so please just give us a little bit of patience we will I promise you we will get them out to you so you can email us at jgm the number four prayers gmail.com if you would also like to write to us here at julie green ministries it’s p.o box 1252 bettendorf Iowa 527-222 We love to hear from you and where you are watching from and we also we have a great prayer team powerful prayer team here at julie green ministries we love to pray for you and stand in agreement with what you are believing God for, okay, so those are the doubts that I’m done with the announcements and now the lord gave me a really short uh like one to two sentence long word before the bigger word.

Short message

So this is not the time of the end of your nation or the end of your freedoms for I have spoken in my word and I have said to walk by faith and not by sight and the just shall live by faith so that’s that one, this is the one that I heard yesterday

Main message.

This is a time of the End. Their time has run out and the time of the end is here sayeth the Lord of hosts. You ask what is it the end of ?

The end of tyranny

The end of the destruction of America and my United States,

the end to all these unjust laws, the end to their plans the end to their

stealing and destroying all which this nation stands for.

Then to all, and I mean ALL of the lies

that have been forced upon this nation and upon the world

the end of this jackal and the ruling in this nation the end to this farce and

this charade and the end of this puppet show the end to all of the slavery and the end to all of their plans, the end of their planned pandemic

the end their planned shortages, the end to their great reset, and the end to depopulation, and the camps that were built just for you, the end of their cover-up of your election the end to their hijacking and forcing things down your throats.

The end of them stealing your jobs, the end of their fear to control you, the end of them controlling the government, controlling the world and its economy the end to the chance (?) and their spouse. I the lord have shut the mouths of your enemies I destroyed their plans and my hand is against them now, and my mighty army is at their doors,

for there is nowhere for them to hide, nowhere for them to run.

They forced themselves and their agenda on you they raised up against me with their pride and arrogance, their hearts hardened, and they charged into war with the one true god, against the one true god.

With their god the one I have already defeated

that one is little g the god of this world, in other words his name is satan.

They had no chance of survival and they had no chance of winning but

still went through with the plans to destroy you. I the lord have held them back from their real destruction they had planned for you. Stop now enemies of almighty god Stop your nonsense and stop your plans from continuing to push forward, thinking this new direction and new plan will work this time. No saith the lord

None of your plans will work and none will go forward for I the great I am is here, to stop and destroy any evidence of you or your your plans and wipe them all out.

I will and I am out, I will wipe them out, that we’re against you Julie I gotta start that part over— for I the great I am is here to stop and destroy any evidence of you and your plans, I will wipe you all out against me, that threaten to pursue and not to back down, you think you can overthrow me and my people ? That will never happen. You are surrounded now and you are outnumbered there is nowhere for you to go in your pretend government and your pretend control in this nation you are finished controlling my people and taking them hostage for years you have lied and cheated controlled enslaved stolen from them and ruled over them like Kings and Pharaohs.

In this day I have spoken in my word no man can stand before my children and win, no man and I mean that no man ever will completely have their way. Your show has gone on long enough no matter what you wanted my church and my body has awakened, and become the church I needed in this hour to arise and stand up against you, no matter how hard you fought and no matter the pressure you put them under, they rose up in spite of it, all this nation is awakened, and the people of this nation see through your deception, see through your smoke show, yes the world is turning on you enemies of Almighty god, a war you wanted, in a war you will get, but not the one you wanted.

The curtains have closed on your show and the lights have been turned off on your stage, and your pretend control in these days, you will all be brought forward into my spotlight and everyone will know what each and every one of you have done ; you brought this to your doors and your families everything you had and everything you owned will be ripped from your evil hands ; yes shame and embarrassment and judgment is all you will know in this season, as your days grow shorter, with the sunlight is a sign of the ending of your enemies and shorter and shorter will these plans and this time will come to an abrupt end.

They had lied and cheated their ways into control, but I the lord have stepped in to save a nation, to save my people, from this impending doom your enemies wanted.

I am taking this power control back from your enemies ; darkness is covering them now, and nowhere for them to hide from it this holiday, and the sacrifices they wanted did not go as planned ; my hand moved across this land and interrupted their plans many lives were saved and sacrifices were interrupted and stopped by me, saith the lord of hosts

A crashing has begun, in a crashing of these walls, and the plans that they’re falling onto the ground right now, my military is on the move, now nothing can stop this overthrowing of your enemies ruling and reigning over you no nothing their communications have been interrupted, there is confusion growing in their camps, yes communication has been confused and intercepted, they’ve had no idea what is going on, fear is overwhelming them and they can see and hear the marching of my army coming for them all, not just the ones they wanted to take the fall. No ! All of them are surrounded with nowhere to hide their tunnels are being destroyed as we speak the tunnels they use to bring the children tunnels they use to bring enemies into your land to infiltrate and destroy you, many are here now, but none will complete their orders against you I will close your borders and I will shut them all down in the coming days, you will hear and see things, that will be hard for you to believe this is going on do not fear your enemies are not in control I am will see I am you will see destruction and planned chaos so he’s saying right here do not fear, your enemies are not in control, because I am ! I want to emphasize that God the great I am, is in control, you will see destruction and planned chaos don’t be deceived or distracted they are putting this out, this to get their attention off their demise, and their takedown from their power, so sing and shout for I am the Lord. and have come down to save you and deliver you from your enemies their end is here and their end is now so don’t get discouraged my children my plans are moving forward and everything is going as planned in this time, victory and deliverance restoration restitution rests with ME, not your enemies. The time of great celebration is here, so get ready my children get ready in your homes and get ready in your families, get ready for a flood of gifts that I have for you, that will overtake you, and bring great joy my children you will see and know that not only am I, the great I am that delivers, but the healer and provider Jehovah jireh(?) will be seen and known once again that I provide for you, not the world, and not the ways of the wicked, and come out from the way of thinking and living, these are the days of complete restoration so lift up your hands my children and receive what the lord has done for you ! Receive great things are coming your way, these days will be known as the greatest times on earth, for my children it will be known in heaven, You were the chosen church to receive such greatness from your heavenly father ! So rejoice in these days, they are now, so take what has been given to you, open up your mouths and sing thanksgiving and praising unto me for I am the lord and I am doing a new thing in this world, in this nation, and in my body, and it will never be the same saith the lord, your redeemer, so in this word, if you have not seen and noticed god keeps saying it’s the end, it may not look like the end, people are getting discouraged and dismayed, because they’re walking by sight, they’re

walking by how they feel, and what things appear like God is saying it’s the end, their curtains have been shut, their lights have been turned off, and god’s spotlight will be turned onto your enemies, and they will be exposed for all the fear all the chaos and all destruction, that they put on this earth. In these coming days, weeks and months, you will see them try to cling on and hold on to anything they possibly can, but they can’t, the pages are turning and the Red Sea is closing, on their shell is closing on their power it is closing on the evil that they had against each and every one of us.

God is telling each and every one of you this is not the time to give up or quit this is not the time for you to walk by sight, this is the time for you to understand, and know that god is the great I am, he just needs us to believe him, more than we believe what we see, more than what we believe how we feel, and more than what things appear like God has a plan and as he said in many of these words that he’s given to me recently in many other prophets he does not go by man’s time clock or by our timing he is not boxed in or limited to that time frame we have been going on almost a year and people are now wanting to give up and quit Why? we’re at the end do not quit. You say Julie “looks like nothing is going on nothing’s happening” that’s when you have to say Lord I will not be moved by what I see or what I hear, I’m only being moved by the word of God and the word of god is telling us, and he’s telling us that he’s going to be known as not only the great I Am, the deliverer, he’s going to be known as the healer he’s also going to be known as Jehovah jireh once again we are at the timing of the end, but before I go, before I pray for you, I want to read a um scripture that keeps coming up in my heart, for this day, and this hour, because this is where a lot of God’s people feel like they feel trapped they feel like there’s no way out, they feel that their enemies are right on their heels there’s nowhere to go, this happened in Exodus chapter 14. and in verse 10 and when pharaoh drew near the children of Israel, lifted their eyes and behold the egyptians marched after them, so they were very afraid and then the children of Israel cried out to the Lord, then they said to Moses, because there was no graves in Egypt have yet taken us out to die in the wilderness, why have you dealt with us to bring us out of Egypt, so now they want to go back, and look at what the Lord had said in verse 13 Moses told the people, fear not, stand still, firm confident, and undismayed, and see the salvation of the lord which he will work for you today, for the Egyptians you’ve seen today you shall see never see again, the Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace and remain at rest. the Lord said to Moses why do you cry to me ? Tell the people of Israel to go forward. God is telling us to go forward the Lord said to Moses why do you, why do you tell you why do you try to tell me, the people of Israel to go forward lift up your rod and stretch out your hand over the sea and divide it and the Israelites shall go on dry ground through the midst of the red sea and that’s exactly what happened to make this short in verse 31 of exodus 14 and it said and Israel saw that the great work which the Lord did against the Egyptians and the people reverently feared the lord and trusted and relied on and remained steadfast the lord and to the servant Moses, this is where we’re at, where we’re at that part where we feel like we are completely surrounded we are being pursued from the left by our enemies and god’s people are being afraid and they want to give up and quit what does that lead you that leads you right into the enemies and right into their camps and right into the destruction of you, your demise. They want to steal cheat and everything they want to do to control you and destroy your life, God is saying do not quit and do not give in to the pressure in the way today, because God has deliverance he has freedom from all of the stress and chaos, that you see in this earth today, he is doing a great work and I want to pray for you today.

So, Heavenly Father in Jesus name, I pray for every person that’s watching and every spirit of discouragement of weariness, of heaviness ,of fear, of doubt and worry ,and unbelief, I bind you against the children of Almighty God command you, to let God’s people go, I command that they have not, that God has not given them a spirit of fear but a power of love and a sound mind God’s children they have a sound mind they have the mind of Christ we bind every weight and every chain in every shame and all that guilt that is trying to hold God’s people back from what he has for them he has freedom and restoration in their life so we thank you Father God for what you are doing, for each and every person that is watching each and every person in this nation in the body of Christ around the world we receive your victory and we receive that the blinders are completely removed off of all of our eyes we receive father god the strength and the joy and the peace that you are giving an impart in the impartation you are giving to your children right now we receive what you have done, we receive your name and the shedding of your blood, we receive that Jesus Christ of Nazareth, destroyed our enemies, destroyed their curse, and we thank you Father God, that these are the days of revival these are the days of glory days, and not gloomy days, we thank you father god for all that you’re doing in our life right now, even though we have not seen everything that we wanted in this time frame we thank you father god for your love and your grace and your mercy is new every day in Jesus name Amen and amen Well hope this encouraged you today please like subscribe and share and give this to everybody you know who needs to hear an encouraging word who needs to hear what the lord is saying the lord is doing in this earth today well god loves you I love you God bless you and have a wonderful day

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4 thoughts on “Julie Green transcript WORD OF THE LORD THIS IS THE TIME OF “THE END”

    1. Julie Green is the best and clearest prophet available. Her message deliveries have a formal title, a clear message body and a clear ending.
      And its good to see Mr G presenting news before the news, competing directly with collapsing legacy media. Pushing them into oblivion. Yabadabadoo !

  1. Julie, have your prayer Team please pray for my family, I want most of all for them to be intimate with Christ. My children’s names are James Tina and Kenny, and my grandchildren. And my fiancé is dale Williams and his children and grandchildren. My prayers always walking in the presence of the Lord and that’s what I want song so much. Healy and our family.

  2. Julie, have your prayer Team please pray for my family, I want most of all for them to be intimate with Christ. My children’s names are James Tina and Kenny, and my grandchildren. And my fiancé is dale Williams and his children and grandchildren. My prayers always walking in the presence of the Lord and that’s what I want song so much. Healy and our family.

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