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Julie Green – Its My Time

Transcript provided here. Quite a blast this announcement.

It’s my time

Enemies of Almighty God I am pulling the rugs from underneath your feet, and your fall will be great. Your days of ruling on my earth and over my children are finished, saith the Lord of Hosts. You will not stay any longer in your places of power ruling over my children, stealing from them, killing them, controlling them with your lies, your falsehoods of everything that you could come up with in order to beat them into submission. So they would bow their needs to worship you and give in to the pressure, and the fear that you caused throughout this earth. I am knocking you all down to the ground and most of you will never get up. Your judgment is here and I am cleaning out your bank accounts. We’re bringing your businesses away from you, that most of you stole from the ones on the puppet mat, who are the puppet masters, those who had control of who was successful ,and who wasn’t, they kept my children from their wealth. Well, not anymore, not just the disease, and not just the businesses and the financial prosperity, but the diseased food you fed to the masses, the poison you call medicine, I will expose everything, and I will overturn everything done to my children, and my earth. You destroyed the soil on purpose, you stripped it of its nutrients to slowly kill the masses with malnourishment, which caused so many so much pain, affliction, diseases, sicknesses in all you will reap at what time, with what you have sown against my children. Great death is coming to this earth, the Angel of Death is coming for you enemies, of  l Almighty God, you refuse to repent, you mocked me, you went through with your plans, and I am now stepping in to avenge my children.

Watch for more blackouts and servers going down, Yes by me, I will bring them all down. This is a part of the destruction of me, revealing what has been hidden on their servers in their companies. JEFF BEZOS I said it before, I warned you these blackouts and the servers going down is just the beginning of your great fall. I will rip everything from you, and your shame and embarrassment will be great for the suffering you caused due to your sex trafficking and the coup against this nation YES the great I am is coming for you, even though you stepped down from your place of power to run and hide, I have found you and I will destroy you.

Watch the Royal family. Great exposures are about to surface regarding Prince Charles who will be exposed to who he really is. His part of his plan to destroy you, United States with a globalist and with the one world government leaders, and yes all their dirty deals, and this the secret heinous crimes that  have been committed by Prince Charles will come to light even concerning the death of Diana.

I’m bringing down anyone in power on this earth that has had evil in their heart and an evil agenda and that won’t turn from their wicked ways or repent.

Trudeau I am is coming for you I am doing a clean sweep of the government officials who work with you in your plan, for what they have done against my nation, the United States. You are paid with your part of the coup and with your latest friends.

I will knock you down from where you are sitting and strip you of your power, and any dignity you thought you had

I’m moving across Canada to free it from your death that you had it in to control it, and you used to destroy it.

 Know I am  freeing Canada and they will take part in this great celebration and hold on– I lost my spot–

They’ll take part in this great celebration hold on Canada I am is delivering you from their hands and I will leave no evidence of their control over you,  Julie- I want to make sure that I got that right because I skipped where I was reading Canada. You have celebration coming to your land all right. Here’s Australia

YES  Australia I am coming and you and I will do a clean sweep of the ones who control you. I will free your nation from all the freedoms they took from you, to enslave you and to break you, so you wouldn’t fight back.

You will also be a part of this great celebration, so don’t lose hope the great I am is on your side and I never lose.

Stand up my children, everyone all over this earth and stand up and fight in your prayer rooms and war rooms, in the war in the spirit.

Demand your freedoms and your countries back I will honour those prayers you are more powerful than you realize the greater one is in you let him speak through you say the words that destroy and dismantle your enemies the days ahead that all are about to experience my children will look like chaos and darkness to those who refuse to listen but you my remnant my church, who I have chosen this hour will know what time it is in time of your freedom and your deliverance when you see the military taking center stage, don’t fear for this is what needs to take place. Don’t be moved for the great I am is moving and when I move my hand across this land it will shock most of you, how fast it went removing and restoring what is your eyes my children I can do it in one day not months not years one day don’t limit my ability to save you. I am love and I am delivering whom I love in this earth and the ones who have  chosen me chose to love me despite the enemies and what they are doing for the rest of this earth, all who don’t know me, you are about to see the great I Am move. You will know I am the great I am, and it will be your time to choose what side you are on. I am doing this mighty work for you to see who I am really is, my children.

Prepare your houses for this restoration in the moving of my hand. You are at the door now, so step through and Receive what the great I Am is doing in this day Saith the Lord . End message 

 Julie explains –Now what I want to point out is one of these last paragraphs he said YES my children I can do it in one day, not months, not years, but one day. Don’t limit my ability to save you. I am love and I am delivering all whom I love on this earth and all who chose me you have to remember people would say, that’s contradicting and I know that does sound like it, but the reason why I’m explaining this is because he does love every person on this earth, but not every person on this earth chooses him. The people on this earth he loves them, but he doesn’t love the sin, so that’s different so all of his church right now that are choosing to believe  him, the choosing of love, those he is completely delivering. He loves the evil ones he just doesn’t love what they’re doing he loves the person but he knows who is controlling them and he knows they’ve changed their mind and they can’t. He can’t change their will he can’t force somebody to love . He can’t force somebody to choose. That’s why there’s so many evil things that go on in this earth because we as human beings have a free will he’s given us, that free will to choose him to love him to believe him, despite what all is going on in this earth, and we he’s bringing us into a promised land but remember in the book of Exodus not everybody saw it, not everybody got to experience it, even though they were part of the children that were freed from Egypt they’re part of the Exodus but not all of them are part of the promised land, we’re experiencing the Exodus right now when he’s talking about the Angel of Death and he said it yesterday and he’s talking about this he’s saying DO NOT FEAR he’s even saying to some men to so many, it will look like mass chaos is in this earth, but to the remnant it’s gonna look and they’re gonna know they’re gonna start celebrating because these are the days of destruction of your enemies and your days of freedom and deliverance we all have a choice we have a choice to choose God it says in his word to lean on not on our own understanding ,we’re supposed to lean not onto how we understand what god is saying in some of these words when he’s going to be doing some of these trying to put a spin on it for ourselves, we can’t do that just believe say God no matter what things look like, no matter how things may seem I trust your words these are his words I’m not a writer I literally cannot write and I just want to let you guys know that every day he’s giving me these words why for you he’s given me these words for you to encourage you to give you hope because when all this is going on all around us these words that god has given they bring what life they bring joy and strength they bring encouragement when on the inside of you if your fire wasn’t in there and if it was really dim these words are making that fire brighter on the inside of you that lion of the tribe of Judah is on the inside of you and the more you hear these words the more the line will roar the more you will not stop you will get fed up you will stand up you won’t quit because you’ll have those marching orders remember I will not be defeated, I will not quit and I will not be defeated I will not be defeated. Say I am not defeated and I will not quit no matter what is going on in your life remember say what you want don’t say what you have God is our deliverer.

Read the book of Exodus go watch the ten commandments anything that will feed your faith, that nothing is impossible to God is when you see the acts that god has done in the plagues that were against the enemies and how he saved his children. How we saved them from all the plagues God is doing the same thing for us. We’re not going to experience what the evil ones are experiencing, and if you can’t see if you don’t understand say Julie all these prophetic words all these people are saying I don’t see it

Well, this is for you this prayer is going to be for you. No transcript for the prayer. You can just listen.

Staggering announcements, many of these massive actions to occur in a single day. Australia and Canada governments to be politically decapitated. Many Angel of Death visits promised by Mr G. Don’t be squeamish, its just like weeding a garden. And death is our most convincing illusion. But the evil-doer elites will likely find a reception has been organised for them, after their physical death. What does one do with mass murderers who wake up dead ? One thing comes to mind, that normally esteemed Doctors have been administering lethal injections to keep their jobs, just like German doctors euthanised handicapped people in the 1930s. How would you judge these covid “doctors”?

Christian Gnostics Christian Prophets


Useful transcript here of the main message and Julie describes her personal experience of Gnosis

Now here is a prophetic word called

It’s Show Time

Children of Almighty god I have told you that my show is about to start,  Well, it’s showtime ! Your enemies show is over, and the credit scene has started. It’s releasing more names and every part they played to destroy you. It will be revealed for the whole world to see the puppets show their ruling over you. It is finished saith the Lord of Hosts I have had enough of their destruction their lies, their chaos their complete nonsense coming forth out of their mouths to control you. YES complete nonsense controlled by fear so people just fall for what is being said. The power of fear over my children and my world is being destroyed The control it had is being brought down from his place of power truth will expel all the lies and destroy the chains of that killer YES fear is a killer he used fear to steal, to kill and to destroy everything, that he could, use everyone he could, so you would not look to me or believe my words my prophets or take any part in this great Exodus for I the Lord have come down to expel dismantle, destroy every plan and every plot against you.

You are my children and I gave my only begotten son so you could live But not like this not enslaved to men and to rulers controlled by Satan himself as my body slept, their control over you became great, Yes so great my children stopped fighting back, they stopped pressing in to stand and speak my words, to expel and destroy Satan’s plans and powers over you my children are not asleep anymore, the awakening has begun, a shift has started to grow, my children are arising and taking back their authority and this earth that is already theirs that has been paid for by me and given to you glory is filling this earth.

YES glory will flood this world to restore power, bring authority back to you my children. This complete restoration I have spoken of in my word that is here and now you are the partakers of this great event that the greatest time in human history to be alive, when you get to heaven my children all will know that you are the partakers of my great Exodus and the greatest acts of my power in human history the whole world gets to see an experience great celebrations in heaven of what is about to take place in this earth my children have come my courts my children come to my courts with thanksgiving and praise. When you do that, your enemies control over you will be destroyed sing praises my children sing even when you don’t feel that you can that sacrificial praise will bring great destruction to your enemies camps over you this is time to march forward and to sing praises which will bring deliverance and healing of every kind needed in your life to make you completely whole this is a time of being whole and complete and complete restoration, my children you are kings in this earth not slaves those days are finished I am moving quickly now to dismantle every part of their intimate intricate details of this plan every web they weaved, everything that came will come down at once YES at one time my mighty hand is against him, against them, and that’s all it takes not effort, that much, not much effort because their power was so small and mine is so great, for I the Lord, the great I am, for I the great I am and the enemies you have been up against remember okay I’m gonna read that again because I don’t wanna because when I read it too fast it destroys the flow of it. For I am the great I am and the enemies you have been up against remember, they were thrown out of heaven by me saith the

Lord I do sit in the heavens and laugh at how powerful they think they are,

they thought they were gods really, look how that worked out for Pharaoh !

The same devil using different people with different names same plan same scheme to take me out of this world, and have the world turn its back on me so he was full of control and control over you well that will never happen the only thing close to that is tribulation, and I will allow things to happen on earth that will destroy your enemies and your adversaries once and for all and then they’ll be thrown into hell, where they belong in their time, the time of man will expire on earth and Satan’s power will be completely destroyed.

His time is running out and his desperation to keep you and to keep this earth he’s using everything and everyone he can remember my children I brought him to nothing I disarmed him and his powers were removed against my body. My children are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. Fill yourselves with my word with my joy and strength the wisdom it will bring the peace it will bring shout sing a new song. Turn off the news, turn off their news, and put on my good news, freedom and deliverance is here, for the days you are ushering into will be great, great my children. For you great joy, great freedoms, great deliverance of all things that kept you (?) Receive what I the Lord have done for you, what you saw and see and what you will see will all be destroyed by me, my show has already begun and it’s about to get very interesting so shout, your days of victory are now saith the Lord your Redeemer

Now pay attention here below, dear reader.

Later on Julie answers a common question about her personal gnostic experience. Once again she reveals her style of Gnosis is meagre and arduous. And she cant install it in anyone else.

Julie explains– He also says that his sheep know his voice, so you say, Well I’ve never heard and I can’t hear like you, just because you may not give prophetic words, you don’t have that calling on your life, doesn’t mean you can’t hear from god every day. Again you don’t hear from him here, you hear from him inside of you, it’s a still small voice it’s like a whisper but you know that you know it’s him. God loves each and every one of us and he has a plan and a calling for each and every one of you.

This is what Socrates described. He died in 490 BC. So people knew the spirit back then. And so did many other Greek scientists before that..

It seems quite impossible to theocratic christians today that Mr G could provide a communications upgrade that fully uses new fangled recorded music and the Internet to converse with his children. They just wont stand for it ! They wont let Mr G change anything they are so theocratic. Yet massive changes are being wrought by God right now and I’m told prophets like Julie will be nudged into TBH to put us all on the same page.

It even says in their ancient bible Corinthians, that the divine spark lives in every person regardless of faith or lack of. So its NOT an exclusive christian thing at all.

Provided quietly by Mr G decades ago, Laymans Gnosis has not yet been showcased. But that time is drawing near. The experience of Lay Gnosis is far richer than simple Christian Gnosis. It even includes Physical signals for the scientifically minded. And its physically contagious ! So we can achieve Heaven on earth. Everyone knowing the spirit.

Christian Gnostics Christian Prophets


Helpful transcript here starts at 15 mins 56

A landslide of truth is picking up speed coming down the mountain with vengeance to destroy anything in its path. Lies destruction imprisonment and slavery sickness disease pain and affliction

Financial deficits and debt, anything that has been used by the enemies to destroy my people, will be removed fully and completely by me saith the Lord. This last week you have seen the intensity build, and more exposures have come to pass. The mandates, are starting to be annihilated as if they never existed. Behind the scenes of your enemies right now, they are all running and scattering, and screaming running, running trying to hide. Let me read that again behind the scenes of your enemies right now, they are all scattering and screaming, running trying to hide from this landslide affecting them and their houses. My children this is just the beginning the strength of this landslide is growing by the hour and visiting the enemies of Almighty God more are stepping down, and more are being removed Supreme Court will change the mandates. Will change, the Presidents will change, the government will change, the capital will change, the economy will change, churches will change, you are at the time of the climax, and it has been building, an intensity in the volcano is erupting, hurricanes are blowing and it’s the perfect storm coming together to remove all in power in every evil entity with them

Yes, total destruction you are getting ready to see, my children. These signs I have told you are coming to pass, more prophecies are being fulfilled by the day, all hope is lost in this world for the enemies of my children.

Julie Commentary Riots, now listen for what he’s saying. Riots are about to break out, after the overturning of Roe versus Wade. YES the enemy will try and fill the streets once again with chaos, but I the Lord will deal with the ones in the streets and the ones that drove them there to do it Yes many payments were disbursed to cause great chaos. Watch in this time. People with big names will fall in Fall, and Fall is not over yet my children, and this great fall is about to take place, before the end of this , a massive exposure is about to be told, and shown about what is going on in the supposed White House My spotlight I am shining on who they are, and how fake they have been, and who was used to hold them there, and who tried to keep the show going.

Biden is about to have a great fall a big time reveal of who and how he is, where he is. Exposures like never before.

I told you to watch the laptops and more, are coming to the surface that have explosive information, to remove each and every person, a part of this coup against your President and against this nation.

Flow to the flood that is about to plague your enemies. .All sources of destruction will hit your adversaries at one time- Floods hurricanes volcanoes landslides avalanches tornadoes spiritually will hit them all at one time,  for this perfect storm is setting up to hit them now, my children watch as I am bringing you relief freedoms your nation and freedoms into your nations and giving the nations back to you.

Nancy Pelosi your days are numbered and you are being destroyed from the inside out. And your time is about to expire but not before all you have hidden and all you have done will be exposed.

Your gavel will be ripped from your hand, the house destroyed before your eyes to see that all that you worked so hard for, for as long has been in for so long we all be taking away from you by me saith the Lord. I am draining your financial accounts of all the blood money and stealing of the finances from your bills and your evil schemes you pass in the people’s House  to pad your own pockets to destroy this nation.

Your ties to China will be exposed and how they paid you to work for them, to destroy this nation, and they promised you they would hide you and what you have done, and you’d be set up for life

Well Nancy I am ripping your protection apart, your gates you had put up to keep you from destruction, I have brought them down, and now I will bring you down saith the Lord of hosts.

Nancy these are the days and hours of your destruction and no amount of drinking will lessen the embarrassments and the pain that you will feel, when all is taken from you, all who are in the supposed government now your days are numbered, and that time is about to expire tick tock, the clock is about to run out on you.

In this next few weeks watch how so much will change and more and more removals will take place. Turnarounds are happening but you  will get better and better by the day this is what you all have been waiting for and the door to open and all is about to come to pass at one time. Exposures and removals, bankruptcies changing of the guard, changing of your nation, and the financial system, the perfect storm is here and it’s now for the enemies of almighty God and my children get ready for the spoils of this war and they are great. It’s all yours so get ready for the financial flood that’s about to hit your bank account especially to Tyler’s. Watch out you will have more than you will ever know what to do with. Tithers and givers of almighty God this blessing will overtake you, saith the Lord the windows of heaven are opening, and now overflow will be the new normal YES my church will be in charge of the world’s wealth to bring the greatest  harvest of souls in and bring relief to the masses to bless without limits, bless because there is no limits with me, saith the Lord. all is mine and

I am turning it all over to you in my great Exodus that is knocking on your doorsteps now stay standing. Stay with me my children of almighty God your days of the old are over, and you are walking into the new and they are here, the days of celebrations are here to stay. Get your party hats and your cake it’s the time of the greatest celebration the world has ever seen, and these are the days to partake of the biggest shift in human history, and you are the ones that I hand-picked to be here, and to be the biggest receivers on earth. These are the days to receive from me your provider your creator of heaven and earth. These are the days that are not that far away. They are here and they are here to stay, saith the Lord of hosts.

Wonder how Mr G is going to deal with paid professional rioters sent by SOROS ? We all wonder why GEORGE SOROS is untouched

Riots are about to break out, after the overturning of Roe versus Wade (Controversial pro-abortion law has killed 60 million) YES the enemy will try and fill the streets once again with chaos, but I the Lord will deal with the ones in the streets, and the ones that drove them there to do it. Yes many payments were disbursed to cause great chaos. Watch in this time. Suggestion, make them turn on each other as their brains are befuddled. Mr G likes doing that. Personally I would prefer Napalm which comes with a delicious fragrance of victory the morning after, if memory serves.

And Pelosi gets a long special mention. She could face a death sentence for treason. Change of Government soon could enable that. And she is going to lose everything. Can’t wait for the spectacle of the perfect storm.


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Not just a new world, but a new YOU

Transcript for a mind blowing set of pledges starts at 2 mins 58sec

Here is this word called Fresh Fire Flood

Fresh fire I am raining down in this earth, in this hour fresh fire that removes the old,  removes abnormalities and any malfunctions in your bodies, any damage that has been done will be wiped away.

Fresh fire heals restores cleanses washes away purifies strengthens this will bring you out of the old and into the new. Fresh fire will destroy the chains, and free you from any type of slavery and bondage you have been in.

YES freedom is coming to your doors. Freedom that you never knew existed, for I the Lord am pouring out this fresh fire and glory on this earth like never before. It will fill this earth, cover it like the days of Noah, how the water covered the earth, destroyed any evil damage caused and the new came forth, a fresh start and a new beginning occurred, then it’s happening again YES fresh fire is being poured out now. You don’t have to wait for it. Lift up your hands and receive this fire today children of almighty God, its for you, and now, so take what is yours, take this refining fire, your enemies can’t stop this rain, and can’t stop the flood that is about to fill this earth. a flood of my goodness, my glory, that will return everything that has been stolen. A new life that you will live, this hour of the new, will overtake you with such goodness joy and peace, that you have never known, it will destroy and expel fear stress anxiety, and any effects that it was ever there. I am totally destroying every hole that Satan had kept you in. YES every chain, every prison cell, any way that he had you enslaved. I am freeing you in this hour, from it all ,and no evidence will be left of the damage caused by him. In any way that he was attacking you, this fire I am raining down will leave no evidence of the old. Come out of that furnace like the three Hebrew men. No evidence that you were ever in it, my children you may not have seen or have felt me but I have never left you nor forsaken you I have seen it all everything your enemies have done to destroy you I have made a record of it, and making him pay for it all. Making him pay it all back, seven times as it states in my word. I will heal your wounds of all the damage that has been done. And what he has caused to your souls I am the comforter. I will remove that pain, those past hurts disappear, or any past hurts disappointments and any scars left by the ones who have abused you in any way. Yes I am the healer of everything. Not just some things I promise you my children. I will not leave you and I will not leave any scars or any damage done to you. I will move you up higher than before comfort the ones who were at one time comfortless. Satan steals. He kills and destroys, but I am Almighty God that can wash away everything that he has done. And that’s what you have to look forward to, children. My children look forward to your futures. Leave your past in your past and march forward into the new. Leave any sin that you have committed even the sin you thought I could never forgive you of. Come to my throne of grace, my grace is sufficient for you, and it’s new every day my grace is new. So repent and I will not only forgive you but I will choose to forget, and never remember it again. So not only receive your restoration, but receive forgiveness, that I have, that will heal and mend any broken heart, and your soul, that has been damaged by that sin all will be removed by me this is a new beginning a new life a new way to experience freedom, you have never known, so receive this day receive what I have out with the old, and in with the new, that is what I have for you Saith the Lord, your Redeemer

Gee, a whole new society with stolen wealth return which sounds like heaven on earth But wait there’s more — Also coming is a whole new YOU. Minus the scars and wounds and injuries, caused by our former millennia long barbaric existence, that we had to have, to sort the wheat from the chaff. A whole new YOU healed of many illnesses. Hospitals emptied. And enemies removed.

Christian Gnostics Christian Prophets

Julie Green Justice in the Fall

Useful Transcript here 4 mins 11

Word Justice in the Fall

Justice Fall and falls on the enemies of Almighty God

Judges take your places of morality and justice or be removed.

I am moving in the justice system of this land, in this hour, rulings and sentencing will be brought down, finalized for your enemies of this land. More justices in the Supreme court will be removed by me, by my hand, for their heinous crimes against you. The ones who are appointed by Obama will also be removed by me, of anyone in the seat of a judge will not rule for justice liberty morality in the constitution, I will do a clean sweep of judges and lawyers in this nation Yes, I am cleaning house of your entire judicial system I will not watch criminals go free and the innocent be locked up. This government has used and abused their powers in the judicial system, along with the FBI the CIA the NSA They were used for another arm of power to destroy the masses, and I am dismantling that system, and that they have become, it has become a cesspool of dirty deals against the people in this nation, to rob to kill the spy for their own gains.

I have spoken destruction over this system, and its coming down in this hour again. All that is against you, every person who has come here illegally to help in the coup, and the destruction of this nation, line up and be prepared for your judgment, for the money that has been given to you to destroy this nation from within. I will rip any freedom that you thought you had, any power and any plans you had, against my nation and my children. I am moving against you, my angel armies are standing against you. You will not strike this nation in that planned attack. You have been given those orders, I will stop you myself, you will not succeed in your plans and destruction of this nation. The party of the blue that has given to you, not only will all of you be taken out, so the ones who paid you to steal and to destroy this nation, Yes the party of the Blue, I am coming for you and the ones who pretended to be Red but were not, just so the blue could control both sides for political gain, financially and with power, to destroy this government, in any, in all systems put in place by me, and all of you know who you are. I have your names, I know where you live, and where you hide, and now my spotlight will shine on you and expose everything hidden in the dark. When I get done with my mighty works no evil will be left standing in your government.

NO, the ones who I have appointed and anointed, will be put in their places for such a time as this. Bill Gates your Gates have come down, You have nowhere to go. My angels are against you for the trial, and this of this nation, and the death that you have caused. Your part in the pedophilia ring sex trafficking coven and the global reset, I will expose it all, and your sentencing will be treason and death shall come to you, but not before you lose everything that you hold dear, which is your money and your power that you sold yourself for. Everything will be taken from you. The angel of death will visit you where you sleep. The angel of death is coming again, mass deaths you will hear in this hour. For the enemies of Almighty God and my children, do not fear when you hear of so many deaths, I am protecting you, just like my children in Goshen, I separated them plea the blood of Jesus and put the hedge of protection over everything that you own. This angel cannot touch you, and my children, who have taken the shot and are concerned about the side effects, and what you are hearing is happening to so many, be still, and know that I am God Almighty God I am wiping away any evidence of anything, that shot was designed for, and it’s not going to harm you. I am moving across this earth to heal and restore all that has been done to you and for your enemy’s plans to destroy you in any way that they could a cleansing across this earth and across its masses.

I will move heal restore and make whole once again miracles are breaking out all over this world as a sign that I am moving and I am still the same yesterday today and forever.

Disney you are being exposed in this hour for all that you have done with the children, and how you have been used by the elites for the lusts of the flesh and your propaganda in your shows, your movies, to control and deceive the masses, I will dismantle you, and destroy your plans against my children and all over this earth. You will not have any power left over after I get done with you saith the lord of hosts

My children their arrests have already started even though the news is hiding what has been going on. Hold on my show is already begun and this show is about to get very interesting

It’s coming to a climactic part where everything changes The storyline, and the plot that was in this earth is wiped out by me. Acts I am about to do will shock the whole world, for this is the hour of the Exodus. Wealth transfer and a new life a new beginning, a new economy, a new everything that you are about to see. Your promised lands, where there is no lack of any kind. Watch my hand move my children to save and deliver you. Shout it’s time of the new !  saith the lord

WOW Obama appointees to be removed, SCOTUS judges told to shape up or ship out, FBI CIA NSA who declared war on their own people to be dismantled, Pedophillic Disney to be destroyed, Bill Gates to be visited by the angel of death but not until he has lost everything and been exposed. A whole new unimaginable world coming starting now. Evil to be removed person by person. Its a long list. What a fantastic show.

Christian Gnostics Christian Prophets


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Of these prophetic words, so this was

December 2nd um The Great Reset of the New. For I the lord this day am speaking to my body, my church, to arise with a new song in your hearts. Arise to receive your freedoms and justice that is coming to you just as that’s coming to you justice that is coming for any and all damage that has been done to you your families your jobs your finances and your nations for I the lord and telling my army to arise now and put my words in your mouth to overcome every obstacle every plan and all assignments of the enemy to destroy you arise to this new glory and fire that I am pouring down to lift up my children to a new level to receive a new level to live in a new level of authority and power see through the eyes of Christ the eyes of your victory it’s already done and it’s already paid for so take it now stop speaking negative and the curse and destruction in your lives where Satan wants to keep you for I the lord is moving and moving fast to free and to heal you of anything and everything that has been done to you and against you this coming flood will overtake you with goodness and what you are seeing will be two fold a ripping apart and destruction of your enemies wiping them of any power and everything that they have stolen from you and yes in one day I can give all and restore everything owed to you my children call it all in call in what has your names on it retroactive restorations of thousands of years so start calling in not just for the finances but the businesses the lands and the governments no matter what it is in this earth and it’s all yours so take back what is yours and don’t be moved by religion and small thinking that tells you this isn’t possible no way can god change this economy in the world as we know it says who i am the great I am I made the worlds and all that is in it and that is all that in it that is good it was given to Jesus and as you are joint heirs in Christ know who you are this day know you are a child of the most high god and everything in every attack in your body your minds your finances whatever it is if there is the curse get it out of your life you have that power so stop waiting on me when I have given you when I have been waiting on you to know who you are in Christ and the authority that comes along with it remove all the sin in your life and get right before me there is no more time for judging ridiculing anger resentment bitterness and strife offensiveness get rid of it all these are the ways your adversary destroys you and keeps you locked in your prison cells of hopelessness despair depression and fear where he controls you and can torture torture you with these open doors i will help you remove these things especially when people have used and abused you i will deal with your enemies and let me have these cares and I will heal restore the damage in your life and in your bodies these are the days of housekeeping of cleansing purifying washing away wiping out the old and giving you the new what I have for you these are the days of the new yes new governments new economies new news stations new schools new churches full of holy ghost and fire and revival which will draw the masses to run to your doors. Stadiums will be filled with people desperate to know Jesus and receive miracles Yes, these are the days you were coming into. Darkness is for your enemies, not for you. Destruction for them. Revival and restoration for you. Massive turn arounds are here. More people are being exposed now. CNN come down to the ground, for your structure and foundation is crumbling under your feet. Nothing can save you, or anyone that worked at that network I have said be removed. Fall in Fall. Your numbers will continue to crash. Bankrupt you will hear, and a shutting of these doors, and their lights will be turned off, and the lights will never be turned back on for you. I am boarding up those doors never to allow you back in. CNN you are the first, but you are definitely not the last.  I AM is coming for every network, and every mouthpiece of hell that poured out deception lies throughout my earth. Judgement is here for you. You lied deceived killed stole. Yes, everything that has been done by any of you, will be all undone by me, saith the Lord of Hosts, for I am the great I Am, and I have just entered in, and you have just entered in, to my Great Reset of the New.

And it is NOW.

CNN was a novelty network formed in the 1990s. Continuous News. It was offered up early, as the mouthpiece of hell to the Clinton Presidency. Fake news from day one. Its Owner was Ted Turner, a born real estate billionaire, who openly chatted about exterminating 90% of the worlds population so he could get a good nights sleep. So worried was he about the world population number. It never occurred to him to try sleeping tablets or see a psychiatrist. NO. Exterminate the human race to solve his personal anxiety problem. He was married to loony leftist Jane Fonda who was photographed against a North Vietnamese Flag during the Vietnam War.

CNN 155 Billion dollars in debt (who bankrolled that ? ) Hint CNN executives are trained in Beijing. While its nominal owners are AT &T the telephone giant. CNN have admitted defeat. That no one listens to them. They are sacking their TV presenters and replacing them with documentaries LOL. Because Youtubers with Kitchen Laptops get more views than Don Lemon, Rachel Madcow. Brian Steltor. They just sacked lead anchor Chris Cuomo in a fit of moral outrage, when text messages revealed Chris Quomo was using his TV influence to blunt attacks on his brother, the now gone Andrew Cuomo former Governor of New York entangled in sexual misconduct allegations to cover his ordering thousands of covid positive people into Aged Care homes which killed many thousands of seniors. This only happened in Democrat states.

So Mr G is dancing on their grave and says all the legacy media will go the same way. It seems inevitable as the old concept of a city with controlled centralised Oligarch news thru 4 newspapers and 5 TV channels so everyone can be lied to, is just rendered obselete by the new networked society over the Internet.

Years ago I made videos about how we are locked into a barbaric society by our over-investment, or near total investment in lying. And the sleep walker behaviour of half the population being so gullible maintains the mendacity prison we live in.

Well, Mr G is infuriated in his messages and the professional perpetrators, and the Oligarchs are facing death sentences for fouling his kingdom. There will be no trace left of these evil doers, he says. And a new world based on truth is unfolding as the lying legacy media collapses.

Long term we can see that the single weapon of the Left has been LYING about EVERYTHING. Only that. They were given enough rope to hang themselves by Mr G. And now whistleblowers and leaks almost daily are destroying what remains of the Left. The US states could easily divide into two countries of Truth Tellers and Liars. This is current conversation.

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Vast changes coming very soon

Transcript here of the main message

All right now here is the Hour of Change

The utter Devastation is coming to the enemies of almighty God. They had their chance to repent, and they refused the right path. Your enemies were convinced they could squeak by, and still have a chance to save themselves and their power and money, from what is coming to their doors the nightmare has begun. They know something has shifted,. things aren’t the same, they are starting to sweat for more of the fear and anxiety and stress, that is hitting them. A place where there is no peace, no peace at all, that is why you will continue to see more of them retreating by stepping down from their places of power. They think that will save them from the shame embarrassments and  exposures that are coming, and are about to hit them like a freight train barrelling down the tracks. There is nothing to stop the force that is coming to your enemies. Nothing and nowhere to go to lessen the effects of this judgment. Know your enemies sided with the devil to destroy you, so now they will be destroyed I have said in my word set before you, life and death blessing and cursing you choose. Give everyone the opportunity to turn back before it’s too late. Your enemies days are numbered and their number is about to run out, my children you are so close to your Exodus and your freedom, so stand up against the pressure, stop the fear, fight my children, against the enemy who he has chosen to use, for you are on the winning side with me and the Lord shall move and save, deliver, and set you free. Things are about to erupt in your nation of United States. It may look like darkness, it will confuse many, but my children, I am moving to remove each and every one who stood against me, and stood against you my children, and tried to take over this world with the One World Government or the Great Reset. It’s time for MY RESET saith the Lord. Yes MY RESET  to restore my people in power, make new retroactively, give back to my children what has already been theirs, the United States have saved you, and you are seeing it being reborn stronger bigger better than ever before. YES getting rid of the old, the evil, and making it fresh and new, right now you are experiencing birth pains, right now be right before the birth that is about to take place. New life. A life you didn’t even know you could live. No matter how big you can dream ,this my children, What I have for you is far bigger than a human could ever comprehend. The move that I’m about to make. No one saw this coming. No for I the Lord will bring shock and awe into this world once again, but greater than have ever done before. Acts no human eye has ever seen. This will destroy your enemies and restore you my children, where you belong, in the head and not in the tail. Free and not enslaved, for the Lord, and moving quicker now. Things won’t take much longer with  the one move of my hand ,that’s all it takes. Just one move and all you will see, all you see now, will be gone forever, that is against you, while my church is still in this Earth the Holy spirit is arising higher in you. Receive this fresh fire being poured out, receive the glory I am raining down in this hour. Draw near to me, and  I will give you peace and strength for this hour, along with your unmovable faith, don’t retreat don’t run from your problems or run from what you see in this earth , run toward with fire on the inside of you knowing you cannot be defeated because  I am with you, be like David running toward Goliath to know your covenant with me, it is an unstoppable force  

Roe vs Wade ( US Pro Abortion Law) is being brought down and ancient Baal worship stopped in this nation. Morality is being brought back and so is the blessing brought to this nation, Great blessings will flow again, in this nation it’s hard to see now, but this will come to pass, all restored to this nation, all money power, to be given back. Your light will shine greater in this hour, and you will be the arm in this earth that will restore blessings to the nations, and all around the world. All hope is not lost but,  I am restoring and giving back more hope, more faith and restoration than you could ever imagine, my children. These are the days and your hour to celebrate and regain everything that has been lost or stolen from you .YES this hour these days you have been praying for are here you are at the doorsteps of this all coming down, and the Lord am raising you up higher than before, so arise awaken, take your place my children, let the lion roar on the inside of you, today, for the Lord will give you the right words to say, that will dismantle everything that stands against you and everything, holding you back. The great I am has spoken these things, and your adversary cannot stop it from coming to pass, arise my children and take back what’s yours .You are joint heirs with Christ and everything has been given to him So everything has been given to you. It’s time to receive your inheritance package, Yes, it belongs to you, so receive what is yours, this day, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Monumental promises from God here amounting to a pin point person by person demolition of the old evil riddled society, and replacement with a whole new set of society values that we have never seen. WOW. Centuries of evil mercantile activity like Robber Barons on the Rhine who became the great evil global corporations of today. From those Old Castles. Robber Barons simply sighted artillery across the Rhine and demanded illegal taxes for hundreds of years. Their positions of power to be overturned. Wealth returned somehow. I personally find this staggering and I m unable to chart this whole new world. This is the greatest time ever to be alive on this Earth.

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Only surviving copy of this video since many were lost when Julies Youtube channel were closed

So here is a prophetic word my children, for the Lord this day has said your enemies are in chaos ruin darkness confusion they’re in the midst of destruction and total fear of losing their influence.

Their power, their money, their families, and their lives great losses are coming to them now. What you see with Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO deplatformed Trump) stepping down, that is just the beginning of more people in higher positions, stepping down from their places of power. Some will do it on their own, some will be forced out, and some will be removed by their own side taking them out, or forcing them to resign.

The landslide has begun. The avalanche has started. It is picking up speed now, and the intensity is growing day by day, and as you are getting closer to  this mass Exodus into your promised lands of freedom, in every aspect of your lives Yes, the I the lord am moving my hands, things that have been done behind the scenes to save you. You will start seeing all of these things come to the light.

It has been in a trickle so far, and you are on the brink of a major flood coming into the news into the world of truth you say why Lord do you keep mentioning truth : and how it will destroy, because my children truth, where there is truth, there is freedom it sets the captives free my word is truth and it separates you from this world and the effects of it where there is truth there is freedom

Julie stops to add commentary. Healing and restoration so watch now, listen, he just said about uh I’m sorry I’m stopped this first time. You just said about Jack Dorsey CEO there was four I think three or four other people that stepped down the same day as that Ghislaine Maxwell court case on worldwide pedophilia etc

There’s more to that okay? Now listen to this one let’s look at this part of this word —

Mark Zuckerberg he will be removed from his position of Facebook and Yes it’s Facebook. He determined his future, he determined his future when he mocked me, and refused to repent, and went forward, with their plans against me, he used his invention, or the one he had stolen, used it against you, to spy on you and give your information to the puppet masters that control him. Well all are being removed by me, saith the Lord for the deals that they have made against you, the information that they have stolen from you to spy on you, to take you out, they silenced so many of my children it is now the days and hours of their sentencing, and they will be silenced, and when Mark Zuckerberg changed his company’s name to Meta which means Death in Hebrew he sealed his fate for his company, his power his influence, and himself he prophesied his own destruction, just like pharaoh did in Exodus with the death of the firstborn

He wanted that decree against my children and it happened to him in all of his nation, the enemies of almighty God have no idea who they have been up against they thought this was their show, and their world and nations to control, well, little did they know, who was really in control, and no matter how smart they thought they were, they were never going to outsmart me, the great I Am. They are just like their father the devil who tried to overthrow me, and he was shot right out of heaven, for his attempt of overthrow in his coup against me, well the enemies of almighty god have no idea what they are in for, and what is about to take place in their lives utter destruction is coming at them like a hurricane barrelling down the seashore or the shoreline. It will cover them all. The storm that is about to hit them will leave total destruction, and will wipe out their power. It will end everything their lives their positions, everything will be gone. Life as they know it, will be unrecognizable to them. The opposite, it’ll be unrecognizable to them, the opposite of what they thought would happen, the ones that would survive, he said now the ones that will survive will not believe their eyes for total devastation in the wake of the storm. Total annihilation. Some will take their own lives before someone does it for them. I’ll do that again— some will take their life, their own lives before someone does it for them. Some will turn themselves in Yes they know they have been caught some will have a lifetime in prison here and a eternity in hell for their arrogance cold-heartedness and hearts turned utterly cold, their heart their hardened hearts, and their hearts turn utterly cold of any human love or affection for any others than themselves, their power and their money more CEOs and Presidents of companies Yes they were a part of this whole stealing of this nation, but also of the sex trafficking of children, Yes I am tearing it apart I am destroying them for destroying little children for the lust of their own flesh enough is enough of their arrogance and evil that they have brought into this nation, and how it went of the rest of the world to destroy it. How it went through the rest of the world to destroy it. No I am the judge over all the earth and it’s time for judgment but for the sentencing for the crimes that they have committed they have been caught red-handed yes red-handed put people in the midst of them to record everything that they were doing some could hardly bear what they have seen and heard what the enemies have done to you, to your freedoms, to this country, its constitution, and for what they’ve done to the little children for power and for money they sold their souls for those two things, and it will be the death to most I am leveling the playing field they have been on this in this nation I’m leveling the playing field they have been on in this nation leveling it and wiping it completely out you are at the moment in history you are seeing your enemies fall apart and now you will see them fall to the ground the Clintons can’t hide the Obamas can’t hide the Bidens can’t hide. Harris can’t hide. McConnell can’t hide. Schumer can’t hide. Pelosi can’t hide just to name a few and will expose them all even on the right side who were the color Red who were actually blue wolves in sheep’s clothing. ( RINOS democrats posing as Republicans) you have only seen a few. There are many more lurking in the shadows. They thought they could hide in, they thought they could hide in. Nope.

I am shining the spotlight on them and all in this hour of destruction and total demise so watch as they fall like the walls of Jericho there is nothing protecting them now those principalities in the air have been removed by me in my angel armies Michael my Angel was one of them that destroyed the ones in the air, so my children watch, watch as this virus and any variant they want to name is being brought down for what it really is a trap, a killer. They made to imprison you and take your freedoms and to take all of your nations Fauci  your mask will be removed by me saith the lord

Fauci I’ ll visit you and it’s not a visitation that you want. Found you resisted, you lied, you stole, and you killed the masses for money, and for power, you agree to this plan with the puppet masters well Fauci, I will take you out, and there is nothing you can do to stop it and there is no one to save you. You are utterly alone. For they are giving you up to save themselves but they have no chance of survival either I am taking your crown off your head Fauci, and I am removing the crown that you helped put in this earth called Corona. I am removing it and saving my children and this earth of its destruction there will be a great celebration in the streets when the days after corona like it never existed I am wiping it off the face of this earth your plans have been destroyed and Fauci everyone will know what you have done and you will be one of the most hated people on earth for the death you brought to their doors but you will get what’s coming to you Fauci you will reap what you have sown and this is your hour to receive your harvest saith the lord of hosts. So get ready my children your days of freedom are here and at hand so stay the course and stay with me and don’t be moved in the coming days what fear they try to spew out to make you retreat to give up and to give in stay in faith and do not fear for I am here to save to deliver and set you free set you free from it all, saith the Lord your redeemer

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Julie Greens Gnosis explained

A little comparison between US Christians old style Gnosis and modern day Laymen’s Gnosis.

At 66mins 11 sec a useful explanation is provided of Julie’s style of Gnosis. Her style seems to be old fashioned inefficient 19th century Jacob Lorber Gnosis, a small quiet voice from the heart area. And its difficult. It sounds more like simple telepathy and its difficult she says. A mind struggle. This seems to be the predominant style of gnosis among US Christians. None that I have asked confirm receiving physical signals. They all hear internal music but they don’t respond. Their lack of vocabulary greatly hampers them. Prevents dialogue and the spread of education.

Julie says Somebody asked me– Do you hear an audible voice ?

I do not hear an audible voice It’s a still small voice that’s in here  (heart area ) It’s not, it’s not out here somewhere. I don’t hear something out here. I hear something in here, in my heart, that’s where these prophetic words come from, in my heart. My mind struggles when I’m writing, because it doesn’t comprehend what I’m hearing out of here, because it’s not here. It’s I’m here and God can speak to you too, He will he will give you the words, just ask him he will give you what you need to know in your life and what words you need to speak for deliverance and for God to make you free to deliver you 

Modern Laymans Gnosis is far superior. Provided by God as an upgrade which the theocrats call satanic. LOL. LG provides a much richer clearer multisense experience and requires no belief or faith or holy books, and provides physical evidence of Gnosis especially adapted to our “scientific” age upbringings

So its impossible to reach these  well meaning theocrats until Julie speaks about Layman’s Gnosis at I am told this will happen soon to everyone’s benefit. The idea is to put everyone on the same page in terms of vocabulary and understanding. Religious people, secular people, Spiritual people. All faiths and non faiths. Because Gnosis is purely natural. Strictly speaking NOT a religious event. Spread this around and we have Heaven on Earth.

This also fits in with Mr G’s complaint  thru Julie Green, that he is not really known by the masses at all, because misguided sleepwalker men have provided “official” descriptions describing him quite wrongly.

LG enables a much closer practical understanding of God for modern people.

Its a gift from God. Made possible only by God. Some of its rich attributes are listed below

Christian Prophets

Julie Green The Trap has been set .

Transcript starts at 4-14

The Trap has been set. I the lord this day have set the biggest
trap for your enemies to take them all out of power and destroy any evidence
that they were there.

Monday it’s called The Trap has been set. I the Lord this day have set the biggest trap for your enemies to take them all out of power and destroy any evidence that they were there. Yes, I have said it and the enemies fell for it, and now have been caught in the trap. Watch children of Almighty God, watch me work to save you this day. An hour of embarrassments are about to break out in the enemy’s camps. The pedophilia ring is about to be exposed, and I mean all of it, who, what, where when, and how they all have hidden this from you, in plain sight. I am dismantling it now my children you will see in your so-called government Hollywood actors singers, and ones who have been idols in this hour, most had a dirty secret they had been hiding with the pedophilia ring sex trafficking, their perversion lust, that they had control, so many drove their victims into depression, addictions, anxiety destroyed their souls.

I will judge those and heal every person they touched and afflicted with their torture chambers for this, their own sexual desires. Dark days are ahead, and you are at the doorsteps of seeing this collision course of darkness, judgement and removals come into existence. Yes a collision course for your enemies, everywhere they look. They are being cornered, exposed, losing everything and soon some of them will lose their own lives for I the Lord have seen all of this evil that I will now expose, for the

world to know. They didn’t just steal a nation/nations for power. What they have done to every aspect of your lives with all their heinous acts of evil I am moving to destroy it ,and will wipe it all out, clean and remove all the evidence, and heal the land, heal the lands and governments, my body, my church and my children, I am reversing all the damage. reversing all the evidence, they had you bound, evidence in every area of your lives that have been affected. for I the Lord am wiping all your slates clean children of almighty god. YES you are worthy because you are the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus how it states in my word, put on your armor your breastplate of righteousness so you know who you are with me, saith the Lord of Hosts. Celebration is about to break out in your lives, and in your nations, parents call in your kids, call them home, children come into your places with me, and fulfill your callings that I have on your lives Satan cannot hold back this glory, this revival, this transfer of power and wealth. No my children know this day you are the victors you are the winners, because I have won it all for you, for these days the powers that hold you back, and kept you down, have been destroyed. So arise and get up now my children get up and take your stand with with me, watch how significantly your lives will change by knowing who you are with me, saith the lord.

Satan can’t keep you bound, so break free break loose from the powers that have held you this these are the days of your Exodus my children, your freedoms are here and now you are no longer slaves to your enemies, for I the lord have paid your ransom, so march free this day, receive what I have done for you, my blood destroys everything your adversary has done to you Yes everything in your bodies, your souls, your family your finances your nation and where you live, destroys his hold, his chains and his deceiving you.

It is over saith the Lord of Hosts. Say it this day my children, the one who calls himself Biden, be exposed now, expose every lie, and be removed for your place, the rightful President Donald Trump come forth take your rightful seat in the light for the whole world to finally know the truth who has been in control and the rightful President Trump your time of being in the shadows is over. Take your place in the light and on the center stage, this hour saith the Lord. For I the Lord have held certain things back from the world, knowing everything that was going on, to lay this Trap for your enemies to destroy them and their power over you once and for all this had to take place for the world to see how far the evil had gone in each person who was a part of it all so my children yell it now ! Shout expose expose expose it all in this hour your words have power my children. I need you to know the power that resides on in you this day and into power there anything there’s so much power there is nothing your adversary could ever dream of you have so much power this is what he’s saying that the enemy can only dream of the power that’s on the inside of you remember he is powerless this is not part of the word but he is powerless against the one who’s on the inside of you that’s what he’s saying I’m gonna read this again your words have power my children I need you to know the power that resides on the inside of you, is more powerful than anything your adversary could ever dream of. Tap into my power today, my children and become the unstoppable force that I have for you in this earth for this very hour yes an unstoppable force your enemies can’t control any longer so arise now my children this is your hour to arise take your place and receive your inheritance package along with your freedoms in your bodies miracles are here so take and receive them now take them, with your words, just take it all now. I have WON and you are on the winning side Saith the lord of hosts, now in this word.

So the much maligned Q’s major player was God himself, working thru patriots who know the spirit. But kept secrets to lull enemies into a false sense of security believing they could succeed in overthrowing God off the planet. And while assembling and studying this transcript, I received the unexpected message that Julie will mention TBH. After all in these messages. Mr G complains nobody knows him as he really is, so a standardised communication protocol will put us all on the same page.

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