Vast changes coming very soon

Transcript here of the main message

All right now here is the Hour of Change

The utter Devastation is coming to the enemies of almighty God. They had their chance to repent, and they refused the right path. Your enemies were convinced they could squeak by, and still have a chance to save themselves and their power and money, from what is coming to their doors the nightmare has begun. They know something has shifted,. things aren’t the same, they are starting to sweat for more of the fear and anxiety and stress, that is hitting them. A place where there is no peace, no peace at all, that is why you will continue to see more of them retreating by stepping down from their places of power. They think that will save them from the shame embarrassments and  exposures that are coming, and are about to hit them like a freight train barrelling down the tracks. There is nothing to stop the force that is coming to your enemies. Nothing and nowhere to go to lessen the effects of this judgment. Know your enemies sided with the devil to destroy you, so now they will be destroyed I have said in my word set before you, life and death blessing and cursing you choose. Give everyone the opportunity to turn back before it’s too late. Your enemies days are numbered and their number is about to run out, my children you are so close to your Exodus and your freedom, so stand up against the pressure, stop the fear, fight my children, against the enemy who he has chosen to use, for you are on the winning side with me and the Lord shall move and save, deliver, and set you free. Things are about to erupt in your nation of United States. It may look like darkness, it will confuse many, but my children, I am moving to remove each and every one who stood against me, and stood against you my children, and tried to take over this world with the One World Government or the Great Reset. It’s time for MY RESET saith the Lord. Yes MY RESET  to restore my people in power, make new retroactively, give back to my children what has already been theirs, the United States have saved you, and you are seeing it being reborn stronger bigger better than ever before. YES getting rid of the old, the evil, and making it fresh and new, right now you are experiencing birth pains, right now be right before the birth that is about to take place. New life. A life you didn’t even know you could live. No matter how big you can dream ,this my children, What I have for you is far bigger than a human could ever comprehend. The move that I’m about to make. No one saw this coming. No for I the Lord will bring shock and awe into this world once again, but greater than have ever done before. Acts no human eye has ever seen. This will destroy your enemies and restore you my children, where you belong, in the head and not in the tail. Free and not enslaved, for the Lord, and moving quicker now. Things won’t take much longer with  the one move of my hand ,that’s all it takes. Just one move and all you will see, all you see now, will be gone forever, that is against you, while my church is still in this Earth the Holy spirit is arising higher in you. Receive this fresh fire being poured out, receive the glory I am raining down in this hour. Draw near to me, and  I will give you peace and strength for this hour, along with your unmovable faith, don’t retreat don’t run from your problems or run from what you see in this earth , run toward with fire on the inside of you knowing you cannot be defeated because  I am with you, be like David running toward Goliath to know your covenant with me, it is an unstoppable force  

Roe vs Wade ( US Pro Abortion Law) is being brought down and ancient Baal worship stopped in this nation. Morality is being brought back and so is the blessing brought to this nation, Great blessings will flow again, in this nation it’s hard to see now, but this will come to pass, all restored to this nation, all money power, to be given back. Your light will shine greater in this hour, and you will be the arm in this earth that will restore blessings to the nations, and all around the world. All hope is not lost but,  I am restoring and giving back more hope, more faith and restoration than you could ever imagine, my children. These are the days and your hour to celebrate and regain everything that has been lost or stolen from you .YES this hour these days you have been praying for are here you are at the doorsteps of this all coming down, and the Lord am raising you up higher than before, so arise awaken, take your place my children, let the lion roar on the inside of you, today, for the Lord will give you the right words to say, that will dismantle everything that stands against you and everything, holding you back. The great I am has spoken these things, and your adversary cannot stop it from coming to pass, arise my children and take back what’s yours .You are joint heirs with Christ and everything has been given to him So everything has been given to you. It’s time to receive your inheritance package, Yes, it belongs to you, so receive what is yours, this day, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Monumental promises from God here amounting to a pin point person by person demolition of the old evil riddled society, and replacement with a whole new set of society values that we have never seen. WOW. Centuries of evil mercantile activity like Robber Barons on the Rhine who became the great evil global corporations of today. From those Old Castles. Robber Barons simply sighted artillery across the Rhine and demanded illegal taxes for hundreds of years. Their positions of power to be overturned. Wealth returned somehow. I personally find this staggering and I m unable to chart this whole new world. This is the greatest time ever to be alive on this Earth.

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