Julie Greens Gnosis explained


A little comparison between US Christians old style Gnosis and modern day Laymen’s Gnosis.

At 66mins 11 sec a useful explanation is provided of Julie’s style of Gnosis. Her style seems to be old fashioned inefficient 19th century Jacob Lorber Gnosis, a small quiet voice from the heart area. And its difficult. It sounds more like simple telepathy and its difficult she says. A mind struggle. This seems to be the predominant style of gnosis among US Christians. None that I have asked confirm receiving physical signals. They all hear internal music but they don’t respond. Their lack of vocabulary greatly hampers them. Prevents dialogue and the spread of education.

Julie says Somebody asked me– Do you hear an audible voice ?

I do not hear an audible voice It’s a still small voice that’s in here  (heart area ) It’s not, it’s not out here somewhere. I don’t hear something out here. I hear something in here, in my heart, that’s where these prophetic words come from, in my heart. My mind struggles when I’m writing, because it doesn’t comprehend what I’m hearing out of here, because it’s not here. It’s I’m here and God can speak to you too, He will he will give you the words, just ask him he will give you what you need to know in your life and what words you need to speak for deliverance and for God to make you free to deliver you 

Modern Laymans Gnosis is far superior. Provided by God as an upgrade which the theocrats call satanic. LOL. LG provides a much richer clearer multisense experience and requires no belief or faith or holy books, and provides physical evidence of Gnosis especially adapted to our “scientific” age upbringings

So its impossible to reach these  well meaning theocrats until Julie speaks about Layman’s Gnosis at www.truebluehealer.com I am told this will happen soon to everyone’s benefit. The idea is to put everyone on the same page in terms of vocabulary and understanding. Religious people, secular people, Spiritual people. All faiths and non faiths. Because Gnosis is purely natural. Strictly speaking NOT a religious event. Spread this around and we have Heaven on Earth.

This also fits in with Mr G’s complaint  thru Julie Green, that he is not really known by the masses at all, because misguided sleepwalker men have provided “official” descriptions describing him quite wrongly.

LG enables a much closer practical understanding of God for modern people.

Its a gift from God. Made possible only by God. Some of its rich attributes are listed below

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