Julie Green The Trap has been set .

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The Trap has been set. I the lord this day have set the biggest
trap for your enemies to take them all out of power and destroy any evidence
that they were there.

Monday it’s called The Trap has been set. I the Lord this day have set the biggest trap for your enemies to take them all out of power and destroy any evidence that they were there. Yes, I have said it and the enemies fell for it, and now have been caught in the trap. Watch children of Almighty God, watch me work to save you this day. An hour of embarrassments are about to break out in the enemy’s camps. The pedophilia ring is about to be exposed, and I mean all of it, who, what, where when, and how they all have hidden this from you, in plain sight. I am dismantling it now my children you will see in your so-called government Hollywood actors singers, and ones who have been idols in this hour, most had a dirty secret they had been hiding with the pedophilia ring sex trafficking, their perversion lust, that they had control, so many drove their victims into depression, addictions, anxiety destroyed their souls.

I will judge those and heal every person they touched and afflicted with their torture chambers for this, their own sexual desires. Dark days are ahead, and you are at the doorsteps of seeing this collision course of darkness, judgement and removals come into existence. Yes a collision course for your enemies, everywhere they look. They are being cornered, exposed, losing everything and soon some of them will lose their own lives for I the Lord have seen all of this evil that I will now expose, for the

world to know. They didn’t just steal a nation/nations for power. What they have done to every aspect of your lives with all their heinous acts of evil I am moving to destroy it ,and will wipe it all out, clean and remove all the evidence, and heal the land, heal the lands and governments, my body, my church and my children, I am reversing all the damage. reversing all the evidence, they had you bound, evidence in every area of your lives that have been affected. for I the Lord am wiping all your slates clean children of almighty god. YES you are worthy because you are the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus how it states in my word, put on your armor your breastplate of righteousness so you know who you are with me, saith the Lord of Hosts. Celebration is about to break out in your lives, and in your nations, parents call in your kids, call them home, children come into your places with me, and fulfill your callings that I have on your lives Satan cannot hold back this glory, this revival, this transfer of power and wealth. No my children know this day you are the victors you are the winners, because I have won it all for you, for these days the powers that hold you back, and kept you down, have been destroyed. So arise and get up now my children get up and take your stand with with me, watch how significantly your lives will change by knowing who you are with me, saith the lord.

Satan can’t keep you bound, so break free break loose from the powers that have held you this these are the days of your Exodus my children, your freedoms are here and now you are no longer slaves to your enemies, for I the lord have paid your ransom, so march free this day, receive what I have done for you, my blood destroys everything your adversary has done to you Yes everything in your bodies, your souls, your family your finances your nation and where you live, destroys his hold, his chains and his deceiving you.

It is over saith the Lord of Hosts. Say it this day my children, the one who calls himself Biden, be exposed now, expose every lie, and be removed for your place, the rightful President Donald Trump come forth take your rightful seat in the light for the whole world to finally know the truth who has been in control and the rightful President Trump your time of being in the shadows is over. Take your place in the light and on the center stage, this hour saith the Lord. For I the Lord have held certain things back from the world, knowing everything that was going on, to lay this Trap for your enemies to destroy them and their power over you once and for all this had to take place for the world to see how far the evil had gone in each person who was a part of it all so my children yell it now ! Shout expose expose expose it all in this hour your words have power my children. I need you to know the power that resides on in you this day and into power there anything there’s so much power there is nothing your adversary could ever dream of you have so much power this is what he’s saying that the enemy can only dream of the power that’s on the inside of you remember he is powerless this is not part of the word but he is powerless against the one who’s on the inside of you that’s what he’s saying I’m gonna read this again your words have power my children I need you to know the power that resides on the inside of you, is more powerful than anything your adversary could ever dream of. Tap into my power today, my children and become the unstoppable force that I have for you in this earth for this very hour yes an unstoppable force your enemies can’t control any longer so arise now my children this is your hour to arise take your place and receive your inheritance package along with your freedoms in your bodies miracles are here so take and receive them now take them, with your words, just take it all now. I have WON and you are on the winning side Saith the lord of hosts, now in this word.

So the much maligned Q’s major player was God himself, working thru patriots who know the spirit. But kept secrets to lull enemies into a false sense of security believing they could succeed in overthrowing God off the planet. And while assembling and studying this transcript, I received the unexpected message that Julie will mention TBH. After all in these messages. Mr G complains nobody knows him as he really is, so a standardised communication protocol will put us all on the same page.

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