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Of these prophetic words, so this was

December 2nd um The Great Reset of the New. For I the lord this day am speaking to my body, my church, to arise with a new song in your hearts. Arise to receive your freedoms and justice that is coming to you just as that’s coming to you justice that is coming for any and all damage that has been done to you your families your jobs your finances and your nations for I the lord and telling my army to arise now and put my words in your mouth to overcome every obstacle every plan and all assignments of the enemy to destroy you arise to this new glory and fire that I am pouring down to lift up my children to a new level to receive a new level to live in a new level of authority and power see through the eyes of Christ the eyes of your victory it’s already done and it’s already paid for so take it now stop speaking negative and the curse and destruction in your lives where Satan wants to keep you for I the lord is moving and moving fast to free and to heal you of anything and everything that has been done to you and against you this coming flood will overtake you with goodness and what you are seeing will be two fold a ripping apart and destruction of your enemies wiping them of any power and everything that they have stolen from you and yes in one day I can give all and restore everything owed to you my children call it all in call in what has your names on it retroactive restorations of thousands of years so start calling in not just for the finances but the businesses the lands and the governments no matter what it is in this earth and it’s all yours so take back what is yours and don’t be moved by religion and small thinking that tells you this isn’t possible no way can god change this economy in the world as we know it says who i am the great I am I made the worlds and all that is in it and that is all that in it that is good it was given to Jesus and as you are joint heirs in Christ know who you are this day know you are a child of the most high god and everything in every attack in your body your minds your finances whatever it is if there is the curse get it out of your life you have that power so stop waiting on me when I have given you when I have been waiting on you to know who you are in Christ and the authority that comes along with it remove all the sin in your life and get right before me there is no more time for judging ridiculing anger resentment bitterness and strife offensiveness get rid of it all these are the ways your adversary destroys you and keeps you locked in your prison cells of hopelessness despair depression and fear where he controls you and can torture torture you with these open doors i will help you remove these things especially when people have used and abused you i will deal with your enemies and let me have these cares and I will heal restore the damage in your life and in your bodies these are the days of housekeeping of cleansing purifying washing away wiping out the old and giving you the new what I have for you these are the days of the new yes new governments new economies new news stations new schools new churches full of holy ghost and fire and revival which will draw the masses to run to your doors. Stadiums will be filled with people desperate to know Jesus and receive miracles Yes, these are the days you were coming into. Darkness is for your enemies, not for you. Destruction for them. Revival and restoration for you. Massive turn arounds are here. More people are being exposed now. CNN come down to the ground, for your structure and foundation is crumbling under your feet. Nothing can save you, or anyone that worked at that network I have said be removed. Fall in Fall. Your numbers will continue to crash. Bankrupt you will hear, and a shutting of these doors, and their lights will be turned off, and the lights will never be turned back on for you. I am boarding up those doors never to allow you back in. CNN you are the first, but you are definitely not the last.  I AM is coming for every network, and every mouthpiece of hell that poured out deception lies throughout my earth. Judgement is here for you. You lied deceived killed stole. Yes, everything that has been done by any of you, will be all undone by me, saith the Lord of Hosts, for I am the great I Am, and I have just entered in, and you have just entered in, to my Great Reset of the New.

And it is NOW.

CNN was a novelty network formed in the 1990s. Continuous News. It was offered up early, as the mouthpiece of hell to the Clinton Presidency. Fake news from day one. Its Owner was Ted Turner, a born real estate billionaire, who openly chatted about exterminating 90% of the worlds population so he could get a good nights sleep. So worried was he about the world population number. It never occurred to him to try sleeping tablets or see a psychiatrist. NO. Exterminate the human race to solve his personal anxiety problem. He was married to loony leftist Jane Fonda who was photographed against a North Vietnamese Flag during the Vietnam War.

CNN 155 Billion dollars in debt (who bankrolled that ? ) Hint CNN executives are trained in Beijing. While its nominal owners are AT &T the telephone giant. CNN have admitted defeat. That no one listens to them. They are sacking their TV presenters and replacing them with documentaries LOL. Because Youtubers with Kitchen Laptops get more views than Don Lemon, Rachel Madcow. Brian Steltor. They just sacked lead anchor Chris Cuomo in a fit of moral outrage, when text messages revealed Chris Quomo was using his TV influence to blunt attacks on his brother, the now gone Andrew Cuomo former Governor of New York entangled in sexual misconduct allegations to cover his ordering thousands of covid positive people into Aged Care homes which killed many thousands of seniors. This only happened in Democrat states.

So Mr G is dancing on their grave and says all the legacy media will go the same way. It seems inevitable as the old concept of a city with controlled centralised Oligarch news thru 4 newspapers and 5 TV channels so everyone can be lied to, is just rendered obselete by the new networked society over the Internet.

Years ago I made videos about how we are locked into a barbaric society by our over-investment, or near total investment in lying. And the sleep walker behaviour of half the population being so gullible maintains the mendacity prison we live in.

Well, Mr G is infuriated in his messages and the professional perpetrators, and the Oligarchs are facing death sentences for fouling his kingdom. There will be no trace left of these evil doers, he says. And a new world based on truth is unfolding as the lying legacy media collapses.

Long term we can see that the single weapon of the Left has been LYING about EVERYTHING. Only that. They were given enough rope to hang themselves by Mr G. And now whistleblowers and leaks almost daily are destroying what remains of the Left. The US states could easily divide into two countries of Truth Tellers and Liars. This is current conversation.

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