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So here is a prophetic word my children, for the Lord this day has said your enemies are in chaos ruin darkness confusion they’re in the midst of destruction and total fear of losing their influence.

Their power, their money, their families, and their lives great losses are coming to them now. What you see with Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO deplatformed Trump) stepping down, that is just the beginning of more people in higher positions, stepping down from their places of power. Some will do it on their own, some will be forced out, and some will be removed by their own side taking them out, or forcing them to resign.

The landslide has begun. The avalanche has started. It is picking up speed now, and the intensity is growing day by day, and as you are getting closer to  this mass Exodus into your promised lands of freedom, in every aspect of your lives Yes, the I the lord am moving my hands, things that have been done behind the scenes to save you. You will start seeing all of these things come to the light.

It has been in a trickle so far, and you are on the brink of a major flood coming into the news into the world of truth you say why Lord do you keep mentioning truth : and how it will destroy, because my children truth, where there is truth, there is freedom it sets the captives free my word is truth and it separates you from this world and the effects of it where there is truth there is freedom

Julie stops to add commentary. Healing and restoration so watch now, listen, he just said about uh I’m sorry I’m stopped this first time. You just said about Jack Dorsey CEO there was four I think three or four other people that stepped down the same day as that Ghislaine Maxwell court case on worldwide pedophilia etc

There’s more to that okay? Now listen to this one let’s look at this part of this word —

Mark Zuckerberg he will be removed from his position of Facebook and Yes it’s Facebook. He determined his future, he determined his future when he mocked me, and refused to repent, and went forward, with their plans against me, he used his invention, or the one he had stolen, used it against you, to spy on you and give your information to the puppet masters that control him. Well all are being removed by me, saith the Lord for the deals that they have made against you, the information that they have stolen from you to spy on you, to take you out, they silenced so many of my children it is now the days and hours of their sentencing, and they will be silenced, and when Mark Zuckerberg changed his company’s name to Meta which means Death in Hebrew he sealed his fate for his company, his power his influence, and himself he prophesied his own destruction, just like pharaoh did in Exodus with the death of the firstborn

He wanted that decree against my children and it happened to him in all of his nation, the enemies of almighty God have no idea who they have been up against they thought this was their show, and their world and nations to control, well, little did they know, who was really in control, and no matter how smart they thought they were, they were never going to outsmart me, the great I Am. They are just like their father the devil who tried to overthrow me, and he was shot right out of heaven, for his attempt of overthrow in his coup against me, well the enemies of almighty god have no idea what they are in for, and what is about to take place in their lives utter destruction is coming at them like a hurricane barrelling down the seashore or the shoreline. It will cover them all. The storm that is about to hit them will leave total destruction, and will wipe out their power. It will end everything their lives their positions, everything will be gone. Life as they know it, will be unrecognizable to them. The opposite, it’ll be unrecognizable to them, the opposite of what they thought would happen, the ones that would survive, he said now the ones that will survive will not believe their eyes for total devastation in the wake of the storm. Total annihilation. Some will take their own lives before someone does it for them. I’ll do that again— some will take their life, their own lives before someone does it for them. Some will turn themselves in Yes they know they have been caught some will have a lifetime in prison here and a eternity in hell for their arrogance cold-heartedness and hearts turned utterly cold, their heart their hardened hearts, and their hearts turn utterly cold of any human love or affection for any others than themselves, their power and their money more CEOs and Presidents of companies Yes they were a part of this whole stealing of this nation, but also of the sex trafficking of children, Yes I am tearing it apart I am destroying them for destroying little children for the lust of their own flesh enough is enough of their arrogance and evil that they have brought into this nation, and how it went of the rest of the world to destroy it. How it went through the rest of the world to destroy it. No I am the judge over all the earth and it’s time for judgment but for the sentencing for the crimes that they have committed they have been caught red-handed yes red-handed put people in the midst of them to record everything that they were doing some could hardly bear what they have seen and heard what the enemies have done to you, to your freedoms, to this country, its constitution, and for what they’ve done to the little children for power and for money they sold their souls for those two things, and it will be the death to most I am leveling the playing field they have been on this in this nation I’m leveling the playing field they have been on in this nation leveling it and wiping it completely out you are at the moment in history you are seeing your enemies fall apart and now you will see them fall to the ground the Clintons can’t hide the Obamas can’t hide the Bidens can’t hide. Harris can’t hide. McConnell can’t hide. Schumer can’t hide. Pelosi can’t hide just to name a few and will expose them all even on the right side who were the color Red who were actually blue wolves in sheep’s clothing. ( RINOS democrats posing as Republicans) you have only seen a few. There are many more lurking in the shadows. They thought they could hide in, they thought they could hide in. Nope.

I am shining the spotlight on them and all in this hour of destruction and total demise so watch as they fall like the walls of Jericho there is nothing protecting them now those principalities in the air have been removed by me in my angel armies Michael my Angel was one of them that destroyed the ones in the air, so my children watch, watch as this virus and any variant they want to name is being brought down for what it really is a trap, a killer. They made to imprison you and take your freedoms and to take all of your nations Fauci  your mask will be removed by me saith the lord

Fauci I’ ll visit you and it’s not a visitation that you want. Found you resisted, you lied, you stole, and you killed the masses for money, and for power, you agree to this plan with the puppet masters well Fauci, I will take you out, and there is nothing you can do to stop it and there is no one to save you. You are utterly alone. For they are giving you up to save themselves but they have no chance of survival either I am taking your crown off your head Fauci, and I am removing the crown that you helped put in this earth called Corona. I am removing it and saving my children and this earth of its destruction there will be a great celebration in the streets when the days after corona like it never existed I am wiping it off the face of this earth your plans have been destroyed and Fauci everyone will know what you have done and you will be one of the most hated people on earth for the death you brought to their doors but you will get what’s coming to you Fauci you will reap what you have sown and this is your hour to receive your harvest saith the lord of hosts. So get ready my children your days of freedom are here and at hand so stay the course and stay with me and don’t be moved in the coming days what fear they try to spew out to make you retreat to give up and to give in stay in faith and do not fear for I am here to save to deliver and set you free set you free from it all, saith the Lord your redeemer

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