Useful transcript here of the main message and Julie describes her personal experience of Gnosis

Now here is a prophetic word called

It’s Show Time

Children of Almighty god I have told you that my show is about to start, ¬†Well, it’s showtime ! Your enemies show is over, and the credit scene has started. It’s releasing more names and every part they played to destroy you. It will be revealed for the whole world to see the puppets show their ruling over you. It is finished saith the Lord of Hosts I have had enough of their destruction their lies, their chaos their complete nonsense coming forth out of their mouths to control you. YES complete nonsense controlled by fear so people just fall for what is being said. The power of fear over my children and my world is being destroyed The control it had is being brought down from his place of power truth will expel all the lies and destroy the chains of that killer YES fear is a killer he used fear to steal, to kill and to destroy everything, that he could, use everyone he could, so you would not look to me or believe my words my prophets or take any part in this great Exodus for I the Lord have come down to expel dismantle, destroy every plan and every plot against you.

You are my children and I gave my only begotten son so you could live But not like this not enslaved to men and to rulers controlled by Satan himself as my body slept, their control over you became great, Yes so great my children stopped fighting back, they stopped pressing in to stand and speak my words, to expel and destroy Satan’s plans and powers over you my children are not asleep anymore, the awakening has begun, a shift has started to grow, my children are arising and taking back their authority and this earth that is already theirs that has been paid for by me and given to you glory is filling this earth.

YES glory will flood this world to restore power, bring authority back to you my children. This complete restoration I have spoken of in my word that is here and now you are the partakers of this great event that the greatest time in human history to be alive, when you get to heaven my children all will know that you are the partakers of my great Exodus and the greatest acts of my power in human history the whole world gets to see an experience great celebrations in heaven of what is about to take place in this earth my children have come my courts my children come to my courts with thanksgiving and praise. When you do that, your enemies control over you will be destroyed sing praises my children sing even when you don’t feel that you can that sacrificial praise will bring great destruction to your enemies camps over you this is time to march forward and to sing praises which will bring deliverance and healing of every kind needed in your life to make you completely whole this is a time of being whole and complete and complete restoration, my children you are kings in this earth not slaves those days are finished I am moving quickly now to dismantle every part of their intimate intricate details of this plan every web they weaved, everything that came will come down at once YES at one time my mighty hand is against him, against them, and that’s all it takes not effort, that much, not much effort because their power was so small and mine is so great, for I the Lord, the great I am, for I the great I am and the enemies you have been up against remember okay I’m gonna read that again because I don’t wanna because when I read it too fast it destroys the flow of it. For I am the great I am and the enemies you have been up against remember, they were thrown out of heaven by me saith the

Lord I do sit in the heavens and laugh at how powerful they think they are,

they thought they were gods really, look how that worked out for Pharaoh !

The same devil using different people with different names same plan same scheme to take me out of this world, and have the world turn its back on me so he was full of control and control over you well that will never happen the only thing close to that is tribulation, and I will allow things to happen on earth that will destroy your enemies and your adversaries once and for all and then they’ll be thrown into hell, where they belong in their time, the time of man will expire on earth and Satan’s power will be completely destroyed.

His time is running out and his desperation to keep you and to keep this earth he’s using everything and everyone he can remember my children I brought him to nothing I disarmed him and his powers were removed against my body. My children are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. Fill yourselves with my word with my joy and strength the wisdom it will bring the peace it will bring shout sing a new song. Turn off the news, turn off their news, and put on my good news, freedom and deliverance is here, for the days you are ushering into will be great, great my children. For you great joy, great freedoms, great deliverance of all things that kept you (?) Receive what I the Lord have done for you, what you saw and see and what you will see will all be destroyed by me, my show has already begun and it’s about to get very interesting so shout, your days of victory are now saith the Lord your Redeemer

Now pay attention here below, dear reader.

Later on Julie answers a common question about her personal gnostic experience. Once again she reveals her style of Gnosis is meagre and arduous. And she cant install it in anyone else.

Julie explains– He also says that his sheep know his voice, so you say, Well I’ve never heard and I can’t hear like you, just because you may not give prophetic words, you don’t have that calling on your life, doesn’t mean you can’t hear from god every day. Again you don’t hear from him here, you hear from him inside of you, it’s a still small voice it’s like a whisper but you know that you know it’s him. God loves each and every one of us and he has a plan and a calling for each and every one of you.

This is what Socrates described. He died in 490 BC. So people knew the spirit back then. And so did many other Greek scientists before that..

It seems quite impossible to theocratic christians today that Mr G could provide a communications upgrade that fully uses new fangled recorded music and the Internet to converse with his children. They just wont stand for it ! They wont let Mr G change anything they are so theocratic. Yet massive changes are being wrought by God right now and I’m told prophets like Julie will be nudged into TBH to put us all on the same page.

It even says in their ancient bible Corinthians, that the divine spark lives in every person regardless of faith or lack of. So its NOT an exclusive christian thing at all.

Provided quietly by Mr G decades ago, Laymans Gnosis has not yet been showcased. But that time is drawing near. The experience of Lay Gnosis is far richer than simple Christian Gnosis. It even includes Physical signals for the scientifically minded. And its physically contagious ! So we can achieve Heaven on earth. Everyone knowing the spirit.

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