Julie Green – Its My Time

Transcript provided here. Quite a blast this announcement.

It’s my time

Enemies of Almighty God I am pulling the rugs from underneath your feet, and your fall will be great. Your days of ruling on my earth and over my children are finished, saith the Lord of Hosts. You will not stay any longer in your places of power ruling over my children, stealing from them, killing them, controlling them with your lies, your falsehoods of everything that you could come up with in order to beat them into submission. So they would bow their needs to worship you and give in to the pressure, and the fear that you caused throughout this earth. I am knocking you all down to the ground and most of you will never get up. Your judgment is here and I am cleaning out your bank accounts. We’re bringing your businesses away from you, that most of you stole from the ones on the puppet mat, who are the puppet masters, those who had control of who was successful ,and who wasn’t, they kept my children from their wealth. Well, not anymore, not just the disease, and not just the businesses and the financial prosperity, but the diseased food you fed to the masses, the poison you call medicine, I will expose everything, and I will overturn everything done to my children, and my earth. You destroyed the soil on purpose, you stripped it of its nutrients to slowly kill the masses with malnourishment, which caused so many so much pain, affliction, diseases, sicknesses in all you will reap at what time, with what you have sown against my children. Great death is coming to this earth, the Angel of Death is coming for you enemies, of  l Almighty God, you refuse to repent, you mocked me, you went through with your plans, and I am now stepping in to avenge my children.

Watch for more blackouts and servers going down, Yes by me, I will bring them all down. This is a part of the destruction of me, revealing what has been hidden on their servers in their companies. JEFF BEZOS I said it before, I warned you these blackouts and the servers going down is just the beginning of your great fall. I will rip everything from you, and your shame and embarrassment will be great for the suffering you caused due to your sex trafficking and the coup against this nation YES the great I am is coming for you, even though you stepped down from your place of power to run and hide, I have found you and I will destroy you.

Watch the Royal family. Great exposures are about to surface regarding Prince Charles who will be exposed to who he really is. His part of his plan to destroy you, United States with a globalist and with the one world government leaders, and yes all their dirty deals, and this the secret heinous crimes that  have been committed by Prince Charles will come to light even concerning the death of Diana.

I’m bringing down anyone in power on this earth that has had evil in their heart and an evil agenda and that won’t turn from their wicked ways or repent.

Trudeau I am is coming for you I am doing a clean sweep of the government officials who work with you in your plan, for what they have done against my nation, the United States. You are paid with your part of the coup and with your latest friends.

I will knock you down from where you are sitting and strip you of your power, and any dignity you thought you had

I’m moving across Canada to free it from your death that you had it in to control it, and you used to destroy it.

 Know I am  freeing Canada and they will take part in this great celebration and hold on– I lost my spot–

They’ll take part in this great celebration hold on Canada I am is delivering you from their hands and I will leave no evidence of their control over you,  Julie- I want to make sure that I got that right because I skipped where I was reading Canada. You have celebration coming to your land all right. Here’s Australia

YES  Australia I am coming and you and I will do a clean sweep of the ones who control you. I will free your nation from all the freedoms they took from you, to enslave you and to break you, so you wouldn’t fight back.

You will also be a part of this great celebration, so don’t lose hope the great I am is on your side and I never lose.

Stand up my children, everyone all over this earth and stand up and fight in your prayer rooms and war rooms, in the war in the spirit.

Demand your freedoms and your countries back I will honour those prayers you are more powerful than you realize the greater one is in you let him speak through you say the words that destroy and dismantle your enemies the days ahead that all are about to experience my children will look like chaos and darkness to those who refuse to listen but you my remnant my church, who I have chosen this hour will know what time it is in time of your freedom and your deliverance when you see the military taking center stage, don’t fear for this is what needs to take place. Don’t be moved for the great I am is moving and when I move my hand across this land it will shock most of you, how fast it went removing and restoring what is your eyes my children I can do it in one day not months not years one day don’t limit my ability to save you. I am love and I am delivering whom I love in this earth and the ones who have  chosen me chose to love me despite the enemies and what they are doing for the rest of this earth, all who don’t know me, you are about to see the great I Am move. You will know I am the great I am, and it will be your time to choose what side you are on. I am doing this mighty work for you to see who I am really is, my children.

Prepare your houses for this restoration in the moving of my hand. You are at the door now, so step through and Receive what the great I Am is doing in this day Saith the Lord . End message 

 Julie explains –Now what I want to point out is one of these last paragraphs he said YES my children I can do it in one day, not months, not years, but one day. Don’t limit my ability to save you. I am love and I am delivering all whom I love on this earth and all who chose me you have to remember people would say, that’s contradicting and I know that does sound like it, but the reason why I’m explaining this is because he does love every person on this earth, but not every person on this earth chooses him. The people on this earth he loves them, but he doesn’t love the sin, so that’s different so all of his church right now that are choosing to believe  him, the choosing of love, those he is completely delivering. He loves the evil ones he just doesn’t love what they’re doing he loves the person but he knows who is controlling them and he knows they’ve changed their mind and they can’t. He can’t change their will he can’t force somebody to love . He can’t force somebody to choose. That’s why there’s so many evil things that go on in this earth because we as human beings have a free will he’s given us, that free will to choose him to love him to believe him, despite what all is going on in this earth, and we he’s bringing us into a promised land but remember in the book of Exodus not everybody saw it, not everybody got to experience it, even though they were part of the children that were freed from Egypt they’re part of the Exodus but not all of them are part of the promised land, we’re experiencing the Exodus right now when he’s talking about the Angel of Death and he said it yesterday and he’s talking about this he’s saying DO NOT FEAR he’s even saying to some men to so many, it will look like mass chaos is in this earth, but to the remnant it’s gonna look and they’re gonna know they’re gonna start celebrating because these are the days of destruction of your enemies and your days of freedom and deliverance we all have a choice we have a choice to choose God it says in his word to lean on not on our own understanding ,we’re supposed to lean not onto how we understand what god is saying in some of these words when he’s going to be doing some of these trying to put a spin on it for ourselves, we can’t do that just believe say God no matter what things look like, no matter how things may seem I trust your words these are his words I’m not a writer I literally cannot write and I just want to let you guys know that every day he’s giving me these words why for you he’s given me these words for you to encourage you to give you hope because when all this is going on all around us these words that god has given they bring what life they bring joy and strength they bring encouragement when on the inside of you if your fire wasn’t in there and if it was really dim these words are making that fire brighter on the inside of you that lion of the tribe of Judah is on the inside of you and the more you hear these words the more the line will roar the more you will not stop you will get fed up you will stand up you won’t quit because you’ll have those marching orders remember I will not be defeated, I will not quit and I will not be defeated I will not be defeated. Say I am not defeated and I will not quit no matter what is going on in your life remember say what you want don’t say what you have God is our deliverer.

Read the book of Exodus go watch the ten commandments anything that will feed your faith, that nothing is impossible to God is when you see the acts that god has done in the plagues that were against the enemies and how he saved his children. How we saved them from all the plagues God is doing the same thing for us. We’re not going to experience what the evil ones are experiencing, and if you can’t see if you don’t understand say Julie all these prophetic words all these people are saying I don’t see it

Well, this is for you this prayer is going to be for you. No transcript for the prayer. You can just listen.

Staggering announcements, many of these massive actions to occur in a single day. Australia and Canada governments to be politically decapitated. Many Angel of Death visits promised by Mr G. Don’t be squeamish, its just like weeding a garden. And death is our most convincing illusion. But the evil-doer elites will likely find a reception has been organised for them, after their physical death. What does one do with mass murderers who wake up dead ? One thing comes to mind, that normally esteemed Doctors have been administering lethal injections to keep their jobs, just like German doctors euthanised handicapped people in the 1930s. How would you judge these covid “doctors”?

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