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Its coming this year

Transcript starts at 90 secs

For I the Lord this day have spoken to you through my written word of these days that you are living in now.

Wars and rumours of wars, famines pestilences earthquakes in various places, and I have said these were like birth pains of a woman. All of this will intensify.

But my children I know from the beginning there is nothing to fear with what you are hearing on this earth. NO. Not regarding any nation or any war.

Distractions I say, to get you off paying attention to something else as their empire crumbles to the ground and they are scrambling to devise a plan to save what they have left. What you are seeing right now in this world is nothing to fear I will tell you again, my children you are on my side and I never lose your enemies will never outsmart me neither will they devise a plan no matter how intricate it is I know exactly what to do and when to do it their power is useless against me, and my plans remember, remind yourselves I created the Heavens and the Earth my hammer is coming down. My gavel is coming down.

Justice and judgment at the same time you will see.

I warned you my children your adversaries will do anything to take the tension off of themselves right now they will try things with your borders they will try things again with your freedoms over the virus and mandates, and lockdowns and wars to try to bring confusion and fear. They want to fully break you right now into submitting and believing them. I am in control. Your so-called government they are nothing in my sight. Worms in the ground, their plans are nothing. Watch as February draws near, more exposure, watch them intensify and how much more will come out regarding January 6th.

Floodgates are widening to show the truth on what happened that day. Nancy Pelosi this will be a great fall for you.

I’m exposing everything about what you and your plans and how and who helped you plan this against the rightful President.

Or who devises the plan with you. I will expose oh YES Obama and the puppet masters made this plan for you to carry it out. All the congressmen and senators who helped ,with capitol police and not all. Some were totally innocent of your plan come out. Shout Eit all in Jesus name.

No matter the lies where they’re hidden, all will be exposed .Watch as my states continue to come out with the truth. More laws being passed  to protect the next election, but first 2020 will be corrected, and I mean that that was all catwalks.

The certifications will be passed to the majority of the states. There was a Red tsunami that day and I will show the world what actually happened, every state and every seat will be given back, to the rightful winners. Brace for impact that no one thought was possible to this degree of a correction at one time, when my hand moves to correct it all.

The stock market will continue to fall my children

I have been warning you of this. Some of this manipulation is from them to bring fear they think they can control it but little do they know I control it. When I say let my people go, all in their markets in their storehouses in their hands would be blasted out and everything they own will be turned over to the rightful owner.

Do not fear when you see the Dow fall to a new low.

I got this my children, this will be me destroying their system and putting up a new one.

The wealth of the centre is laid up for the just and this is the time I have spoken about in my word Biblical times, but that means great joy and celebration for my children.

There is nothing to worry about so just declare your freedoms and stay with me and in my Word everything is gonna be okay.

Things will look chaotic confusing and dark for a short time and just know I got this. Your enemies are going down in this hour these are their final hours and these are their final days.

Death will hit Hollywood on a major scale. Also your Government officials that were against you–

The Angel of Death is moving now, and it is striking your enemies who refuse to repent and turn back.

Mourning no more my children.

I am turning your mourning into joy unspeakable in this hour. I am at work for you to destroy them for the freedoms that they have destroyed and I’m bringing them back.

They will soon fill your streets and disgust for the reinstatement of your rightful President

A new Inauguration will take place this year.

But I will empty the streets and nothing and I mean nothing of their plans will work.

The world will be watching as a rightful President takes back his place of power and the puppet show is destroyed.

More fake props and fake sets are about to be exposed on live TV.

These are the days of exposures and  removals . More will fall. More will be removed more will step down, and not just in your land, but all over, leaders in other nations will leave office for various reasons Why? Because it’s my reset of the new for you. Let freedom ring in this hour for you my children

Saith the Lord of Hosts End message

Much to look forward to

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Transcript here people

Good Morning everybody or good afternoon depending on what time zone you live in, today is Wednesday January 26th of 2022  and I have another prophecy being fulfilled I apologize. I hadn’t gotten to you sooner, but here it is now, this prophecy.  I was given back let’s see here on the 19th of January it is called- This is the Hour of Judgments. I gave this video out just a few days ago, so you can look it up and I can prove that it was there. Again this is the Hour of Judgments. It was given to me on January 19th and I put it up on youtube a few days after that. in the uh toward the end of this Prophecy, he talks about, the Lord was talking about Watch the Mediterranean Sea, so he says watch you will hear of reports regarding the Mediterranean Sea, once you see this, all bets are off You would say the avalanche is impacting a nation with an avalanche of truth.

Okay I’m going to read that again. You watch he reports, regarding the Mediterranean Sea. Once you see this, all bets are off.  You would say the avalanche is impacting your nation with an avalanche of truth. You are about to see some explosions, the explosive information uh in our nation. This is exciting okay I know I’m getting tongue tied sometimes but it is exciting to see this okay ! It is exciting now these are the headlines so this one was from January 21st at 4-49 pm and this was from The Hill. US sends aircraft carrier group to Mediterranean Sea as Russian threats loom, that’s from The Hill again, January 21st at 4 49 p.m and I receive this on the 19th I  really do think that I uploaded this at the early morning hours between 6 30 and 7 o’clock in the morning on the 21st so um I’ll have to go back and check that.

Here’s another article from the US Department of Defence

Neptune Strike 2282 kicks off Monday in the Mediterranean and then here’s another one, this is uh from let me get this off here.

Here we go CBS News. NATO kicks off large naval exercise in the Mediterranean sea amid tensions with Russia so when God says, when you keep seeing and hearing the news, regarding the Mediterranean Sea, then he said watch, this as you see this all bets are off, and the avalanche of truth is coming to our nation. So again I had to get back on and give you guys this prophetic word to just know that what God says, he gives us a newsie for the news when he says he is true, he is sure he is a God of Nothing is impossible. And we are seeing him move on our behalf so God bless you God loves you I love you and have a wonderful day

Mr G could become a major news provider of next weeks news which would help to bury the legacy media. Hmmm………
  • Laymans Gnosis Regardless of Faith or lack of
  • Vivid messaging nightdreams within 7 days
  • Immediate physical evidence that something has changed
  •  Messaging day dreams (visions?) physically verified
  • Signalling music to slowly morph into an internal mentoring voice just like Socrates and Plato described
  • Expect keywords names and even websites to be typed into your mindseye with info vital to YOUR personal life.
  • Holy book readers will find their misunderstandings corrected by the internal mentoring voice
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Julie Green transcript A MAJOR BLOW WILL STRIKE BIDEN Jan 27

Soon to be unmasked
Transcript for those preferring reading

All right here is the prophetic word from today. I heard this January 23rd of 2022, so just a few short days ago A Major blow will strike Biden.

I the Lord this day have spoken through my prophets in these hours these hours of freedom deliverances  even your Great Exodus that you are about to experience, and still some of my children are not satisfied, it’s not enough to believe me, prophecies are being fulfilled in front of your eyes, and still some choose not to see it. These days are the days of separation of my body, and the remnant great days lie ahead for my remnant, who have chosen to believe and stand with me, and my prophets. Great blessings you shall receive my children, who still refuse to heed my warning,s or listen to any of my prophets. Your enemies are about to strike the weak, so awaken now, before this happens. He’s knocking on the doors of my children to see who will let him in, through his deceptive ways. Turn off his lies, shut the mouths of the snakes that are in the news and bringing fear and confusion.

When some things start to shift, the mouth of so many will be shut. Who will you believe then when silence hits the airwaves during the removals and reversals in this land ?

Who will you believe then ?

Will you seek ME in the days of great darkness and silence or will you let your enemy hit your home with fear and confusion ?  It would be so hard that you will not be able to get back up again, on your faith and trust in me before it’s too late.

I’m moving my hands now to show the world I am in control and your enemies do not ever defeat me.

My children get up now and stop mocking my prophets who are my mouthpiece on this earth to speak my Words. I need my children to hear, to set you free, with truth because my words are truth.

I’ve told you that you are living in biblical times, and I meant that it will seem in the coming days, that all hell will break loose, great confusion will try and strike my children down to the ground, when this hits what side will you be on  ? Ask yourself if it changes and looks worse than the natural what will my faith be in, man or God ?

These days my children must know this authority their authority in Christ Jesus and in my word in the book of Exodus it grew darker for Egypt as more plagues hit their land and their lives things seem chaotic, but for my people at the same time they were protected I will show you I am your protector from judgment and great devastation coming to your enemies. Watch as there will be a meteor shower that hits the earth and some meteors will cause damage that will be reported.

My children who are double-minded and still having a hard time believing me, I’m showing you the sign to choose what side you are on, to choose if you believe me or faith or fear.

My Children the ones who are double minded believe me, I’m showing you the signs to choose what side you are on, to choose if you believe fear or faith, your enemies report or mine.

Watch the Washington Monument. Something significant will happen.

Watch my children as your enemies plans crumble and all they put in this nation to mock me with their Luciferian Symbols you all thought were just wonderful architectural or monuments meant for something good for your nation.

They were not only mocking me, but the American people because they think that they are the enlightened ones, and you were just too naïve, you would never see the destruction of your nation they wanted, before it was too late.

A major blow will strike Biden in the coming days

More exposures of his deals with the enemies when he patted his own pockets to destroy you.

I’m allowing the world to know who Joe Biden really WAS

not just what you thought you knew about him.

While he’s already fallen and another took his place I told you the so-called Biden will take a bigger fall because while he’s on centre stage before I remove him, every eye will see him, his fall, and all the truth will be exposed on what was done to make your days in 2020 and beyond that started the whole puppet show.

Biden’s earpiece is being removed by me I’m intercepting the frequencies so he can no longer be told what to say

He will speak the words I want on TV. On live TV his mask will be revealed. Who stood in for the Biden for so long and he will pay the ultimate price.

I will have the final say and the final laugh at this clown show that was shoved down the throats of so many. I am pulling the rug from underneath their feet.

Watch Russia will be in the news more and more will be revealed whose side they’re really on.

And it’s not what you were thinking.

Budapest will be in the news. Watch for this as its another sign of me moving my hand against your enemies.

Let my resurrection power rise on the inside of you more to expel all weaknesses sickness diseases and any abnormalities any pain any fear any depression confusion and heaviness from you.  I am moving mightily in this hour on my children’s behalf to free you in every area, to freely serve me in the days of glory and blessing holy ghost and fire.

You my children will become indestructible. You are at that church that hell and death will not prevail against.

I know these days have been harsh dark and impossible looking, unbearable to so many, everything your enemies have done against you, I will restore. Everything Satan meant for harm I will turn into something good.

Move forward my children no more with one foot in the world and one foot out.

What that means is no more acting and talking like the rest of the world, no more time for that. Rise up Children of Almighty God you are not weak but you are strong you are not sick you are healed. You are not poor, but you are rich.

What report do you believe ?  Stand on my side now children, the landscape of the world is about to drastically change, and this change is for your 2022 the Year of the New.

It is here now and it’s for you Saith the Lord your  Redeemer

Washington Monument Rainbow
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Julie Green transcript SUPREME COURT PROPHECY FULFILLED TODAY- Judge Retirement

Transcript for those who love reading

Good Morning Everybody today is January 26 of 2022. This is breaking news this, is a prophecy being fulfilled just a few minutes ago so what came out in the headline was Justice Stephen Brewer or Breyer to retire from Supreme Court now this one says because this is from ABC news paving way for Biden appointment, now listen God always has the final say. it was in this prophetic word about the Supreme Court and somebody would be stepping down this prophetic word came out it was given to me on January 14th of 2022.

So just 12 days ago this prophetic word was given the prophetic word was called God Always has the Final Say. Linked here.

 I made this video a day or two after I heard this. This word was heard on January 14th of 2022 –

And in this prophetic word there is, in the middle of it, there is a paragraph talks about the Supreme Court. I’ll go over all of what the Supreme Court and then about what just happened today this is God saying I have the Final Say watch the Supreme Court they will stand against this illegitimate government more in this hour. They see their writing on the wall the supposed Government is finished. When all the threats they had made against them are over. How the puppet masters were for a short time controlling what and how  the justices ruled they were forced to turn their backs on the elections because  –

ONE I did not want them taking credit

TWO also the puppet masters blackmailed, threatened their lives and the lives of families so a few had to rule in the ways they never wanted to.

 Watch the boldness come forth out of the Supreme court I’m making the highest court in the land powerful once again but first I will remove and cleanse the justices, the ones that don’t belong there.

I will remove by my hand, ONE will step down on his own, because of the truth that is coming for him. He knows he cannot stay in that seat of power any longer. The Supreme Court will be filled with people who love me and he’ll stand for the constitution once again. Justice is coming in a magnitude never seen on this earth before.

Again that prophecy was from January 14th of 2022 so just 12 days ago. This just broke a few minutes ago. It’s saying um it just came out, just like I said a few short minutes ago this was breaking News it’s just as Stephen Breyer or Brewer however I pronounce his last name to retire from the Supreme Court paving way for a Biden appointment, but we should not bet on that Biden appointment because again, God always has a Final Say. That’s exactly what the prophetic word was called and that just happened to be the prophecy that was fulfilled TODAY regarding the Justice on the Supreme Court with Stephen Breyer or Brewer he is stepping down on his own. He is resigning and that is a prophecy being fulfilled.  Remember God said prophecies are being fulfilled faster and faster, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing today. I have more prophecies being fulfilled that I will go over with you, but I had to give this one to you immediately because it was breaking news.

So I hope this encouraged you today, because it sure encouraged me once again, that what God is saying because he gives us the news before the news. Well I thank you everybody for watching, and stay tuned because God has more for us in store in this year of 2022. God loves you I love you and have a wonderful day.

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  • Vivid messaging nightdreams within 7 days
  • Immediate physical evidence that something has changed
  •  Messaging day dreams (visions?) physically verified
  • Signalling music to slowly morph into an internal mentoring voice just like Socrates and Plato described
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Julie Green transcript ARIZONA PROPHECY Wed Jan 26

Transcript starts at 96 seconds. Enjoy God’s distinctly unbiblical very American slang. LOL

And Here is the Arizona Prophecy

Woe to those in Arizona !  I will have the final say. Expose everything that happened there. My spotlight will shine and expose all the darkness and wickedness that took place in your state, for those who gave your adversary the win, for your financial gain. You will lose everything you hold dear. Your finances will be blasted out of your hands. And egg will be all over your faces for the embarrassment and shame, and it will consume you. Those of you who fought for the truth you will be rewarded by me for your tireless effort to protect the truth. I have an army coming to your state to ratify the truth, and what should have been all along the country will shout to certify now and your governor will be exposed for what he had done behind closed doors. Do you see shame ? Shame Governor Ducey Shame on you for selling out your state to save yourself. ( His own fake election ?)

Of course you were rewarded financially for it I am judging you now and in the Sheriff’s Race you let go and you allowed them to steal it, for you knew you had to have them on your side for yourr big steal, and your big lie.

I will restore the rightful sheriff along with everyone else who actually won and I mean everyone. Arizona, big news will come from your state and nothing can stop the domino effect that will take place.

It’s all my timing and my plans and not yours.

All eyes will be on your state once again, but this time truth will prevail, no longer can it be hidden from my country and the world that I created. This is the Green Light for those waiting for it Itt’s time to go and take back what is yours saith the Lord of Hosts

Julie Commentary. And with this prophetic word what is he saying?  Our enemies were never in control no matter how it’s looked in this last year and a half. God always has a final say. So you who are in Arizona you have been praying for that state, You’ve been praying for the truth to be revealed and the truth will be revealed. And you just keep believing God, that God will always have the final say. Look what he’s saying WOE to those who did what they have done. The spotlight will be shone on you the Lord has been saying

And you will be known for what you have done, and egg will be on your face !

And they will pay a high price for what they have done in that state, and of course the Governor Ducey has a lot to explain what happened in this state, and he will also be judged. That is exactly what that word is saying. He’ll be judged for allowing the big li,e and also the big steal, and that Sheriff’s race he allowed for a purpose, and God is going to Wipe it all out. He’s going to Reverse it because it says in God’s word, everything when faith has been caught in proverbs 6 30 and 31 when a thief has been caught, he’s got to give it back seven times so it doesn’t matter how long this has gone on for, just know children of Almighty God and just know anybody who’s in the United States of America, that God is in control, and it is his perfect timing. We may not always understand why things take so long or why it had to be a certain way, but in this time of questioning and we’re wondering God what happened and why God is giving us these prophetic words to show us that he is in control. And what happens if he’s in control, which he is, because he’s the most high God we always win because God always wins, and we are on his side, so be looking up today, and praising and worshipping God, because just like in Arizona and other states that he’s been giving you prophetic words regarding Philadelphia or Pennsylvania you’re looking for Georgia I’ll be looking for Wisconsin and some other ones be looking for something to happen ,that God is saying it was his timing, but something awful he said in this prophetic word that I need to say again. This is at the very end of it, and he said let me get it back, This is the Green Light for those waiting for it.

It’s time to go and take back what’s yours saith the Lord.

So God is saying it’s a Green Light for those who’ve been waiting for the Green light, and it’s time to move forward.

So that’s what I have today, but we’re looking forward to that because prophecies are being fulfilled all the time in a very quick pace, so I want to just let you guys know that we all here at JGM I love you. We want to pray for you before I go.

So heavenly Father right now in Jesus name I want to pray for everybody who’s watching, at the sound of my voice, everybody who has something going on in their life, Father God if they’ve been struggling with this whole situation, that’s been going on, we want to thank and praise you God that you’re softening the hearts, you’re opening their eyes, you’re giving them joy, you’re giving them peace, and anything that they have to have, right now. We thank you father god for health and healing and restoration in their bodies today and we thank you that Jesus is our way maker Jesus is our Lord and Savior, and Jesus wanted all Amen and Amen Hallelujah Well please like subscribe and share, and give this to everyone who needs to hear the truth, needs to hear an encouraging word, and you need to know What God is saying regarding this earth today. So God loves you God bless you and I love you and have a wonderful day.

Hope you are enjoying Gods growing command of American lexicon. Wonderful news about progress in Arizona against Soros criminals.
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  • Immediate physical evidence that something has changed
  •  Messaging day dreams (visions?) physically verified
  • Signalling music to slowly morph into an internal mentoring voice just like Socrates and Plato described
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Transcript for the reading prone starts at 133 seconds

So here is the prophetic word

God’s Hand Moving across this Land. I heard this on January 22nd of 2022 so just two days ago.

For I the Lord this day have spoken these words, and I will say them again. This is the hour for my children to be set free of this completely satanic system. I the Lord am moving now nothing will stop the calamity that’s about to take place in the enemy’s camps.

One by one exposures, removals, judgments, and the  Angel of death will find the ones with blood dripping from their hands.

They have sown death and destruction with no remorse or repentance the hour of judgment has come. Reversals, removals turnarounds and restoration will all take place at the same time.

Some people will think how extreme are the days we are living in. They will ask what on earth is going on ? So many in this world their hearts will fail them for the apprehension of things to come on the earth.

I have spoken these times in my word, but so many did not heed my warnings and fear gripped their hearts.

I have freedom for all mankind for all humanity.

They could receive this if they believed it, and could receive all I have for them but it’s their choice. I have given every person a free will to believe and to choose me or not. I want everyone to choose life, but not everyone will, no matter what they see.

My children I am long-suffering because  of the love I have for my creation. I wanted a very large family. You could say I didn’t make robots.

People can choose to love me or not but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them.

The darkness has overtaken them with no way of escape. They have hardened their hearts to a point of no return.

Hunter Biden you will Fall in this hour they will no longer protect you from any chance to save your father’s death from the public’s eye or the betraying or the one betraying him, to keep this person a secret even though there is a plan to remove the so-called Biden and Harris team.

They want it done their way for minimal damages.

Right now there’s too much to hide they are letting people all over start taking falls to protect the inner circle and the ones who are of more use for their plans to move forward with their reset.

Another Laptop will appear and more will come out of the laptop they tried to hide.

The ones who were on my side have all the info. All the ones on my side I’m going to say that again, have all the info on those laptops and the enemies know it.

So Hunter you will pay a high price for all the things that you have done. Your sick and disgusting lifestyle will be known and there is no one to protect you. Your stepmother Jill can’t even stop what is coming for you and she wouldn’t, even if she could. Jill has to try to save herself from a massive fall.

She has kept so many secrets and lies to protect the big lie for Joe the one who’s betraying him.

So much destruction is coming to all the Bidens.

More and more negative news will continue to flood out regarding all of them. The puppet masters has also given their permission to stop propping them up. They want to move on with another to replace Joe and Kamala but little do they know I have control of their tongues and more truth will continue to come out on Live TV for no one expected it. They will continue to call them gaffes, but I call it truth like a flood. Some people won’t be able to believe what just came out of their mouths, because it will be such explosive information they thought could forever be kept hidden. Mass of information.

Massive information will pour out of Pennsylvania.

A truth teller or Whistleblower is about to come forward in a major way.

I’ve given the ultimate green light for the whistleblowers and the Rightful President along with the Rightful Government. They have the signal that they needed from me. Also the words of the prophets, so they know to move forward and go forth with my plan Saith the Lord

It’s time to move and it’s time to march forward and take back power in this land. You will see a monument  destroyed in this hour. This monument will show the world all the plans are falling as I speak these words and I know when you see this, and know when you see this monument crumble to the ground I am moving quickly to restore my nation back to the, superpower that the United States was always meant to be, with no restrictions, with no Satanic Agenda, with no interference from and for no infiltrators.

No more of the swamp rats controlling my nation and its government. A clean sweep of it all. A complete restoration and people in power I put in this hour.

My light is shining on my nation to completely set you free from what you see now.

Power outages rolling blackouts, watch as you see these and know I am moving to remove them all, that is my promise to you.

Not one will be left in power that are against me, saith the Lord of hosts.

A hurricane, they will say that’s not possible it’s not the season ! For those it can’t be. Winds and waves are just naturally going to hit this land. It’s also a perfect storm in the spirit realm against your enemies. That perfect storm is hitting them right now, but will also continue to intensify over the next couple of months just as in January you were asking about, so much justice is taking place right now you don’t even know about it yet indictments are being passed out at a rapid pace.

You will continue to hear of removals, falls, literally and physically.

Poll numbers. People’s trust in the supposed news will hit an all-time low. More justice will appear, and truth will be released. Just hold on February should be very interesting- my children. You are about to experience a great shift and a change in this year. Never experienced on earth like this. A great shift of power and influence my glory and mercy shall fall on this earth.

These are the days of Liberty Freedom justice glory wholeness and restoration.

I am on your side and I never lose.

Your victory has been paid for and the battle has been won so rejoice for the Lord has defeated all you’ve seen in front of you. So laugh ! These are not days of defeat but rather your days of victory and triumph, joy on this earth never experienced to this degree, when all of this is corrected in this hour by me.

Saith the Lord of Hosts.

“The darkness has overtaken them with no way of escape. They have hardened their hearts to a point of no return”. These seem to be the weak minded who can’t change their minds. 30pc is the estimate.

  • Laymans Gnosis Regardless of Faith or lack of
  • Vivid messaging nightdreams within 7 days
  • Immediate physical evidence that something has changed
  •  Messaging day dreams (visions?) physically verified
  • Signalling music to slowly morph into an internal mentoring voice just like Socrates and Plato described
  • Expect keywords names and even websites to be typed into your mindseye with info vital to YOUR personal life.
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Julie Green transcript THE HOUR OF GREAT CHANGE Sat Jan 22

Pay attention exciting details in here.
Transcript is good for Did I really hear that ? Could that be true ?

So here is a prophetic word for today the Hour of Great Change

For I the Lord this day, have spoken my words through my prophets and things are speeding up once again. The intensity on this earth will grow in this hour.

Prophetic words will be fulfilled at a quicker pace now.

You will hear a word one day, the next day you will be fulfilled. I need this world to take my profit seriously in this hour of great change. A shaking a rattling on this earth is about to destroy everything your enemies wanted against you, for I am the great I AM

I moved mightily against Pharaoh and his men in their continual pursuit of my people they rejected me in all my warnings against them, they ignored me so I put my hand against them, and they all paid with their lives. That is happening again your enemies did not heed my warnings and furthered their plans and agendas against my children, my nation, along with having so much hate in their hearts for me. Their hearts were hardened to a point like Pharaoh.

There was no turning back. Everyone on this earth will know when I move against the enemies of Almighty God there is no denying that I the most high God still lives.

I AM is still the god of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and nothing is bigger than me. No man, no agenda can take me out of this world.

No, not yet, the enemies will not have their One World Government. I have spoken this to my children before, and I will say it again, its not tribulation time, I have work left to do on this earth, so my word can go forth until all the world then the end will come all the world deserves to know my son Jesus Christ, before he comes to take my body out of this earth I want everyone to see who I really am, this is the hour of judgment YES this is also the hour of grace and mercy.

I’m pouring out my glory and fire on this earth to heal and to make whole and to set the captives free, to turn this world over to my children, which I promised in my word that they would have dominion in this earth. I’m Temporarily (?) removing a satanic system for my children while they are still here.

So the world knows who you are, and you belong to me.

Anyone who missed out on this time and turn their backs on me, will remember, and some will hear about this time during the Great Tribulation, and they will turn away from the wicked ways and more people will be saved during that time, and they will save more people during that time.

Great changes are coming now in this hour, great changes in everything you know to be your normal.

There will be no more normal. Biblical times are shaking up this earth for deliverance and freedom. Watch, the stadiums will be emptied once again of sports and filled with my glory, and people seeking my son Jesus Christ to be saved.

Watch as you see more news stations, as more people turn on Biden and all who are with him, they will continue to turn on Harris. The puppet masters have given their orders to let those fall and remove them, since they are no longer “good enough”, because they see that the world has had enough of those two.

 Brace yourselves .  Truth will continue to pour out, even from people on live TV that didn’t mean to say what they have said.

I have shut the mouths of the serpents behind them, and truth will continue to come out regarding your elections.

They’ll pour out all over the battleground states and beyond. More judges will rule with the constitution.

Before the next election laws will begin to change. The de-certifying will take place all over in my states You didn’t even know there was a problem.

I am blowing the lid off this whole coup. A major ruling by  your Supreme Court will change the course of this

Nation.  They will continue to rule against the puppet masters, because they know the truth.

My team and my rightful government that I have put together has been formed, and are moving forward to take back power. The Supreme Court Justices, the ones I want to know this information they are safe to rule how they always wanted to. The May 8th will completely be overthrown,  and the shots will continue to be exposed, what they really are.

Doctors and scientists alike will continue to come forward with the truth and the damage they are causing, along with the deaths  the puppet masters wanted to hide. Nothing will be hidden anymore Saith the Lord of Hosts.

A major death will happen in your Congress. Watch, this big name person will die, and know there is more to follow.

Watch as a person in your Senate will fall on the Senate floor never to get back up again. This is the end. Their end and I am cleansing out your House of Representatives and your  Senate chambers for the filth and the ones that have done your enemies bidding.

Again watch the Statue of Liberty as it starts with a crack and it crumbles to the ground.

You will find out what was hidden inside the Statue. What actually, what that statue actually stood for. It’s not what

you think . The landscape of this nation is changing, and all the monuments symbols and buildings, anything that they erected will be destroyed in this hour.

My hand is moving to remove any sign of them, and the power of their destruction. When I get done with them there’ll be nothing left of their legacy their agendas against you.

I’m through watching them rule over you with their fake power and fake government The real government will take back power in this year the rightful president will be back into power, full power, and other governments will fall and be removed.

Canada and Australia your governments and those who are not with you will fall.

Watch out I AM is coming for you Canada and all who are against me. I am freeing this nation, from Trudeau and all who are with him. So sing Canada sing once again your freedom is here.

Australia I will take down your dictators and free you from your slavery and destroy those camps they build against you to imprison you. I am the most high God and I have enough I’ve had enough of the enemies on this earth.

Fully awaken my children, and great shakings physical and spiritual will hit this earth hit this earth. Brace yourselves for impact that is coming. Major deaths in your lands of people who held you hostage.

Let freedom ring all over this earth my children, dance and celebrate. The celebration will be great. Your promised lands you shall have it with no lack of health and wholeness you didn’t even know you could have. This is my hour Saith the Lord for my children. End message.

Julie Commentary So I want to go over a couple things in this that really stuck out to me, that I know people will probably have questions about, because I mean there was a lot of information in this one. Also he’s been giving out you guys know you follow me and he’s been giving out greater details of all of these things that are going on so he’s talking about great changes in this hour, so you’re going to see a shift of people turning on Biden and Harris when it comes to news channels so news reporters and stuffthey will continue to talk angry and bitter and against them, they will laugh at them mock them you are already starting to see this now because they were puffing them up this whole entire year, but all of a sudden now the polls God said that was a fulfillment of prophecy God said the poll numbers will be so bad that they will not be able to prop them up anymore. That word was given several months ago, and you’ve been seeing that for being fulfilled in this last couple weeks and I will get that, and a prophecy is fulfilled and I will show you that as well of what God had spoken regarding that word, but they were saying that the puppet masters are giving their orders to let them fall and remove them, since they areno longer good enough” because they see that the world has had enough of those two. The World has had enough of this show because people know they can see right through it, and then he said of course, and then he goes on to say brace yourselves for truth to pour out, because people will even when they’re on live TV, which I guess had already happened last night or yesterday at some particular point when Jenn Pasaki had said something regarding, supposed to be regarding the President Biden but said that she um it was regarding OBAMA and I know I have that somewhere and I should have had that out for you but that was said yesterday I’m pretty sure or not was the day before that, but somebody just said in a comment yesterday because I don’t watch the news, said that that she had had a big gaffe on live TV and that’s exactly what God said was going to continue to happen I know Biden had a huge gaffs over the last coupla days what he’s been speaking about his first year, in office and

um what it was to look like and what it meant and it was horrible and I know the news stations were trying to cover that up as well I will have more prophecies being fulfilled on that and then he goes on to talk about the Supreme Court will change the course of action in this nation, so they know what is really going on because they have been allowed to know that the rightful government and the rightful president will be taking back their power and I know some of this stuff sounds crazy and I know some of the stuff sounds unbelievable but that’s the reason why God has been giving us these prophetic words to know the truth.

So ONE the truth sets you free and


When you start seeing things that are

completely abnormal,

out of like, you don’t know what’s going on, what is this ? Like you can’t believe what you see because of how major this is God is showing the world that he is in control and he’s been in control this whole time but he’s also been telling us these things remember when he gives us prophetic words they’re not going to line up with the natural world because he’s Supernatural God okay so he’s not going to line up with the natural world why would he because the natural all that’s been going on, that out there has been a lie so he’s not gonna line up with them because they’re liars and God’s a God who he’s a not man he cannot lie so just know when all these things are happening and he’s in talking about I

know the Statue of Liberty will be hard

for some people to understand

the Statue of Liberty does not stand for what we originally had thought it stood for, and God will allow everyone to see and to know why, because I’ve heard these words I’ve been hearing these words about the Statue of Liberty for probably six to eight months now uh regarding what’s about to happen with that

and it’s not easy to hear uh the monuments that we thought were awesome

and stood for such freedom and liberty and justice that’s what this nation stands for, but that’s not what those

monuments and those buildings were standing for and God says he’s going to get rid of all of their legacy. He’s

going to remove everything that they stood for and so that’s why he’s telling us to heed all of these warnings because things are going to change in such a massive way he doesn’t want fear to grip your heart that’s why these things and all these prophetic words and I just did a prophecy being fulfilled on my Thursday’s live show so if you guys did not see that please go back and watch

the prophecies fulfilled those who are new to this channel because these words that God has been giving even me

that on he’s been giving me on a daily basis but so many of them I didn’t have enough time to give out the prophecies being fulfilled on that live show because

there’s so many they’re happening right now it seemed like things were you hear a prophetic word every day but it seemed like the fulfillment of it was taking so long, but now all of a sudden it’s like they’re happening so fast it’s like one after another after another that prophecies are being fulfilled and then God just said in this word that the pace is about to pick up speed ,and I was so excited when I heard that because God is saying what once looked like it was tgoing slowly slow because things were happening when we were not able to see it so people been asking about what about the falls and what about the justice things are happening and I have that the next prophetic word I will be giving out tomorrow during uh church service he’s been talking about what’s been going on behind the scenes, and what has been happening that we have not been able to see um with our own eyes and be able to hear with our own ears yet in the natural regarding the news and things like that so we will start seeing that break forth and break uh soon break through soon these are the days this is the hour of great change but anyway god is giving these words to each and every one of you because he loves each and every one of us he wants us to know the truth he gives us the news before the news and that’s what excites me so much and I know sometimes I will stumble over words when I say these words because I haven’t had these edited before I’m giving them out so I do apologize if I was stumbling

over certain words um I’m definitely not perfect and you guys all know that and I don’t pretend to be so this is me being real okay but I will tell you I love God’s word

I love the fact that he’s giving us out so many prophetic words to give us the course of action to take to give us and point us in the right direction to give us a firm foundation to know the truth and to hear the news before the news comes out so when this does shake remember he said everything that can be shaken will be shaken

and the time of this shaking we are not going to be shaken

we’ve had the inside report that’s what prophetic words are they’re inside report or insight news before the world’s news that God has given to each and every one of us and it is such a blessing and those who are new to this channel I just want to let you guys know I do pray over each and every one of you before I go and that’s exactly what I want to do today I hope all of this encouraged you because God is moving he’s still the great I AM .He’s still the Great I AM who still lives who still loves and still save and he says that and so many of these words because he wants the world to know that he is in control and he loves you he did not leave you and he definitely did not forsake you so I want to pray over each and every one of you right now heavenly father right now in Jesus name I want to pray over every person at the sound of my voice no matter what they’re going through in their body father god no matter what they’re going through in their mind no matter what they they’re going through in their family life and their finances with their jobs no matter what the assignment has been heavenly father

to keep them down to destroy your children we thank you that you always have the final say we thank you that we are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ we thank you that no weapon formed against us shall prosper we want to thank you Father god in whom the son is set free is free indeed so right now I’m declaring

each and every one of them free in their spirit in their soul in their body socially and financially Father God so that you can they can freely serve you because just like with the children of israel in the book of Exodus you said let my people go so they can freely serve me and heavenly Father this is the time of the great Exodus and we want to praise you. We want to thank you for what you’re doing on our lives what you’re doing in this world and we thank you we get to see the great I am move greater than you did in the book of Exodus and what an honor it is Father God that you chose us for this very day and this very hour and you know all the torment and all the torture that sickness trying to put on your people to get them led astray to get them discouraged, for doubt and unbelief to not to believe in you in these days father God and we want to praise you we want to thank you that you are getting them up in their most holy faith that joy is filling their hearts right now for the overflowing because the joy of the Lord is their strength so we thank you Father God for that special impartation and giving them peace right now I’m praying over peace over each and every one of them peace in their mind peace in their body peace in their life in anything Satan meant for harm you’re turning into something good and we thank you for it in Jesus name Amen and Amen

Will help us encourage you today please like subscribe and share and give this everybody know who needs to hear an encouraging word who needs to hear the truth because the truth sets them free. Who needs to hear what God is saying in this world today well God loves you I love you God bless you and have a wonderful day.

Surprising intention expressed

Quoting Mr G I’m Temporarily (?) removing a satanic system for my children while they are still here. So we assume after they are gone the evil will be returned for the remainder who have chosen to live with that. WOW. Back in the pigpen for all the unbelievers.

Quickest way home below. No holy books, no pointy buildings, no sermons. Get on the winning side.

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Useful transcript for this dynamite revelation

Okay  here is a prophetic word for today This is the Hour of Judgments and  for those who are new I also pray over everyone after that after I give the prophetic word.

All right I the Lord this day am warning my children of attempts by your enemies to cause conflict and fear with devastating events across your land from both borders, virus, the stock market, shortages and gross inflation.

They want to cripple this nation before they were removed. They think by doing all of these things there is some chance that they can still win and  stop the removals from power and from the destruction coming to pass.

I  the Lord have spoken my word and will on this earth and no matter the news and the supposed chaos they try to cause know that I am God and I saw this coming .

I told you all these things in advance so you can speak my words in the situation that brings life and peace into your nation.

The Red Sea is about to completely close on your enemies they are desperate to stay in power I will remove them in all nations and their plans against you.

China I see you, all your disgusting plans to take over the United States for world dominance for you to finally have what you want total control for I the Lord have said enough is enough. China you will never have my America my United States everyone that was with you that was part of this government and helped you, not only am I taking out China, but every single person who sold my nation to you for financial gain and stability china you had no idea while you infiltrated me in my nation I infiltrated yours. My hand is about to move to bring your government and your nation to its knees you will never completely regain your finances or power again.

You will struggle, struggle like Egypt struggles to this day to stay afloat. I am stripping you of money and power, you manipulated blackmail head held my nation hostage. You’ll be stripped of anything that you had that belongs to the United States and to my nation Israel to my other nation israel excuse me my children who live in China I’m setting you free so do not be in fear regarding these words I’m delivering you out of this dictatorship and slavery I am judging your government officials their acts and not you anyone who stands with your government will be judged and receive the same fate. China I’m exposing your plans that you had against my nations, the terrorist attack you were planning to cause total chaos in the streets to weaken my nation. This is talking about United States to distract them from the military moving in this hour to reinstate the rightful President. I the Lord have said that you are finished, and my angel armies against you you no longer will push pursue stand against my nation or my children. Everyone that infiltrated the government jobs businesses to destroy this nation from within I am bringing you all down with judgments against you for not turning your back and repenting for your actions against me and my children I’m tripping the farmland you stole and giving it back to America the beautiful once again china you are finished in this hour and my hand is moving against you and you have nothing in your power to stop it.

Bill Gates I am exposing you in your plan to destroy this nation and humanity as we know it. The way you manipulated businesse,s the medical industry along with food, medications anything and  your hand touched including child sex trafficking it will all be exposed your money and power will be stripped from you, and then your life will be taken from you. The Angel of Death will visit your house, This is my hour of Judgment on this earth to strike down every plot and scheme and plan, everyone who was in charge or changed or joined in with these plans, judgment will rain down on you. Removals will be great in this hour so hold on my children, for a massive impact is about to strike your land, of truth explosive exposures and Removals are on a scale never seen before watch you’ll hear of reports regarding the Mediterranean Sea, once you see this, is all bets are off you would say the avalanche impacting your nation with an avalanche of truth. Your enemies are petrified of the truth and they are running to and fro to try to save anything they can to move assets around putting money in various accounts to hide what they have from me. But little do they know I see it all and they can’t stop these floodgates from devouring everything they have when I the Lord complete the wealth transfer it doesn’t matter where they have hidden things, I will blast it out of every place every crevice and give it to its rightful owners but it has their name on it. Nothing can stop this blessing explosion the wealth transfer to the hands of my children.

Pharaoh couldn’t stop it then and the so called Pharaoh’s now can’t either. This is a time of their end of ruling on my earth and over my people.

BIDEN’s COFFIN will be revealed in the White House.

They stumble upon the truth and Harris knows along with many others in this supposed administration the truth was leaked out and video evidence has been seen.

They are scrambling to hide it from the rest of the nation and this world, but it’s not going to happen.

I am blowing the roof off the White House Capitol building exposing all the rats inside, along with everything they have been hiding.

I will unmask the Biden in front of the world and all will see who really was behind that mask.

Obama your earpiece has been stripped from your ear and your puppet strings have been cut off, and all will see you in the shadow government you had in your basement.

I will destroy everything and judge everyone that was a part in hand, or the hand they had in the coup against my nation.

Your sick joke you committed against the United States for your one world government is now being stripped from you Obama you can feel everything being stripped from you now and you’re becoming powerless and useless against my nation. The puppet masters will let everyone fall for you when they try and protect you. You will see who will get the last laugh and it’s not you saith the Lord.

Saith the Lord  Its MY turn, the imploding has begun of your enemies and the empire and the regime everything of theirs is falling apart. So start to rejoice and celebrate. I am setting you free in this hour from their tyranny. I am the Lord and will always have the final say, and that time has come for my reset to take place saith the Lord your Redeemer. End message

Bidens coffin in the White house !

Biden’s coffin found in the White house, meanwhile we see 2 other distinctly different Bidens in public. Military’s time to step in. DC to be destroyed. New Capital coming. YOU have a ringside seat dear reader. China to be taken down. So how many Bidens are there ? 3 ? Can they be bought online ? Are they made in China ? Bill Gates to be exposed and stripped of his wealth and visited by the Angel of Death. A wonderful new world is being created.

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  • Vivid messaging nightdreams within 7 days
  • Immediate physical evidence that something has changed
  •  Messaging day dreams (visions?) physically verified
  • Signalling music to slowly morph into an internal mentoring voice just like Socrates and Plato described
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Julie Green transcript PROPHECIES FULFILLED AND 2022- YOUR ENEMIES ARE FINISHED 21 Jan from the 17th

Double whammy -Latest word from God and list of prophecies come true
Transcript Message from Mr G starting at 36mins-45

This is from the 17 Jan so three days ago

Your Enemies are Finished – isn’t that an amazing title God gives me those too. So that’s just awesome that shouldn’t excite anybody

For I the Lord this day am moving across this nation and across the nations of the earth, to restore and to deliver all that my children are- hold on-Deliver all my children free from the slavery, and putting them into positions of power that they were always meant to be in, my children each and every one of you has a purpose, and I have my plans that will prosper each and every one of you in your lives who will believe. Now listen he says he has plans to prosper each and every one of you in your lives that believe in my words, okay ?

It says it won’t just fall on your laps, you do have to believe in me, by pressing it, and seeking me, and I will show you where you need to go, and which path you need to take, for the blessed life that I have in store for you in the fullness of life in the Fall of days here on this Earth.

My children I am annihilating that’s a powerful word, every lie, every group, every regime all the governments that meant to hold you captive, kill you, deceive you. I am destroying their plans right now. There are groups all over this earth meant to lie, deceived by people in the

Truth.  Blinders are being removed right now to give anyone a chance to choose for themselves freedom without any deception, swinging from their decisions , my children  this world is about to see my righteous indignation, to restore life, justice, freedoms and to put my children in positions you should have already been in, but the world kept you from them because you were my children.

This satanic system that has been controlling this earth was meant to keep you down, enslave you, while it brought the world’s people, the ones who would do your enemies bidding, who is the devil, against the child of the most high God..

Well, no more will I stand for this babbling system destroying this earth I created, along with dictating what my children are allowed and not allowed to have.

The closer you get my children to the restorations and reversals, things will look more unstable, more confusing , to some, more unusual, more shaking, it will shake most people to their core. What is about to be seen, things that were somewhat normal, will completely change.

Things are going to change like you have never seen before. This year this landslide is picking up, the avalanche is growing with intensity your enemies are becoming more unstable, and as it happens more will lose their lives, and some will lose their minds right in front of You. Now this one is one I was talking to you guys abou,t who will live in California okay

Do not be in fear when you hear this one. Watch- A massive earthquake hits the state of California, and off the west coast the Big One they will call it.

My children in the area in those areas do not fear put the blood and it will not affect you because I the Lord will protect you, and I will protect your properties, your neighbors all will ask how can this be ? Around you is destroyed and nothing affected your property.

You will respond It’s God, the creator of Heaven and Earth He protected me and he is my Father and he can be yours too, with Satan meant for destruction.

I the Lord will turn it for your good on your behalf. Your enemies want so much calamity and chaos to stop what was about to take place, they are seeing my writing, that I put on the walls, on their walls, with these words. Now this was all bold and in cat walks it was all capitalized. You are finished, your plans are finished and your judgment is here. That’s what God has written on their walls.

I’m going to read that again. You are finished your plans are finished and your judgment is here.

Well, this is another one keep watching. The weather will continue to be erratic over the next couple months, snow  blizzards, ice storms tornadoes in places that they should not be.

You don’t see things like this in this area  They will say its intensifying. Now my children to get the world’s attention I have said this over and over for my children to believe, my prophets.

I have unusual sightings unusual weather to show my children, what my prophets are saying are true. Do you get to believe my will and my plans on this earth so you don’t miss out on what I have in store for each and every one of you glorious magnificent blessings I will give the ones that stand on my side and choose to believe me beyond what you see.

And here’s another one to be looking for. In the news okay you’re hearing this today January 20th of 2022.

Watch the Ring of Fire it will keep making the news and headlines. Watch as you see this and hear this.

Change your course of action if you are not standing with me and my children, who are getting stronger and more and more unbelievable for some to handle. These things have to shake this earth, to shake all the shackles and the chains that are left on my children.

Move forward with me and march to your Victories.

Now listen plagues came down and became more and more harsh on Egypt before they would let my people go, you are seeing that and experiencing it.

Now I just went over all that with those prophecies being fulfilled the Angel of Death will hit the enemies for the final blow.

There will be some left alive and they will say just have it all I don’t care as long as you let me live.

Much of your enemies are about to come to a breaking point, that all and I mean all, will be let loose that was yours and it will be given back to you.

These are your days so do not fear what is coming upon this earth.

This is judgment for them to let my people go.

You have my name and my blood and you have me as your protector, so stand with me the most high God I will not leave you, nor forsake you.

You cannot be defeated when you are with me. Remove all your fear in a lot in your lives and replace it with my words that will bring faith in me these are your days of retroactive restorations for your freedom ,and everything that belongs to you will be yours. So stand and rejoice. These are the days you have been praying for.

Sayeth the Lord of Hosts End message

Prophecies fulfilled discussion first part coming here ASAP.

Good Morning everybody today is Thursday January 20th

of 2022. Thank you all for joining today there’s this is gonna be a great show and I know if you guys are upset today if you guys have been really depressed or ups uh just been really weary I promise you  will not be by the end of this show, because not only am I going to give you a prophetic word for today, but I have multiple screens open and I hope that i’m doing it in the right way, because I have so much going on with prophecies  being fulfilled I want to get to several of them today, because I know

a lot of people say well all these prophecies but nothing is happening. it’s like oh no there is so much happening and I want to be able to prove to you that not only have I been giving you these all these prophetic words but God has been fulfilling these prophetic words for so many months

and just want to encourage you today because you guys know that is my heart. My heart is to encourage you my heart is to get you guys up and of course my heart is to get you guys to understand what God is saying is true and to believe his prophets, because God cannot lie so before I get to all these prophecies fulfilled as we’re waiting for all these people to jump on this morning. I want to give everybody hello and God bless you all the people that are watching this morning let me know where you’re watching for oh I see already uh Ontario uh and let’s see here a Robert is from London Ontario so God bless you Deborah

from Southern California uh Hi Natasha she is one of my

moderators and she’s a dear friend of mine and she’s my personal assistant I love her so much Faustino thank you it’s another moderator God bless you I see Nathan on here HI Nathan God bless you I know I saw Valerie

with Valerie and James are out of new york city you guys know you’ve seen them on the show here James and Julie in the morning I have Oklahoma Illinois oh there’s somebody from Iowa Washington state Florida Oregon Fort Myers Florida God bless you Idaho there’s a lot of people from chicago there are a few from Maryland California California be watching because there is a prophetic

word for you today and when I give out this prophetic word again anybody who’s in California do not be afraid of this word God is not only giving a prophetic word is giving us warnings about what’s going to happen but it gives us an answer to it so California be watching out today because God does have a prophetic word for your

state so there’s Ohio Montana God bless everyone who’s on your Texas God bless Texas South Carolina Virginia

MississippI I love I just want to let you guys know oh it’s Pennsylvania hello Pennsylvania um I love you guys you guys know that I love each and every one of you and oh there’s Kentucky Hi Kentucky and of course Staten Island New York I know several people from Staten Island

hI Patty and Linda uh let’s see here Vicky from Rhode island God bless you Rhode island I think you guys were one of the last states that we’re watching on this channel uh we were just getting all the 50 states so God bless you God bless you

um let’s say Poland wow God bless you Poland

um I know I saw somebody from Canada earlier God bless you and don’t forget and should be reminding yourself

every single day Mod’s moving in Canada as well

hello Julianne Williams from the UK

um there’s more Canada gov you guys God

bless you in New Mexico


So again there’s a powerful show today that I have for you

uh many prophetic words again I don’t even have time to give you all the prophecies being fulfilled, because

there’s just so many of them. So right now I’m just going to give you guys a few just to get you guys this encouragement up that what God is saying he’s actually

doing so I’m going to start here and of course i’m going to get to uh let’s see here what prophetic word do I have on for today  I think that the End of your Enemies or something like that, so I’ll get to that prophetic word too I do have that window open somewhere here but I

just wanted to give you guys these prophetic um


these um prophecies being fulfilled first, and

then i’ll get to the prophecy for today.


so what do you guys want to hear first

I have CNNn

I have Fauci

There is some news about Biden of course

There’s also the weather so I have many things going on today and I shouldn’t have just done all this for today and we’ll see what we can get um so we’ll see what we can get through but anyway I’m going to start with because i

have this already open

This is CNN okay you guys have known the fall of CNN for many many months now especially the last couple months what happened with Chris Cuomo and of course I just seen and i’ll have that um headline up here somewhere, if i

know how to share my screen, um about their ratings fall I guess they’ve fallen from 90 from last year well Laura’s been speaking to me about CNN for a very very long time

and I have so many other prophetic words I don’t even have typed on the computer yet um getting caught up from all of last year. Remember I hear one every single day so it’s really hard to get caught up by typing all of them on here too but this is from this is a prophetic word that I heard called the Winds of Change are coming this is from

September 24th of 2021. Again you can look this up if

it’s not here on youtube it’s gonna be on my Rumble it’ll be on my um Odyssey it’ll also be on Telegram okay from September 24th of 2021 and this was called Winds of change are Coming. All right this was the first one that I could find backing up I haven’t gone back further from September I didn’t have that kind of time this last couple days I spent on this so

he says Oh CNN you are finished for the lies that you

have told, for the facts that you are continually  hiding

from my nation and the world, for you are controlling  the lies that you are spreading,will come to light

There will be in the coming days will be a death blow to your network. Yes a  blow that will crumble your

Plans, the distractions you cause and the fear that you have spread you are done you are finished saith the lord again-

that’s CNN from September 24th of 2021 and you know since September it has been massive falls of CNN Chris Cuomo I think that happened in December and that was a

huge –I don’t know if that was what God was talking about the death blow I would consider that a death blow because not only did they have to say what he was doing when he was hiding all that stuff regarding his brother Andrew so they know that he was hiding things from the

network that he’s been lying continuous the whole entire time and they end up having to fire him I think he was fired on December 5th I know I have those tabs open somewhere here so I want to read over another one

I have like I said I have so many of these open right now so give me some time.

I think I have about 15 or 20 maybe 25 prophetic words open at this time so um I want to get all of them to you here so give me some time all right so here here

is a headline that I just found from January 12th

on CNN

this is from- I think new the New York post yeah New

York post the scandal ridden CNN sees the ratings dive by 90pc after their 2021 coverage so that is just one headline

for you now I also want to get to other prophetic words on them. So here we go let me get another one open for you

if I can find it hold on give me some time, I knew I should have had this more organized here on my  screens here

because there’s just so many of them okay now I’ve lost some of my ones from CNN because I have so many open

OK ?

Here we go here’s another one I knew I’d find it

thank you all for your patience all right now this is December 2nd now again this is before Chris Cuomo and his fall, total fall,

This one is called the Great Reset of the New so this is more on CNN from December 2nd of 2021 the

great reset of the new

More people are being exposed CNN come down to the ground as your structure and foundation is crumbling under your feet nothing can save you nor anyone that

worked at the network I have said be removed and fall in the Fall your numbers will continue to crash

and I just read you that article okay this was December 2nd in this article that the New York Post had was from

January 12th of 2022 talking about the 90pc dive in their ratings

He says your fault your numbers will continue to crash bankrupt breakup you will hear and a shutting of your doors bankrupt you will hear in a shutting of your doors these lights will be turned off and they’ll never be back on for you

I am boarding up those doors never to

allow you back in CNN you are finished but you are

definitely not the only one I am coming for every network and every mouthpiece from hell that poured out the deception and lies throughout my earth. Judgment is

coming for you. You lied you deceived you killed you stole and everything has been done by any of you will all be undone by me Saith the Lord of hosts

So again that is from December 2nd now let me- I don’t even know how I’m going to show screens because this there’s so many screens I have up I don’t want to mess this up so-

let me see there’s more, there’s another one here somewhere because you guys know once you’ve been

following me I have many many many um

many prophecies on CNN but those are the two right now that I am finding because I got so many of these open I wish I had somebody just controlling all my screens right now, anyway okay so that is CNN all right if I find the

other ones as I close some of these other windows I will give them more to you all right –


So again from December 2nd I gave you from the Great Reset of the New they talked about their numbers falling

and then you have a 90pc drop of their viewership so there’s CNN and I don’t want to waste any more time on them because you know you guys all can see  them falling so

All right now here this is a fun one

Fauchy now I’ve had a lot on Fauchy too.

Now God’s been calling people specifically out by name

and this one is from, oh man I feel some of these windows

open here – hold on here it is- it was this one here it is


This is back This is called the Word of the Lord Red TsunamI breaking through the blue okay ?

This was from September 16th of 2021 you guys will also be able to find that here on my youtube pages go to the videos it’s going all the way down, back in the beginning of this channel, um is worth the Lord Red TsunamI Breaking of the Blue. That way I’m just proving to you guys because I can’t open up all these screens here on here to share with you, but you guys can.

See the video for yourself now I’m going to read a couple of things about Fauchi, and then I’m going to give you the one headline for sure that I know, um that God is

I’ll tell you this is exciting God is giving us the News before the News how exciting is that !  I  was going through all this. this it takes a long time to look over all these articles and then go back and look through all these prophecies,  but as I was looking through these prophecies —

Guys I was so rejuvenated even though I was already

excited before. I was just like Lord how awesome are you ?  You’re giving the prophetic words before we’re even seeing the headlines how awesome is our God

God is awesome with me. God you’re awesome okay so this is from September 16th all right again you’re the word of the Lord Red tsunami breaking through the Blue Faction, your days are numbered in your position just like others your hands are dripping with blood for the decisions that you have made, the lies you told all will see what you have done justice is finding you now and there is nowhere to hide from it. Your dark plan with the Red Dragon

now listen, the dark plane with the red dragon, all of you guys know who the Red Dragon is if you guys don’t know the Red Dragon is China and there’s a news article that just came up about FaucI and China and the size of China so Jesus is finding you now and there’s nowhere to hide from it you’re dark playing with the Red Dragon or China

oh yes covert operations I have put into place people you thought you could trust I put them there FaucI do you hear it snap goes the trap, for you are stuck and there is no way to escape your time is near and the end is

now. So enjoy your time in the spotlight

because soon it’ll be lights out for you for all

eternity so that was just one of the  prophecies about Fauci and China.  

So I know I just gave you guys one just the other day

but I wanted to show you guys this came out way before these news articles have okay so here is another one

regarding him I gotta get that window open I have so

many like I said before okay ?

Where’d it go ?

Sorry guys

I got it I promised you it’s in Red I put it in red. There we go this is from, this is called the End Game

okay this is our Fauci this is the End Game.

This prophecy came out on October 19th of 2021 okay so October 20 uh October 19th of 2021 this is about

Fauci again um

FaucI you’ll be stripped of any dignity that was given to you. Death shall find you, the death that you cause,

their blood is on your hands and you shall come down from your power, stripped of your finance,s stripped of your

reputation, and the rat you are will be completely exposed and your end game shall befall you ,and I just gave

you guys one again just the other day, it was my last one

I think was maybe yesterday’s yeah it

was on yesterday’s

and you talked about his again his connections with china um I don’t know if this is going to be able to show up

on my screen ,I try to get it to show up as I practice this this is from Breit Bart and I know breit Bart is a very

trustworthy um company and Breit Bart had this again

revealed Anthony FaucI reported 10.4 million dollar

2020 investment portfolio included china companies

so I heard this word in September and another word in October then again I heard another one just a few days ago even though I gave it uh yesterday but actually heard it days before that and this is saying Anthony Fauci’s

reported 10.4 million dollar 2020 investment portfolio included china companies again God is giving us the News Before the News.

Get excited everybody because everything that we’ve been waiting for, all these prophecies that we have been hearing are finally now coming to pass and this isn’t the time of Removals and Reversals now God’s been talking about a lot of removals and reversals and what are we seeing ? the Reverse on Mandates we’re seeing reversal of the mandates not only in this country hallelujah the Supreme Court guys been giving prophecies on the supreme court and I didn’t have time to find those either

but God has given us prophecies on the Supreme court the Supreme Court is finally going to get more bold and

they’re probably gonna start turning more on what is going on. You can see just a few days ago, they turned on a

four. I think Biden had four huge hits from the Supreme Court about the mayonnaise and the reversals again. Time

of the turnarounds, time of reversals the time of things that are being going, and back we are getting our freedoms back , so any of you that have been discouraged about what has been going on, you’re gonna start seeing more and more and more are coming to pass now.

I want to get something more to you here.

Again I have so many um

i’m gonna do about the weather okay I

Have heard so many prophetic words regarding weather and though so many prophecies are being fulfilled now one of the first ones I heard was back Your Days of Victory this is from October 7th of 2021.

Again you can go back to the videos and look that I’m not making these days up this is what there was I heard it on

that date but the video is called Your Days of Victory.

Now he talks about hearing this word volcanoes. Watch as more will erupt, and we’ve seen a lot of volcanoes erupting, and one of those volcanoes that we just

saw was uh regarding California. God’s

been talking about tornadoes, volcanoes , he’s been talking about tsunamis, he’s been talking all about all

of these things unusual weather patterns.  I don’t have

to go through all these articles. I will go through a couple but I don’t have to mention all these articles about weather patterns and weather changing of weather

patterns because I know you guys have known experience for yourself. I was just down in Nashville the last week or most of December but the last week of December for sure and we had 70 degrees all week long. all of a sudden it went from 70 degrees, the next day it was sleeting and then it turned into snow and I know that Nashville had like nine inches of snow in jjust January alone.

So that’s unusual I know for Nashville and if you guys are from Tennessee or anywhere down there let me know and I know even over the weekend there was snow in Georgia there was also snow in a lot of the east coast um

uh let’s see like North Carolina South Carolina and all those and then Virginia and stuff like that and then in the same day on the same time on uh Sunday in Fort Myers Florida there was uh tornadoes I mean this is crazy weather and again God gave me this um

a long time ago, about a lot of this weather patterns changing and he was talking about how it was going to be unusual so I’m going to get more of those up because that was just one little um tidbit of it again. I have a lot up I got

to find out which screen I had it on here okay

this is from January 12th so this was one of the most

recent ones but I’ll go back and I have more for you on later ones watch the winds as they blow, the winds will change direction in the news and they’ll say how strange and unusual the wind and the directions, and the weather

patterns, I have told you these things again my children that you can see that I have spoken the news before the news why to stir you up and to waking you out

of the unbelief that doubt and those blinders your adversary once had you in shake those shackles off today once and for all. And don’t ever take them back. So again winds of change and after that, was all that crazy weather just over the weekend I had of course I’ve heard this before all this stuff and I don’t pay attention I’m not

a weather forecaster I don’t pay attention to the weather I don’t pay attention to news articles I only get them as people give them to me and I’m I was seeing these okay so this was January 12th and we had all that crazy weather that just happened um over the course of this last weekend. So now I will get more on how long of weather

Okay ?  So this was back on December 11th of 2021

December 11th of 2021 this one’s called My Days of Vengeance, that’s what the prophetic word is called

and um this is what he said about this- Watch

the wind and the waves on the seashore, watch how the winds are changing in some places and the waves are raging and slamming into the shore watch the wind I am moving and changing weather patterns unusual things will

happen with the weather and it will be known and more people will ask what is going on with the weather, the weather is changing and it is not normal that night

um as I heard that one that night I actually went back and I looked that was when Kentucky Tennessee and a whole

bunch of other states um somebody just said there’s Snow in the Sahara Desert okay I did not know that God bless you I did not I did not know that . Wow that’s awesome

okay, anyway, so that morning I heard I usually hear words about uh five o’clock five thirty in the morning

I get up around four and o’clock in the morning I start usually hearing words you know around 4 35 o’clock and it was that night there was an uh that tornado outbreak um in Alabama Kentucky Tennessee and if I’m forgetting another state uh please forgive me but I know that was a mess. We even had tornadoes here in iowa about a week later which again we don’t know even though we’re in

the midwest our tornado season is usually uh like April through July, you know in there somewhere we don’t have

tornadoes in December so I heard this and then it was right that night that was prophecies fulfilled even that night and then a week later around that was also more in the state of Iowa which again is a completely completely unheard of to have Iowa weather like that we don’t have tornadoes we had unusual weather um we had warm

weather and we barely had any snow in the summer which is it completely weird for Iowa I remember even the year I got married which was in 2000 and we had like 32 inches of snow it was a record though we had 32 inches of snow just in December alone and so to have barely just anything but a trace of snow in december for Iowa is completely weird so that’s another one um here is let’s see here which one is this okay ?

This is from January 7th this is again regarding weather

this prophetic word is called These are Biblical Tmes.

Bitter cold will strike the heartland of America this is another sign of your enemy’s demise unusual weather I have told you and i’m showing you and telling you this is not normal times, These are Biblical Times and the more of me moving my hand across this land and it will be great I’m getting my body to wake up before the clock strikes 12 on your enemies so you will stand and be perfected by me during these times of your enemies total demise now listen to this

Meteor showers earthquakes volcanic eruptions tsunamis typhoons hurricanes Yes, unusual weather patterns along with the snow blizzards in unusual places, my children will not fear but will know that I am God and warned of some of these phenomena before they came to pass, is shaking and awakening my children so that they would have their focus on ME and not the lies of the enemy, now listen to that. That was the seventh of this month the seventh and I noticed over the weekend again Nashville and the southern states got hit with another blizzard snow and accumulating snow that’s completely 100 percent unusual for that area and again I am not um always reading the chat so if I’m missing somebody that’s talking about unusual weather. Please forgive me but if you guys can attest there is unusual weather he’s been talking about that I just showed it to you I just proved it to you said September in October of the last year before this season even hit he was talking about this and one thing he talked about this was the seventh this was before that tsunami hit California and I know there’s been typhoons over um in the east but he said unusual weather patterns volcanic eruptions tsunamis but he mentioned meteor showers now that is something that’s strange – Now I was going through and I have a home page on my youtube page and there’s this lady named Mary Greeley um and I’m not watching your videos right now because I try not to watch anything regarding um a lot of weather or anything that would um interfere with prophetic words.  I had to turn off a lot of the prophets in this last month so I’m not you know when I hear other people say hey that person said that again it’s just confirmation to me it’s confirmation to you we’re on the same page, but Mary Greeley was just talking about the other day. Let me get this open more um oh another Yellowstone she has Yellowstone 11 hours ago and got she’s talking about Yellowstone. So watch it

here. This is her article . Be prepared now. Yellowstone uh super volcano and I just had Yellowstone the other day. Again he’s been giving me Yellowstone since um uh probably May or June of uh 2021. But there was one uh I was just going through my homepage on youtube and I saw this and it was extremely odd, um let me get it back open here. Thank you guys for being patient with me when I have to stop.

Meteor shower at Yellowstone that’s the headline of her news article a meteor shower at Yellowstone Old Faithful that was from eight days ago and that word that I heard was from um the seventh so that was 13 days ago so again more prophecies being fulfilled hallelujah I’m excited again.

Meteor Shower At Yellowstone Old Faithful, What Do You Think?


1 min 48 Very fleeting white flash daytime. Surprising anyone noticed. IMHO Mr G will provide something more definite more substantial –  a night time display.

Julie continues- I’m going through these and I’m going, I can’t wait to give these guys all this information – uh to you but I also want you to read or read something to you about weather patterns okay ? He said not only we’re noticing the weather patterns and I’m just giving you all these prophetic words he’s been talking about and I know I got more, but I just one person trying to fight all this stuff this last couple days so I know I’ve missed something especially when I’m hearing them so often, but I  gave you guys enough of a foundation to know this is what God’s been saying for the last four months, and this is the prophecies I’ve been giving you and this is being fulfilled.

Now this is from January 9th again two days after one of the last ones I just given to you.

Weather 2022 new anomalies are growing in the atmosphere and the oceans that will change the weather patterns as we head deeper in to the year now.

I heard these prophecies several months ago and one two days before this news article came out about the weather

Patterns as we had deeper they talked and they were also talking about the ocean now remember in this one I just given to you from the seventh was talking about the wind

and the waves and the waves hitting the seashore and that was also talking about the oceans so again isn’t God good and people say well nothing’s happening

I just gave you CNN prophecies from the last four almost five months of CNN and their demise and you can see that I just gave you Fauchy and I’m giving you the weather okay ?  And I also have some I don’t know if I’m gonna get to them today because it’s already I’m already halfway done usually with my normal live, my live show, so I might just spend more time and give this to you guys in another date so I can give you guys the new uh prophecy today somebody just said there was an Earthquake near Yellowstone overnight Yeah again God’s been talking about Yellowstone and those you guys have

known me, I’ve been talking about Yellowstone for about six to seven months Watch Yellowstone now even though there was only a 2.8 or whatever, just watch because there’s been a lot of earthquake swarms near  Yellowstone, but watch because there’s going to be something more significant um right now somebody has negative 20 degrees weather in Minnesota warnings this morning yes I woke up this morning in the lovely state of Iowa it was negative two for the temperature and that was not even the wind chill so yeah that’s why I  would love to move south and get out of Iowa I will winter I am not a winter related person but anyway I don’t want to get any more editing of that because I’ve given you guys a lot of prophecies being fulfilled right here and I’m going to keep continuing to give you more okay as God wills it, but again this I my fire was already lit, and it was already big but I I’m telling you I just got bigger this  morning I’m like—God, you say it – you’re giving us the news before the news, and that’s exactly what you’ve been doing over the course of the last several months so if you didn’t think God was saying anything, and all these prophetic words were just fake, and that you know  prophets are just saying this stuff to make themselves feel better or make everybody else feel better NO.

God said it and we should believe it hallelujah

God’s been saying this stuff, so all right now I’m gonna shut some of these windows, so that way I can have more of an Organization on all my screens here but you guys know again I we’ve talked about the snowstorms I’m not gonna go through all those um a Toronto outbreak, that happened in December again, that’s what it’s all just talked about. Here is I think another one um from January 6 I haven’t given this one to you, yet.

This is another one regarding the weather- continue to watch the weather is unusual weather patterns hit the earth this is to get your attention on ME this was a six so this was the day before the one I just had given you, which was on the seventh, so why is he giving us this, all this why would he care about the weather he cares about the weather to Get Our Attention he’s saying on this word was from the year of 2022 the Year of Vengeance

So uh 2022 the year of vengeance I heard this one on the six that’s probably not when I gave it on um youtube but because I hear them, and then sometimes, it’s like three four or five days afterwards um but this was the sixth when I heard it and I can prove it um to you and it said continue to watch the weather it’s unusual weather patterns hit the earth this to get your attention on me on these and not only these things these are signs I’m giving you to keep your faith and your trust in me that I am in control not your enemies so the reason why God is giving us this stuff regarding the weather is to know that he is in control and not our enemies. Because if you notice the plagues, the plagues of Egypt affected the weather one of the plagues of Egypt was hail that was turned into fire so as you see these things know that God is saying Hey get your attention off your enemies get your attention on ME.

Even though it’s weather and something simple to look at but God was giving us these things months in advance so hallelujah that is awesome um somebody just said they have that earthquake avid eye opening of the earthquakes happening worldwide see and I’m not even passionate at that iIm only listening to um what God is saying but God was talking about the tsunamis he was talking about the typhoons he was talking about the earthquakes and again we had one just over last weekend when it happened to California and it was not only it was an earthquake it was an underground earthquake under the ocean floor and that’s what sparked the tsunamis so that was again prophecy being fulfilled what happened in California and the prophetic word I’m going to give today as long as I can find it here. Um oh here’s another one another prophecy being fulfilled I had about the weather patterns from the Fall of the Bidens from December 12th of 2021 watch the weather changes and the patterns and the winds shift so again that was another one so I told you I had plenty of them let me get out the one I want to give to today I had stuff on Kamala I had I had stuff on Biden okay ?

I got to get out the one that I want to give to you guys today called I’m just going to open up a new page. I have too many open still.

Hold on guys I’m almost there I have a lot of information to give you guys and I think it’s awesome to have a lot of Information. It’s good it’s good to be this busy doing this much stuff because  that means something’s going on all right your Enemies are Finished.

That’s what I’m gonna give to you guys today. Your Enemies are Finished

I’m going to close out all this other ones so I don’t have any lagging all right this is awesome that was almost 40

Minutes of prophecies being fulfilled and I wasn’t planning on taking that one so Hallelujah okay

Now this was from the 17th again, I hear these before I give them you guys know that I always say the date

um and then I say also the day when I get when I when I say it here on youtube. Always give you that’s why you guys have

both. Top of page is the daily Word from Mr G.

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Julie Green Transcript THE TIME OF REMOVALS IS AT HAND Jan 19

Juicy news in advance- another Tsunami -elites being taken down
Transcript for those who enjoy reading stuff. Starts at 94 secs

Here is the prophetic word for the day

2022 the Time of Removals is at Hand

For I the Lord this day have said, enough is enough, and let my people go. My children do you think any enemy of yours can stop these words from coming to pass ?

I created the heavens and earth with my words which are still creating to this day. Your enemies have no power over my spoken words. My words have been spoke,n my words will come forth, and come to pass with no interruption, and exactly on time. Watch the EAST COAST of your nation. Winds and the waves, a tsunaiI of a magnitude never seen before. They want to strike your nation in this hou,r and it will be all over the news again, about a massive eruption of a volcano in a tsunami never seen like this before, that is coming straight for the United States. They want this to cause massive destruction and death across the EAST COAST of your nation. But I the Lord will stop the effects of it. It will not destroy the way they want it to. NO. the damage will be minimal.

Minimal compared to what it could have been. Again my children I have given you the news, over and over, before your natural news weather forecasters, to show you that I am in control, and not them. They wanted natural disasters to cause more chaos and destruction, along with more shortages gas prices to spike, stores to close. More businesses going bankrupt, and to bring so much devastation in total control over you.

You asked who are they ? and who are the puppet masters?

To name a few, they are your George Soros’s Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg Jeff Bezos, the elites of this world.

They have so much more money in power. there are also certain families, who are the richest in this world, they think they can control the companies of this world, along with all the economies, they truly believe everything bows to their every command.

Their money and power will never run out. Little do they know with one move of my hand, everything they hold there, will be gone. My children they have manipulated market supply and demand, your food sources, your Soil, your medication, your health care system, your school systems, your governments, your economy, your ways of thinking.

They control Hollywood TV movies, news stations. They are the Pharaohs of today, that you didn’t even know existed.

I the Lord have known and have seen what they have done.

They have also manipulated your elections, government officials, launched bills that are passed to benefit themselves and their money, and control who you have seen in your government.

They think they have power  but are really just puppets being controlled by the elite strings.

These officials are nothing, and they are just faces the elites wanted you to see.

My children your freedoms have been stolen from you a long time ago, without you even being aware of who is in control of your elections. You have not been able to rightfully elect a leader you actually wanted, for many years until Trump broke their system that they thought that it could never be broken.

Because you the American people were too stupid and you would never figure out and never fight them back. After 2016 they realized their plans were no longer going to work, so they had to be more out in the open and to do everything they could to stop the populist movement once and for all.

2020 was a joke though they have been caught big Time, and their big lie, they still lie through their teeth, and put their puppet show on the world stage, where everyone who isn’t blind knows it’s a joke. These leaders are weak and pathetic and the world sees through it, and you may say Lord you are being harsh with your words against these people.

My children they were given every opportunity to turn back and they refused, and still went with your enemy


And they will not mess around with my world or my children with what these leaders wanted to do to


I am love. I don’t just have it.

My love will avenge and protect my children against anyone. Satan uses against them I have promised to never leave you nor forsake you, and that is what I am doing now against them.

Some may say God is not political. My children don’t you know how political I really am ? When it comes to right and wrong life and death ?

I will always choose life for my children, blessing for my children right not wrong, good not evil, and anyone who stands in the way of my will and plan that your adversary uses will lose big time and that is what you are seeing now. Great falls, great judgments, great death to hit your enemies this year.

I will not stand by and watch my world be taken over by Luciferian worshippers to destroy humanity, and they are trying to change the DNA of mankind just like the days of Noah. They wanted to destroy my bloodline that I created for humanity. No ! They will not have their way to be manipulated by the point it’s Satan’s and they want to manipulate the bloodline to the point that it’s Satan’s bloodline in his heritage. NO. It’s a joke.

Because he cannot create anything. He’s a fallen being, so he’s using humans, humans to design things to destroy what I have created. He wants to stop my glory from filling this earth. But that is never going to happen.

Watch as Fauci falls to the ground never to get back up

and all the truth will come out and how he manipulated all this financial gain, all for his financial gain, and how he was working with China to destroy and take over your nation.

Mr McConnell your judgment is coming for you, in your portrayal of my son and his nation for China.

It’s not just China Joe. There are several of you like Nancy Pelosi, Mitt Romney, Chuck Schumer and more, including Hillary Clinton and Obama the whole mess of you that sold your souls to China for money and power.

You will pay for what you have done. Watch my children how, they will be in the news, and how the news will expose expose expose them all.

Watch, Hillary is about to have a great fall, along with Bill. The puppet masters are letting them loose, for a final blow to the United States, thinking this will save their plans. My people are in place to remove them all. To restore justice and liberty and your rightful President and this country will be reborn in THIS year.

Shout and receive your freedoms and your country your economies your families, your lands, that’s all being restored and given back to you in this year of 2022 saith the Lord of Hosts. End message

  Julie Commentary Now one of the things I want to go over I know that’s a lot in that prophetic word, but one of the things I want to go over is what he’s talking about in the beginning of this prophetic word. He’s talking about the magnitude of a tsunami and another earthquake. I know there’s another prophecy fulfilled I’ll get I’ll talk about that tomorrow in uh

tomorrow’s live stream, um about that earthquake. That had hit in the tsunami that hit California, but this is talking about the EAST COAST, also and I will have another prophetic word  um…..

On the live stream if I don’t on the live stream on Thursday I will have it on Friday and it’s talking about something that’s going to happen in California so we have to be watching California but anytime you’re going to see and the Lord keeps talking about weather patterns.

He’s talking about phenomenona, he’s talking about all these things volcanoes earthquakes uh blizzards and snow in various places all these things have been talked about for months now for months.

But when you see of these things, if you live on the EASTCOAST you start praying that the hand of God is going to stop and minimalize and nothing definitely is going to come to your door. It’s not going to affect your family it’s not going to affect your home, or your property Remember when Jesus stood and he spoke  to the storm and it had to obey him ?

Well, these judgments or you could say plagues, because we’re talking about the Greater Exodus that we’re living in.

Today, when you see these things do not fear, get rid of the fear right now, because God always warns his children before he moves his hand some of these things are manipulated by your enemies, but God is saying when you see these things, then know that I am God.

Know that I am the great I AM. I have warned you ahead of time.

But I also am love and I am your protector, and not only am I your protector, but I’m your avenger that’s what he’s been saying in this word.

So don’t get hung up on the fact that something’s gonna happen on the EAST COAST and when I get a prophetic word about California don’t get hung up on the what’s gonna happen ! You get on the Word of God focus on him, because this is not to bring fear. This is to bring the news before the news.

God has been warning he’s been talking through his prophets, he’s been giving us these words. Why? To encourage us, and to let us know who really is in control.

He’s given all his weather patterns, he’s been saying this is going to happen, so be aware its when we see these things it’s NO, the time of your enemies is short.

And again a lot of people been asking well- When? When is this all going to happen ?  THIS YEAR.

So get excited today children of Almighty God it says in God’s word I want to read this really quick. I gotta get my bible out, it says, it’s in his word and um

Hebrews in hebrews chapter 10 and verse 30 it says

this is what he’s talking about in this word

Again all these prophetic words have to line up, line up with the word of God so we don’t throw it away, but look he said in hebrews 10 and 34 we know him who said vengeance is mine. retribution and metting out of full justice rests with me. I will repay out exactly compensation says the Lord, and again the Lord will judge and determine and solve and settle the causes in the cases of his people. God avenges so right now you are seeing the vengeance of God, you’re seeing the judgments of God against the enemies he keeps saying about his hand, we’ve gone over this before for people who are new on this channel. If you hear a reference to the hand of god it is it places a judgment on one party to place a blessing on another.

So God is saying judgment is coming it is here now. You’re going to see it.

It’s going to intensify in these next few weeks, in these next few months, things are going to intensify and things are going to change for a child of God, things are going to change for the better.

So when these do, these phenomenona happen, the magnitude of these massive things do occur just to let you know that God is in control. He’s told you about these things. You do not fear because No one formed against you shall prosper in isaiah 54 17 You can plead the blood of Jesus over your homes and over everything that you own, that it will not affect you.

You’re a child of God you have the greater one on the inside of you. The He that’s in the world.

So no matter what your enemies ever want to try against you God always has the final say, and Say that today – God always has the final say in my life, God has a final say in my health, he’s got the final say in my finances, he’s got the final say in this economy he’s got the final say in our country,

no matter what country you’re in. You keep affirming life you keep affirming freedoms and justice and liberty because that’s what God has on his heart. That’s what he’s doing for us today. He’s rebirthing this nation he’s restoring a nation to us. He’s restoring the nations, not just the United States of America this year, and very soon you’re gonna start seeing corrections.

You’re going to start seeing things, removals taking place, that’s what he’s talking about in this world removals taking place and he’s also been talking about the Angel of Death he’s been talking about judgments, he’s talking about um always and I’m not gonna go over all

these prophetic words, that already been fulfilled, because that’s tomorrow but just know God has spoken this before. It happened and so you should be encouraged today, this is confirmation prophetic words that God has spoken and again we have to get rid of the spirit of fear and in Jeremiah 17 it says in verse 5 thus says the Lord’s curse is the man who trusts in man, and makes flesh his strength, whose heart departs from the Lord

verse 6 for he shall be like a shrub in the desert and shall not see when good comes but shall inhabit the parched places in the wilderness in a salt land which is not inhabited, but look listen to this this is the verse seven

Jeremiah 17 and verse seven listen to this– Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and whose hope is in the Lord

for he shall be like a tree planted by the waters

which spreads out its root by the river and will not fear okay ? when heat comes but its leaves will be green and will not be anxious in the year of drought nor will cease from yielding fruit, so God is saying to us right now to not lean on our own understanding, to trust him, and when we are the ones who are trusting him and leaning not on our own understanding, we’re only leaning to God he’s saying we’re going to be that tree planted by the water that we will not be moved even when a storm comes literal or spiritual it doesn’t matter.

You will be steadfast in your faith today why do you think that God has so many men and women out there every day on all these different platforms to give you the written word of God because God’s word is the good news it’s good news, it’s a good report, and God says he always calls you to triumph and he always causes you to conquer because what you are more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ of Nazareth, so no matter where you are at today, no matter what your life looks like, that is not your future. God is going to move you forward he’s going to move you to a great life that he has planned for you.

So be excited and be prepared that God is moving and saying I receive that great change in my life that God has in store for each and every one of us today. You will see removals you’re going to see judgment happen upon the enemy, and know this, that God has given them time to repent and they refuse to turn, we do not rejoice in this fact, again, we don’t rejoice in the fact that the enemies and of course there’s going to be a lot of them dying, but we don’t rejoice in that fact. You just rejoice in the fact that God is restoring he’s REMOVING he is doing exactly what he said he was already going to do,

and we are living in biblical times, and with that biblical times there are great things that God has in store for each

and every one of his children on this earth today. We hope this encourages you today please like subscribe and share

and give this to everybody you know. And before you go I want to pray for each and every one of you, we thank you, Father God for these prophetic words we thank you heavenly father for giving us strength for giving us the peace that passes on understanding. We thank you

Father God that you have given us your written will, your written word, you  havespoken unto us you’ve given us the name of Jesus you’ve given us the blood of Jesus and we want to thank you father God you’ve given us the armour of almighty God. Given us every tool and every weapon that we need to stand against the walls of our adversary we thank you no matter what comes on this earth no matter what our enemies try, no matter what the weather does, we thank you father God that we are in this world in john 17. We are in this world, but we are not of it, we thank you before our adversary has been brought to no effect in our lives, and we thank you today that we have the victory in Jesus. In Jesus name Amen and Amen

Well God loves you I, love you, God bless you, and have a wonderful day.  

So another tsunami eh on the East coast ? Loony left TV whoops it up to spread fear. But scant damage will occurr to their chagrin. And the Clintons are being thrown to the wolves by the elites
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