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Julie Green transcript A MAJOR BLOW WILL STRIKE BIDEN Jan 27

Who will you believe when silence hits the airwaves during the Removals and Reversals in this land ?

Soon to be unmasked
Transcript for those preferring reading

All right here is the prophetic word from today. I heard this January 23rd of 2022, so just a few short days ago A Major blow will strike Biden.

I the Lord this day have spoken through my prophets in these hours these hours of freedom deliverances  even your Great Exodus that you are about to experience, and still some of my children are not satisfied, it’s not enough to believe me, prophecies are being fulfilled in front of your eyes, and still some choose not to see it. These days are the days of separation of my body, and the remnant great days lie ahead for my remnant, who have chosen to believe and stand with me, and my prophets. Great blessings you shall receive my children, who still refuse to heed my warning,s or listen to any of my prophets. Your enemies are about to strike the weak, so awaken now, before this happens. He’s knocking on the doors of my children to see who will let him in, through his deceptive ways. Turn off his lies, shut the mouths of the snakes that are in the news and bringing fear and confusion.

When some things start to shift, the mouth of so many will be shut. Who will you believe then when silence hits the airwaves during the removals and reversals in this land ?

Who will you believe then ?

Will you seek ME in the days of great darkness and silence or will you let your enemy hit your home with fear and confusion ?  It would be so hard that you will not be able to get back up again, on your faith and trust in me before it’s too late.

I’m moving my hands now to show the world I am in control and your enemies do not ever defeat me.

My children get up now and stop mocking my prophets who are my mouthpiece on this earth to speak my Words. I need my children to hear, to set you free, with truth because my words are truth.

I’ve told you that you are living in biblical times, and I meant that it will seem in the coming days, that all hell will break loose, great confusion will try and strike my children down to the ground, when this hits what side will you be on  ? Ask yourself if it changes and looks worse than the natural what will my faith be in, man or God ?

These days my children must know this authority their authority in Christ Jesus and in my word in the book of Exodus it grew darker for Egypt as more plagues hit their land and their lives things seem chaotic, but for my people at the same time they were protected I will show you I am your protector from judgment and great devastation coming to your enemies. Watch as there will be a meteor shower that hits the earth and some meteors will cause damage that will be reported.

My children who are double-minded and still having a hard time believing me, I’m showing you the sign to choose what side you are on, to choose if you believe me or faith or fear.

My Children the ones who are double minded believe me, I’m showing you the signs to choose what side you are on, to choose if you believe fear or faith, your enemies report or mine.

Watch the Washington Monument. Something significant will happen.

Watch my children as your enemies plans crumble and all they put in this nation to mock me with their Luciferian Symbols you all thought were just wonderful architectural or monuments meant for something good for your nation.

They were not only mocking me, but the American people because they think that they are the enlightened ones, and you were just too naïve, you would never see the destruction of your nation they wanted, before it was too late.

A major blow will strike Biden in the coming days

More exposures of his deals with the enemies when he patted his own pockets to destroy you.

I’m allowing the world to know who Joe Biden really WAS

not just what you thought you knew about him.

While he’s already fallen and another took his place I told you the so-called Biden will take a bigger fall because while he’s on centre stage before I remove him, every eye will see him, his fall, and all the truth will be exposed on what was done to make your days in 2020 and beyond that started the whole puppet show.

Biden’s earpiece is being removed by me I’m intercepting the frequencies so he can no longer be told what to say

He will speak the words I want on TV. On live TV his mask will be revealed. Who stood in for the Biden for so long and he will pay the ultimate price.

I will have the final say and the final laugh at this clown show that was shoved down the throats of so many. I am pulling the rug from underneath their feet.

Watch Russia will be in the news more and more will be revealed whose side they’re really on.

And it’s not what you were thinking.

Budapest will be in the news. Watch for this as its another sign of me moving my hand against your enemies.

Let my resurrection power rise on the inside of you more to expel all weaknesses sickness diseases and any abnormalities any pain any fear any depression confusion and heaviness from you.  I am moving mightily in this hour on my children’s behalf to free you in every area, to freely serve me in the days of glory and blessing holy ghost and fire.

You my children will become indestructible. You are at that church that hell and death will not prevail against.

I know these days have been harsh dark and impossible looking, unbearable to so many, everything your enemies have done against you, I will restore. Everything Satan meant for harm I will turn into something good.

Move forward my children no more with one foot in the world and one foot out.

What that means is no more acting and talking like the rest of the world, no more time for that. Rise up Children of Almighty God you are not weak but you are strong you are not sick you are healed. You are not poor, but you are rich.

What report do you believe ?  Stand on my side now children, the landscape of the world is about to drastically change, and this change is for your 2022 the Year of the New.

It is here now and it’s for you Saith the Lord your  Redeemer

Washington Monument Rainbow

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