Julie Green transcript ARIZONA PROPHECY Wed Jan 26

Transcript starts at 96 seconds. Enjoy God’s distinctly unbiblical very American slang. LOL

And Here is the Arizona Prophecy

Woe to those in Arizona !  I will have the final say. Expose everything that happened there. My spotlight will shine and expose all the darkness and wickedness that took place in your state, for those who gave your adversary the win, for your financial gain. You will lose everything you hold dear. Your finances will be blasted out of your hands. And egg will be all over your faces for the embarrassment and shame, and it will consume you. Those of you who fought for the truth you will be rewarded by me for your tireless effort to protect the truth. I have an army coming to your state to ratify the truth, and what should have been all along the country will shout to certify now and your governor will be exposed for what he had done behind closed doors. Do you see shame ? Shame Governor Ducey Shame on you for selling out your state to save yourself. ( His own fake election ?)

Of course you were rewarded financially for it I am judging you now and in the Sheriff’s Race you let go and you allowed them to steal it, for you knew you had to have them on your side for yourr big steal, and your big lie.

I will restore the rightful sheriff along with everyone else who actually won and I mean everyone. Arizona, big news will come from your state and nothing can stop the domino effect that will take place.

It’s all my timing and my plans and not yours.

All eyes will be on your state once again, but this time truth will prevail, no longer can it be hidden from my country and the world that I created. This is the Green Light for those waiting for it Itt’s time to go and take back what is yours saith the Lord of Hosts

Julie Commentary. And with this prophetic word what is he saying?  Our enemies were never in control no matter how it’s looked in this last year and a half. God always has a final say. So you who are in Arizona you have been praying for that state, You’ve been praying for the truth to be revealed and the truth will be revealed. And you just keep believing God, that God will always have the final say. Look what he’s saying WOE to those who did what they have done. The spotlight will be shone on you the Lord has been saying

And you will be known for what you have done, and egg will be on your face !

And they will pay a high price for what they have done in that state, and of course the Governor Ducey has a lot to explain what happened in this state, and he will also be judged. That is exactly what that word is saying. He’ll be judged for allowing the big li,e and also the big steal, and that Sheriff’s race he allowed for a purpose, and God is going to Wipe it all out. He’s going to Reverse it because it says in God’s word, everything when faith has been caught in proverbs 6 30 and 31 when a thief has been caught, he’s got to give it back seven times so it doesn’t matter how long this has gone on for, just know children of Almighty God and just know anybody who’s in the United States of America, that God is in control, and it is his perfect timing. We may not always understand why things take so long or why it had to be a certain way, but in this time of questioning and we’re wondering God what happened and why God is giving us these prophetic words to show us that he is in control. And what happens if he’s in control, which he is, because he’s the most high God we always win because God always wins, and we are on his side, so be looking up today, and praising and worshipping God, because just like in Arizona and other states that he’s been giving you prophetic words regarding Philadelphia or Pennsylvania you’re looking for Georgia I’ll be looking for Wisconsin and some other ones be looking for something to happen ,that God is saying it was his timing, but something awful he said in this prophetic word that I need to say again. This is at the very end of it, and he said let me get it back, This is the Green Light for those waiting for it.

It’s time to go and take back what’s yours saith the Lord.

So God is saying it’s a Green Light for those who’ve been waiting for the Green light, and it’s time to move forward.

So that’s what I have today, but we’re looking forward to that because prophecies are being fulfilled all the time in a very quick pace, so I want to just let you guys know that we all here at JGM I love you. We want to pray for you before I go.

So heavenly Father right now in Jesus name I want to pray for everybody who’s watching, at the sound of my voice, everybody who has something going on in their life, Father God if they’ve been struggling with this whole situation, that’s been going on, we want to thank and praise you God that you’re softening the hearts, you’re opening their eyes, you’re giving them joy, you’re giving them peace, and anything that they have to have, right now. We thank you father god for health and healing and restoration in their bodies today and we thank you that Jesus is our way maker Jesus is our Lord and Savior, and Jesus wanted all Amen and Amen Hallelujah Well please like subscribe and share, and give this to everyone who needs to hear the truth, needs to hear an encouraging word, and you need to know What God is saying regarding this earth today. So God loves you God bless you and I love you and have a wonderful day.

Hope you are enjoying Gods growing command of American lexicon. Wonderful news about progress in Arizona against Soros criminals.

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