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But little do they know I have control of their tongues and more truth will continue to come out on Live TV for no one expected it

Transcript for the reading prone starts at 133 seconds

So here is the prophetic word

God’s Hand Moving across this Land. I heard this on January 22nd of 2022 so just two days ago.

For I the Lord this day have spoken these words, and I will say them again. This is the hour for my children to be set free of this completely satanic system. I the Lord am moving now nothing will stop the calamity that’s about to take place in the enemy’s camps.

One by one exposures, removals, judgments, and the  Angel of death will find the ones with blood dripping from their hands.

They have sown death and destruction with no remorse or repentance the hour of judgment has come. Reversals, removals turnarounds and restoration will all take place at the same time.

Some people will think how extreme are the days we are living in. They will ask what on earth is going on ? So many in this world their hearts will fail them for the apprehension of things to come on the earth.

I have spoken these times in my word, but so many did not heed my warnings and fear gripped their hearts.

I have freedom for all mankind for all humanity.

They could receive this if they believed it, and could receive all I have for them but it’s their choice. I have given every person a free will to believe and to choose me or not. I want everyone to choose life, but not everyone will, no matter what they see.

My children I am long-suffering because  of the love I have for my creation. I wanted a very large family. You could say I didn’t make robots.

People can choose to love me or not but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them.

The darkness has overtaken them with no way of escape. They have hardened their hearts to a point of no return.

Hunter Biden you will Fall in this hour they will no longer protect you from any chance to save your father’s death from the public’s eye or the betraying or the one betraying him, to keep this person a secret even though there is a plan to remove the so-called Biden and Harris team.

They want it done their way for minimal damages.

Right now there’s too much to hide they are letting people all over start taking falls to protect the inner circle and the ones who are of more use for their plans to move forward with their reset.

Another Laptop will appear and more will come out of the laptop they tried to hide.

The ones who were on my side have all the info. All the ones on my side I’m going to say that again, have all the info on those laptops and the enemies know it.

So Hunter you will pay a high price for all the things that you have done. Your sick and disgusting lifestyle will be known and there is no one to protect you. Your stepmother Jill can’t even stop what is coming for you and she wouldn’t, even if she could. Jill has to try to save herself from a massive fall.

She has kept so many secrets and lies to protect the big lie for Joe the one who’s betraying him.

So much destruction is coming to all the Bidens.

More and more negative news will continue to flood out regarding all of them. The puppet masters has also given their permission to stop propping them up. They want to move on with another to replace Joe and Kamala but little do they know I have control of their tongues and more truth will continue to come out on Live TV for no one expected it. They will continue to call them gaffes, but I call it truth like a flood. Some people won’t be able to believe what just came out of their mouths, because it will be such explosive information they thought could forever be kept hidden. Mass of information.

Massive information will pour out of Pennsylvania.

A truth teller or Whistleblower is about to come forward in a major way.

I’ve given the ultimate green light for the whistleblowers and the Rightful President along with the Rightful Government. They have the signal that they needed from me. Also the words of the prophets, so they know to move forward and go forth with my plan Saith the Lord

It’s time to move and it’s time to march forward and take back power in this land. You will see a monument  destroyed in this hour. This monument will show the world all the plans are falling as I speak these words and I know when you see this, and know when you see this monument crumble to the ground I am moving quickly to restore my nation back to the, superpower that the United States was always meant to be, with no restrictions, with no Satanic Agenda, with no interference from and for no infiltrators.

No more of the swamp rats controlling my nation and its government. A clean sweep of it all. A complete restoration and people in power I put in this hour.

My light is shining on my nation to completely set you free from what you see now.

Power outages rolling blackouts, watch as you see these and know I am moving to remove them all, that is my promise to you.

Not one will be left in power that are against me, saith the Lord of hosts.

A hurricane, they will say that’s not possible it’s not the season ! For those it can’t be. Winds and waves are just naturally going to hit this land. It’s also a perfect storm in the spirit realm against your enemies. That perfect storm is hitting them right now, but will also continue to intensify over the next couple of months just as in January you were asking about, so much justice is taking place right now you don’t even know about it yet indictments are being passed out at a rapid pace.

You will continue to hear of removals, falls, literally and physically.

Poll numbers. People’s trust in the supposed news will hit an all-time low. More justice will appear, and truth will be released. Just hold on February should be very interesting- my children. You are about to experience a great shift and a change in this year. Never experienced on earth like this. A great shift of power and influence my glory and mercy shall fall on this earth.

These are the days of Liberty Freedom justice glory wholeness and restoration.

I am on your side and I never lose.

Your victory has been paid for and the battle has been won so rejoice for the Lord has defeated all you’ve seen in front of you. So laugh ! These are not days of defeat but rather your days of victory and triumph, joy on this earth never experienced to this degree, when all of this is corrected in this hour by me.

Saith the Lord of Hosts.

“The darkness has overtaken them with no way of escape. They have hardened their hearts to a point of no return”. These seem to be the weak minded who can’t change their minds. 30pc is the estimate.

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