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Okay  here is a prophetic word for today This is the Hour of Judgments and  for those who are new I also pray over everyone after that after I give the prophetic word.

All right I the Lord this day am warning my children of attempts by your enemies to cause conflict and fear with devastating events across your land from both borders, virus, the stock market, shortages and gross inflation.

They want to cripple this nation before they were removed. They think by doing all of these things there is some chance that they can still win and  stop the removals from power and from the destruction coming to pass.

I  the Lord have spoken my word and will on this earth and no matter the news and the supposed chaos they try to cause know that I am God and I saw this coming .

I told you all these things in advance so you can speak my words in the situation that brings life and peace into your nation.

The Red Sea is about to completely close on your enemies they are desperate to stay in power I will remove them in all nations and their plans against you.

China I see you, all your disgusting plans to take over the United States for world dominance for you to finally have what you want total control for I the Lord have said enough is enough. China you will never have my America my United States everyone that was with you that was part of this government and helped you, not only am I taking out China, but every single person who sold my nation to you for financial gain and stability china you had no idea while you infiltrated me in my nation I infiltrated yours. My hand is about to move to bring your government and your nation to its knees you will never completely regain your finances or power again.

You will struggle, struggle like Egypt struggles to this day to stay afloat. I am stripping you of money and power, you manipulated blackmail head held my nation hostage. You’ll be stripped of anything that you had that belongs to the United States and to my nation Israel to my other nation israel excuse me my children who live in China I’m setting you free so do not be in fear regarding these words I’m delivering you out of this dictatorship and slavery I am judging your government officials their acts and not you anyone who stands with your government will be judged and receive the same fate. China I’m exposing your plans that you had against my nations, the terrorist attack you were planning to cause total chaos in the streets to weaken my nation. This is talking about United States to distract them from the military moving in this hour to reinstate the rightful President. I the Lord have said that you are finished, and my angel armies against you you no longer will push pursue stand against my nation or my children. Everyone that infiltrated the government jobs businesses to destroy this nation from within I am bringing you all down with judgments against you for not turning your back and repenting for your actions against me and my children I’m tripping the farmland you stole and giving it back to America the beautiful once again china you are finished in this hour and my hand is moving against you and you have nothing in your power to stop it.

Bill Gates I am exposing you in your plan to destroy this nation and humanity as we know it. The way you manipulated businesse,s the medical industry along with food, medications anything and  your hand touched including child sex trafficking it will all be exposed your money and power will be stripped from you, and then your life will be taken from you. The Angel of Death will visit your house, This is my hour of Judgment on this earth to strike down every plot and scheme and plan, everyone who was in charge or changed or joined in with these plans, judgment will rain down on you. Removals will be great in this hour so hold on my children, for a massive impact is about to strike your land, of truth explosive exposures and Removals are on a scale never seen before watch you’ll hear of reports regarding the Mediterranean Sea, once you see this, is all bets are off you would say the avalanche impacting your nation with an avalanche of truth. Your enemies are petrified of the truth and they are running to and fro to try to save anything they can to move assets around putting money in various accounts to hide what they have from me. But little do they know I see it all and they can’t stop these floodgates from devouring everything they have when I the Lord complete the wealth transfer it doesn’t matter where they have hidden things, I will blast it out of every place every crevice and give it to its rightful owners but it has their name on it. Nothing can stop this blessing explosion the wealth transfer to the hands of my children.

Pharaoh couldn’t stop it then and the so called Pharaoh’s now can’t either. This is a time of their end of ruling on my earth and over my people.

BIDEN’s COFFIN will be revealed in the White House.

They stumble upon the truth and Harris knows along with many others in this supposed administration the truth was leaked out and video evidence has been seen.

They are scrambling to hide it from the rest of the nation and this world, but it’s not going to happen.

I am blowing the roof off the White House Capitol building exposing all the rats inside, along with everything they have been hiding.

I will unmask the Biden in front of the world and all will see who really was behind that mask.

Obama your earpiece has been stripped from your ear and your puppet strings have been cut off, and all will see you in the shadow government you had in your basement.

I will destroy everything and judge everyone that was a part in hand, or the hand they had in the coup against my nation.

Your sick joke you committed against the United States for your one world government is now being stripped from you Obama you can feel everything being stripped from you now and you’re becoming powerless and useless against my nation. The puppet masters will let everyone fall for you when they try and protect you. You will see who will get the last laugh and it’s not you saith the Lord.

Saith the Lord  Its MY turn, the imploding has begun of your enemies and the empire and the regime everything of theirs is falling apart. So start to rejoice and celebrate. I am setting you free in this hour from their tyranny. I am the Lord and will always have the final say, and that time has come for my reset to take place saith the Lord your Redeemer. End message

Bidens coffin in the White house !

Biden’s coffin found in the White house, meanwhile we see 2 other distinctly different Bidens in public. Military’s time to step in. DC to be destroyed. New Capital coming. YOU have a ringside seat dear reader. China to be taken down. So how many Bidens are there ? 3 ? Can they be bought online ? Are they made in China ? Bill Gates to be exposed and stripped of his wealth and visited by the Angel of Death. A wonderful new world is being created.

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