Julie Green transcript THE HOUR OF GREAT CHANGE Sat Jan 22

Pay attention exciting details in here.
Transcript is good for Did I really hear that ? Could that be true ?

So here is a prophetic word for today the Hour of Great Change

For I the Lord this day, have spoken my words through my prophets and things are speeding up once again. The intensity on this earth will grow in this hour.

Prophetic words will be fulfilled at a quicker pace now.

You will hear a word one day, the next day you will be fulfilled. I need this world to take my profit seriously in this hour of great change. A shaking a rattling on this earth is about to destroy everything your enemies wanted against you, for I am the great I AM

I moved mightily against Pharaoh and his men in their continual pursuit of my people they rejected me in all my warnings against them, they ignored me so I put my hand against them, and they all paid with their lives. That is happening again your enemies did not heed my warnings and furthered their plans and agendas against my children, my nation, along with having so much hate in their hearts for me. Their hearts were hardened to a point like Pharaoh.

There was no turning back. Everyone on this earth will know when I move against the enemies of Almighty God there is no denying that I the most high God still lives.

I AM is still the god of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and nothing is bigger than me. No man, no agenda can take me out of this world.

No, not yet, the enemies will not have their One World Government. I have spoken this to my children before, and I will say it again, its not tribulation time, I have work left to do on this earth, so my word can go forth until all the world then the end will come all the world deserves to know my son Jesus Christ, before he comes to take my body out of this earth I want everyone to see who I really am, this is the hour of judgment YES this is also the hour of grace and mercy.

I’m pouring out my glory and fire on this earth to heal and to make whole and to set the captives free, to turn this world over to my children, which I promised in my word that they would have dominion in this earth. I’m Temporarily (?) removing a satanic system for my children while they are still here.

So the world knows who you are, and you belong to me.

Anyone who missed out on this time and turn their backs on me, will remember, and some will hear about this time during the Great Tribulation, and they will turn away from the wicked ways and more people will be saved during that time, and they will save more people during that time.

Great changes are coming now in this hour, great changes in everything you know to be your normal.

There will be no more normal. Biblical times are shaking up this earth for deliverance and freedom. Watch, the stadiums will be emptied once again of sports and filled with my glory, and people seeking my son Jesus Christ to be saved.

Watch as you see more news stations, as more people turn on Biden and all who are with him, they will continue to turn on Harris. The puppet masters have given their orders to let those fall and remove them, since they are no longer “good enough”, because they see that the world has had enough of those two.

 Brace yourselves .  Truth will continue to pour out, even from people on live TV that didn’t mean to say what they have said.

I have shut the mouths of the serpents behind them, and truth will continue to come out regarding your elections.

They’ll pour out all over the battleground states and beyond. More judges will rule with the constitution.

Before the next election laws will begin to change. The de-certifying will take place all over in my states You didn’t even know there was a problem.

I am blowing the lid off this whole coup. A major ruling by  your Supreme Court will change the course of this

Nation.  They will continue to rule against the puppet masters, because they know the truth.

My team and my rightful government that I have put together has been formed, and are moving forward to take back power. The Supreme Court Justices, the ones I want to know this information they are safe to rule how they always wanted to. The May 8th will completely be overthrown,  and the shots will continue to be exposed, what they really are.

Doctors and scientists alike will continue to come forward with the truth and the damage they are causing, along with the deaths  the puppet masters wanted to hide. Nothing will be hidden anymore Saith the Lord of Hosts.

A major death will happen in your Congress. Watch, this big name person will die, and know there is more to follow.

Watch as a person in your Senate will fall on the Senate floor never to get back up again. This is the end. Their end and I am cleansing out your House of Representatives and your  Senate chambers for the filth and the ones that have done your enemies bidding.

Again watch the Statue of Liberty as it starts with a crack and it crumbles to the ground.

You will find out what was hidden inside the Statue. What actually, what that statue actually stood for. It’s not what

you think . The landscape of this nation is changing, and all the monuments symbols and buildings, anything that they erected will be destroyed in this hour.

My hand is moving to remove any sign of them, and the power of their destruction. When I get done with them there’ll be nothing left of their legacy their agendas against you.

I’m through watching them rule over you with their fake power and fake government The real government will take back power in this year the rightful president will be back into power, full power, and other governments will fall and be removed.

Canada and Australia your governments and those who are not with you will fall.

Watch out I AM is coming for you Canada and all who are against me. I am freeing this nation, from Trudeau and all who are with him. So sing Canada sing once again your freedom is here.

Australia I will take down your dictators and free you from your slavery and destroy those camps they build against you to imprison you. I am the most high God and I have enough I’ve had enough of the enemies on this earth.

Fully awaken my children, and great shakings physical and spiritual will hit this earth hit this earth. Brace yourselves for impact that is coming. Major deaths in your lands of people who held you hostage.

Let freedom ring all over this earth my children, dance and celebrate. The celebration will be great. Your promised lands you shall have it with no lack of health and wholeness you didn’t even know you could have. This is my hour Saith the Lord for my children. End message.

Julie Commentary So I want to go over a couple things in this that really stuck out to me, that I know people will probably have questions about, because I mean there was a lot of information in this one. Also he’s been giving out you guys know you follow me and he’s been giving out greater details of all of these things that are going on so he’s talking about great changes in this hour, so you’re going to see a shift of people turning on Biden and Harris when it comes to news channels so news reporters and stuffthey will continue to talk angry and bitter and against them, they will laugh at them mock them you are already starting to see this now because they were puffing them up this whole entire year, but all of a sudden now the polls God said that was a fulfillment of prophecy God said the poll numbers will be so bad that they will not be able to prop them up anymore. That word was given several months ago, and you’ve been seeing that for being fulfilled in this last couple weeks and I will get that, and a prophecy is fulfilled and I will show you that as well of what God had spoken regarding that word, but they were saying that the puppet masters are giving their orders to let them fall and remove them, since they areno longer good enough” because they see that the world has had enough of those two. The World has had enough of this show because people know they can see right through it, and then he said of course, and then he goes on to say brace yourselves for truth to pour out, because people will even when they’re on live TV, which I guess had already happened last night or yesterday at some particular point when Jenn Pasaki had said something regarding, supposed to be regarding the President Biden but said that she um it was regarding OBAMA and I know I have that somewhere and I should have had that out for you but that was said yesterday I’m pretty sure or not was the day before that, but somebody just said in a comment yesterday because I don’t watch the news, said that that she had had a big gaffe on live TV and that’s exactly what God said was going to continue to happen I know Biden had a huge gaffs over the last coupla days what he’s been speaking about his first year, in office and

um what it was to look like and what it meant and it was horrible and I know the news stations were trying to cover that up as well I will have more prophecies being fulfilled on that and then he goes on to talk about the Supreme Court will change the course of action in this nation, so they know what is really going on because they have been allowed to know that the rightful government and the rightful president will be taking back their power and I know some of this stuff sounds crazy and I know some of the stuff sounds unbelievable but that’s the reason why God has been giving us these prophetic words to know the truth.

So ONE the truth sets you free and


When you start seeing things that are

completely abnormal,

out of like, you don’t know what’s going on, what is this ? Like you can’t believe what you see because of how major this is God is showing the world that he is in control and he’s been in control this whole time but he’s also been telling us these things remember when he gives us prophetic words they’re not going to line up with the natural world because he’s Supernatural God okay so he’s not going to line up with the natural world why would he because the natural all that’s been going on, that out there has been a lie so he’s not gonna line up with them because they’re liars and God’s a God who he’s a not man he cannot lie so just know when all these things are happening and he’s in talking about I

know the Statue of Liberty will be hard

for some people to understand

the Statue of Liberty does not stand for what we originally had thought it stood for, and God will allow everyone to see and to know why, because I’ve heard these words I’ve been hearing these words about the Statue of Liberty for probably six to eight months now uh regarding what’s about to happen with that

and it’s not easy to hear uh the monuments that we thought were awesome

and stood for such freedom and liberty and justice that’s what this nation stands for, but that’s not what those

monuments and those buildings were standing for and God says he’s going to get rid of all of their legacy. He’s

going to remove everything that they stood for and so that’s why he’s telling us to heed all of these warnings because things are going to change in such a massive way he doesn’t want fear to grip your heart that’s why these things and all these prophetic words and I just did a prophecy being fulfilled on my Thursday’s live show so if you guys did not see that please go back and watch

the prophecies fulfilled those who are new to this channel because these words that God has been giving even me

that on he’s been giving me on a daily basis but so many of them I didn’t have enough time to give out the prophecies being fulfilled on that live show because

there’s so many they’re happening right now it seemed like things were you hear a prophetic word every day but it seemed like the fulfillment of it was taking so long, but now all of a sudden it’s like they’re happening so fast it’s like one after another after another that prophecies are being fulfilled and then God just said in this word that the pace is about to pick up speed ,and I was so excited when I heard that because God is saying what once looked like it was tgoing slowly slow because things were happening when we were not able to see it so people been asking about what about the falls and what about the justice things are happening and I have that the next prophetic word I will be giving out tomorrow during uh church service he’s been talking about what’s been going on behind the scenes, and what has been happening that we have not been able to see um with our own eyes and be able to hear with our own ears yet in the natural regarding the news and things like that so we will start seeing that break forth and break uh soon break through soon these are the days this is the hour of great change but anyway god is giving these words to each and every one of you because he loves each and every one of us he wants us to know the truth he gives us the news before the news and that’s what excites me so much and I know sometimes I will stumble over words when I say these words because I haven’t had these edited before I’m giving them out so I do apologize if I was stumbling

over certain words um I’m definitely not perfect and you guys all know that and I don’t pretend to be so this is me being real okay but I will tell you I love God’s word

I love the fact that he’s giving us out so many prophetic words to give us the course of action to take to give us and point us in the right direction to give us a firm foundation to know the truth and to hear the news before the news comes out so when this does shake remember he said everything that can be shaken will be shaken

and the time of this shaking we are not going to be shaken

we’ve had the inside report that’s what prophetic words are they’re inside report or insight news before the world’s news that God has given to each and every one of us and it is such a blessing and those who are new to this channel I just want to let you guys know I do pray over each and every one of you before I go and that’s exactly what I want to do today I hope all of this encouraged you because God is moving he’s still the great I AM .He’s still the Great I AM who still lives who still loves and still save and he says that and so many of these words because he wants the world to know that he is in control and he loves you he did not leave you and he definitely did not forsake you so I want to pray over each and every one of you right now heavenly father right now in Jesus name I want to pray over every person at the sound of my voice no matter what they’re going through in their body father god no matter what they’re going through in their mind no matter what they they’re going through in their family life and their finances with their jobs no matter what the assignment has been heavenly father

to keep them down to destroy your children we thank you that you always have the final say we thank you that we are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ we thank you that no weapon formed against us shall prosper we want to thank you Father god in whom the son is set free is free indeed so right now I’m declaring

each and every one of them free in their spirit in their soul in their body socially and financially Father God so that you can they can freely serve you because just like with the children of israel in the book of Exodus you said let my people go so they can freely serve me and heavenly Father this is the time of the great Exodus and we want to praise you. We want to thank you for what you’re doing on our lives what you’re doing in this world and we thank you we get to see the great I am move greater than you did in the book of Exodus and what an honor it is Father God that you chose us for this very day and this very hour and you know all the torment and all the torture that sickness trying to put on your people to get them led astray to get them discouraged, for doubt and unbelief to not to believe in you in these days father God and we want to praise you we want to thank you that you are getting them up in their most holy faith that joy is filling their hearts right now for the overflowing because the joy of the Lord is their strength so we thank you Father God for that special impartation and giving them peace right now I’m praying over peace over each and every one of them peace in their mind peace in their body peace in their life in anything Satan meant for harm you’re turning into something good and we thank you for it in Jesus name Amen and Amen

Will help us encourage you today please like subscribe and share and give this everybody know who needs to hear an encouraging word who needs to hear the truth because the truth sets them free. Who needs to hear what God is saying in this world today well God loves you I love you God bless you and have a wonderful day.

Surprising intention expressed

Quoting Mr G I’m Temporarily (?) removing a satanic system for my children while they are still here. So we assume after they are gone the evil will be returned for the remainder who have chosen to live with that. WOW. Back in the pigpen for all the unbelievers.

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