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Julie Green transcript SUPREME COURT PROPHECY FULFILLED TODAY- Judge Retirement

Prophecy fulfilled predicted – SCOTUS judge step-down confirmed

Transcript for those who love reading

Good Morning Everybody today is January 26 of 2022. This is breaking news this, is a prophecy being fulfilled just a few minutes ago so what came out in the headline was Justice Stephen Brewer or Breyer to retire from Supreme Court now this one says because this is from ABC news paving way for Biden appointment, now listen God always has the final say. it was in this prophetic word about the Supreme Court and somebody would be stepping down this prophetic word came out it was given to me on January 14th of 2022.

So just 12 days ago this prophetic word was given the prophetic word was called God Always has the Final Say. Linked here.

 I made this video a day or two after I heard this. This word was heard on January 14th of 2022 –

And in this prophetic word there is, in the middle of it, there is a paragraph talks about the Supreme Court. I’ll go over all of what the Supreme Court and then about what just happened today this is God saying I have the Final Say watch the Supreme Court they will stand against this illegitimate government more in this hour. They see their writing on the wall the supposed Government is finished. When all the threats they had made against them are over. How the puppet masters were for a short time controlling what and how  the justices ruled they were forced to turn their backs on the elections because  –

ONE I did not want them taking credit

TWO also the puppet masters blackmailed, threatened their lives and the lives of families so a few had to rule in the ways they never wanted to.

 Watch the boldness come forth out of the Supreme court I’m making the highest court in the land powerful once again but first I will remove and cleanse the justices, the ones that don’t belong there.

I will remove by my hand, ONE will step down on his own, because of the truth that is coming for him. He knows he cannot stay in that seat of power any longer. The Supreme Court will be filled with people who love me and he’ll stand for the constitution once again. Justice is coming in a magnitude never seen on this earth before.

Again that prophecy was from January 14th of 2022 so just 12 days ago. This just broke a few minutes ago. It’s saying um it just came out, just like I said a few short minutes ago this was breaking News it’s just as Stephen Breyer or Brewer however I pronounce his last name to retire from the Supreme Court paving way for a Biden appointment, but we should not bet on that Biden appointment because again, God always has a Final Say. That’s exactly what the prophetic word was called and that just happened to be the prophecy that was fulfilled TODAY regarding the Justice on the Supreme Court with Stephen Breyer or Brewer he is stepping down on his own. He is resigning and that is a prophecy being fulfilled.  Remember God said prophecies are being fulfilled faster and faster, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing today. I have more prophecies being fulfilled that I will go over with you, but I had to give this one to you immediately because it was breaking news.

So I hope this encouraged you today, because it sure encouraged me once again, that what God is saying because he gives us the news before the news. Well I thank you everybody for watching, and stay tuned because God has more for us in store in this year of 2022. God loves you I love you and have a wonderful day.

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