Reaching Christians is so damned difficult

Comment left under this instructive video summarises the difficulties approaching Christians –

Doug Tennapel that was a good succinct lesson you found in the Costco book about the mixture of thinkers that produced the constitution. Wondering if you would at all be interested in allowing Mr G himself to advise people directly to augment their understanding and bypassing the MSM?
Because in very modern times natural law has been quietly extended to include physical evidence of Gods existence being available to virtually everybody, whether they are secular, agnostic, atheist, religious, spiritual or deist.
This is MR G putting virtually everybody on the same page regardless of beliefs, with the same physical evidence of his existence.
One can immediately see the powerful unifying nature of this thrilling change in natural law. (And it could be construed as the second coming, gnosis for all)
A question I put to people of faith is May God change the rules in this modern day and age to include most others? Can they allow God to do that ? Is it OK ? Does God have the permission of the faithful ?

Most Christians answer a resounding NO believing they own God and all their beliefs are unchangeable. They have dogmatic counter slogans ready, to repel “heresies”
I gather Doug, that you are man of faith, but do not know the Holy Spirit yet. Laymans Gnosis enables everyone, and anyone to know the holy spirit with physical evidence to quash all doubts and arguments.
All that is required is a slight reframing of our thinking done in a 20 min formal lesson putting us all on the same page at The 20 Mins BEGINNERS TOUR
Expect vivid messaging night dreams within a week
Immediate physical evidence
Messaging day dreams with physical backup
Messaging internal music (which most ignore currently) slowly morphs into an internal mentoring voice with physical backup.
The internal mentoring voice explains inevitable misunderstandings of holy books with physical backup.
And much more. All questions answered. And its FREEEEE !

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