Lay Gnosis 68 Electric Universe challenges understanding of Precession

Stunning Challenge to our modern understanding of the Earth’s Precession. As usual we all tend to go along with what we learned at school. We are not astronomers, and we only learn basic high school physics by revering Isaac Newton. Instead he should be seen only as a starting point. Only as a metaphor perhaps. And his ideas should only be rated as “theories”. Not “settled science”. Certainly Newton was wrong about gravity as he omitted to factor in, time, that was glossed over in High School. Its not possible for gravity to function as depicted at slow light speed. It needs to propagate about 20 billion times faster than light. Still, we have to start somewhere don’t we !

Our huge group assumption is that the earth precesses like a gyroscope in a gravity field when its perturbed as per the video demo. Gareth Samuel aggressively challenges this by saying precession doesn’t occur in Zero G. So what agency really makes the earth precess? He also notes a known anomaly that the precession cycle is not accurately fixed and as scientists keep fudging the precession calculations to follow empirical observations. Forever recalculating a constant. Rather like the speed of light was declared a constant because it kept damned well changing. See Rupert Sheldrake.

So Gareth Samuel proposes an Electric Universe explanation of our apparent precession against stars and notes 1 star doesn’t move. Sirius. That it’s our stars binary twin and both stars are riding thru space on a massive helical birkeland current locked in a distant dance. This is hard to get one’s head around. Its hard to imagine electric currents that big. But he supplies evidence for it with some animations. And we are told in this wonderful video that we have forgotten this knowledge today. It was KNOWN to ancient astronomers and recorded in myths and legends by the usual personnifications of oddly behaving stars.

Gareth Samuel suggests Electric Universe can well explain disasters and cataclysms that repeat at very long fixed intervals. 27 million year cycles for example. The reason you didn’t figure this out yourself, is that its quite difficult just to train a backyard telescope on say, Mars, and get a useful picture. Even when its bright Red in the sky. Even with a smartphone adaptor. This kind of work, requires an obsessive daily dedication that turns into a way of life. So it gives us a clue how priesthoods came into being. It seems to be an intellectually athletic devotion to mystery which is likely just another way home. And source has rightly pointed out to Adam in the UK, that its not just theme park Earth that distracts us from our true selves, but Theme Park Universe as we watch these entrancing videos, that transport Electric Universe fans to heights of intellectual ecstasy.

That manifests in the video comments. Though a few retain some philosophy in their comments

Commenter Five

Commenter Five1 week ago It is evident the Creator set the cosmos so man is continually realizing his presumptions are in error. And man cannot escape the situation, so he’s regularly being shown great wonders while being shown his place.

NGC 6543

NGC 65431 week ago We have calcium in our bones, iron in our veins, carbon in our souls, and nitrogen in our brains. 93% stardust, with souls made of flames, we are all just stars that have peoples names. ?22REPLYHide 4 replies


EW1 week agoi like that3REPLY

last man out

last man out1 week agoVery nice, I like it too.1REPLY

M R A Scott

M R A Scott6 days ago This is more-or-less the conclusion I came to a few years back (as I suspect quite a few others have), that Sirius (Sothis) is Sol’s immediate partner in a waltz which marks the most conspicuous astronomical period of c.26000 years, but it is within a waltz within a waltz, of ever larger scales and cycles … Fantastic to see it laid out by someone with the knowledge skills to explain it so clearly.Show less10 REPLY

Doom Father TM
6 days ago This explains the journey of proto Saturn. We know through ancient accounts that proto Saturn went through a period of consistent flaring and it was proposed by Wal Thornhill that the only explanation was that proto Saturn must of had a cork screw type trajectory and each time it circled around it would come into contact with the suns heliosphere, until it eventually was pulled in. So Wal actually unkowingly predicted this star motion. I wonder if he’s seen this.


Kitsune6 days ago‘Just give me this one thing’ asks main stream, hence the BigBang. So, I am asking for ‘just one thing’. Mr.Samuel theorizes there is no procession, and that we are all riding a ‘Birkeland’ current twisting like a helical roller-coaster through space. Then that coaster is twisting itself upon another Birkeland coaster. These currents are composed of magnetic fields which can only be formed in the presence of electrical charges. Positive and negative. Ying n Yang. Is DNA not a helix? Show less


JVB6 days ago I’m getting accustomed to having my mind blown on a weekly basis by revelations from the EU scientists. Wow! 2 REPLY

Gman 49

Gman 493 days agoI always thought it made more sense that we were flowing down a drain. Heading to a black hole. Now, I’m surfing the galactic current inside Berkiland filliment that’s part of an intertwined helix of plasma filaments, and heading where the magnetism and the plasma, and the energy, takes you. The universe is ancient beyond measure and can’t be measured. Probably a taurus it’s self. It folds into itself. No beginning No end. Could be a trillion years old. It’s an asinine question that has no bearing on anything. We’ve seen far but it’s bigger. We are to be seeing back in time until what, a flash? Bright space, sparks fizz eling backwards…. And then…. Blackness. Until they do another long exposure. And more galaxies …. We found the limit of light. For our tech. It wasn’t empty or retarded. It wasn’t Without structure. Were smart enough to notice the sky is spinning and find meaning there. And it serves us well. But right now they say A gravity wave and an ultra mini black hole are about to collide and destroy earth. They’re accused of colluding with the Russians and it’s all Trump’s fault. Show less

Finally. IN 1930 Edgar Cayce gave a Reading in which he stated that THIS SYSTEM REVOLVES AROUND THE CENTER, THAT CENTER BEING ARCTURUS, The Bear Hunter. Cayce is also the origin of much New Age lore about Egypt. The Great Pyramid was the only Pyramid made by those escaping the Atlantic Islands- the other two pyramids built much later and this Pyramid marked Arcturus at its Highest Point and lowest point.4 REPLY

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