Lay Gnosis on Charles Lyell “Father of modern Geology”

Steve when you said Charles Lyell the father of modern geology was an atheist and that he proposed that rock formations were not created by biblical cataclysms and that things like Noah’s flood never happened please do elaborate on this and let me know more about this. I have had people led to me and they have hugged me and thanked me for interacting with them which reminded me of that free hugs campaign on your YouTube channel. 
Very interesting!  A wonderful subject Adam. Charles Lyell is revered as the father of modern scientific geology. He invented the phrase uniformitarianism where he fell into the trap of going down to the beach and saying Well, there is nothing happening here, I don’t see any geological violence here at all,  two days in a row it’s the same, so quiet, so changes can only be so slow, so gradual that they are much slower than we can perceive. So it must have always been like that. For millions of years. So  Deep Time was invented as a subversion of the biblical 6,000 yr  age of the earth. 

 His writings heavily influenced Charles Darwin. Evolutionists  falsely purport to explain away many theory defects by calling upon the magic of  Deep Time.  
The problem with Chartles Lyell I have read, is that he was a fervent supporter of Islam ! Others call him a  militant atheist. Either way he was working hard to discredit the bible by any means possible by trying to  prove the earth was much older than the biblical 6000 years. Which was foolishly generated by a  single Bishop adding up all the begats specified in bible stories. LOL.  How could anyone take that seriously? But it’s all they had  as a starting point. 

So Lyell was ardently anti bible and thus not a real scientist at all, as his motivation was to subvert the bible. Never mind following the evidence. So he produced lots of slow geology models that are still used today that say only wind and rain really change anything over a long time period. His terminologies are  still widely used today. 

Also because there was nothing else but the bible available to 19th Century archaeologists, Egyptology was constructed using bible calculated dates as a starting point. What else could they do?

Lyell’s major mistake was assuming what we see today has been like that for billions of years. A beginners  naive scientific mistake. A big fail.The same mistake is made by astrophysicists cosmologists today, who think the solar system has always been the way it appears today.  Newton’s clockwork model. A massive tenuous beginners assumption.
Immanuel Velikovsky had his book banned in the 1950s because he detected evidence from ancient records for planetary collisions and brown dwarf star Saturn wandering into our solar system and massive electric discharges took place, and Comet Venus being burped out of Saturn, whizzing past the earth twice, killing nearly everything, and transferring billions of tons of rubble into space and some of it dropping on Earth.  The rubble is vacuumed up the lightning bolt and goes to the bolts source. That’s US. Earth. 

Creating our deep fears of the vengeful Gods in the sky. Oh, those were the days !  What else could ancients call them ? Once again we fall victim to a lack of vocabulary and our own modern naivety and hubris.
Electric Universe is wonderful revelation for most people as it explains many anomalies glossed over by the modern day religion of secular science.

Origin of Vengeful God religions explained by real  extreme catastrophes

” We were spared rocks falling on our heads because WE were righteous” Thus we must be “chosen”

 So   anti religious militant  fake “Geologist”  Lyell did tremendous damage to our thought processes and lumbered us with anti catastrophe  ultra-slow-motion uniformitarianism which led to discredited Darwinist Evolution and contaged clockwork uniformitarianism even to astronomy and cosmology and astrophysics.  Adam, I’ll do this on a blog page and you could show it to anybody on a smart phone. Link coming soon.

Aboriginal story book cover gives us a clue
Interplanetary lightning bolts in ancient times

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