Dummy Post and Robin Hood Stay Calm practising auto email notifications

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WE cant design a working paper bag in ALDI/ Woolworths but we are getting nuclear submarines. What could go wrong ?

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For I the Lord am paving the way to your victories your enemies are being silenced they and all their plans are being annihilated before me my children I’m the lion of the tribe of Judah and in my roar it will level anything in its path I am the king of kings and you are my children and you are with me beware of the deception that is about to be poured out like never before. You are in a great battle for this nation a great battle for freedom a great battle for truth a great battle for life but remember this battle has already been predetermined on who wins and that’s the children of the Most High God because the battle has been conquered in and with the name of Jesus have faith in that name like never before use that name against your enemies like never before my children stand and fight the good fight of faith because it’s one that you win Remember a child of mine always wins when they stand in faith and they refuse to quit don’t quit now because drastic changes are about to be made for your good sayeth the Lord your Redeemer. Cataclysmic this word I say again will be in your news for shocking reason Cornell University will be in your news for a surprising reason a roller coaster ride of ups and downs politically is about to take place My children I have said many times before people are stepping down people are walking away I have said that people could not stay in those positions that didn’t belong to them a major stir-up is taking place in your government that people can’t see yet but soon a great shock is about to take place in this land sayeth the Lord. I say again Adam Schiff is about to be exposed for everything

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