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Steve you really have done a great job  in reminding me of my higher purpose in this world and the reason why I have come here that I have come here to make the world a better place for instance when I taught my mother how to read and write(?) it is now during k rise that I am being reminded by source of just how much value lies in service to others. 
Just like yourself I too would be fascinated by woodworking I would think to myself wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if I created furniture and structures and donated it to people who need it etc source would always show me one creative idea after another. 

Steve when you said we are here to suffer and discern contrast and overcome adversity it is now during k rise that I understand this so much better we are unable to understand things at s single glance in school we are taught that there is something wrong with us if we don’t absorb information in a single hour our thought processes are muddied and muffled we are not taught anything about the value of mindfulness. 
A naturally born gnostic like me I have always felt heartbroken when I would see the world in the state that it’s in just like you said Steve because our attunement is so low we are seen as a planet of the apes by E.T.s Once again Steve I can never thank you enough you have done a great job in inspiring me and uplifting me it’s impossible for me to thank you enough. 
When I as a child would watch movies about wars etc source would scold me in the most loving way and tell me no definitely don’t do that again, and it’s now during my k rise that I understand this better than ever that source was right the entire time. A ton of damage has been done to my personal growth and personal development.
 I have had some of the most wonderful dreams and when I would wake up from the dream I would feel very determined to make the world a better place and Layman’s Gnosis does a perfect job of neatly illustrating all of this for us. 
Just like you said Steve our physical brain doesn’t mature until we are about 26 so any problems that seem insurmountable will just fade with time. Once again Steve, I can never thank you enough. 
Deepak Chopra hit the nail on the head when he said the universe is an activity in consciousness ,that’s exactly what it is. We are here to play. We are here to experience ourselves. The universe is just one big playground just one big theme park.

 Steve Trueblue:(2 minutes ago)to AdamLove it!  Blogging this its instructive for others

The universe is just one big playground just one big theme park” That is so true Adam. One infuriating outcome of Hubble photos and SpaceX videos is that most young people today are obsessed with going to Mars and staring at magnificent hypnotic Hubble galaxy photos. They completely ignore themselves and living day to day as a natural self attunement pathway. I once made the mistake of leaving a comment under what turned out to b,e a childrens Going to Mars Video. I thought mistakenly that some kids might be interested in a method that produces a side benefit. I mnetioned that it was too expensive to actually go to Mars Trillions, and WE pay for it, and it was just so much easier to Remote View Mars for free. Which anyone can learn. Scorn was heaped upon me. Desperate fears were bared. We have destroyed this planet so we need another planet to save our species. Terrified by Greta Thunberg most of them. It never occurs to children that we will take ourselves to Mars with all our defects that injured the earth and produce yet another planet of the apes.

One comment was It will be a military run paradise the Mars thing. Oh, what naivete.

Why would I wanna Remote Views Mars ? one youngster said, Its just a rock. To be mined for minerals and brought back to earth. He has no concept of the cost versus benefits ratio. He said when Mars is empty we go to the next planet and strip mine that. I told him he had read too much science fiction. But he went on saying we will consume every planet in the Galaxy.

There are numerous videos saying human astronauts cant survive longterm in s space. Twin studies already reveal permanent brain damage occurs. Permanent DNA damage. And our bones, needing gravity to produce inline interlocked crystalline calcium formations simply stop growing and replacing themselves so astronauts suffer osteoporsis very rapidly. This happens in Zero G, and on the moon and Mars. And there a are bout 25 other serious diseases in astronauts from Zero G.. Including impaired vision as eyeballs fill up with fluid and they grow 2-3 inches taller.

The children think these are just technical things and Big pharma will fix everything with magic Tablets. Mars soil contains perchlorite a poisonous mineral that has to be removed to grow food. Huge diffculty. But these are seen as just technical problems to overcome. Can-do left brain stuff. Just problem solving..Which is how we screwed the earth in the first place. LOL. The video was about how to convert Mars CO2 to Oxygen by just wearing a spacesuit that conains a 900 degree C oven to produce breathable oxygen. Good luck carrying a 900 degree oven in a plastic suit was the comment I left. With my practical experience I said you practice for your Mars mission by putting a lit oxy-acetylen torch into your pocket. Being children none of them understood my sarcasm.

Young people obsessing over ancient civilisations are similarly distracted.

So Mr G is quite correct saying the Universe is a much too distracting theme park, that causes us to forget ourselves to our great detriment.

I do it myself LOL, I am not immune. The great attraction for many of the Electric Universe seems to be magnificent Hi Res Hubble images and planetary animations etc and the importance of investigating deep time and ancient civilisation’s artefacts.

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