Lay Gnosis 53 Regarding the misleading spelling of Gnosis ( Knowsis)

Steve when you said you have thought of how one of the biggest things that are holding gnosis back is the misleading spelling of gnosis and how you have thought of rewording it to “Knowsis”. I would have to agree with you that yes indeed it would be a very big step in the right direction to reword gnosis to “knowsis”. 

The only people who have a hint of the word meaning are the US Southern Bible belt atheist- theist online bunfight. 60 million of them. They continually classify each others attitudes as Atheist, Agnostic or Theist. Agnostic meaning Don’t know or Don’t care. But both sides are discombobulated by the word Gnosis. Religious people, fundamentalists, think its Satanic possession because Satan is the great deceiver, you know, and Beware of false prophets they shrill in chorus. And the suffering often asperger atheists, say its delusional hearing voices, and you need medicating. It never occurs to any of them that this Christian phrase “knowing the holy spirit” is Gnosis without physical signals. Everybody outside the US evangelical bible belt has a don’t know and don’t care attitude to this funny spelled obscure Greek word. Its never in daily conversation. So for most, its an unknown word. I suppose I could occasionally put the two words in juxtaposition Gnosis (Knowsis) to give people a foothold. But I was counselled by one gnostic who said the mystery of the word attracted him. Stimulated his curiosity. And that’s in short supply these days

You mentioned how you have encountered numerous people that you call semi gnostic that is they hear internal music but they never think to ask who is doing that ! Once again this is a perfect example of how gnosis is indeed completely natural. Indeed quite ubiquitous When we look at our imagination for instance, when we are thinking about making a board game from scratch, source will help us a great deal. (And believe it or not, I get help doing woodwork LOL So the help is about our area of interest, which also provides the method about discoveries being made with HELP from upstairs, Mendeleev’s periodic table, the benzene ring, Tesla machine drawings downloaded into his mindseye and of course Descarte inventing the scientific method explained by an angel to him in a dream, that nature will be conquered by measure and number.)
Source will play one video after another in our mind’s eye once again this is a shining example of how human beings are immensely powerful we are not just smart animals we are something truly divine when we look at how we are able to immerse ourselves in our own imagination we are able to create a world within a world an imaginary world just like what you mentioned about Joan of Arc and how she would see angels in her minds eye. 

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