Lay Gnosis Feedback 39 Adam UK – How Source loves service to others

Steve when you said source loves service to others this really couldn’t be more of an understatement because when we look at very wise individuals, these individuals are in very short supply, there’s not many of them. 
And one of the reasons why it, seems, is because it take a great deal of courage to bring something new to the table, to introduce new ideas to the world, to go your own separate way and live life as independently as possible, without having somebody else holding your hand. 
Just like you said when we open the cage door of birds they stay in the cage as we have learned to live with the grief of separation, as when the individual experiences their own divine spark after doing the 20 minute tour they struggle to fully comprehend the sheer scale of what has just been revealed to them, it takes quite some time for them to become accustomed to their new dual configuration.
When we look at how people are attracted to very wise individuals, once again it becomes very obvious why humanity exists. Just like you said we are here to suffer and discern contrast, and overcome adversities, that’s why the human race exists we are here to experience ourselves. We are divinity attempting to see itself and realise and remember itself as divinity. 
When we look at how people are automatically magnetically drawn to individuals like Deepak Chopra, and yourself who offer answers to the question of exactly why we are here, people have a natural attraction to individuals like this because our sixth sense is telling us, that, yes indeed these individuals do not have a service to self nature, these individuals are genuinely out there putting in hard work to enlighten people, and to act as a catalyst to make the world a better place, and source always makes sure that service to others is thoroughly rewarded.
When we look at society and the institutions that make up society like corporations etc it is very obvious that they too are (sometimes) gnostics they too are very well aware of what the human being is in its native form. 
When we look at chemistry for instance it is very obvious that all throughout human history there have been beings that are very well aware of human biochemistry and human psychology and how this directly goes hand in hand with politics and government. 
Sleepwalkers really don’t have the slightest clue the sheer scale of what they are in their native form and what lies inside them. When we are day dreaming source reminds us literally all the time what we are, and what the human being is in its native form just like you said a simple joining of the dots is all it takes. 
That source is enjoying your life with you and you are the worshipped star is concealed behind this too successful subterfuge just like you said. So once again when we look at how the human being is automatically attracted to anything and everything that will remind it of what it is, those who are aware of these ancient truths have exploited this in an almost unlimited number of ways to preserve political power and to make sure that the evolution of humanity is delayed for as long as possible. 
If people simply open their eyes and look at the world they will understand this perfectly. They will understand very easily that source is literally everywhere he is all over the place there is absolutely nowhere you can go where you cannot see him and he cannot see you. 

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