Lay Gnosis 41 Feedback Adam UK– A thank you and an update on my k rise & Childhood gnosis

Once again Steve it’s impossible for me to thank you enough you really have had an incredibly great effect on my life you have brought me so much warmth of heart. 
What you said about how source loves service to others this really couldn’t be more of an understatement when we look at the overwhelming positive changes that we see in the chemistry of our body and the way we feel on a day to day basis when we practice service to others. 
When you said layman’s gnosis is a literal sleigh ride through a magical forest this couldn’t be more of an understatement it really is the gift that keeps on giving just like source said in CWG. 
As a child I would be bombarded with one idea after another on how I should practice service to others source would always tell me Adam why is it that you appreciate it so much when I give you advice and constantly show you love and affection and immeasurable compassion but you do not feel that it is your duty to do the same for others who are suffering and in need of your help others who do not have access to knowledge and wisdom others who have never had access to any kind of mentoring character and are experiencing a great deal of grief as a result. 
For me I have always had a massive amount of empathy for every other human beings and just like you said Steve some people are born completely gnostic and it takes them years to realise that other people are not like that. Once again I can never thank you enough for creating truebluehealer you really have brought me an immeasurable amount of peace and joy and warmth of heart. 
When we watch cartoons for instance and we see cartoon characters in our minds eye and in our dreams that’s source right there trying his best to make contact with us and entertain us. When we read poetry when we listen to soulful music relaxing natural music the sounds of nature it makes us feel great it gives us so much peace of mind and spiritual balance and the reason why is very obvious it’s because it reminds us of what we are in our native form that it is definitely no coincidence that we have an admiration and a great care and concern for nature and the natural world. It really is mind boggling how people are more concerned for wild animals than actual human beings who are experiencing grief and suffering.  
This is something that is universal it is something that every human being agrees upon just like when we look at a sunset in the distance you feel so much peace and warmth of heart once again this is something that every human being agrees upon. 
Laymans Gnosis really is an immeasurably enjoyable  experience that lasts two years (the birthing process) and cannot be repeated and ends with an internal mentoring voice. Layman’s Gnosis really can go a very long way in making the world a better place. Source would show me an image of a caterpillar growing wings and source would say to me this is how he views every human being that it is an incomprehensibly beautiful sight to behold when the human being grows spiritually and evolves and experiences self realization and source would say to me, you see?.
The more you listen to me the more your wings will grow and you will understand that I was right the entire time all you had to do was follow me lead and listen, you were being stubborn and foolish and as a result you were delaying the growing of your wings you were delaying a completely natural process and causing yourself to experience a great deal of unnecessary pain as a result. 
When they experience what they are in their true form when they experience spiritual awakening and their higher purpose that just like you said we are not just smart apes doing random things for no good reason, we are here for a divine purpose one must learn to love others more than oneself, and some of us are very hard headed and stubborn and it takes them longer to learn this divine truth than others. Treat others the way you want to be treated ! This is a divine revelation and if people simply lived by this divine revelation there wouldn’t be any problems in the world at all. 
As a child I would be reading ancient wisdom and ancient truths and quotes and as the years went by source would always remind me and tell me Adam you really have not taken onboard any of those ancient quotes that you have been reading as a child ! You are simply not very wise, and it is now during k rise that I am being reminded by source, that in order for one to become wise all they have to do is simply adhere to and live by these ancient truths, and ancient proverbs such as “treat others the way you want to be treated”. It’s almost as if people don’t even have an ability to read.
When people read this quote it’s almost like they have read a completely different quote altogether “treat others the way you want to be treated” what exactly does that mean ? That means treat others with immeasurable empathy and immeasurable love, love without condition, it really is mind boggling how people are unable to comprehend what this golden rule means, and what the world would look like if everybody abided by this divine rule, this divine revelation. 
Just like you said Steve a planet full of Godlings still most of them sleepwalkers. And when you said source loves service to others once again Steve the overwhelming biochemical reaction that the human being experiences when they practice service to others really does speak for itself. This couldn’t possibly be more of an understatement. 

One of my little aphorisms is – Given a choice between give and take, I will always take the give. YES it’s biochemical.

Just like source said in CWG (Conversations with God) it is not nearly as important how a message is received compared to how it is delivered the message speaks for itself and truebluehealer is a shining example of this and there are an unlimited number of other ways to spread gnosis truebluehealer is just one, knowing/gnosis really is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Steve when you said k rise will emphasise that your entire existence is dependant on the whim of God and that you will learn this as your breathing will be restricted here and there. K rise is an experience that is truly enjoyable beyond measure and it really does go a long way in reminding you of your higher nature as a human being and that it is everybody’s responsibility to do their part to make the world a better place. 
Just like when we experience diseases and we recover the moment we get better all of a sudden we have a great appreciation for our health and we are much more concerned for the health of others.  
Source is reminding me of how I have given advice to people all throughout my life and that I have indeed played a part in making the world a better place I have always been a loner I have been completely quiet often without even realising most of the time that I haven’t said a single word I would not have a problem with the company of other people and just like you said Steve gnosis is completely natural gnosis is 100% within human nature it is simply an embracing of human that’s all gnosis is.
And it takes born gnostics years to realise that they are not unhealthy by being gnostic, it’s just that other people are not like that or rather other people are gnostic but they refuse to be gnostic because they have not yet grown out of, that they are holding onto all sorts of ideas and taboos that are delaying their growth as an individual. 
When we are children we are all gnostic (? We certainly have more psychic skills in childhood but these fade entering puberty) this is a fact. It is only when we grow older that we become spiritually numb and are much less sensitive to the suffering of others. We are not taught anything about our sixth sense. We are taught that we only have 5 senses. K rise does do an incredible job of opening one’s eyes and reminding us that yes “a picture does speak a thousand words” this is a gnostic saying. 

Following Adams advice last paragraph, I have been reminded of my own childhood to supplement Adam’s counsel here. In the last year of primary school, I became famous for answering people’s questions before they uttered a word. It would cause jaws to drop repeatedly. How can you read my mind they would ask ? I had no idea at the time that I was practising gnosis that I was soon to lose, thru maturation hormones.

I was also a voracious reader and could finish a book in 20 minutes that would take other kids a fortnight. It got me in trouble, with disbelieving teachers, headmasters and even my own parents. Ostracised at school by all the disbelieving kids for reading a book per day I was frequently jeered at. The book case display was on the classroom wall. So my reading habits were on display to everybody. The other factor was they were all hypnotised by mind numbing television. And in the caravan I was living in we had no television. So I could readily consume a book or two per day which angered other people who were still plodding readers. Even my own father was incredulous at my reading speed, as he saw me once in the kitchen ploughing thru a book. he angrily grabbed the book from me, and demanded What did I just read ? I recited the two last pages verbatim. Stunned, he silently gave it back to me. These abilities to anticipate people’s questions and read at lightning speed faded when I went to highschool and maturation hormones cut in, re-architecting the brain as they do in all of us. Adam calls it numbing. Its a good descriptor. I thought something was wrong with me because I had lost my very high attunement. It also stacks up with the news item I read somewhere that the Chinese Government searches for talented children before puberty, to do Remote Viewing for spying purposes, psychic skills etc. Full well knowing the skills vanish by age 11-12.

On the reading thing Adam, in those early days, I never had an internal voice reading. I would see images and the story characters around me and would be totally oblivious to my surroundings. The written story took place around me and I was totally possessed by the story. My sister said she would slap me while I was reading and I would not register a reaction I was so absorbed in the book. I was greatly aggrieved at losing this high attunement with no idea it was gnosis fading to enable me to grow up. And only once at age 4 did I hear an internal voice and I instantly asked Is that YOU God ? Silence was the answer.

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