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Steve regarding what you said about how gnosis has existed long before any of the world’s major religions were created. When we look at the native American culture everybody is familiar with it. It was a gnostic culture. I remember  looking at a book called “in the hands of the great spirit”.
When we look at gnosis and superconsciousness it’s really just understanding that you must treat others the way you want to be treated “in the hands of the great spirit” simply means that a sane society a natural society a gnostic society is simply a society where you are able to trust and depend on all others around you with complete confidence. 100% confidence just like you are able to trust and depend on your family members it’s the exact same thing with other human beings With the whole of humanity. 
Gnosis is completely natural it’s simply an acknowledgement of human nature. Just like that fellow from the Punjab, the born natural gnostic, that you mentioned he was brought into the TBH site and the internal voice told him I told you I was God but you never listened ! Its official now ! You got that ? This really is a shining example of how there is indeed a worldwide intelligence out there with pinpoint precision just like that fellow living in Canada who was brought into the site this can’t be pure coincidence. 
Just like you said Steve source loves service to others it’s definitely not a coincidence that we feel so much internal ecstasy and so much happiness when we practice service to others it’s because it’s something that’s part of human nature it comes naturally. Just like you said Steve we are a planet full of Godlings still most of them sleepwalkers and all Lay Gnostics become non-compliars. 
I remember looking at African folk tales and children’s stories and how these stories are based in gnosis just like you said gnosis is completely natural when we look at these stories it’s really just wisdom that is being passed down from generation to generation. Steve when you said k rise will emphasise that your existence is entirely dependant on the whim of God I remember looking at a documentary about the Khoisan of Africa and how their culture was a gnostic culture it was a culture this was before I was brought into truebluehealer. 
So just like that wonderful metaphor about Aesop’s fables and the story about the tortoise and the hare this is a gnostic story talking about how one must never take a single glance at the world and come to all sorts of conclusions about a thing, based on just a single glance.  Curiosity is the key
When we look at the story of the race between the tortoise and the hare someone will look at that and automatically come to the conclusion that there’s absolutely no way that the tortoise will win the race this is a metaphor that is talking about how the human being comes into the world and automatically accepts whatever they see in front of them as absolute truth just based on a single glance. The story of the race between the tortoise and the hare is talking about exactly this it is a gnostic story, it is a story talking about how the tortoise is seen as the wisest of all creatures for a reason and the human being is making a very wise decision by being very wary and very cautious. 

And Adam, homework for you. Could you find out the Aesop fable the “Ass in the Lionskin” Summarise it for me, would you ?

This is a gem video. Natural Gnosis catalogued in essentially all isolated ancient peoples. Includes native references to Electric Universe cataclysms.. By Anglo named Anthroplogists following sleepwalker Christian missionaries. The more primitive (possibly low IQ) the more monotheistic they are. I don’t think the sleepwalking narrator considers Gnosis as an explanation at all. The word is not in this docco. Certainly not the sleepwalking Anthropologists either. It’s so bleedin’ obvious. Still this movie is a gem.

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Monotheism is assumed to have first emerged around 500 BC, but there is an overwhelming amount of stunning evidence monotheism emerged thousands of years ago and may precede all other forms of religion.

And I would add as a Gnosis teacher that the first most primitive peoples were Natural Gnostics. The descriptions offered by the natives themselves in this video shout GNOSIS but the sleepwalking 19th century Anthropologists and Missionaries were deaf to this message.

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WRONG Narrator You have discovered Ancient Natural Gnosis intended for all of us . These days available in just 20 mins with immediate physical evidence at Come one come all I left that message for many wannabe Gnostics who mistakenly think home is a religion in the comments section

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