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Julie Green transcript Restoring My America

cleansing your FBI,  CIA, NSA, FDA, UN, cleansing Big Pharma cleansing education,

Transcript — most exciting word from God yet

So I heard this on December 13th of 2021

America the beautiful you’ll be beautiful once again as I am moving across your land,.

cleansing your soul, cleansing your government, cleansing your state officials, cleansing your military,

cleansing your FBI,  CIA, NSA, FDA, UN, cleansing Big Pharma cleansing education,

cleansing your churches cleansing production companies cleansing news stations and cleansing businesses, cleansing your economy Wall Street watch out I’m moving my hand against you, and I am wiping out your heinous acts and your manipulation of the markets in the economy..

The puppet masters controlled you in order to control the money, where it went and who got the majority of it, so they could get richer as the world suffered I am destroying your system and your economy and bringing in a new one that will bring more money to the world, and not hoard it up just for a few. I’m destroying the bull in front of your street.

Yes, tearing any and all monuments old and new, that were put up in this country to mock me, my children, watch as their circuit boards and their computers crash !  

The manipulation of your money is about to take a great fall, concerning the foreign nations that control your markets. I’m destroying their powers as we speak.

United Nations I am coming for you, and you will not survive.

I’m stripping you of your power you had on this earth, and removing your power and influence from this earth. You will not dirty my soil anymore with your heinous crimes against my nation or  in other nations of this world. I will take back every penny  that was sifted to give to you, to destroy my nation, concerning all the money you took and used for your own dirty deals. I will show the world your Check Registry, and I will, and all will know where and who that money went to. United Nations you will no longer exist in my nation, saith the Lord.

 America I am bringing you back to my gold standard. It was taken from you so that they could manipulate and pull you down in every way. So as to destroy this nation with immense debt that they thought you could never recover from. Yes the puppet masters used debt to bring this nation to its knees.

Little did they know that I’m draining their accounts, on the world’s economy I’m giving it to the rightful owners, my children. I’m even wiping out all the debt in this nation. YES I am wiping it all out, like it never was there. Don’t be moved by the numbers, and how large the debt is, my children this is nothing to me. I have more money on this earth than you know. I will show my children where there is more gold to mine. I hid away silver and jewels until this hour, in order to hand it over to my children.

YES I hid it from the evil ones who would have used it against you. Call it in, my children this is all for you. To the Clinton Foundation your foundation will be no more.

I’m stripping you of any influence and any money that you had.

My children you will see both Hillary and Bill pay for the crimes they committed against me and against you they have not gotten away with anything. I have waited until this hour to judge them, they will be put on centre stage and all their crimes will be revealed and announced to the world, and YES what they stole from Haiti will  also be exposed for the emergency money meant for the earthquake victims, and how it was actually used for selfish financial gains. Their daughter Chelsea is also in hot water as she was also  part of what her parents did against this nation. She knew about 2016, her Mom’s attempt to steal this election, she knew about the 2020 election, YES Chelsea will also pay for committing these crimes, and for helping her parents.

She was also financially compensated for her acts and helping her parents. All the Clintons will fall right before your very eyes.

Newsom falls to the ground now. (Gov of California) You let my state go, You’ll be soon be enveloped in a massive scandal that you can’t hide from you’ll be removed from your governor’s position. You’ll be tried for Treason against this nation for your part in stealing of the elections, and two of them, just in your state recently.

You will pay dearly for your decision and for not repenting when you have the chance.

My children brace for the impact that is coming.

Just brace yourselves for the truth that is coming out.

These are the days of truth, and the avalanche of truth that has begun my children, You are getting back your nation, But more blessed and better than ever was before received, my children.

I am running down this hour the Lord of Hosts.

GmailSteve Trueblue dialogue with Trevor in Vancouver

Hollywood’s future in grave doubt
3 messages
Thats good news

Steve Trueblue Thu, Dec 16, 2021 at 12:20 PM
To: Trevor
 Trevor do you have any idea what is the “Yellowstone secret ” ?
Getting serious now – Hollywood to meet the Angel of Death— More than I ever hoped.
Hard to keep up with these  Word releases from Julie

Vanishment of Hollywood – a great leap forward.

Trevor J <>Fri, Dec 17, 2021 at 4:06 AM
To: Steve Trueblue <>
She mentions that in the Fall of the Bidens, the Yellowstone secret after Kamala falling will produce an earthquake (literal/figurative?). I don’t think it’s going to be the volcano but maybe a DUMB? Maybe nukes to trigger an eruption?
Don’t feel you need to do them all. Some are great and others are more for moral support to keep the momentum going. I got Peter hooked on her, the old guy stares lovingly (longingly?) at the screen while she delivers her sermon, LOL.

From: Steve Trueblue <>
Sent: December 15, 2021 5:20 PM
To: Trevor <>
Subject: Hollywood’s future in grave doubt [Quoted text hidden]

Steve Trueblue <>Fri, Dec 17, 2021 at 8:34 PM
Draft To: Trevor J <>
 The nuclear bomb thing was what occurred to me first. Great minds think alike.  Though it could cause an Ice Age and the end of civilisation. Though there seems to be no shortage of  people who dream of this kinda stuff.
I have just finished the latest one where Mr G promises to take down Wall street and the alphabet soup intelligence agencies !!!!!!!!!!!! And whoopeee  he is going to whack Big Pharma.
Emptying hospitals would help that. I find it hard to relate to a world like that, so profoundly corrected, so changed.  A whole new world. How long could it last ? I almost find solace that these people would  be replaced by clones and understudies. LOL. But that couldn’t be allowed either. A world without evil oligarchs ?  No corrupt officials ? But he mentioned some people would have greater insights. Might be able to monitor others behaviours in a Godlike way. We need to be a lot more vigilant and force much greater transparency. And if all trace of this evil is removed as promised, it doesn’t function as an example for future people. But WE are all going to be changed also, he says.
Even the weather is changing, which should get the attention of climate alarmists and their idiot models. Would our mini ice age the Maunder Minimum  if it went just 3 degrees cooler everywhere, would the dedicated alarmists notice and change their tack ?  Or do all of the IPCC oligarchs need to be parted from their breath ? (And their replacements) Would alarmists notice that pattern ? Denial of pattern recognition seems to be their only behavioural theme. Wonder if a series of cities need to be buried in 20 ft of snow ? Regularly. But those people seem unteachable to me.
I am also concerned about our normally esteemed doctors who happily administer lethal injections just to keep their jobs. Just like German doctors euthanised handicapped people to keep their jobs in the 30s.The morality of what they are doing is never examined. They could be charged with murder for following UN orders. And the globalists UN is to be destroyed !!!!!!! Hard to imagine a world so changed. Its a sort of budgie in the cage effect.  Open the cage door and the bird doesnt come out. Will take some getting used to.

[Quoted text hidden]

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