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Unraveling of your enemies plans  

Truth on overwhelming truth is about to be poured out in this earth. Truth will set the captives free. Freedom will be poured out and will flood this earth for my children, along with the restoration of all things that belong to you, and all your enemies kept you short. What shortages ? This is just another lie that they shove down your throat to enslave you, there is plenty of everything, and more than enough. I’ll open the floodgates and reveal to you where the clog was and who put it there they want to damage you even more. They work to create more fears. You will submit to their power and their rule. Watch the cargo ships as they are unloaded there has been a great deception. Watch for another massive reveal of what was in those ships, and why they tried to keep their secrets hidden. I am bringing these ships to shore, bringing them to the docks. People will see what they use to try to destroy you. What goods they withheld they aimed to cause chaos in every way they could, so it would break you financially and break you in your soul, this was done to make it easier for them to rule over you. Just like in my word when the prophet said this time tomorrow, soon again my prophet will speak these words, and in a 24-hour period all will change for you, there will be an overflow, your finances will be given back to you, and as your nation and as will your nations, all will know and will see that I the great I am is the most high God and I saved you in this hour of their destruction.

 New York don’t be restless or worry for I am cleansing your state in the five boroughs of your city yes the enemy’s days of ruling and controlling the biggest  city in  America is drawing to a close, this is why you have seen hell unleashed. It only appears now, that chaos reigns in your city. Your new mayor and governor will be removed by me along with other people who have sold their souls to the enemy I am doing a clean sweep and washing away all they what they’ve done to destroy you and cleansing your soil once again what you see and feel now will not stand saith the Lord

Illinois to the ones you thought were on your side, your governor will be removed by my hand yes his fingerprints will also be found on the biggest crime scene of 2020. He will be caught and the money trail will lead back to him

Chicago will be cleansed by me and yes Mayor Lightfoot  will be sorry she ever tried to destroy you and for selling you out for money and power. She will pay for the crimes against you, and I will move across your cities cleanse them and bring peace that you have never known. YES I am even dealing with the gangs and the violence in your city I will pour down my glory and refining fire for those that currently hold a gun  in their hands soon they will have a bible instead.

You may ask Lord, how can this be ? It’s too impossible.

My children there is nothing impossible for me I’m restoring my America the beautiful.

As the beautiful place once again.

I am getting rid of all that was here to destroy you

I will bring back restoration. Usher in your year of 2022. You will start seeing justice once again.

Removals will overwhelm some, as I reveal how many people were involved in your demise

When my son (Trump) returns, I have made him a new government with him you will see new faces, you will see new and fresh laws passed putting ME back in your government. You will see me invited back into your land why have things taken so long, you may ask. Plans are being decided and people are being put together to build a new government and all this has been done in hiding, when your rightful President sits in the rightful seat of power, he has everything he now needs to take back this country from the evil ones who stole it. The military had to come in line and join him. Things are coming together now and my plans are about to be completed.

Soon you will see a massive change, a massive shift in your land, that will rattle this earth. It will bring destruction, destruction to your enemies, they are being stripped all of what they had. My move which you are about to see, will bring you rejoicing in your streets which will fill so many with such joy, knowing that I did move, and I didn’t leave you with what you see now.

Hold on my children, my hand has started to move and everything will be replaced and replaced better than before.

CNN fall for your heinous acts. You will continue to fall and you will never get back up for all the news that you have spread across this earth and every one of you will be judged all who agree to speak these words in order to keep their jobs even though you knew these words were a lie.

 CNN you are imploding even as I speak and nothing can stop your fall no amount of money will save you from my judgment FOX you are not safe either. I will open the doors in your studios and show the world what you too have done to deceive this nation, you are another mouthpiece from hell.

I will spare the ones who refused to bow and told the truth anyway. The only reason you kept these people on your network was because of their ratings and not because you liked what they said.  

NBC you’ll be torn to the ground by me. How dare you speak and tell the news how you want it told. You wouldn’t back off and you threatened jobs and people’s lives when they didn’t speak and when you wanted them to speak. All will be revealed when you are no longer speaking any news.

I’m shutting your doors and taping your mouth shut.

Your influence and power is being stripped from you now. I the great I am, will decide which news stations will survive.  NBC you are not one of them.

Shout my children justice is coming now justice that you never thought would come again to your lands i am the great I am and I have the final say and I have said enough is enough. Let my people go.

America arise to a new.

You are being reborn in the new year of 2022

saith the Lord of Hosts. End message.

YES the Chicago promise is hard to believe. Young black men shoot each other there wholesale. It might be a gradual change. Like say guns concealed in cut-out bibles, might be the first step LOL. Mr G’s attack on evil wherever it occurs is something only a God could do. The many corrections/eliminations promised, amount to a giddying new world suddenly optimised for Good, that is effectively Heaven on Earth.

The destruction of legacy media is a long term outcome that comes from growing conservative demographics coupled with the new networked society over the NET where legacy media just cant compete. Where a nobody with a kitchen laptop can get more views than CNN. Mr G is putting the boot in to finish them off, to everyone’s applause. CNN is becoming a documentary channel. No more news.

New York the new Mayor and the new Governor will be removed– this is so re-assuring. One of my fears was that clones and understudies simply replace evil people taken down. Not so says Mr G.

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