Julie Green transcript LIVE WITH JULIE 06.09.23 SMOKE SIGNALS

Searchable transcript for the serious and I added the missing title SMOKE SIGNALS predicted numerous times long in advance AND TO HAVE PIVOTAL MEANING.

Goood uh Morning, Everybody. Today is Friday, June 9th of 2023, and yes, I am doing a live show once again. I was actually just going to do another prophecy that the Lord had given me just a few days ago on June 5th, but while I was praying and while I was studying, He had me change it. And of course, as you all know, if you don’t know, this is how I do this ministry. It is God’s ministry and whenever he has me to do for that particular day, I can have something set up. But if he wants to change it, I will change it the way he wants it. So as I was studying and I was praying this morning, he did reveal that he wanted me to do a live show today, but also he wanted me to do either praying over people.

I am gonna show at least one Prophecy that has been fulfilled there has been several but I know there’s one for sure that’s affecting not only Canada It’s affecting the United States of America It has been prophesied and that prophecy has been fulfilled and he wants us to see that these things are in the sky. That things are above us, that things are around us. They’re happening all the time that God has been speaking in these prophetic words on what he is doing right now. And we need to know that he is the same God we need to know that he is the God the God over all of the earth we need to know that even though there are things that we don’t understand that we can’t totally and truly see that God is still working. He’s still moving. He’s still keeping his promises He is still that God who delivers. That God who saves and a lot of people right now I know in my spirit this morning while I was praying I just felt such a heaviness and so many people discouraged and overwhelmed and burdened down with the situations and circumstances that are in their own life and they don’t know what to do. They don’t know what to believe They don’t know what is true and what it’s not true because there has been a war of disinformation There’s been all over this planet right now There’s been so many things that are getting people down and just beating them down into the ground and God wants us today To know and remember this is the day that the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it So Julie, how can I rejoice when there’s chaos around me? We can rejoice and knowing that God is still on the throne that God is still the one who delivers He’s still the one who heals he is in the business of doing miracles signs and wonders And that’s what we need to know. We need to know who God is We need to know what to expect God to do and that’s exactly why he’s having me do a live show today I have no idea exactly what all I’m gonna do for this live show today But he I know and you should know that he is in control and he is giving me the words that he needs You to hear for this very day and this is this very hour and that is always on my heart It’s on my heart of what God wants you to know what God wants you to hear because there’s specific things that each and every one of us have to hear every day when we’re falling down when we get discouraged when we get upset when we get frustrated when we get in fear we get into worry

We get an anxiety, we get overwhelmed, and we don’t know which way to turn, that all of a sudden, You will hear a word from God or you’ll hear a SONG that just just gets you up in your spirit and you just get excited again and all that discouragement just washes away Oh Julie are you hearing internal music ? You must be possessed by demons — though she says next its external youtube music but she also says she hears music at 3 am signalling an incoming message. She goes on here.

All those things that this enemy was trying to keep you burdened down with is destroyed That’s God in the midst of so many of my own dark times I remember just turning on YouTube or turning on different things and all of a sudden the song would come on and it would just Brighten my day. It would just brighten me up on the inside and that was just like a light would just get in there and it would just shine so bright, it would destroy the darkness that I felt, the oppression that I felt, the discouragement that I felt because it was God reaching out to me and saying, I am here and I never left you.

So YES God intervenes boosting her mood chemistry while hearing external music. And likely influencing her musical choice. And the music often contains VOICE. All we need is a clearer statement from Julie that sometimes the uplifting music is generated internally by God. Its been a painful 12 months getting here. Most Christians have this problem of inability to describe their experience. Useful headway was made when she adopted my suggestion of her “spiritual ears being opened” which means eventually it will be OK to hear audible voice internally, first on top of music. Without demonic possession. A simple question to her would be can you imagine music? Experience it internally in your mind ? She would surely answer yes. Is it then audible ? Would be the killer question.

So back to Julie now. Okay. So I do want to go over a prophetic word that I heard several, well, it was a long time ago. So let me see if I can share my screen the right way And get this to you and then I’m gonna go over more things that the God is revealing to me this morning He has given me different scriptures that he wants me to give to you and I know I’m gonna pray for Canada I know I’m gonna pray for this country and I know I will pray for all of you who are watching Okay, so I don’t exactly know how everything is gonna be but just bear with me God is working and God is moving this morning.

I can feel him so strong on what he wants So I’m going to share my screen right now This is something that is being seen pretty much everywhere in the East Coast for sure of this country Let me Pick on it here. See if I can get it. I had to show you these pictures Okay, these are right now as you can see this is This is the skies as of yesterday above our country in the United States of America You see how foggy and hazy that is and how RED ( forest burn doesnt produce RED smoke see WAM video below) that is. Here’s another picture right here again I want to give you these illustrations. I want you to see this for yourself of what the skies look like this is obviously New York City and that’s the east coast of our country and You see how everything is just so foggy the wildfires in Canada That smoke is descending in the air and the atmosphere in our country So you can see all these different pictures that people have taken of what it looks like right now Well again, it was yesterday. I don’t know how it is right now I don’t know if any of you guys are watching from New York or from the East Coast. I’m looking at The live chat if you guys are watching from the East Coast anywhere Let me know if that is still in your area if that’s still above you But this was yesterday and the reason why I wanted to show this to you is because of this prophecy that I want to give now this one was from Let’s see here Okay, I’m gonna share this screen instead. Okay. All right now I want you to see this now this is from I’m gonna go here this is from March 13th and look at this March 13th of 2022 all right the title is your enemies plans are falling apart I want you to see this now I wish this a little bit bigger for you I hope that’s big enough for you I had this hold on one second okay look at this let me see if I can zoom it in for you. There we go. There. Now watch. I just showed you the pictures of what was going on in New York in the East Coast yesterday with the wildfires in Canada that you could see because it was orange like fill the skies.

This is a prophecy from March of 2022. Watch the skies, watch the United States along the East Coast. Smoke will fill the skies across some states This smoke will signal the Destruction of DC in your enemies ultimate fall. The wind will be so strong. It will move the smoke too far, to signal you my children, their end has come. Their end is coming to what we’ve seen in the United States of America and what we’re seeing in this Tyrannical government. What we’re seeing that’s been going on in our country. God said smoke was going to fill the skies above us specifically in the East Coast, and he said when the smoke fills that is a signal to you, that the end of the deep state, the end of the establishment the end of what has been going on and holding our nation hostage is Coming to an End Remember even if you look at the skies above when you see like a big huge thunderstorm You’ll see that there is usually a rainbow and I love the sign of a rainbow because that’s God’s Signal to us and he’s never going to flood the earth again like he did in the days of Noah again, this is another signal to us. God is saying there is an end coming to what they are doing against us in this country And I want to just give you guys an encouragement that there is things that are gonna come they’re gonna look so discouraging and so overwhelming and the exact opposite of What is going on and what these prophetic words are saying and God is saying this is the time to hold the line This is a time to see the sign that he has given to us to see the things that he is doing Above us in the skies and around us to get our attention We have to be attentive to what God is saying. All right. Now I want to show you another one All right here. I’m gonna stop this stop sharing this one And I want to start sharing another one This one is from September September 20 September let’s see here September 17th of 2022 All right. Let me share that screen. So I wish I was faster at this. So you have to just bear with me here All right. So here’s this one. Here’s another prophetic word again. I’m gonna get to more things. I’m gonna start doing prayer This is this is just one thing that the Lord wanted me to show you today. Okay, I have to show you this NOW Look at this A wildfire will be in your news But this time there is something different and you will see why. All right There is another one a wildfire will be in your news But this time there is something different and you will see why from another country. A wildfire came in and we could see the smoke and it turned the color of our skies above us on the East Coast Just like the prophecy that I gave to you before, regarding, specifically regarding the east coast of the United States of America. Now I want to give you another prophetic word that God has shown me to, give to you this morning that he wanted you to see. All right here’s another one. All right now this is from December 29th of 2022 called TRIBUNALS HAVE STARTED And will soon be seen again. This is December 29th of 2022 now, I’m gonna scroll down here a wildfire is about to break out in the news How unusual and how massive it is and the location is important and you will see why Sayeth the Lord. That is not even all of the prophetic words regarding wildfires and as you can see you can even there’s things you can look over pretty much all over the place. let me share this screen this was on the prophecy fulfill page look at this the air quality alerts for nearly a hundred million people and this was on I okay apparently this on the Today Show and they were showing all these different pictures of what was going on above New York again, what did the Lord– He just gave us about the skies– to watch the smoke fill the skies On the east coast of the United States to signal to you that there is an end to what we are seeing in DC let me get that screen open again So those of you who are just jumping on can see that prophetic word on what the Lord was saying Here it is. Again. This prophetic word was from it’s called YOUR ENEMIES’ PLANS ARE FALLING APART your enemy’s plans are falling apart. It was over a year ago March 13th of 2022 not 2023 was 2022 and it says watch the skies United States along the East Coast smoke will fill the skies across some states the smoke will signal a Destruction of DC and your enemies’ ultimate FALL WILL BE SO STRONG It will move the smoke for you so far, to signal you my children, their end has come. So I just again I the Lord just prompted me to share these things with you this morning that God is giving us signs even told us in many different prophetic words I don’t have up right now But he’s been telling us in many different prophetic words to watch the skies above us in this country He’s been signaling there was a prophecy. I did last year that I gave it was a prophecy The Lord had given me I did a video on it. It was a dust storm He specifically said what that Dust Storm was and it’s exactly where it was and it filled even the skies over in Europe I think it was he said the Sahara Desert and The wind blew so strong that the the skies above the United Kingdom in the UK It was all filled with orange just like what is going on right now or was yesterday anyway in In New York City in our country again God is showing us these things and there’s prophecy over prophecy again and again that God is showing us that he is Speaking to us these prophecies are coming to pass and no matter what Disinformation, no matter what things look like right now, no matter what things seem like right now God is Moving and he is the judge over all the earth. I want to give you something The Lord is just prompting me again again for those who- Those who are new to this ministry or new to this these channels wherever you’re watching from. I Have always told everybody okay, even though this ministry. It’s Julie green ministries. It is God’s ministry He will tell me what to say and when to say it. I I will do exactly what God wants me to do, not for myself, but it is for each and every one of you in his love for you. That’s why it is so important for us to keep our focus on God, not a person. Don’t keep your focus on any person. You keep your focus on God. You keep your focus on Him so when all these crazy things are happening, When he talked about and I gave you just a couple different scriptures or a couple different prophetic words Regarding these wildfires there was more and there’s more to these wildfires that we were seeing all over the world These are not by accident. A lot of these are on purpose and again there’s another reason why he had prompted me to get on this morning to do another live show and that is because of the Indictment that they are trying to do against our President once again a rightful President I should say with President Trump There is this as a second Indictment and I know when people see this they get really and really discouraged about it But just like in the prophecy that I’ve had several months ago one of the things he said the indictments Okay, hold on. Let me see. I’m gonna pull this up because I want you guys to see The prophecies that he had and I should have had this pulled up because he did I knew I was supposed to pray about it with you because I know people just get they see these this two-tiered justice system and I get really upset about it and Let’s see, I want to make sure I get the right one because there is uh several of the ones he’s had about indictments Um, let’s see here. Hold on a minute. There was one specific one that he wanted me to give. Okay, let me pull up this one. This is, this is one I’m just going to pull up. This is not, I don’t think this is the one I really wanted, but you can go to our website and you can see all the ones that he talks about. He gives the word indictments quite a quite a bit actually But this one is saying Hold on where to go. I Just had it. Give me a minute. This one’s quite a quite a long one Okay This prophecy is called Nothing will keep the eagle from being set free because the eagle is mine. This prophetic word was from September 3rd once I get it pulled up and get the right one this one actually it talks about Merrick Garland in this one as well we’ve seen a lot of things going on with the the AG let’s see here I wish I had a way that I could just put like a word in here and it just shows up because sometimes it’s they’re easy to and sometimes they’re not. Okay, I’m just gonna keep going. Alright, let me see if I can find it in this one because I don’t want to keep you guys. There’s enough things that I want to give to you this morning that I don’t want to… I should have had all these pulled up. I just want it… Oh, here’s another one about a wildfire. There’s… Okay, there’s another one from January 25th. Alright, I’m just gonna keep going. Now, there was several prophetic words and I want to pull up the right one. So I’m not doing it right this second. I wish I had somebody that was, was working for me right now that I can pull up all this stuff behind the scenes, but, um, they can’t. So I will keep going with this one. But one of the things that it said is that the indictment was not going to go how the way they wanted it to go. That’s the one I was looking for. There’s probably 10 different prophetic words regarding indictments. And so I don’t want people to be afraid about what they’re seeing and what these people are doing against President Trump once again. They’re not going to go the way they wanted them to go. Just like what we saw with the last indictment with Bragg, that’s not going exactly what they wanted it to do. And also now all of a sudden Alvin Bragg is in trouble, the one that tried to put this indictment against the rightful President. So again, there’s things that are going on that we don’t understand, but do not get frustrated And overwhelmed about what things are going on and what you see the first thing and first and foremost what you have to do With it what you’re hearing about these indictments and when you’re seeing these things go on The first thing you have to do is to start praying and start declaring and decreeing in Isaiah 5417 that no weapon formed against him shall prosper. No weapon formed against this country shall prosper No weapon performed against you shall prosper. That is how you hold the line and that is how you stand on the written word of God That’s why I don’t want to spend a lot of time searching for certain things I know they’re there But I want to keep preaching because the Lord has it on my heart to get you guys picked back up again because even one of you see these things in The news it frustrates people because of the two-tier justice system It frustrates people because they see all these things that are going on that you’re staying with Biden. You’re staying with Hunter You’re staying with the FBI. You’re staying with the CIA You’re staying with Facebook or you’re staying with with all these different social media platforms You see what they were doing. You see what they were hiding. You see what they were trying to suppress You see what’s going on and everybody is angry. They’re upset They’re fed up because they’re like why is this happening over here with our rightful President? and then you have over here or what’s has been proven and there are facts and there really is something that could be and They could be indictments for there could be things that people could be arrested for and nothing’s being done remember who God is God is the God of justice and I say this continuously all the time. Because in this time where it seems like injustice is winning, and it looks like nothing is being done in the side of justice and the side of freedom and the side of liberty. This is when people start to fall apart. This is when people start to get discouraged. This is when people start to walk away. This is when people start to fall down. This is when people start to get to the point where they don’t want to keep fighting, they lose hope. They just their hopelessness Grows so strong in them that they think I can’t do this anymore. Again. I gave out a Video last week or two weeks ago about don’t letting don’t ever get that mindset I can’t do this anymore because that is a lie from the pit of hell Yes You can because you can do all things through Christ who strengthened with you that says and spoken in God’s Word in Philippians 4 and 13 You can do all things through Christ and I will tell you our rightful President President Trump along with anybody else No matter who this is no matter what is going on in your life We need to all stand up and hold that line and be in the army of the Lord and he has fought for us time And time and time again, he’s fought against the deep states fought against the establishment. You could say he’s fought against the globalists He’s been fighting a battle and he needs you and I he’s been fighting for us now It’s time to fight for him. It’s time to fight for truth. It’s time to fight for the body of Christ It’s time to fight for our families. It’s time to fight for our marriages. It’s time to fight It is time to fight and how do we do that? How do we do it? How do we fight we fight with the written Word of God Which is the two-edged sword which will destroy our enemy in every way shape and form This is what we have to do. We have to get fed up We can’t stay discouraged. We have to get fed up get fed up with the injustice Get fed up because there is something that can be done and he gave me the scripture once again that he wanted me to give To you this morning and I am going to give this to you When you see this indictment against President Trump again, look what the what God said in his word in Psalm 75 and verse 7 Okay, write this scripture down psalm 75 in verse 7, but God is the judge He puts down one and it lifts up Another I’m gonna read that again psalm 75 verse 7 But God is the judge he puts down one and lifts up Another so again when we see judges doing these things when we see lawyers doing these things when we see an unjust Attorney general do these things when we see an illegitimate Government body doing these things against somebody it doesn’t belong He is not he is just like he said in his he did a truth He sent out truth social yesterday and he sent out a truth and it said I’m an innocent man. He is And this is not about politics. I want to tell you this again. This is not about politics This is about truth being surprised. This is about truth being held back. This is about evil trying to win This is good versus evil not against a Democrat and a Republican This is a war a spiritual war that we have been in and us the body of Christ Have to know that we are in a spiritual battle and what to do about that spiritual battle Here is another scripture that I want you to pray and we are gonna pray for President Trump We are gonna pray for what’s going on in Canada. We are gonna pray for the injustice that’s going on in Canada We’re gonna pray for the injustice that’s going on in the United States of America. We’re gonna pray for the injustice That’s going on in Australia. We’re gonna pray for the injustice that’s going on worldwide No matter what country that you are watching from if there is injustice which more likely there is if there’s injustice in your country you have the power on the inside of you because you have the great I am and there is something that you can do about the Situations that you’re facing in your nation or the situations that you’re facing in your own life your own Circumstances your own tests your own trials this goes beyond just what we’re seeing in our countries This goes beyond this is goes beyond everything if we just look to God and know that God is the author and the finisher of our faith that God is the one he is the ultimate say-so it’s not these people that we’re seeing that are in these world leaders it’s not these people who think they’re in control it is not that it is the ultimate judge who is God Almighty and that’s how we keep our focus on him now here’s another scripture he’s given to me this morning I know I’m preaching and I know I can go fast when I’m preaching so All right. Here’s another scripture Hebrews 10 and Chapter and verse sorry Hebrews chapter 10 and verse 30. This is the classic Amplified so you can you know go to a Bible Gateway com and there are different Scriptures that you can look up in different versions. If you don’t have a classic amplified Bible I know they’re hard to get to I know I don’t know if you can even buy the one I have right now anymore But you can go and even search out that version on biblegateway.com. It’s a classic amplified. This is what it says Hebrews chapter 10 in verse 30 for we know him who said Who is saying this God said it? Vengeance is mine Retribution and the meting out of full justice rests with me. I will repay I will exact exact the compensation says the Lord and again, the Lord will judge and determine and solve and settle the cause and the cases of His people God will solve and settle the cause and the cases of his people God is the judge God is the one who gets vengeance. God is the one who’s saying he just gave me another prophetic word this morning That was powerful and there was like four yesterday I think one was just for the ministry and then there are three were from for publicly and then he gave me another one this Morning there. He’s just pouring out pouring out point I have never had this many in one this in a 24-hour period let alone have I asked for I didn’t The Lord is pouring these things out because things are intensifying He gave us I think it was on Wednesday when I did another live show he said this is like a volcano about a volcano about to erupt the magma chamber is filling up and the pressure is building and Building and building and people don’t know exactly when it’s gonna blow but they the scientists can’t figure out with this Seismic activity that something is about to happen. This is a point in time where God is saying something Dramatic something explosive something big is about to happen and that’s why he’s trying to get each and every one of our attention On him and not on what we are about to see. Okay, we have to get our attention on God and not what we see that is going on around the world. Then he gave me something else He gave me more scriptures. That’s why again, I will go back and find all those Indictment prophetic words. I promise you like I said, I think there’s like 10 of them. Maybe I’ll go through I will do another It’s something else to show you guys and even put them in the description box maybe and so that way you guys can see them As I promised you they’re all there You can look at our website at JGM international org and you look at all the ones about indictment But I didn’t want to get stuck on it. All right now, I want to read you another one Proverbs 12 and verse 7 this goes exactly with all the injustice and the two-tiered justice system that’s going on in this country And I know what’s going on in Canada. I know what’s going on in Australia I know what’s going on in all these different countries around the world This is what God is saying These are scriptures for you to write down and do you to start praying over your nations? We all need to be a body that is united. Okay. He said it again the other day He’s saying it again now we have to come together stop the denominational like we can’t be affiliated with them because They’re this denomination and we’re this denomination We have to stop being affiliated with these things and just focus on the fact that God is the one that Jesus is The Messiah that he has things that he needs the body of Christ to do and not to be divided on What doctrines and what people believe and what they don’t believe let’s focus on the fact that Jesus is the Messiah He’s a soon coming King and God is the judge over all the earth and justice is coming for this earth Justice is coming for us the ones that we’ve seen so much injustice the one we’ve been so persecuted God is saying justice is coming now. I want to read this Proverbs 12 Proverbs 12 and verse 7 Proverbs 12 and verse 7 listen to this one Proverbs 12 7 the wicked are overthrown and are not but the house of the uncompromisingly righteous shall stand I want to read that again Proverbs 12 chapter 7 or sorry Proverbs chapter 12 and verse 7 the wicked are Overthrown. I know a lot of people right there can start getting excited. The wicked are Overthrown there is nothing there is no man. There is no one There is no plan that can overthrow God, but the wicked ones are the ones to be overthrown No one is bigger than God. No plan is bigger than God. I don’t care how much money they have It is not bigger than God. I don’t care how many corporations they have on their side. It’s not bigger than God I don’t care how many governments they have on their side. It’s not bigger than God Nothing is bigger than God Almighty And we as a body of Christ have to stand together in unity and say there is nothing bigger than God Almighty And he is the God of justice. He is the God who’s going to overthrow the wicked Again, he gave me all these scriptures this morning to give to you for this very day And how excited that we should be that God is saying to us the wicked are being overthrown and Brought to nought brought to nothing So then it says again Proverbs 12 and Verse 7 the wicked are overthrown and are not again. That means nothing But the house of the uncompromisingly righteous shall stand the three scriptures. I just gave you I have another one Again, write these down These are important for you to have in this very day in this very hour to not only to see to to see that there’s what we’re seeing in our countries is going to be overthrown but what you are experiencing in your own life is Going to be overthrown by the one who sits on the throne All right, Isaiah chapter 35 in verse 4 Isaiah 35 in verse 4 This is why I couldn’t do a prophetic word today even though I love to give them out and I know people love to hear them, but sometimes we need preaching all right now Isaiah 35 and verse 4 listen to this write this one down say to those who are fearful and hasty heart Be strong fear not behold your God will come with vengeance with recompense of God he will come and Save you Hallelujah, I want to read that again Again, this is Psalm 35 and verse 4 say to those who are a fearful and hasty heart be strong Fear not behold your God will come with vengeance with recompense of God. He will come and save you that is a guarantee. He didn’t say maybe he said he will come and save you Say I thank you Father God. I am saved. I thank you Father God that I am delivered I thank you Father God that I am set free. I thank you Father. God, not only my family my marriage my children My children are coming home. I thank you Father God that my marriage is free I thank you Father. God that my marriage is healed or I thank you Father God that our finances are restored. I thank you Father. God, that our freedoms are restored I thank you Father God that justice is restored. I thank you Father God because you are the God of the you are Justice you are freedom. You are peace. You are joy. You are the most high God. You are the great I AM I thank you Father God that we look to you and only you we will not look to the right We will not look to the left. We will not look down. We will look up We will look up to you because you are the author you are the finisher of our faith it says in your word, this is something that you’d be decreeing and saying and first John 4 4 The greater one lives on the inside of you Say that with me the greater one lives on the inside of me That he that is in the world and I gave you a scripture the other day So you have first John 4 4. Here’s another scripture that God is giving. I Love this scripture. I love all scriptures. I should say but There’s a certain ones that just jump out at me and I just make me even more excited When we’re seeing all this tyranny in all this injustice and all this This two-tiered justice system, like I said in the beginning when we see all these things that gets people angry All right, but look at this again Joshua chapter 1 in verse 5 No man shall be able to stand before you all the days of your life as I was with Moses. So I’ll be with you Listen to this God’s promise I Will not fail you Nor forsake you God will not fail you So he will deliver you He will not forsake you. That means he will not leave you alone He will not leave you in the situation that you are in He won’t leave the these countries in the situation that they are in it’s not time For this that we see today. It’s not time They pushed and pushed and pushed their agendas through but it’s not time. It is time for God’s revival It is time for God’s glory. It is time for God. It is time for the church It is time for the great harvest of souls. It is that time But God said before that time just again and I’ve says before just like in Egypt It was the darkest. It was the most Awesome depressing. It was the most harsh physically spiritually mentally That that’s that Israelites ever felt in their entire life. It was the worst Before they were released So when we see these things and instead of getting better things seem to be getting worse and then people get frustrated Nothing’s happening. Nothing’s going on. Things are getting worse. They’re not getting better And then they turn from God and God is saying no look when you see that it’s an indication That the breakthrough is about to happen. That’s an indication that something is about to switch something’s about to change God said shaking he said things were gonna go on but he said don’t be afraid He said don’t be afraid and all these scriptures. I just gave to you Write them down go back go back and read these scriptures today. Go back and read them Let them speak to you because God is speaking to you and he’s saying to you that he will not fail he will not forsake you he is delivering and the wicked will be overthrown and That’s what we have to keep saying The wicked will be overthrown. We can’t keep talking about what they’re doing We have to start talking and saying what God needs us to say Okay Here’s another one Isaiah I’m gonna go back to Isaiah Isaiah chapter 40 Isaiah 40 in verse 5 Okay, Isaiah chapter 40 in verse 5 now listen to this And the glory, majesty and splendor of the Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it. Remember how he keeps talking about his glory. He keeps talking that the whole world is going to see and know that he is still the same God Yesterday day today and forever. He’s still the same God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. He’s still the same God I’m gonna read this again Isaiah chapter 40 verse 5 and the glory The majesty and splendor of the Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it now verse 8 Isaiah 40 verse 8 the grass withers flowers fade But the Word of our God will stand forever So all these scriptures I gave to you remember people There’s even some people who think that the Bible is just old-fashioned and it’s not for today. No, I don’t know The Word of God will stand forever The Word of God will stand forever. Here’s another scripture 2nd Corinthians This is the part where God is calling us. He’s calling it’s our marching orders. There’s something for us He wants us to do and he’s given us the ability to do it anything. He asks us to do He gives us the ability to complete it. He’s not asking you to stand when you don’t have the strength to stand You may not physically have your own but God will give it to you if you ask and You ask remember it says another God words should be given unto you See can you shall find that knock on the door will be opened? All right now 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 in verse 7 Now the reason why he wants me to read this to you and he’s put it on my heart again this morning It’s because there’s so many different prophetic words that he’s given out that he’s talked about That things are not how they appear to be So the things that we see around the world today They are not how they really appear to be Things may look one way when they’re actually another. And what the enemy does with our five physical senses, and we go by those things, it keeps us in discouragement. Well, God said this, and it looks like this has happened. God said, don’t be moved by what you see. Because what you see is temporary, it’s fleeting, it’s subject to change. That’s 2nd Corinthians chapter 4 and verse 18 All right, but I’m gonna read 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 and verse 7 For we walk by faith We regulate our lives and conduct ourselves by our conviction or belief respecting man’s relationship to God and divine things with trust and holy fervor thus we walk not by sight or appearance. We walk by faith and not by sight. You don’t walk by what things appear like because they’re subject to change. I want to read that one. Please tell me to read that one. Okay. 2nd Corinthians 4 18. So we consider and look not to the things that are seen, but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are visible are temporal brief and fleeting but the things are visible or invisible excuse me are deathless and everlasting that’s why when we see these things that are going on they’re temporary they’re subject to change they are subject to change and so when we’re seeing all these things that going on with another indictment, per se, with the rightful President. When they see these things go on, they’re subject to change. Even, again, one of the prophetic words, here’s one, indictments are coming. There’s indictments for those trying to make this indictment, because this is the time of seed time and harvest. The Indictments they will not go the way they wanted them to go The way they wanted it to go. No, no, no, there will be indictments. I promise you and then he goes on That was what I was trying to find earlier the indictments that they have on our rightful President Will not go the way they want them to go. Just remember You remember that Kim Clement a long time ago back. I remember what year this was but he had a prophetic word about Trump. He had a prophetic word about two impeachments. All right? He said impeach, impeach, and there was two of them. Those impeachments did not go the way they wanted. These indictments will not go the way they want them to go. This is called a distraction. Okay? It’s a distraction Because you see all the stuff that’s going on you see all this truth that’s coming out about Hunters laptop You see all the truth that’s coming out about Joe and that entire Biden crime crime family the right what God even calls in the crime family What’s going on with that crime family you even see how some of it was implicating Obama you see what it was going on Guess what? You can’t pay attention to that. They don’t want you to pay attention to that. So what are they gonna do? They’re going to cause something so you are over here and you’re not paying attention to what is being revealed over here. That is a tactic of war and we are in a great war of disinformation. We’re in a great war of good versus evil. We’re in a war, but God said to fight the good fight. We are in the army of the Lord. We are a heavy-armed soldier. It’s Important every day to put on the armor of God just like when we are in our prayer call every morning with our prayer team We put on our armor of God and we plead the blood of Jesus over the top of our head the soles of our feet Why do we put on the armor of God? We can’t see the armor put on but our enemy can see the armor Ephesians 6 go read Ephesians 6 10 on through I think it’s 18 go read it It’s a full armor of God because you have an enemy that’s out there every day. That’s Persistent he’s persistent in bringing you down. He’s persistent in discouraging you. He’s persistent in is stealing from you He’s persistent in the killing because it says in God’s Word in John 10 10 the thief comes to kill steal and destroy But God has come to give you life and to live it more abundantly We have to know what’s going on We have to know that there are things there is okay Wasn’t gonna keep going, but he wants me to keep going. I have to all right in second Kings chapter 6 in second Kings chapter 6 This is talking about Elijah and Gehazi. I they were in somewhere and all of a sudden they look out and There was a mountain full Surrounded them and it was an enemy army Okay, it looked like just Gehazi. I and Elisha that was it just two of them Okay, they had an army completely surrounding them and most people If you had if you were in your house and you had like a military surrounding you It would it would look terrifying because you’re outnumbered you have no way out. It looks like it’s too impossible Now look look what the Prophet said. Look what Elijah said. This is a second King chapter 6 and verse 16 2nd Kings 6 and verse 16 he answered Do not now he’s talking to Gahaziah. Elijah’s talking to Gahaziah I and says do not fear for those who are with us are more Than those who are with them now, hold on a minute You look at and the whole mountain around them was filled with a military or an army, okay? And there’s only two, Elijah and Gehaziah. And Elijah says to Gehaziah, don’t fear, there’s more of us. Now most people in the natural right now, even in the body of Christ, with all this religion and legalism and all this stuff that goes on, they would mock somebody and say they are insane and senile because obviously if there is 200 300 a thousand people that’s surrounding a building or a home and there’s only two of you inside that home you are nuts if you think there is more of you now look at what Elijah said look what the Prophet said look it and Elijah prayed and said Lord I pray open his eyes. Stop. Gehaziah’s eyes were opened. His natural eyes were opened and saw the army that was against him and he was getting afraid. And then you have the prophet or Elijah saying and praying, God open his eyes. Now look. Open his eyes that he may see. Then the Lord opened the eyes of the young man and he saw. And Behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. It looks like we’re outnumbered. It looks like we don’t have enough strength. It looks like in every way we turn, we have judges against us, world leaders against us. Justice system is completely destroyed. We have media, the lamestream media, all over the place spewing out their propaganda, their filth. We have Hollywood doing the same thing. You have all these people, it looks like we’re outnumbered. What is God telling to us? He wants us to open our eyes, not our natural ones, but our spiritual ones, to see. We have chariots of fire we have an angel armies that are with us that outnumber the enemy armies we are on the right side believe you me it may not look like in any way shape or form at all it may look like this is stupid to even say that there is anything that is gonna change. But Elijah even said, don’t fear. I’m telling you right now, do not fear. There is more that with us than there is with our enemy. There’s more. We can’t see them physically, but they’re there. God is there. You may not see the greater one on the inside of you, but he is there. You Can’t physically see your own even your own brain your own physical brain. You can’t see it, but you know, it’s there You I mean you can’t see your heart But you can feel it pumping You can’t see it just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there That’s why God tells us that we have to walk by faith or trusting in God and not walking by sight I don’t know about you, but I’m more excited this morning Then I was even I got hit with something last night hard spiritually hard And it frustrated me And then I get up this morning and I’m just like Lord And he knew what happened. He knew And it’s like you just bounce right back. You just bounce back because even said And Micah chapter 7 verse 8 arise or a rejoice not against me. Oh my enemy for when I fall I shall arise There are days where you’re gonna feel like you’re falling there are days where you’re gonna be frustrated There are days where you’re gonna be overwhelmed. There are days where you’re gonna just want to throw in the towel There are days where you’re just gonna get so fed up There are days where you’re just gonna be just like I want to pull your hair out and go I don’t know what to do, but every time Every single time. No matter how many times you fall down, you go to God and He’s right there. He’s right there and He picks you back up and it’s like you’re stronger than you were when you fell down just a few minutes ago or a few hours ago or a day ago or two days ago. He’s right there. He had me get on specifically this morning. I had a prophecy all ready to go. I was so excited to give it to you. but this was more powerful right now for this day that word is still powerful I’m not saying that it’s not but it wasn’t exactly what he wanted you to hear for this day he wants you to hear it and it’s extremely important when I give that word out it’ll be important for that day people ask me why I hold things why I don’t give him the same day if God tells me to I will jump on and do it immediately It’s like this morning I had a change what he wanted me to do for you It’s all about you. He wants you to be set free He wants your family set free Remember, God hears. He hears the cries of His people and He delivers them out of it all. He didn’t say that you have to put up with these things. One of the things I remember He said yesterday in a prophetic word He gave during a prayer call, stop putting up with stuff. Stop putting up with the weapons of the enemy. Stop putting up with sickness. Stop putting up with disease. Stop putting up with pain Then Julie, I don’t know how to change it. You speak to it Speak to it Remember James 4 7 resist the devil and he must flee He doesn’t have a choice That’s why God wants you to know him. Don’t know him through me or know him through somebody else You love to follow It’s great He uses us for that to speak his word Prophetically or speak his word. However, he wants us to speak it, but he wants to know you and You can know The creator of heaven and earth you can know him On a more personal level. You just have to open your heart. I know there’s so many people they say Julie. I’m desperate. I Have been praying I’ve been praying I’ve been praying and I don’t hear like you do I promise you That God is speaking to you the enemy tries to Drown it out with worry. Don’t you have to try hard? It’s Heavenly Father in Jesus name and you have the Father’s attention He’s not a million miles away Even though it feels like it in your sit your situations and circumstances. It feels like he is a million miles away But he’s right in there. He’s right inside of you And when you say in Jesus’ name, you have His attention. He will honor that because of what Jesus has done for us. Ask for your spiritual ears to be open to hear Him. I don’t hear Him from here. I hear Him from here. And so can you. But I want to get on today to do God’s will for you and what you needed to hear. I want to pray about Canada like I told you I would. I want to pray about this country. I want to pray about this indictment against President Trump and I want you to be in agreement with me. It says in God’s Word that one can put 1,000 in flight but two can put 10,000. Just think how many thousands of people are watching right now and how destructive if we’re in agreement that we can be to our enemy. Think about that for a minute. One can put 1,000 in flight, the two can put ten. And so let’s stand and let’s pray and be in agreement that God is on the throne. In all the scriptures that I gave to you that promises, He promises He will deliver us. He promises the wicked will be overthrown. He promises us these things. God is a God. He can’t lie. The wicked will be overthrown. How is he gonna do it? I don’t know. He’s a guy who surprises it. I love surprises, so I can’t wait to see how he does it. How he does it, don’t know. When he does it, I don’t know, but it’s getting close. So I want to pray. Heavenly Father, first, we pray over Canada right now to you, Father God, not only what’s going on with those wildfires, but what’s been going on with all the injustice in that country. Father God, we stand together in one accord in the name of Jesus Christ to bring down all that injustice, and I thank you, Father God, that justice will rise in that country, And I thank you Father God for moving your hand against the evil rulers that are keep your people and that are keeeping that country Enslaved and I thank you Father God that the wicked will be overthrown You’ve spoken it in so many prophetic words That the wicked in that nation will be overthrown and we thank you and heavenly Father What’s going on with the wildfires and all that that hazardous air quality? That’s putting out for so many millions upon millions of people in Canada and this country I thank you Father God you sent Isaiah 54 17 that no weapon formed against us shall prosper So I think no weapon formed against them. I thank you Father God if you have to clear the air you will clear the air for your people to breathe fresh air and We thank you for it Heavenly Father we lift up this country to you and we praise you and we worship you That we saw a sign that you spoke about to us last year a sign above the East Coast in the sky smoke filled the skies and Father God, we thank you and we praise you that it will not affect people with their breathing It will not affect them in a negative way, but it is a sign And I thank you, Father God, that you are throwing the evil ones out in this country. We call for justice. We call for liberty. We call for freedom. We call every person down. We call them to be overthrown, call them to be removed. We call them, Father God, that there is a shift, that there is a shift in this atmosphere. There is a shift with the body of Christ, that we are standing up, that we are being, we are fed up, that we are taking back what’s rightfully ours. We take back our rightful President. We take back Father. God our rightful government. We take back Father. God our freedoms We take back what’s rightfully ours and we right now call down all any and all indictments against President Trump We rebuke them by the name and by the blood of Jesus Christ that every single thing that they are doing against him It will be shown to be proven wrong in the name of Jesus and you said Father God, this is see time and harvest So everything that they are trying to do against him it will be back on to them that they are reaping a great harvest we thank you that truth will prevail to show Father God who is the truth the way the life and that’s you and we plead the blood of Jesus Father God over our rightful President and everybody with We thank you Father God for giving them exact what they have to say when they have to say it what you want them to do And when you want them to do it your strategy not just their own But your strategy because it overthrows the evil ones and I thank you Father God that they will have an easier time Pushing through this because you are on their side and there is more with them With our rightful President than more that’s against him and I thank you Father God for any person Around the world no matter what country that they’re in no matter how much injustice is going on No matter what their governments are doing no matter what’s going on a personal life I thank you Father God that they know you that your people know you more Personally, they know you more intimately. They know that you are the same God that they know that you won’t fail They know that you are overthrowing them these these evil people that you are delivering your people that you are Saving them that you do still heal that you do still read it set people free Let them know Show them your glory Lord Show us your glory in greater measure and we thank you for it in Jesus name amen and a man Now, I might do this more often. You may see me all of a sudden in a different time and I’ll just all of a sudden just start doing another live show. This is how he’s shifting us. He’s shifting us and all of a sudden, it’s not just what we think is going to happen. He’s just going to surprise us and he surprised us today. And I love exactly what he has done and said to each one of you. The scriptures that he gave it to me to give to you how much he’s pouring out his love. He’s pouring out encouragement he’s pouring out truth to set each and every one of you free and Start declaring your freedom today Start declaring that truth will prevail today start proclaiming justice start proclaiming That we will see Liberty Start proclaiming that you have your freedoms Start proclaiming that everything that was wrong in your body is not wrong anymore because God is the God that makes it, right? He’s a God that makes it whole He is the Lord Jehovah Rafa Jehovah Rafa, which means healer. He still lives and And so if you have pain in your body, you speak to that pain and you tell it to shut up. If you have something wrong in your body, you speak to it, just like Jesus spoke to the fig tree in Mark chapter 11. You can speak to things and they have to listen in the authority of the name of Jesus. If you have faith in that name, remember, ask anything in that name, it will be given unto you. That’s John 14 and John 16. So I want you to go today and just have that excitement when you go into work and remember the enemy will try to come and steal the word because that’s what he does. Put that guard up. Don’t allow him to. You say I’m a child of the Most High God and something good is going to happen to me today and I don’t care what I see. I don’t care what’s going on. I thank you Father God that you are in control of my life. Let him in. Invite him to work with you or wherever you have to go today. Invite him in. Invite him into your car if you have to sit in traffic for two hours, depending on where you live. Instead of getting mad and frustrated, start praising and worshiping God and make the enemy mad. God is always with you. Whether we notice Him or not, He’s always there, and He is an absolutely good God. Well, I love you. God loves you and I just want you to know today that God is in control. That God will not fail. God keeps his promises and he is about to do something the world has never seen and you and I get to be a part of that. So I hope this encouraged you today. Please like, subscribe, and share and give this Everyone, you know who needs to hear an encouraging word who needs to hear the truth Because truth will set you free. God loves you. I love you. God bless you and have a wonderful day


Useful video here of the forest fire starts in slow motion in state of Quebec obviously coordinated. Ho Hum…. Malfeasance……

Though it doesnt matter much because its value to believers is that it signals the end of DC predicted many times.

However its noticed the smoke is the wrong colour indicating an accelerant is used and WAM from Infowars explains that, and Infowars Greg Reese explains where the accelerant was stolen from by Justin Trudeau for sound political reasons.

So we are visibly closer to DC being levelled, the elites removed from office and a new Capital chosen. Halleluijia.


Greg Reese Arson Driven Wildfires Being Used As Catalyst For Canadian FEMA

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