Lay Gnosis 49 Feedback Adam UK -gnosis is simply “an acknowledgement of human nature”.

Steve when you said lay gnosis is a wonderful sleigh ride through a magical forest I thought to myself well no that can’t be the case that’s too good to be true. I really didn’t have the slightest clue what I was in for I never thought that just spending 20 minutes at a website could being me so much joy and happiness let alone inmeasurable joy and happiness that’s exactly the impact that truebluehealer has had on my life combined with conversations with God which I would not have come across if it wasn’t for truebluehealer. 
Just like you said Steve if only the sleepwalkers knew what a world we could have. When we look at our dreams and how our dreams always remind us of how higher nature as human beings that we are only living in this world temporarily and just like when we leave our house and go outside we are able to see many other houses it’s literally the exact same thing with the universe planet earth is just one house out of many houses many different neighbourhoods many different regions just like with the cosmos there are many different galaxies many different planets etc. 
When we go to sleep in the sleep state we are unconsciously travelling and exploring the universe and the cosmos and source makes contact with us in our dreams all the time as cartoon characters that we have admired in our childhood or as our friends or as something special to us something that holds value for us. 
Virtually everybody has experienced seeing in their dreams a character that they admire something that they admire for instance you might find yourself experiencing a dream in a setting that is very peaceful and very pleasant and calm this is an example of how source makes contact with us in our dreams and shows us pure affection just like you said steve source is enjoying your life with you and you are the worshipped star that is what layman’s gnosis is all about.
Gnosis is completely natural, gnosis is not something new at all it is simply an acknowledgement of human nature and all things human that’s literally it, that’s layman’s gnosis summarised in a short sentence gnosis is simply “an acknowledgement of human nature”. 

Hu is an ancient name for God. Hu-man is God-man. Gnostic man.

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