Transcript below of Gods message about separating true believers from the fake believers driven only by fear of consequence, and the ones who refuse to listen

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Good morning everybody today is November 4th of 2021, and thank you all for joining today’s live show there is a great and powerful word of the lord that I want to give to you guys. So here is that word I know you guys have been waiting for —-

The time of the Great Separation

In these days my children I am greatly distinguishing you from the world and its people and separating my church ; the ones who believe, and the ones who are religious in their manner, and in their doctrines, more than my written word, So I wanted to stop there for a minute –

God is saying right now he’s distinguishing us, not only from the world, and what the world is about to receive, but he is greatly distinguishing us from religious traditional people, in the body of christ, Yes, people who don’t, do not listen, and do not, and refuse to awake, and obey what god is saying. Okay ? So he’s separating us from those men and the man-made doctrines more than my written word. They believe the man-made doctrines more than his word

Yes this is a time of a great falling away in these days, people who were in my body and in my churches, that were only in it for self-preservation, than they were there to worship me . Yes, in these days the world will grow darker, the darkness will overtake and destroy many and judgment time has come and no more will I stand by, and let such evil be in this earth against my children, and against this nation and against the little children.

They have attacked every part of your lives to completely destroy you this is a time of great separation like in the days of my children in Goshen. I protected them from the plagues and I protected them from the judgment that came upon their enemies. I am coming to greatly separate you all right now, my hand is moving quickly across this nation, and then in the natural it has seemed quite subtle, but in the spirit it has been almighty and destroyed all hell that was in my way , you are, we are changing, we are changing direction, your temperatures are getting colder for most my children now in this time, there will be changing of temperatures but changing of the guard changing of a government changing of a president and changing of laws changing of people in power and exchanging of finances to the rightful owners yes businesses and economies the world’s money like will be ripped from the evil ones who use it to enslave you who stole from you, who were killing you, they are pharaohs of this time, and the same will happen to them now, as what happened to the kings and pharaohs against my children in my word no they lied they cheated they enslaved they killed and they controlled this world no more enough is enough in my righteous anger is against all who were destroying this world and my children in it my children you are in this world but you are not of it now you will know what they meant all along they are being removed I have said before not one will be left who defies me saith the lord of hosts.

Watch the one betraying as the jackal ! Yes, a great fall there shall be, more and more are turning on him and they are devising a plan to remove him in any way, but I will decide and I will be the one who takes them down. Watch the wind is turning on the Biden in the supposed White House. Yes his fall is here. No more can they hide that they have, what they have done, no more can they hide even the one in his shoes declaring in his declining health his brain function new reports and more and more against him because it is time for the end of the Bidens

My hand is moving quicker now against them, and their walls and places of power are coming down and are trapping them where they were nowhere to go, there is no turning back now they chose their side, and they chose their plan against you, and the great I am. No more of this ! They have created their mandates are coming down jobs will be restored hold on my children, a great restoration is coming to your doors and too your finances I am wiping them clean off, and out of all power and all the finances they once had to destroy you, yes wiping the economy wiping the plans once and for all to cover up my children, come up, come up my children, come up and stand and fight with your words. Stand firm against their attacks against you. Believe the great I am is here, to deliver ! Yes I am here, for you will be, you will see and hear things, now listen to this. This is important you will see and hear things in these days and in this month of November you will not totally understand, but know in this time of the great confusion, it may seem like a great confusion. He’s saying remember these words

I’ve got this, this is a time of the end, so stand firm and stand with me hold on this is over what you see today you won’t see again, no matter how much power they had in which office they stood in they’re all coming down now.

So shout and proclaim your freedoms in this day.

Demand your health and your wholeness that I have paid for

Demand your adversary take his hands off of your life and everything in it I am is here jehovah rafa to heal and to make you whole. I am here to free your lands and your nations and your finances, but I am here to heal your souls and your bodies just like in the days of the past over in the book of Exodus.

Yes I am the great I am, and a great Exodus in these days shall be cheering and laughing in great joy filling your lands this is the END ! So stand and march forward now your lives will drastically change like a dream, you will say army of almighty God, Don’t wave the white flags, for this is the time for your victory and your enemies defeat, saith the Lord of hosts.

End message

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