I made this corrected transcript. Useful to be able to study these deliveries in writing. Starts at 2mins 6 seconds. Finishes 9-17.


Okay so here is the prophetic word

Their days, their final days of power. You are in the

final days of watching the evil ones in power, Yes, the days you have been crying out for, praying for decreeing and declaring are here.

Any stability they had is gone, any trust that they had in each other is gone. More people will walk away, step down, resign, some will try and fade away into the shadows, but I the Lord will shine the spotlight on every dirty deed, and every evil plan, that they were a part of.

These are the days of more whistleblowers, that come out in the open, to sing as loud as they can, of what has been happening. Many whistleblowers have come forward, and the world does not know about yet. I have hid them from the evil ones, to protect them the evil, the enemies of Almighty God have no idea what is about to hit their doorsteps, their houses, their camps, the earth is shaking beneath their feet, and the walls that once protected them, have come down. Their puppet masters have deserted them, to save what was left of their own lives, and their fortunes, but those puppet masters are coming down, and more judgment they shall receive from me. Bill Gates your Gates are falling to the ground and the world will know what you have done to them. Yes the world, your whole life, and all that you have done to the economy, to businesses, to children, to my nation, I am exposing it

all. Bill your money won’t save you, and I will drain every penny that you have, and judgment will rain down on you and you will not escape the darkness for the damage that you have done to my children my nation and nothing can save you now

Kamala there is nowhere for you to go, you have no one to save you they are betraying you and are planning your final last acts as vice president.

Yes, they are pulling the plug on you, the ones that were once with you.

But I am stepping in and I am pulling the plug on YOU,. for what you have done to my nation, and Yes, your final days of power are here, but you will not enjoy them, for your walls of protection have fallen, and no one is there to help you. I gave you time to come forward and you refused,

so judgment on you, you shall receive Kamala. Judgment and you never thought would happen to you, you were so loved, you thought, so protected, but they cut their cords, and any line of protection for you.

You are alone and nothing will save you from what is coming to your house.

Darkness is covering DC, and it will not lighten for the darkness has plagued all the ones who have hijacked my nation, and their final days are here, shaking and shakings, like never before, the earth is about to break open and swallow them, and all the ones that were with them in the acts of stealing a nation, for world domination, Watch CNN and other news networks fall to the ground, like the Walls of Jericho, they were coming down, for they have done, and then they’ve been a mouthpiece of the father of lies, and they will pay dearly for the lies, that they have put out into the earth to control the masses. (CNN’s ratings have evaporated so abysmally they are sacking their fake news presenters, replacing them with documentaries)

 More leaked tapes will come to the surface on what they did to my son, the anointed one, that I have anointed, who is Trump.

Yes, more will come out and their fake  impeachments and how the whole thing was planned to take them out. The truth about Mike Pence (was likely nudged to do what he did) will come out who he really is, and not what you think, why certain things had to take place for this whole empire, the enemies had put in place, had to be totally taken care of .You will see in here, many people, you thought betrayed you, and betrayed this nation, DIDN’T, and were doing something they had to do, to take this whole thing down, and I’ll release the ones wrongfully imprisoned for that January day, acts they didn’t commit, they were used as pawns against Trump, and the forces to intimidate and to make him rethink what he was planning on doing to them, but I the Lord and stepping in and those prison doors that have held the innocent will be opened, I will free them and all will be compensated for the damage that has been done to them. Pray my children for everyone, that is taking part in this great shift of power, Pray for the wisdom. Pray for their wisdom, and their protection. Things are heating up now, and coming to a boiling point, and everything is about to take place in your nation, for the world to see, prepare your hearts and minds for what it is you’re about to see pray for the loss and pray for anyone you love who is blinded to the truth the ground is about to shake like never before pastors churches get ready for the flood that is about to break through your doors, prepare now and get right before me, a great flood of people is coming, when they come miracles great miracles glory will start to fall and keep intensifying and more power will become more powerful by the day

People will not want to leave the altars for the glory shall be so great.

A civil war is breaking out in the enemy’s camps now, and a great shift will take place. Watch they are falling. I told you of a great fall in Fall in the final days of Fall the greater fall it shall be.

Be careful of the distractions that they are causing all over this earth to take the attention off of themselves

So stay alert and stay awake, my children, and stand firm, now things you will see will take place, will be hard to see, and hard to bear, but I the Lord am your comforter I will strengthen you and protect you, from the effects of this battle, and truth being revealed in a level no one thought possible. For I the Lord am doing a mighty work in these final days, the final days are here for your enemies power over you. Keep standing and keep marching, keep shouting, because the days after this great shaking, will be glorious for you children of almighty God shout loud and shout now !  Victory is here to stay, saith the lord of hosts.

Now just what is so evil about Bill Gates ? Well a few times the Vaccine Czar said Covid is just a warm up, a practice pandemic. Now he is saying a real pandemic is coming. Small Pox. 30pc kill rate. Survivors horribly scarred.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smallpox You need to know.

Bill Gates is bringing this back.

Bill Gates looks forward to this

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