This Julie Green Video was taken down when her entire youtube channel was deleted for no reason. But its still runing in My YT account.

I’m just helping with the transcript. Starts at 17 mins 11

Julie Green speaks — In these days you will see the final acts of this puppet and their smoke show, for justice is coming my children, justice will reign in this land again these are the final days of this illegitimate government body and the curtain is being removed on their show. In exposing each and every one of them.

The Biden, these are your final days of pretending to be the commander-in-chief, pretending to be the President when you know you lost, and you lost big time. The hatred you feel, the betrayal you see coming is overwhelming you now.

You decided to step into the shoes of the real Biden thinking you could handle it, but your handlers have stripped you of your dignity, they’ve stripped you of any freedoms you had, in any ability for you to think for yourself, they dressed you, or they drugged you, without you knowing, they drugged you without you knowing, and they have stepped it up. You are falling more every day, and you will open your mouth and speak the truth for the world to hear who you really are, You are not the real Biden, but you will take the fall for the jackal that has already been dealt with, that they have hid from the world.

Explosion after explosion in the enemy’s camps they are starting to shake and as they shake more fear will overtake them and more betrayals to save themselves. Oh the battle that has been fought, and they lost big time, Each day they are wondering is this the day they come and take me away ?  Some are wondering is this the day my own party is coming to take me out ?

Major chaos and confusion is overwhelming them, their leaders are more silent because their orders have been cut off to the people, lines of communication have been interrupted, their leaders are running to hide and save themselves running to the mountains or running to foreign lands but I the lord will stop step in and their plans will not go the way they want judgment is finding them where they are judgment will overtake some and destroy many of them and the ones who survive, will go into the courts with the world watching.

YES the courts that I have set up and I have designed just for them. so the world can see how I am the judge over all of the earth.

Major shakings are coming to this land, spiritual and physical, the truth and a complete overthrow, of an illegitimate government body I am removing them all, as you see, this is taking place, do not fear !

Things will not appear as you want at first ,or how you thought it would happen. I am overturning and restoring everything.

How I have planned for this hour your enemies  Are FINISHED and that’s all capitalized, your enemies are FINISHED

Take the spoil they have been leaving behind, take the possessions, they are yours, and they have stolen from you,

You ask how Lord , Can you take these things?

My children it is with your words I tell you to speak call and command restoration in your house, and your bodies and your families call in financial prosperity call on everything that has your name on it.

I am breaking the lines of your enemies. The lines they have kept the wealth that they kept the power.

I have cut those lines and a major flood is coming to my children, to overtake them with blessing and joy unspeakable. YES I am taking everything the enemies have stolen and given it back to you.

You say how Lord is this possible ?

My children read the book of Exodus

I did that for my children and I am doing it again,

But to do it greater, to a greater degree.

YES a mighty shift of power, a mighty shift is taking place

Your military has been working behind the scenes getting all the evidence they need for the final blow to your enemies.

This hour is here for their takedown, to end the control, to end the hijacking of a nation, and to all nations in this earth, that they wanted to control it all, but I the Lord have stepped in and stopped them from going any further with their plans a great celebration is about to take place in this land, a great celebration indeed, before the end of the year, you will see a return, a return the world has been watching and waiting for just watch my children and do not get discouraged anymore with what has occurred in your nation, that was a distraction to completely destroy you in every area of your life so you wouldn’t fight back, and your enemies could easily take you out, once and for all arise church, arise my children these are the days you have asked of me, so rejoice now and rejoice, shout to bring your enemies down once and for all, shout ! The victory you have is now, and your victory is in your mouth, with your words, so agree with me my children, stand guard from the wicked schemes of your enemy, stand at attention, you are in the army of the Lord and take out your enemies once and for all.

Shout louder and shout all the time.

The walls are crumbling and the earth is shaking under their feet shout now and shout as loud as you can. Your enemies are scattering and it is time of the end of their show saith the lord of hosts.

You will hear more and see more fall in the days to come watch another scandal plague a governor Gavin Newsom (California, stole an election) is his name he will fall, like Goliath did.

Nephew of Nancy Pelosi Gavin Newsom will fall for his disgusting acts as a Governor to steal the state, and he hijacked to stay in power. Know California revival is coming. Freedom shall ring in your state again. It’s not over for you.

I am the Lord and I am delivering you from this evil that has plagued your State to stop this great revival that is hitting your land shout California Freedom is coming again  !

For I the Lord have spoken these words, and your enemies cannot stop this from coming to path pass saith the lord.

New York I am here and I am healing your land healing your cities and bringing you great men and women of God to be in control that will bring back justice and freedom to its people. and YES every person in control now who aren’t from me, I will remove them, and remove their mandates and remove every evil law that was put in place to enslave you, for I the Lord have seen the injustice and I am healing and restoring your freedom says the lord of hosts.  New York city in New York, Peace I say in your streets, children of God in that place call in peace and call in restoration to your city and to your state take back control with your words speak peace like I the Lord, spoke peace to the storm and said peace be still. Do it now New York do it now, my children wherever you live, speak peace and speak revival speak restoration and speak of restoration and watch how fast I bring it to pass wherever your foot shall tread upon I have given to you so take it my children take back your cities and states and your nations you have the power on the inside of you so speak the words of freedom and I shall move to bring it to pass, saith the Lord your redeemer End message

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