Julie Green Christmas Day message JESUS IS OUR VICTORY

Christmas message thru Julie Green
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So here is the word of the Lord for this day

Jesus is our Victory

During this time of celebrating the birth of your lord and savior my true ?and let joy fill your hearts and receive the joy I am giving unto you. Receive my goodness and glory I am raining down in this hour for my children, and for my children who have chosen not to stand, and not to believe my prophets any longer and you have waved your flags because of the discouragement and disappointment I am giving you another chance to choose life and to choose to believe my words and my prophets

I have put in this earth for such a time as this to  encourage, and to get you back up and get you out of that spirit of defeat that has kept you enslaved. This day put your hands up and receive from me in a new way. Get rid of those past disappointments and the lies that the enemy has kept you bound with. I am giving you signs again to show you, that I am the great I am, but this is the hour of choosing what side you are on, it’s the final days and hours for a choice- as – to what you believe, to choose what you

believe in, me or your adversaries lies in this earth, my children. Who chooses to stand I am pouring out abundance overflow and more than enough in this season. Remember my children I gave this earth my only begotten son, to die for you, so you could live an abundant life and no matter what kind of power your enemy has, what I have given to you, my son. So no matter what kind of power your enemy has, I have given to you my son and he has destroyed the power and control that your enemy has. He bore the curse for you, he suffered so you wouldn’t have to suffer. If you are suffering today cry out to me, my children, and receive my love and the deliverance that I have for you this day.

I have heard your cries and I have seen the attacks that you have been under, and the waymaker is coming to you and making a way, turning your impossible situations around, to pick you up when you couldn’t get up on your own. I am here to shelter you from this storm and to command peace and justice in your lives so stand my children stand for the battle is the Lord’s he defeated your enemies, and your victory has already been paid for so receive the gift that I have given to you to this world and his name is Jesus. Receive the sacrifice he made for you and it was more than enough no matter your circumstances, and where you’re at now it is not what I have planned for you to live in your future. I am bringing you to a higher place with me blessed in abundance you could never have known I had for you. It’s more than the world knows about and I’ve hidden these things back until now. Receive my gifts my children that will bring deliverance and joy never known, before your enemies cannot defeat you when you are with me.

I created this earth this universe and I am your father who will never leave you nor forsake you. My love I am pouring out in this earth with no limits

so don’t limit me, my children, your lives are about to be so great when you are walking into your promised land and the freedom that is yours walking into abundance never experienced like this on earth. Shout for your victories are now in my name with my blood that was shed for you. You are not defeated so don’t quit now and stay with me, and I will completely deliver you and shower you with gifts that you’ve never expected these are the days of great celebration.

So start to join in on this today and leave the past in the past and move forward to a greater future in this earth with no limits you are the head and not the tail you are free and no longer enslaved.

Freedom, freedom never known like this, so receive and enjoy what I the great I am is pouring out in this day. End message.

So the phrase “son of God” title has variants. Mr G, thru Julie Green calls Donald Trump his son, the rightful President. Jesus was his only begotten son as in the biblical “begat” with mother Mary. Yet I think we are all “sons of God” each with the divine spark. Specified in Corinthians 7-12 where the divine spark, the spirit, is present in all people of other faiths. Connoting that reading the bible and hearing of Jesus is not necessary to know the spirit. That’s what happened to myself and many others.. So we musn’t be too literal with our use of terms. I do know that many people awakening to the God within them, via Kundalini rise, are told they are Jesus. Good example would be David Icke who was ridiculed by vicious atheistic political media for maintaining that he was Jesus as told internally. He got there by Ayahuasca. So there are many ways home into the arms of God. Meaning that coming to know the spirit, is not strictly speaking a religious event. Its entirely a “natural” event available to every person on the planet when their Kundalini rise erupts. The only caveat being, a person must be able to join evidence dots and form an opinion. Some reasoning skill is required.

And only since the 90’s Mr G has made his own divine spark physically knowable to the individual, anywhere on the planet via the internet. That’s a huge bountiful gift unknown to most people with ONE INTENTION to greatly boost the harvest of souls that know God, from this planet size Godling hatchery.

You might be able to see that religions are all metaphors that people can live by, and prosper withup to a point, but they can also get between man and God and prevent many people ever finding God. A connection to God can be established in 20 mins at TBH with immediate physical evidence and you are encouraged to just carry on doing whatever self improvement, self attunement practices you normally do. Laymans Gnosis improves everyone’s experience. And its provided by Mr G solely to boost the harvest. So please spare me the theocratic charges of false prophet, because I don’t make prophecies. That’s not my job. I am on YOUR side working for the big fella to boost your experience. Its part of the new YOU promised by God. Merry Christmas.

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