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So here is the word of the Lord – It’s Time to Celebrate

I the Lord proclaim this day for my children to live their lives. I proclaim this day, life for my children, to their lives, to their bank accounts, and to their lands to their governments you may ask Lord why are you speaking and calling life into our bank accounts ? And our governments in our lands ? Because my children your enemies had planned death for you, and for everything you knew to be normal to your life. Death to your freedoms, death to your churches, death to your countries, death to your economies, death to your families, death to your faith in me, and death to your bodies. They wanted death to fill this earth through man-made plans and designs. To utterly kill anything good that was left, so as to force you to bow to their every plan, and their every command. They wanted you to completely bow and give in to them like Nebuchadnezzar One of my three hebrew men to do. But don’t my children. Stand like they did. Watch the fourth man show up and show off for you, and to deliver you from any hold your adversaries once had on you. Yes destruction and death will come to your enemies, but not to my children or my world, which they wanted to control and to dominate. Hah ! They thought they could overthrow me and take me from the world I created. That is never going to happen saith the Lord.

Biden fall, for your fall will be seen throughout this earth. Your failure will be seen. In your name will be revealed and the person who is betraying you, will also fall to the ground. Yes he is free falling even as I speak my children. Watch this week as Biden speaks. Watch what he reveals. In the news your days are coming to a close now Biden, you can feel, even though you are heavily drugged, you know they have betrayed you, and they wanted you, and they want you dead now. They want you out because you are no longer relevant to their plans.

They are moving on without you. The arrogance ! They think they can put whomever they want in to replace you.

And no they can’t install Kamala. You will also have a target on your back and you are definitely not Biden’s replacement.

Even now Obama is more power hungry than ever before, and assists in this show. His power and his way the puppet masters created this evil one, who is now out of control thinking the world is his to control. Well Obama, I am knocking you out of the chair you have been in while controlling my America, my world, in the world’s market manipulating everything you could in order to get more under your submission. Obama I am is coming for you in your shadow government. I will rip away everything and I mean everything from you. You have been warned by both me and your puppet masters. Your puppet masters are losing control over you, so watch your back because it has a target on it and even you aren’t safe right now.

It’s my show and my time my world my children my economy and no man under the power of the devil nor any man in general can take these away nor change my plans that will go forth throughout this earth as planned and on time. I have all the dirt on you and your entire team of puppet masters. Your strengths have been cut and I’m pulling you down from the high places you have been in. In removing all of you now, watch the Royal Family as they want her out of the way. Who, you might ask- the Queen ?

Prince Charles wants that power now, and does not want to wait. The elites and the puppet masters are telling him to get rid of her because their plans are falling apart. It’s time for plan B. Charles you are running out of options. You know they have dirt on you, and they are about to pull your plug, you are losing your grip on the power you have desired your whole life. Your desperation is growing to keep the truth from being revealed to the world concerning what you have done to control England, your country, for what you have done behind the Queen’s back. You know she would take your mantle from you.

It will be given to William your son.

You would never have had the crown so you are willing to kill for it. Watch out Charles as I rip it from you.

 I rip you from where you sit.

You will not get that crown. No not ever because I the Lord I’m taking your freedoms and your power away, for the damage you have done globally, for your part in trying to destroy my America and because of what you have done to help the great reset. Everything you hold there will be taken from you, and judgment is about to strike you down to the ground. And you will not get up from what is coming to you.

My children shrug off the disappointment. That’s just that- disappointment and discouragement that once plagued you. Put on the garment of praise and get rid of the spirit of heaviness that cannot control you any longer. Receive my glory today receive the fire that I’m bringing down to restore everything for you this day. Receive my joy and receive peace. Receive this new year that I have for you. Hang on it’s about to get very interesting, keep your eyes focused on me. I am everything you need no matter what you see I am in control, and your season of change will bring a great change in your life, one you had never known before. These are the days my children, in my church it is your time in your earth.

I’ve given it to you to enjoy, but without those pharaohs in your way working to steal it from you. No, not today Satan. Never  were your plans to go forth as you wanted against my children. Receive these words my children your year of 2022 will be great so start to celebrate grab your cake. It’s your time now  saith the Lord of Hosts. End message.

 Julie Commentary. and prayer

Now again with this word that has been given it’s time to celebrate he also gave me a word that I’ll give out in the next few days it’s called

The Great Separation

And as we are going into the year of 2022 one of the things that was said by us, James and Julie in the morning was talking about leaving the past in the past and moving forward because this year of 2022 is the year of the new everything, the new way of thinking, the new perspective the new you, a new soul that God has given unto you what he’s making it whole and restoring it greater than it ever has been in the past. God has given you a new perspective on life, how you are because of Christ Jesus the blood that was shed for you, and the power and authority that’s already been given unto you your adversary has been disarmed on your behalf God has given you the victory the battle has been the Lord’s in many people right now God’s people. We talked about this again yesterday but many of God’s people are at their breaking point, at a point where they think they have nothing left on the inside of them to fight another day.

They are low and they think they cannot get any lower. Well I will tell you everyone who is watching this video, even though you may feel low and that you’re at the bottom of the barrel, the bottom of the bucket, there’s all the way up from here. Do not let discouragement in the lies of your adversary, to get you to quit and give up on God. In what God is about to do he’s about to strike down our enemies strike down the world system in everything that was used to kill . Everything that was used to destroy us everything that was used to destroy your faith and trust in God, everything was used to destroy your health your freedoms, your liberty, whatever it was that was meant to harm you god is about to wipe it clean we are about to celebrate like we have never celebrated before on this earth so get ready and what you have to do in the meantime, of waiting for God to move on your life, is speak life right now. He’s saying he’s speaking life into your finances, and to your body, into your bank accounts, into your family, into your government, into your land. Speak the life that God needs you to speak.

Your enemies have had this propaganda machine filling the earth with fear, and what they want said, because words will judge, words will condemn or words can set the captives free.

It is our choice what words we speak. It’s also our choice what words we believe. So in these days and hours as we are waiting patiently, which we are getting to the point where God’s gonna suddenly move and he can move in 24-hour period to completely set us free. Remove anything that needs to be removed out of the way, that has been  controlling, that has been stealing, that has been killing whatever it is. That’s not good it’s not of God and God will deliver. He says he can avenge us speedily that’s what is written in his word. He also says in his word, he always causes us to triumph, so no matter how dark your situation may be, and no, God does not hate you. God has not left you, and God knows every hair on your head. He holds the tears in the palm of his hand, and he knows what the adversary has planned against you, but God has other plans. He’s going to rise you up, lift you up above and beyond everything that is meant to crush you. Everything that Satan meant to destroy you, and leave you nothing, leave you hopeless, and to try to kill you, to try to give up on life in this earth, that God has something so big so awesome that Satan is trying to steal from you right now We’re at a pressure, a breaking point, a boiling point for people right now, that choice is being made and God is saying in these next words I’m about to give to you in the next couple days there’s one that he said we’re at that time when we’re running out of time to choose which side we are on. God is about to greatly distinguish us from the world, and the ones who’ve been standing the one’s been holding on even if you’re hanging on by a thread and that thread you feel that thread is about to break, God will lift you up, he will get you up and he will set you up on solid ground. God is our Dad he’s our father

He is love he doesn’t have it he is it, and love is about to pour into this earth like never before. He’s going to touch you from the top of your head, to the soles of your feet with holy ghost and fire and glory freedom and restoration and wholeness so hold on children of almighty God.

It is time to celebrate and as we are closing out this year of 2021 leave the past in the past. Start thinking what does God want me to say and what does God want me to do start getting into your prayer, cause and say Father I will say what you want me to say, I will do what you want me to do, and I thank you, that you are faithful that you are a sure . I don’t need to count anyone else but you father God this day you will not fail me and you will not forsake me, if we have our eyes focused on Jesus. Jesus the fourth man in that fiery furnace will always show up in your furnace. He will always show up in your test to turn that test into a testimony so today December 29th of 2021, start proclaiming life today, start proclaiming healing, start proclaiming freedom, and everything in your life, that is meant to keep you enslaved. Start speaking what you want. Not what you have, and watch the deliverer show up on your behalf.

Before I go, if you are new to this channel I always pray before I go. It is important that we all standing in one accord, and with the power of prayer the power of believing in what God is saying, so take a hold and receive what God is doing in your life today, so —

Heavenly father in Jesus name I love every person that is  watching right now I bind (bandage?) that spirit of death, I bind those blinders, and I bind that lie, I bind those words that have been entrapping your children, heavenly father those words that have been enslaving them, those words that have left them chained up, those words that have had them in prison cells, whether it’s words that they spoke over themselves, whether it’s family members, whether it’s their bosses no matter what it was. Father God we choose life to live it more abundantly, we choose that you are the life giver, and we choose what you say this day. Father God we are choosing life we’re choosing blessing and a blessing that’s an empowerment for us to prosper, to succeed to excel and arise above everything that would hold us back, and to keep us down we thank you father God we have the new perspective of life, as we’re moving into the year of 2022, that we will not be defeated and we will not quit, and heavenly father every person that’s in such despair, every person that is in hopelessness, every person father God that can’t get up on their own, we thank you father God for this anointing right now, that it’s flowing through me that flows through the Father God in those airways, because there is no distance in the spiritual realm. Touch them Father God with a special impartation of your peace and your joy Father God which is their strength we thank you for delivering them setting the captives free giving them hope to the hopeless Father God that they are no longer who they used to be. Show them who they are in Christ Jesus and we thank you for it Father God that you are giving them a new perspective of life and victory through Jesus Christ we thank you for it in Jesus name amen.

Well I hope this encourages you today please like subscribe and share and give us everybody know who needs to hear an encouraging word who needs to hear a word from the lord and who needs to get up when you can’t feel like you can get up on your own, that’s what these videos are for, that’s what these words are for, to give you something to hold on to when you don’t have anything else well God loves you I love you God bless you and have a wonderful day.

Biden massive fall occurred when he finally admitted that the Covid vaccine mandate could not be enforced by the Federal government. Multiple courts haves truck down his “Federal Mandate” That is a HUGE fall. And Omicron variant most transmissible and yet the most harmless is already replacing Delta at breakneck speed, signalling the end of the pandemic. What a turning point in our fortunes. These victories are snowballing in our favour. The same court system that blocked every Nov 3 election steal case from even being heard, after a few months of the Biden admin disaster beyond belief, are producing old fashioned justice as in Jussie Smollet, Karl Rittenhaus and even Ghislaine Maxwell Guilty on 5 out of 6 counts facing possible 65 yrs. This an exciting return to normalcy, a rejection of Wokeness.

The Prince Charles thing is pure dynamite. Apparently his blackmailers want him to murder his mother, and because he wont his blackmail secrets will be revealed.

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