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Every person in power now not called by me, will be removed by me saith the Lord of Hosts.

Every person in power now not called by me, will be removed by me saith the Lord of Hosts.

Another wild ride as God reveals his many corrective intentions to rescue earth society.
Transcript Exhilarating roller coaster ride as God reveals the fates of many evil doers and they have no place to run to.

Here is the prophetic word for today now

I heard this on January 5th so just two

days ago when I heard this word of the

Lord called the 2022 the Fall of the Illegitimate Governments

I the Lord this day have spoken through my prophets these words for this hour to bring you the truth in the midst of so many lies and so many trying to deceive my people. I the Lord have spoken of great turnarounds reversals vengeance and the great Exodus. I’ve spoken all these through my prophets would I not do as I have said ? Get rid of the doubt and unbelief by reading my word. My word is truth my words will set you free and renew your minds in this hour, to keep your focus and faith on me my children, my children I am getting ready to move my hand across this land so get ready for my judgement and vengeance to move against this illegitimate government and against those in Hollywood against the elites and against the tyrants that think they can control this earth with such great power and money YES against those puppet masters the world leaders they had their plans ready to destroy my earth destroy my children to steal every freedom away to sell you your finances in order to enslave you and kill all who were in their way they planned to start with my church using man-made camps to kill the ones who wouldn’t bow to their power same enemy just different faces look to my word my children for examples of what I do to the enemies of my children.

They never win I am undefeated and I will stay that way, so do not fear them.

They are a joke on this earth, yes I said its a joke with their fake show and their pathetic actors they used to control your nations.

They think they are so smart, they think they are the enlightened ones, but I will show them how enlightened they are not,

and how they are just pawns of the devil and how weak he is compared to the One True God.

They chose the wrong side if they wanted great power. Watch as the news channels change the tune about the so-called Biden.

The plan is in place to remove him and replace him with someone else he is becoming impossible to handle they cannot control his mouth nor his actions in public any longer, so they are about to let him take a great fall because he is no longer any use to them.

Kamala at the same time will become so enraged she will not be able to hide her fear or anger of such great betrayal being done to her. She knows they are coming for her she knows they would take Nancy Pelosi over her and they know how much they hate Nancy Pelosi so what does that say about her and how much disgust they feel for her. Kamala you will never sit in the Presidents seat.

You sold your soul and your body for it, but it was not enough

You came so close to losing it once and for all.

Nancy Pelosi will start to lose her mind it will become more clear as she starts to speak in front of the cameras.

She’ll become more confused and angry and the slurring of her words will be so great her words will no longer make sense.

She’s losing not only her mind but her life.

She will not live through this. No. She will reap what she has sown in this nation. She has blood dripping from her hands and she will pay a high price for it all. Damage she has caused.

Hillary Clinton, your puppet masters have destroyed or betrayed you, they are letting you take the fall for them, they’re giving you up to the world to take the great fall, in order to hide them and what they have done. You’re not good enough for them.

I’ll say that again.

You are not good enough for them.

They’re speaking to Hillary Clinton and they blame her for the loss of 2016. ( Hilary takes direct orders from the Rothschilds Link below Know Thy Enemy)

They lost four years to Trump and he is still a thorn in their side.

Hillary they blame you. You can feel the target on your back and you are no longer safe. Death is coming to Bill and to you and you cannot stop it.

They can’t kill 45 (Trump) but they can kill you for slowing down their plans

Their plans are falling apart YES the puppet masters are on plan B now, this will also fall flat and not succeed because I the Lord am stopping it myself.

My blood destroys everything they have planned

Shake shake shake, a great shaking is coming,

Its going to shake this earth and it will expose all their lives, the puppet masters will fall from their lofty places, never to regain their power again like they want.

No, death is coming to each and every one of them, for death and destruction they have caused I the Lord am moving across this nation now to restore . Yes restore all that has been destroyed or stolen I’m giving back all that has been stolen from my people, the people of Almighty God and I mean everything that has been stolen will be reversed and given back in the year of 2022.

Every person in power now not called by me, will be removed by me saith the Lord of hosts.

I’ll restore the nations back with leaders I have called, and put on this earth for such a time as this, I am is delivering.

I am delivers. Excuse me I am delivered and I have come to deliver my children from the world’s leaders and their power over you watch the news there will be news regarding the River Euphrates (Iraq) watch as it’s another sign of these great reversals, they are coming to your lands.

I will leave in nothing. Not anything your adversaries have desired to destroy you. There will be no evidence in your life of their existence, I am wiping it all away. I am standing guard and will overthrow, will reverse and give back all that is owed to my children, because the world is mine and it belongs to you,for you are joint heirs with me saith the Lord.

Everything belongs to me and I’m giving it back in the year of 2022 to its rightful owners YES everything my children.

Watch as the world’s hand hands over, houses, lands, businesses you never thought was possible. YES I am handing it all over to you for free.

It will cost you nothing because it already belongs to you.

Receive debt freedoms YES debt is being cancelled. Debt your enemies plan to use to enslave you I’m destroying the killers on your behalf. My children don’t limit my freedom and the freedom which I have for you during this year of 2022 I will restore all that belongs to you saith the Lord of Hosts. End message.

 Julie commentary   Now that was a lot packed in that word and some might say about the ending of that word that I am going to turn it all over

for free, everything that belongs to you why would that be so hard for a child of the most high god to believe ?

One. God, don’t put him in a box and he’s not limited.

God is unlimited to what he can do for each and every one of us especially when it comes to justice liberty and freedom things that he’s already promised in his word because Jesus has destroyed the curse on our behalf you can see this example in the book of Exodus and you said Julie you use the book of Exodus all time, Yes I do because it was in Exodus back then and we are in the great Exodus now as you’ve seen the children of Israel walk out and you’ve seen them God said in his word and I want to read this scripture to you because it pertains to our day to day in Exodus chapter three. This is what’s going to happen. This is what this prophetic word is referring to –

Exodus chapter 3 and verse 19 and I know the king of Egypt will not let you go unless forced to do so, no not by a mighty hand

verse 20 so I will stretch out my hand and smite Egypt with all my wonders which I will do in it and afterwards they will let you go

verse 21 and I will give this people favor and respect in the sight of the Egyptians and it should be that when you go you should not go empty-handed you will not go empty-handed verse 22 but every woman shall insistently solicit of her neighbor and have her that may residing at her house jewels and articles of silver and gold and garment which you shall put on your sons and daughters and you should strip the Egyptians of belongings due to you, when the children of Israel left Egypt they stripped the Egyptians of things that belonged already to them the Egyptians of pharaoh used taxation and inflation to destroy any finances  the Israelites had in order to what, to enslave them into pharaoh’s power and over the course of over 425 years they were enslaved unlawfully enslaved to pharaoh in Egypt but God warned Abraham this was going to happen but God always had a plan of escape for them, even though he knew this was going to happen to them God said there was a plan and he was the great I AM

Some people question that name what is that name ?

God used it in Ephesians or Exodus chapter 3.

Verse 14 and God said to Moses I am who I am, and what I am and I will what will be. I will be, and he said you shall say this to the Israelites- I am has sent me to you

Who is the great I am? I am is everything he needs or you need him to be he is the most high God and he is the god who said nothing is impossible. He’s Elohim the creator of heaven and earth.

He is your father, he is on your side and the great I am is the same yesterday today and forever.

He saved them with those judgments against the enemies he placed blessing on his people in the midst of those judgments he protected them that’s exactly what he’s saying to us today.

He’s giving us prophetic words. He said I’m giving the prophetic words to the prophets what for, in order for you to see and know what God is doing he’s giving us the news before the news and we’re saying that clearly there’s been so many prophetic words that are coming to pass all the time God giving us signs of the sun he’s giving us signs of the earth he’s giving us signs all over the place for us to hold on to, in the midst of such lying and deceiving fear and tyranny that the world has been betraying such darkness and such death that they have planned. But God is saying it never happens the way they want it to happen, and it will not ever go as far as they want it to go. God is intervening he’s already held them back their plans were far worse than what you see today you can say I don’t know how if things could get worse.

They can and God has been giving us these things these words and he’s been telling us this is what their plans were but I will not let it come to pass but at the same time he’s also giving us these marching orders. Marching orders to what to speak, a life to speak freedom, to speak deliverance, to speak that we are blessed, that we overcome by the blood of the lamb and at the end of that he said, I’m going to turn over to you everything for free that’s exactly what he did to children of Israel. He tore over everything that was due, that was belonging to them and he gave it to him for free, as they walked out of Egypt

Gosling is doing exactly the same thing. Now he’s no respecter of persons if he did it for a nation before he’ll do it for the nations now God loves us all and just like in Exodus chapter 3 here this is what he’s saying to us today

Exodus chapter 3 and verse 7 the Lord said I have surely seen the affliction of my people who are in Egypt and have heard their cries because they’re taskmasters and oppressors for I know their sorrows and sufferings in their trials in verse eight and I have overcome I have come down to deliver them out of the hand and the power of the Egyptians and to bring them up out of the land , land good and large in a land flowing with milk and honey aplenty in the place of the Canaanite and the Hittite and the Amorite and the Pesurite and the Hevite and the Jupiter Jubinite Jubicite

now be and now verse nine now behold the cry of the Israelites have come to me and I have seen how the Egyptians oppressed them. God has heard the cries of his people and he promises us in uh psalm 34 17 19 he promises to deliver us out of them all he also says in second Corinthians 2 and 14 he always causes us to triumph so no matter the situation today and no matter where your adversary has planned for you no matter what is going on in your life God is going to reverse it. God is going to overthrow your adversary he’s seen the task masters he’s seen the devil and what he’s done to you he’s seen and he’s heard your cries not only has he seen it, but everything Satan meant for harm in your life God will turn it into something good today start speaking what you want start speaking against that mountain, not about that mountain, because when you speak about your mountain or about your problem about your test, about your trial, that’s when the mountain keeps getting bigger and God is limited to what he can do to help you he has made these videos today he wants us every person that’s on any platform that speaks the written word of God to give you hope to hold on to when there is no hope. God is speaking to you today to believe and trust in him even though everything in your outward man everything that’s telling you, you can’t do it and he’s telling you to arise he’s telling you to keep your faith in him, and he’s a sure thing and he is not defeated and he’s on your side magnify God, not magnify your problem and

I want to pray over each and every person today, like I always do for those who are new to this channel. I never closed out a video without praying over you so –Heavenly Father right now in the name of Jesus I pray over every person that’s watching how far every person is full of despair that’s full of hopelessness that’s full of defeat that so full father God of fear and doubt and worry no matter what the enemy has done to their mind no matter what he’s doing to their bodies no matter what he’s doing to their  families. Father God their finances, their jobs, everything you said in your word. No weapon in Isaiah 54 17

No weapon formed against them shall prosper heavenly , so I’m proclaiming in decree nothing the adversary is doing is prospering against them and heavenly father we thank you for giving them hope right now in these words touch them from the top of their head to the souls of their feet father God the glory, the glory, the resurrection power That Jesus has made on the inside of us because the greater one is on the inside of us, that he is in the world so we thank you father god for stirring up that resurrection power on the inside of each and every one of them to dispel to destroy to annihilate the hopelessness to annihilate that spirit of heaviness over them Father God we thank you for getting them up when they couldn’t give up on their own we thank you for heavenly Father for delivering them for healing them and setting them free today and we thank you for it in Jesus

name Amen Amen. I hope this encourages

you today please like subscribe and share and give us to everyone you know who needs to hear what God is saying about this earth today and who needs to hear an encouraging word or the truth to set them free well God loves you. God bless you and I love you, and have a wonderful day.

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