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Get in my presence and I will strengthen you and heal you, from any damage and destruction they have done to you, (Vaccines etc)

Useful Transcript of Julie’s latest download from Mr G

And here is– These are Biblical Times

I the Lord this day am warning my children before your enemies try to strike you down one last time, before their great fall of power and their utter demise, or they will try and strike the hearts of many with fear and great confusion and with chaos, they will try to pull all this for a last-ditch effort to stay in power. I the Lord I’m  telling you these words so when they try and strike you, you are steadfast strong and immovable. This is not to bring you fear, but to warn you of their great lies distraction to take you down with them. Bitter cold will strike the heartland of America. This is another sign of your enemy’s demise, unusual weather. I have told you and I am showing you to tell you, this is not normal times. These are Biblical times and more of me moving my hand across this land, and it will be great. I’m  getting my body to wake up before the clock strikes 12 on your enemies, so you will stay in and be protected by me during this time of your enemies total demise. Meteor showers, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions tsunamis, typhoons, hurricanes YES unusual weather patterns along with snow blizzards in unusual places. My children will not fear but will know that I am God, and I have warned of some of these phenomena before they came to pass to shaken and awaken my children so they have their focus on ME and not the lies of your enemies- Bow your knees they are proclaiming, and submit to our rule or be destroyed financially, humiliated, hated, anything they can do to think they can destroy you.

They are doing this my children, just trying to stay in their so-called power but I the Lord will strike them down to the ground, with one move of my finger. All  they have done will disappear. Every law, all damage I will reverse, and annihilate these mandates. Vengeance is coming from me because they were stealing this nation, and trying to rule all the nations on this earth. This coming impact breaks for my children. The impact of truth will be great for some, hard to bear. Get in my presence and I will strengthen you and heal you, from any damage and destruction they have done to you, my children who still don’t believe I am showing you signs, so you can choose what side you are on. Stand up and fight the good fight against weariness hopelessness despair and defeat.

I the Lord will pick you up from where you are.

I will never let you go and the enemies have not won in your life. No, it is not too late for me to bring you deliverance and complete you and perfect you, in the hour to your calling and complete your assignment here on this earth, before your Lord comes to get you out, before the great tribulation. your enemies were trying to speed up these days, they tried to pull off their plans but I the Lord am not letting them complete anything. And I mean anything. They wanted for you their plans were far worse than you have seen so far. This was a drop in a bucket of destruction they actually wanted for you. I have been moving this whole time my children I have a way out of this. I had to allow shakings to awaken my body out of a deep sleep that you were in, so you would arise in these days to fight back this tyranny, the lion of the tribe of Judah is on the inside of you. Let the let him roar when your enemies come knocking. They can’t handle the sound of that lion especially, the lion that destroyed all their power on this earth. Your enemies want to overtake you so shout out my children Life Healing Deliverance and full restoration when you resist the devil he must flee, all that you see is about to be annihilated by me, you have nothing to fear.

Great death and destruction is coming to your enemies I will protect you when judgments hit this earth I am your protector and it shall not affect you the great separation has already begun so start to celebrate the enemy’s clock is running out and is about to strike midnight all will be destroyed for them. Stay the course my children and stand for freedom and justice never give up or give in.

I am the judge over all the earth and I am passing down the verdict and sentencing your adversaries or your enemies for their crimes they have committed against you. Great reversals and turnarounds are about to hit this nation so rejoice, I the Lord am moving to deliver and set you completely free from all the tyranny and from the hands of the task masters.

Celebrate this hour has come for deliverance and the birth of a new nation my church it has already begun. America the beautiful will be more beautiful than ever America awakened to a new day in an hour and shine brighter your beacon of light will bright your bright light in the midst of darkness across these nations of all the earth.

You’ll be used to help save all the nations I have blessed your land and I am cleansing it of all in the injustice and damage caused.

They will try and cause chaos but I the Lord will move in the streets and shut down their plans so speak life and freedoms this day and speak my word in every situation I will move my angels hearken diligently to my word your battle has been won and your enemies are defeated. Receive what the Lord has already done for you, and keep your eyes focused on the Lord. He disarmed your enemies so you have nothing to fear remember they are defeated not you. The year of 2022 the year of the new in every area of your life so receive these words and receive your freedom today saith the Lord your redeemer

All  they have done will disappear.” Everything the enemies have done will disappear. That’s hard to relate to. Will our memories of their evil also be erased ? It was easier in pre-ancient times to wipe out an entire evil civilisation and leave no evidence of their existence. There is just a few tidbits of civilisations smarter than us like the people who softened rock to join it perfectly. in Polygonal Masonary. And holes drilled thru granite so perfectly it was clearly diamond drilled. Circular saw marks found on sarcophagi. Somebody had electricity way back then. So these advanced ancient peoples were utterly eliminated way back in pre-human times. No trace of the people who did those marvellous things remains. No images, No ancient graffiti, No boasting. No writing. So Mr G has done this “disappearing” trick before.

Example of disappeared peoples like this

Did The Ancients “Bend Stone?” ~ Polygonal Masonry

As usual no trace whatsoever of the people that did this. No ancient graffiti. No writing No boasting. No images

But today in a mixed population, extracting the harvest of gnostic people, ones that know the spirit, and eliminating their enemies among the elites today, is a far more exacting task. And we are here to see it happen again in 2022. What a privilege.

And Mr G has quietly moved into the back ground, something he has with held, which will enable anyone to contact God in just 20 mins. Its called Laymens Gnosis. And it makes for massive harvest of souls.

  • Laymans Gnosis Regardless of Faith or lack of
  • Vivid messaging nightdreams within 7 days
  • Immediate physical evidence that something has changed
  •  Messaging day dreams (visions?) physically verified
  • Signalling music to slowly morph into an internal mentoring voice just like Socrates and Plato described
  • Expect keywords names and even websites to be typed into your mindseye with info vital to YOUR personal life.
  • Holy book readers will find their misunderstandings corrected by the internal mentoring voice
  • Go to
  • Do the 20 mins BEGINNERS TOUR
  • All questions answered And its FREEEE
  • See you back at the website

And Tongan volcanic eruption and tsunami comes some 48 hrs after Mr G ordered it. And much more anomalous natural events he promises are on the way. Volcano was photographed from Orbit. Wow.

4 replies on “Julie Green transcript PROPHETIC WORD THESE ARE BIBLICAL TIMES”

Thanks for transcribing some prophecies given through Julie Green. It is easier to study them when they can be read. I have also been gathering prophecies from multiple sources. May “Mr G” direct people to your site so that they can tap in to what he has revealed and is now revealing at a quickened pace. What a time to be alive on planet Earth!

YES what a time to be alive. We have ringside seats at the greatest show on earth. What a blast ! YES people can read three times faster than they can listen. Saving them valuable time. And grammar corrections & emphasis can be added. These messages from Mr G are historic and must be preserved. And I have found many people are unaware of the Transcript option on Youtube and express their frustration at not being able to see a transcript. Thanks for your
warm supportive comment. Errrrr… How did you find this blog ?

How I discovered your site took four steps: (1) I found a Julie Green prophecy on the We Love Trump site; (2) that site had a link to her YouTube channel; (3) after viewing several of her videos and becoming convinced that her messages were inspired by God, I wanted to know what others were thinking about her prophecies; (4) a search for “Julie Green prophecies” listed your site.

Thanks for that John. Julie Green is the most concise presenter among the prophets. She provides a formal beginning to each message, with a title, the message itself, then a formal ending. Then she signals she is adding here own commentary. Very useful for extracting the message transcript accurately. She also makes short videos. Other prophets often make very long disjointed musical videos that make messages difficult to discern. So Julie Green is my favourite. Unexpected Tsunami today in the islands of Tonga promised by Mr G. Yahoooo !

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