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Here is the prophetic word

Your Enemies have not gotten away with Anything

Again I heard this word on April 14th of 2022

For I the Lord this day, have declared a blessing over my body. My written word states my blessing is upon my people. This blessing will surround you, cover you and this empowerment will cause you to rise above everything that is going on, in this world today.

My children I did not leave you with nothing to fight your enemy with. You have my blessing my name my blood my armour, my written word my promise, and my oath, that I cannot lie. I have given you revelation knowledge, prophets on this earth, to show you what is to come. I have given you first and  foremost my only begotten son to come to this earth to destroy the curse and Satan’s power over you and this world. I have guaranteed you victory when you stand on my word and trust and rely on me Saith the Lord.

You are not forgotten or forsaken. Your enemies have done a great job to deceive the masses, for them to be led astray under such demonic control and captivity, but that was then and this is now.

My will is being done. A shaking had to occur to wake up my body out of a deep sleep and constant slavery.

Truth had to be revealed to set you free, to take what is yours on this earth, to show the world that I do exist and I am here to deliver this world out of the hands of the wicked ones, who had stolen it for a short time, that I had to allow for your good, but remember my children I know all of this would take place and when. They have not gotten away with anything, trust me Saith the Lord

In the days ahead things will get very dark and more discouraging for them. YES they will try more things to control you and to stop their fall from power, but I am here and I am moving my hand to abruptly stop everything they are doing.

Carter this name will be in the news

Listen for the location and what is being said.

The truth is all coming out everywhere with no way for this to be stopped Saith the Lord of Hosts.

Stein this last name will be in the major headlines. Everyone and everything is being exposed in this time of a great change, a great shift, a great restorations and a great Exodus this earth is shaking and quaking at what is about to come forth sin is being dealt with and destroyed on a scale no one would think possible.

Lord, Nothing is happening they are still in control and destroying our lives !

My children you really think they are in control that somehow they outsmarted me ?

No, I have allowed certain things to be accomplished by them. It looked like for their ultimate destruction. I’ll let Pharaoh go so far, before he was judged, and all who were with him. I am not standing idly by to let them destroy you or what I have created for you.

You will soon see, what I the Lord have been doing for you in this time of a great change.

Augustine this name will be reported in the news.

Clarity is coming and people are starting to wake up to the truth. Every lie is being revealed, my children, for this is your time to receive what is yours that has been stolen.

Hedge Fund this will be in your news and to reveal the truth of many companies, and what was planned against you all lying financial schemes will be destroyed by me

Saith the Lord of Hosts

Protocols this word will be overused and

will be in many headlines in the coming days ahead

Listen and read between the lines.

Delight the lies that are being discovered and truth is prevailing.

Herbert Hoover this name will be in your headlines and this location is Significant. All their plans were coming together they thought, and now there is a great unravelling of everything they had planned, which is falling to the ground into dust, and this will destroy their power and hold over you.

Watch and see what happens to A Washington Monument and the location is important.

This will signal more to come Saith the Lord of Hosts.

Giants are falling this will be in your headlines many will fall like Goliath no matter how big and how much power they had. That won’t help them now and it won’t stop judgement and justice from taking place.

My covenants dance forever, no matter what they have done or tried to do to destroy it.

Now they will see how well that worked out for all of them.

They were never safe from my hand that is moving against them sayeth the Lord of Hosts.

Hot Spots this will be in your headlines and know this is no coincidence of the location and the name I told you my children an eruption of truth was coming and now it is here Saith the Lord.

Pine tone this word will be in your headlines look at what has been uncovered this name is not what you think it’s about there is more to come my children, so keep listening and watching. My show has begun and it will continue to bless you and intensify to bring destruction to your enemies.

Caterpillar they will be in the news. The truth surrounding what has been hidden now will be discovered and uncovered.

My children I told you things are not as they appear, but the curtains are being pulled back for the whole world to see the truth Saith the Lord

Paddington this will be in the news. Watch for this my children and remember I told you this is the hour of truth.   

Statehood this word will be in the news. Look at who is bringing this up, or this word up, and listen carefully to what they are saying. A shaking has occurred and freedom will reign no matter their words or their plans Saith the Lord

Hydro this name will be in the headlines everywhere in this hour of truth.

Scatterbrained this word will be used to describe the Biden when he is out in public. Look at what is going on with the Biden. Truth will continue to slip from his lips, and the gaps they can’t control anymore, or hide behind what is being said. They are desperate to silence him. Listen for more scandals and more gaffes and more of Obama in the coming days ahead.

They are now switching gears in the middle of their plans to try and salvage what they can right now.. But there will be no salvaging anything they have on their agenda Saith the Lord of Hosts

London Bridge will be in your news again, and this is also no accident or coincidence that they are making it out to be.

Listen my children I am removing the smoke screens and the blinders that have been entrapping this world, and I’m delivering you out of the hands of the wicked. You will all now know and see that I am the great I AM there will be no denying that fact once I am done moving my hand across this land and across the whole earth.

Native this word will also be in major headlines. I’m giving you the news before the news and I am moving whether they try to stop me or not. Nothing they will try to do matters. In the end they will lose and pay a high price Saith the Lord. These are the days of my vengeance against the enemies of Almighty God. I’m avenging my children of all the wrongs that have been done to them and turning it on is something good in this year of a great Exodus. So my children brace for this change for your good, and all is well in the house of the Lord and all that you are enduring now will be crushed by me and your victory is already guaranteed Saith the Lord your Redeemer.

Wonderful news incoming

Next weeks news supplied this week resembles the much disparaged Q movement. Hard to leave God out of that phenomenon. All one would need would be a few Gnostics receiving nudges and dreams. Ardent critics of Q like David Icke and Alex Jones argue that there is NO Cavalry to come and rescue us from overwhelming evil. Seemingly wise counsel. from an historical viewpoint. But God is the cavalry. He talks of his Angel armies winning battles in the spiritual realm that we are unaware of. Doing much behind the scenes, in places behind closed doors and in the dark of night. Those evil groups are infiltrated by Gods own whistleblowers who, we are told, are soon making a big splash in the media. So the evil doing elites will have no secrets. Secrecy is about all they ever had. And the necessary lying to maintain evil secrets is being uncovered daily. Hilary facing trial in a moth is a sign of the changing times. While sleep walkers insist Nothing is Happening Lord ! LOL

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